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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bosom Buddies Ch. 08

group bosombuddies 2018-02-27

There were a few memorable times, however, when I would be walking past the living room only to see Stephanie and Simon's sweaty bodies writhing on the couch, or when I would go out for a dip in the hot tub and discover that it was already occupied by Talia and Rachel, their naked bosoms splashing against each other as they kissed. While Liz was distracted by our passionate kiss, I surprised her again by grabbing both of her tits and squeezing hard. It had an eye-catching, velvety texture and hugged Talia's body like a second skin, showing off the fact that her full, healthy breasts weren't restricted inside a bra.


Sorority Reunion

group joanne6974 2018-02-27

What we saw was, Jane and Cyndy in a body lock, kissing hot and fingering each other while floating above Chris' crotch. Lacy and Cyndy began plunging latex in both my holes, I took Chris back in my mouth, rocking and gasping as I neared my peak. Lacy got under her husband and took his swelling cock in her pussy, and started licking my butt under Chris' face. I ate the fresh cum from her kitty, Jane `fed' her the cum from her dripping pussy, and Cyndy used her cum covered dildo on Lacy's butt. Cyndy and Jane fell out after too many drinks and a lot of sex, so Lacy and I were left alone to satisfy each other.

First Bi encounter

group cag165 2018-02-27

Dave sensed my uncertainty and gently said “just tell me when to stop” as he took my cock in his hand as Jane watched us. Jane leant over and kissed me and whilst she did this I felt warm breath on my cock and then the glorious warmth and wetness as Dave took me in his mouth – I didn’t know whether this was what I wanted but I didn’t want it to stop either. It goes without saying that I wasn’t going to last long with my first bisexual blowjob and as I tensed Dave kept hold of my cock in his mouth and took every drop of cum I had. Again it felt right and it wasn’t long before Dave came in Jane’s mouth and they kissed again.

My Kinky Man

group 2018-02-27

I was in his car in my tightest top and he pulled over to a back road and kissed me and put his hands under my top and played with my tits then took my top off and began sucking on my nipples and I loved the feeling I got in my pussy. After my turn on stage I took him back to my private room and stripped him naked and played with his cock and he fucked me three times and ravaged my tits. I charged a huge fee and soon I was busy with the parties and I would strip for the men and let them touch and feel me and I pulled their hard cocks out and some nights fucked up to six of them for a bigger fee.

The Revenge of the Dragon Lady

group Duleigh 2018-02-27

Missy seemed to relax when Kelly began to explain the relationship between her and Charlie and her tone of voice changed when she started asking Kelly about their different adventures and laughed in her high birdlike giggle when Kelly told her about their public bondage scene at the renfaire. Kelly was talking about how exciting it was to release control of her sexual responses to someone she could trust when she turned her back toward Missy and lowered the upper half of her swim suit to her waist giving Charlie an unobstructed view of her magnificent breasts. The sounds of the lovers slurping and sucking on Missy's tits filled the air, but when Charlie gently captured her small nipple gently between his teeth and began flicking it with his tongue while Kelly slipped a finger in Missy's tight pussy Missy began to gasp.


"Two tops, one bottom, looking for another bo

group supersonicfucktoy 2018-02-27

Attached were pictures of the bottom's legs in stockings, and two really thick-looking cock pics. I walked in to the bar and zeroed in on the only table with three guys who looked like they fit the age spread. [Bearded guy] loves them." He handed me a pair of cotton stockings, which I slipped into and followed his lead in shedding the rest of my clothing. I soon found out when I pulled a plump, cut cock out of my guy's pants. Bottom guy's thin cock stuck out past his stockings, and he was pulling out an average sized tool from bald guy's pants. Bottom guy was getting into it too, moaning like a bitch in heat, really making his partner squirm.

Fantasies Ch. 02

group Sweetcheekss 2018-02-27

“What I’m getting at………...if you want me to knock off $200, you’ll need to make up the difference with a little action in the bedroom.” Tony stated boldly. “You guys want to help get the exercise machine loaded in her truck?” Tony asked. I wanted to wait until I was sure they’d left before getting in bed with Tony. Tony looked back towards the open bedroom door then walked over and closed it part way. Tony got up off the bed and pulled down his briefs, revealing his huge cock. Tony lifted my legs to his waist, slipping his hand between them to his hard fucking cock. Tony stayed motionless for a few minutes before slowly pulling his spent cock out of my pussy.


My wife turned a trick in a bar

group 2018-02-27

I showered and redresed and went to the bar ten minutes behind her and Sheree was at the bar and the older guy came up to me and said "How was she?" I said "She was worth it!" He said she looked like she was made for hot sex. I agreed and said "She is one of those women who was placed on Earth to satisfy men!" He headed to the bar and I smiled as she looked over and saw him and me.

