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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Look Buttons, No Thatch!

group sharon_sharin_sex 2018-02-27

None had tried anal until Terri offered the fifth guy her ass since she and Buttons had one in front and behind each, leaving him out. Terri showed up at Buttons' wearing a short little flowing mint green dress that was all but sheer at the top. Terri finally took a seat between two on the couch as Buttons stood talking to three of the guys. Buttons laughed and facing Terri pulled down the front of her shorts revealing a blonde patch of fur and came back with: "Let's get this party started! No one was counting, but Terri did distinctly remember the 'biggest cocked guy' cumming for her three times for sure.

Ladies Club Ch. 03

group jehoram 2018-02-27

At the next meeting of the Ladies Club, it was Dora, a middle-aged woman with prematurely graying hair and a soft, pliant body who got to choose the game of the day. Reaching over the table, Margie grabbed my cock and gave it an oily rub, maintaining my erection, as she'd been doing with Tony from time to time. Margie, on the other side, was kneading oil into Lan's right breast and nipple, teasing it to hardness. I knew women could lubricate heavily, and Maria had often drenched my cock with her cum, but this was the first time I had seen a cunt squirt like that. Lan spread the oil over Margie's vulva, rubbing it into that curly black hair, while my hands stroked the length of those strong legs.


The Fantasy Club

group Norfolk Boy 2018-02-27

She began to knead and roll the knotted muscles of his shoulder and upper back in a most enjoyable way and as he lay, looking at the floor through the hole in the bed beneath his face, he began to enjoy the feel of another person's hands on his body and drifted into a half sleep. After a few strokes she moved her own position, replacing the thigh that was pressing against his hand with her firm little mound and he started to rub it gently through her coat with his fingers. She lowered herself allowing, slowly but surely, his taught length of flesh to slide inside her until he was fully buried and at that point she closed her eyes, tossed back her pretty head and let her long blond hair cascade about her shoulders.



group fun2balive 2018-02-27

Then, on Josh's 1st month birthday, Annie wanted a full body massage. That evening, when I was done bathing Annie, she said "Now, before you put the body butter on me, shave my pussy". Thanks to guidance, direction and lots of encouragement from Annie, I was able to shave off her entire pubic region, and after working in some baby oil, her pussy looked fantastic! Annie's voice broke my line of thinking "I think I will lie here naked while you go shower and oh, the blue bag over there, wear the things inside it after you have shaved off and oiled your pussy as well". At night, when Annie and Tom had not returned, I moved Josh to my room (mostly unused for months) and slept fitfully.

Cynthia's Box Ch. 02

group sr71plt 2018-02-27

Before I turned my attention back to Cynthia, I saw one of his big-fingered hands come up between Judith's thighs and four fingers spread out on her lower belly. This thought process was short-lived, however, because Cynthia surfaced between my open thighs, pulled herself up with arms that she wrapped around my waist and her mouth went directly to my cock. Then, with Judith still under her and slowly stroking the dildo in and out of her ass, I moved off the bed and approached Cynthia between her legs and let my cock slowly enter her and run to the end.

Fashion Show Backstage

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-02-27

Doing my best gay guy imitation, I said, "Isn't she just gorgeous; I would just DIE to have her breasts!" tweaking both nipples of my girlfriend' boobs. Doing my best flaming gay guy, I'd step up and strip off the clothes of the next gorgeous babe coming off the cat walk, fondling her boobs and ass and just about every other part of their bodies. I reminded her of the boob-jostling moment back at the fashion show, and, wet of pussy and hard of nip, Zoe, almost angry, said she would have loved to do an orgy with her that night, and why had I not just arranged it like I had the MFM with me, her, and my roommate the previous Halloween.

The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 1

group arsch_chiis 2018-02-27

Some time later I hear the terrace door from the next room open, and I look over, and say hi to Julien and Christine. Now it is Julien's turn to close his eyes and I can hear him sigh and say something in french as Christine continues to suck his dick, I hear her making slurping sounds and she is obviously enjoying herself pleasuring her husband while another man watches. She suddenly moves her head and pushes Julien slightly away and then she straightens her neck and pulls him back and takes his whole dick into her mouth and throat. He again says something to her and as she suddenly takes my dick deep in her mouth, at the same instant Julien pushes his cock all the way inside her waiting pussy.

Mrs. Toad's Wild Ride

group clit_tease 2018-02-27

Kohl came back in, and simply said no vibrators up his ass and we had a deal...we all laughed and I took that moment to saunter by him and kiss him quickly as I walked up stairs to Charlie’s and my room. They both tried to quiet me down as the windows were open...but it didn’t work too minutes the feeling of having so many fingers inside of me stretching and pressing and rubbing, I screamed my pleasure into Kohl’s hand and a pillow. Kohl and Charlie must have been feeling like they were going to explode by now...instinctively I knew Charlie wanted me to touch him and wasting no time I ran my hand down his chest and belly and grabbed his dick and started stroking him.

Dirty 30

group C Love 2018-02-27

I didn't really think anything of it when Dan started making out with the busty Alison, or when Amy used her perfect ass to give an impromptu lap dance to Tony. But when Ana, who was sitting on Eric's lap, leaned over to kiss Kessia, who was sitting on my lap, then kissed me, and followed that with an approving bite of her lip and a moan of "mm hmm," I knew the night was going to get out of hand. Thought I'd take a break and enjoy the show." I replied as I played with Stef's breasts and pussy and nibbled on her neck, my cock getting hard again as I watched her in turn play with Nati's breasts and pussy.

2 cocks in 1 gurl

group 2018-02-27

When we got to my place Dave wasted no time, he told me to go and get "dressed", I was told to look like a real slut and bring back into the play room any toys I had and plenty of lubricant and condoms. I used the remains of my pre-cum with that of the two guys to lubricate my mouth and lips and gave them both good head, stopping now and then to suck a big ball into my mouth and tease it with my tongue. My cock was rock hard and oozing loads of pre-cum, using this as lubricant I started wanking and with two big cocks pounding my boy cunt it did not take long before I came like steam train.

Weekend in the Mountains Ch. 04

group hotturkey 2018-02-27

Olga felt me starting to get hard and leaned over for a deep kiss, her tongue invading my mouth. I kept massaging Ruth's neck with my left hand and started fondling one of Olga's firm little breasts with my right. Ruth scooted over closer and kept fondling my cock and also started playing with one of Olga's nipples. At the same time my wife laid back on the bed closer to its head and, by throwing one leg across Olga's chest, positioned her sweet pussy where my mouth could reach it while my cock was still deep in Olga. "I'm certain that with a little inspiration, I can fix that right away." I leaned over and kissed my wife, running my hand over her left nipple.


Old Friends

group Ed0613 2018-02-27

Jenny was on her knees at the end of the bed, her ass high in the air and her face pressed hard into her friend's pussy. Jenny could see that I was awake, and without loosing her place at Gail's box lunch, motioned toward her own ass with her hand. Although this was one of my favorite positions, I hadn't fucked Jenny like this in a long time. I continued pushing Jenny on and off of my rigid pole, sliding her so far away that there was danger of my meat falling out and then slamming home so hard my balls made a slapping sound against her thighs.


group Shalmaneser 2018-02-27

She and I move to the bed, and my shyness vanishes as I kneel and watch her slide down onto her hands and knees, taking my cock in her mouth, then look at you, see your eyes widen as you slide a pair of fingers inside yourself, see the look on your face, the flushing of your skin. Your kiss never stops as your eyes open, turn toward me, your fingers tugging my hair softly as they caress, pressing my mouth toward her breast. She looks confused, almost alarmed for a moment as my mouth leaves hers, then yours descends, and I feel her relax beneath me, her sex smoothly clenching my cock as your lips meet once more, inches away from my eyes.

The Book of David Ch. 10

group bluedragonauthor 2018-02-27

Amber immediately cinched her robe around her and went to her best friend's door, knocking and then entering E-Beth's room before closing the door behind her. Amber filled me in on the story later, which basically went like this: They spent an hour and a half getting E-Beth all dolled up and wearing a slinky outfit designed to attract the male eye. I got home and walked into the living room to find Amber and E-Beth in deep conversation. Amber's hand went up to catch my tear and I grabbed her wrist, holding her palm to my cheek as I blinked my eyes open and looked deep into hers.


Fantastic Party

group sctrow 2018-02-27

Debbie had made me promise one thing before we went to sleep, and that was if she kept my hot spunk inside her pussy all night then would I wake her in her favourite way – with my hard cock sliding into he slushy pussy from behind. Debbie let out a soft groan of pleasure as pussy grasped the old man tightly, pulling me in. By this stage the old man was uncontrollably excited and as I felt Debbie’s juicy cunt spasm in orgasm around me I exploded, filling that gorgeous, already overflowing pussy with jet after jet of hot spunk. We suspended Debbie from the pulleys under he knees so that her feet were held apart revealing her well lubricated, cum dripping pussy lips.


My Secret Fantasy

group Just_Sarah 2018-02-27

His hands press my knees apart and I can feel his lips kissing up the inside of my leg. I now know the meaning of heaven, a hard cock in my mouth, and a limber tongue on my clit, and now a new toy thrusting in and out. But Im at a point where there is no stopping now, my lips suck around my lovers cock, fondling him as I pump him in and out of my mouth, feeling his orgasm close. I am moved to the side of the bed and rolled to my side as I feel my lover nestle his head in the side of my neck, kissing it and whispering sweet words in my ear.