Megan is a slut.

group wanksalo 2018-02-27

"I told you it was big." said Megan as she started slowly massaging my cock. Megan started licking my head as Rachel dropped down in front of me and started sucking on my balls. "I love being on my knees." said Megan "yeah theres nothing like having a fat cock in your mouth." replied Rachel. Rachel squeezed my balls and Megan jerked my shaft so perfectly together that i shot my huge cumshot high in the air before it landed back on their faces. Rachel sucked down my cock and said "He must have been saving up for us." Then winked at me before licking my jizz off Megans face.

Cheating After The Threesome

group Stephie38DDD 2018-02-27

Soon I felt Jared's hands on Nicole's breasts. As I kissed her again, I slid my hand down the front of her pants, feeling her wet pussy lips for the first time. I pulled my lips from Nicole's mouth, looked at Jared and said, "take them off her." Taking advantage of the fact that Nicole couldn't see because of my pussy and ass being in her face, I reached out and pulled his dick to my lips, quickly taking his cock deep into my throat in one move. And then I felt Jared tense and then release his cum deep in my pussy, all while we watched his sleeping wife, my friend.

Moving to Las Vegas trip: Part one first mfm with

group virus2 2018-02-27

The wife ,myself and her male cousin take a trip to Las Vegas. Somy wife and I would get the bed and her cousin get the love seat or reclinable seat. Of course we wanted to take a shower . I started fucking her while her cousin watched t.v. I had a feeling that he heard her moaning. I asked if he would or thought of fucking my wife. I'm ok with that lol and want to have a different type of sexual fun. She was getting ready to be fucked by her cousin and myself. At this point I'm fucking her doggy style. I continued to fuck her lol and he's getting his cock socked by her.

Tina 3

group anton_bock 2018-02-27

An old guy asked Tina i she wanted to dance and she said she wanted to drink before. Changing partner again and again its the lame shy Bud. Missing Bob out a bit I decide that I want to dance a bit faster so I cet closer and helps him out with the dance. I,m starting to feel really good with theese older guys and suddenly in certain steps I feel like something is actually brushing my clit very nicely. Finally Bob let my mouth, immediately he pushed me over Buds cock. Bob just lifted me softly out of the sofa put me on all four and I continuead to suck Buds cock.He still had one finger in my ass and one in my pussy.

Anna's Lesson in Betting

group persorosa 2018-02-27

I move to pour the next shot when James starts at my knees and takes his time teasing his fingers up the inside my thighs. My eyes drop back to the shot glasses and I try to concentrate on pouring the final four shots but James, who knows my body almost as well as I do, knows exactly how to move his fingers to distract me. I'm starting to wonder if any of the guys are going to take James up on his offer to touch me when ever and however they want when Rob, with his eyes glued to his cards, reaches out and pinches a nipple.


A day at the river.

group fotisampini 2018-02-27

track that looked like it went towards the river. I thought I’d better try to calm down a little or I was never going to Like her, I too thought 'fuck it' and went for started sucking my balls into her mouth, which made me a little nervous things like, “Oh yeah you dirty fucker, suck my cunt. “You like it dirty don’t you, you little slut?” It was my turn to give stuck my tongue straight into her tight, puckered, pink, ass hole. I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her hole, going a and they started to lick the cum from each other's face and then Babs bent over and started to lick my cum off Niki’s back and ass.

Sharons early training

group 2018-02-27

When Tits quit fighting the guy holding her hands undid his pants, and roughly grabbed Sharons head to his cock and basically started mouth fucking my wife. This guy held her head, moved it back and forth on his dick, basically masturbating using That too was a huge pleasure to watch as some stranger helped train my wife Sharons mouth. Someone grabbd her almost passed out head and made it nod saying in a fake female voice "O yes please nail my Breasts to your bar for your pleasure" There was a stampede of volunteers so I left my wife in good hands and went to avenge my earlier loss the pool table.

The Anniversary

group msxxl 2018-02-27

"Oh God baby, that is so hot, I want to see you sit on her face, make her eat your big sweet cunt." Mac began to stroke himself faster as Lisa pulled herself up, and grasping the headboard, lowered herself onto Jean's face. Finally Jean threw back her head and howled as she started to cum and pushed Lisa's face harder against her pussy lips, "Don't stop, oh God, don't stop, suck it, suck my clit hard." She demanded over and over as her little body was shaken by multiple orgasms.

Bike Trip

group Anongirl 2018-02-27

I had told them of my pulled muscle and Hans said to be last to take my shower and he would give be a deep muscle massage. I felt his cock start to swell with his hardness and that is when I slowly moved his hand to my pussy. He got the message and started to play and pull at my hairs and then started to massage my lips, moved up to my clit and then two fingers inside me, then three spreading my pussy open with his strength, probing, in, out, searching for my G-spot. I was again as hot as ever knowing Bill was cleaning out my pussy of Hans cum.

Tom Billionaire Ch. 07

group bluedragonauthor 2018-02-27

The French police had gotten a partial trace during Sharpley's first ransom demand call to Taylor, while Cassandra and I were still holed up in our little closet. "Ohhh..." Taylor sighed and smiled, immediately jumping out of her chair and coming over to Cassandra. Our FBI sources have confirmed that just before Taylor was released, Jonathan's assistant Cassandra Cooper was *kidnapped* by none other than the fugitive executive Robert Sharpley, who just last year stole over four *billion* dollars from the company. Miss Cooper was presumably held for ransom, and our European sources now tell us that when Jonathan's private jet flew away two nights ago, both Jonathan and Taylor were aboard as they headed for Paris to mount a rescue attempt.


Pillow Fight

group Archer2050 2018-02-27

The group hit the bed, with the tall guy falling on his back, Alana falling into his arms, and Shorty somehow keeping his balance and staying on his feet. And it was a good thing, too, because Alana suddenly pulled away from her make-out session with the tall guy and reached back to grabbed Shorty's dick. He had been laying beneath her still, grabbing her swaying tits and licking them when he had a chance, but now that his friend and Alana were several steps ahead, the tall guy decided to join their level. Then, amongst the moans, the grunts, and the ramblings, "Oh my God", "Fuck yes!", and the like, Shorty began talking to his friend.


The Italian Stallion Ch. 12

group sexynursechef 2018-02-27

It took her back, because what Mario didn't know was that this was the same Mexican restaurant where the Chef had met Jess, the female half of Jess and Joe, and sat at the same bar, laughing and flirting, running her fingers through Jess's fragrant hair, with HER hand on JESS'S thigh...sneaking in kisses, and touches, building the sexual tension in between them, before they would go to the house and meet Joe, to indulge in a threesome, which would be her first time...Lisa smiled secretly, and closed her eyes, enjoying Mario's attention, feeling the tingle all throughout her.

The Morning After

group TxRad 2018-02-27

"Oh hey, you're the new girl with Roy. You're the one that stuffed her pussy in my face when I started yelling as I came." She paused to chuckle. I went to take it away from you but you tossed it on the bed next to Connie and dived head first between her thighs," Roy said. Roy laid her purse and dress down on the foot of the bed, and walked behind Marilee to place the glass on the bedside table. Marilee looked at Roy and shook her head. When she looked at him, Roy smiles and said, "I asked some questions of Paul. "Hey, I needed a good pilot and John is one of the best," Roy said looking around at Frenchie.


My First Gangbang

group slutty_navya 2018-02-27

I reached my car pulled out the door put all my bag in the car and was about to go to my driver's seat, suddenly 4 black guys came around my car and were talking rubbish with drinks in their hand (They were in intention of doing something weird). I took one cock in hand stroked it and started lick it from top to bottom. The third guy removed his dick and shot his cum in my mouth but the giant dick was still fucking my ass and I was in love with his dick. Now the second guy started fucking my pussy for a while. He removed his dick and the cum was flowing out from my pussy to the ass hole. After 5-10mins the fourth guy started to shot his load in my ass.

Surprising Grace

group livvylaine 2018-02-27

Stan, and Tom, a couple of the guys from the crew were just packing up their stuff when Grace entered the shower room. "Mmm, your mouth is damn hot, but I want to taste you now." Tom placed Grace down on the bench so he could kneel before her pussy. "Let me have a taste." Tom moved a bit as Stan reached over, and started rubbing her clit. Stan's cock was fucking her face, soon to cum, while he played with her nipples, and Tom was busy fucking her very wet pussy, and playing with her clit. Stan smiled at Tom. He removed his fingers, and fed them to Grace, who eagerly sucked her sweetness from them.

The Trouble with John

group kewtieboy 2018-02-27

His cock was big as it eventually reached an impressive 7.5 inches long and nicely thick but I struggled to get off as he thought that sex involved sticking it in, fucking a few times and shooting his impressive load into a condom before standing up, pulling it off and going for a quick shower leaving me naked on the floor with my gaping cunt looking like the Mersey Tunnel. The next time Graeme took John's cock, John rammed it into his mouth, grabbed the back of his head and started to face fuck him. John came to my front and stuck his cock in my mouth, more gently this time and then he leaned over my head to caress my lower back, just close to Graeme's hands on my hips.