Fucking the office staff

group 2018-02-27

As I couldn’t exactly excuse myself and walk away, I was trapped smiling and trying to sound interested in office politics as I orgasmed no fewer than two times as Tim not only finger fucked my pussy but also had his way with my asshole. I was somewhat nervous when Tim walked up to me with my coat in his hand, being quickly followed by our boss Rich and the young intern, Greg who was only 20. Rich got into the limo first followed quickly by me then Greg and finally Tim. I must have cum a half dozen times as Tim ****d my ass and I made out with Greg on the floor of the Limo, telling him how incredible his cock felt in my pussy.

Learning and Growing Ch. 05

group NerdySex 2018-02-27

Kylee and her fiancée Phil said they would come over and get shaved by Susan and me. Susan stuck her tongue out and started fucking Kylee's hole, using her tongue like a cock. Not to be out done by Susan with Kylee, after I cleaned him up I pulled his cock into my mouth. Jim laughed and said, "Yes, Jill has a thing for guys with big cocks." I told Jim and Bob that I demonstrated my blowjob technique on Phil this afternoon and that Kylee finished the job. Kylee leaned over Phil and started licking the head of his cock. Susan spread her lips and Bob started licking. Susan worked her muscles and pushed more cum into Bob's mouth.

Wild Asian Adventure Ch. 05

group SubBiLover 2018-02-27

We moved to the bed Eve was on her back, I was between her legs still sucking on her hard cock, I took her balls in my mouth and then ran my tongue down to her ass. When suddenly Eve reached up and started playing with Karin's nipples and this pushed her over the edge to a body shuddering orgasm that hit her so hard my cock came out of her ass. Karin reached over and started playing with Eve's cock again and she asked her if we had time because she want to watch me get fucked one more time.


What's A Friend For?

group imhapless 2018-02-27

After a few short pumps, and a few long hard ones, all 8+ inches of Jerry's cock was in Lana's fuck canal, and after another minute of moderate pumping both he and she were groaning like old pickup trucks going up a mountain. Jay and Lana lay together, kissing, fondling, and cooing for another 10 minutes, with cum leaking down her thighs, before Jerry and Brian said "All right lover boy, all good things must end; and the station house is calling us. Jay dressed slowly as Lana lay naked on the cushions, smiling at him, with the expression on her face saying "my life has changed forever." Jerry lifted her from her repose, gave her a sweet kiss on the lips and a squeeze of her ass and said "Kate – and I – say Happy Birthday!".

Keeping Him Pure Ch. 05

group Cinnyperez 2018-02-27

"Looks like you're ready for a great weekend," Mrs. Parker said as she looked down at Ally's sleeping bag. "You know," she spoke as if the idea had just come to her, "I think I have a spare suitcase I could loan you." Mrs. Parker stood from the couch and started toward the stairs. Ally thought Mrs. Parker was going to plunge right in but she broke her tongue's contact just before she got there and continued onto her left inner thigh. Mrs. Parker was the one to cut through the silence, "Either come in or leave, but for gosh sake shut the door!" Her tone was one of exasperation, not of someone who'd just been caught eating the pussy of her son's girlfriend.


If You Wanna Be Happy

group LaPatitMort 2018-02-27

"I'll be more civilized and come bearing a gift of iced tea the next time I see you." I went back to work and decided to quell my fantasy thoughts of an affair with my younger neighbor. "See, "instant winter sun room," complete with a glass ceiling, so I can watch our never ending bad weather, drink wine in the hot tub, work on my stories and avoid being depressed when we don't see the sun for weeks at a time. "Aubrey, I would love to talk with you all day, have some wine, sit in the tub, solve all the world's problems and tease each other with naughty stories.


A Night of Tits and Lips Pt. 02

group Devotetas 2018-02-27

I turned her over and presented my balls first, and then my cock, and Julie was careful to hold them in there between the tits making sure there was not too much rubbing. At last my arms and hands, my neck and chin, nose and ears and head had all passed through the embrace of those tits and I felt like a man refreshed. I wanted to hold the tits to press all over her, and then to pass each part of her body through the gap between them. Julie joined in now, licking at the spunk where is lay on Angie's tits and on my cock and further spreading it around her body.

The Secret of Bond Manor

group inkandchalk 2018-02-27

People from the village – teachers; police; plumbers; lawyers – walked to Amber, Vicky and Lisa and started to caress them and slowly remove their tee-shirts. Then the Mayor announced that this was Amber's, Vicky's and Lisa's coming of age day, and that they could fuck anyone here from the village that they wanted. Vicky, a short plump girl with big heavy tits, removed her shorts and took the Mayor by the hand and walked over to the lawn. The Policeman came over – cock hard and veined – and slid his two fingers into Amber's pussy and collected as much juice he could.