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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Peggy Sanford at the Bijou

group BlkCorvette 2018-02-27

During our first evening together, after breaking through that "prim and proper, country club wife" impression, I discovered this woman was a sex starved slut who craved making cocks cum, making pussies wet, anal sex, and endless exhibitionism. The theater screen was filled with the motions of this beautiful young blond housewife being fucked by a huge black man as she held the hands of a white guy, who I assumed was her husband in the story. Peggy dropped to her knees, and with an erect cock in each hand, she started licking and sucking the hard dick of the guy who was between the other two. I caught a smile from her pre-cum covered lips as she reached between her legs with her left hand and guided the first cock of many into her wet and ready pussy.


Unlikely Reunion

group shempus erectus 2018-02-27

After some time had passed and several emails had been exchanged, Neil admitted to Vicki that all their sex talk turned him on. Vicki, sucking hard on John’s huge cock, came within a minute of Neil entering her pussy. She popped John’s cock out of her mouth and while still pumping it hard with her hand, looked back at Neil and let out a series of loud groans. Ohhhhhh!!” When her orgasmic waves subsided, she said to Neil “Keep fucking me…ohhh yeahhhh!!!” Vicki then resumed engulfing John’s big cock in her mouth while John was clenching her hair with one hand. When he saw John shoot his cum on Vicki, Neil got so turned on his cock spurted a few more times.

Anita's Sexual Adventures Ch. 11-12

group TammyTrueheart 2018-02-27

I really didn't need more money and this time I did have chance to say something, but for some reason I became shy as Jim slipped me another hundred in my bra, moved me off his lap, patted me on the ass and instructed me to take the rest of the day off with pay to go get ready for this weekend. They were a pair of Billy's favorites which I couldn't tell anyone, 'ceptin' maybe Jim. I managed to push Pops off of me for a moment, and said, "Wait a second." I helped poor Normal in getting my panties off.


CvsN 02: Celebration

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-02-27

I placed the bottle of champagne on the nightstand, and walking to Debbie, I stood before her and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her simple white bra, and flawless tanned skin. Her eyes locked for the moment on the task before her, and upon the obvious bulge beneath her hands, Debbie, slowly unbuttoned the brass buttons running down the front of my jeans. By the time she was done, Karen had removed my shirt, and helped Debbie work the pants down my legs. From the glass, I moved my cock to Debbie's lips where she accepted my offering, allowing me to guide about half it's length inside. For the first time since she'd opened her mouth, Debbie looked away from my face, and turned her head to see Karen.


Wife wanted rough sex

group davedom 2018-02-27

This sucking and fucking of her mouth went on for a few minutes and then Jason said time to fuck and Kathy gave his rod a few more licks and ask how he wanted her, doggie or on her back. Kathy took the first load right on her lips and chin with the second and third quickly all over her face and into her hair with the fourth guy saving it up for a huge concluding shot of cum covering her from her head to her tits and everything in between. Seemed like a good idea and Kathy was covered in cum as both guys shot loads all over her face, tits and pussy.

Bisexual American Man

group BlackKing2099 2018-02-27

Lauren kissed Titus and took his cock, now fully erect in her hands. Lauren parted her pink pussy lips with her fingers and Titus licked the inside of her pussy. "Fuck me, Titus." Lauren said. Lauren looked at Titus as he fucked her, and smiled. Alan Ted, one of Titus's best guy friends was also bisexual. Titus had told her time and again that he loved her and not any other boy or girl on Earth but Lauren couldn't help feel suspicious...sometimes. Titus admired Lauren's hot, young and sexy body. Lauren could feel Titus's hard cock pressing against her leg. Ted was Titus's best friend and one of the first people he came out to.



group fredgirl1804 2018-02-26

In my head, you're working my clit with your tongue while fingering me and the image turns me on even more, getting even more wet making my fingers able to slide in deeper. I begin to suck his cock...bobbing my head, swirling my tongue and working my hands fast. I lie sideways on the bed you get down and start prying my legs apart...licking up and down and sucking my clit...I can't stop the moan coming out of my mouth. After a while he pulls out of my mouth and steps back as I lie you down on the bed and start licking your pussy, then somehow got into the 69 position.

Lisa's Gangbang

group Pornstar 2018-02-26

She started to moan and I looked down to see Ryan's fingers under her thong and in her pussy. She began to moan louder and I looked down to see Ryan eating her pussy. He thrust his dick into Ryan and began to fuck her with might. I began to fuck her fast and looked up to see her take Ryan's cock in her mouth. It didn't take me long, while looking at her suck Ryan's cock, to feel that twitch in the base of my dick. Fuck me like your cum-slut!" This obviously pushed Ryan over the edge as he whipped out his dick and shot his load all over her leg and pussy.

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 02

group Lionheart72 2018-02-26

In the warm afterglow, Ally had drifted back to sleep only to be awoken with Paul taking his turn fucking her pussy while Chuck pushed into her mouth. "Met the driver naked at the door?" the delivery girl continued, stepping into the dorm room, handing the pizza to Paul and plucking the cash from his hand. The delivery girl's hands tightened in Ally's hair, pulling her face harder against the wet pussy. Ally bobbed her head, licking and swirling her tongue wildly over the delivery girl's pussy. Paul and Chuck moaned and grunted as they took turns thrusting their cocks into the delivery girl's face. Ally tasted the delivery girl's swollen lips and musky flavor of the guys' cocks.

One Night with Carrie Ch. 02

group deepblue32 2018-02-26

When I moved my hand down between her legs, a few of the men pulled out their cocks and started masturbating as they watched me slide two fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy and strum my thumb across her erect clitoris. Lara must have seen my concern, as she said over Carrie's writhing, bucking body, and under the noise of people moaning, grunting and swearing as they used the beautiful body hanging between them: "Want to take her somewhere more private?" Steve and I stood watching while Carrie pulled off Lara's bikini to reveal her small tits, and then rapidly moved down her slender body to peel off her panties.


A Lustful Liaison Ch. 05

group JSKNIGHT 2018-02-26

As such, it was an ideal weekend to meet up with Jasmine and Alia for some fun knowing that they like to wear nice clothes when the weather permits. It was on the Thursday that I Facebooked Jasmine with my suggestions for the weekend, which possibly would be our last meeting before their trip, and not knowing their future plans, feasibly the last time we would have sex. I was eager to see what Mya looked like, and I need not have worried, she was every bit as pretty as Jasmine had said. "So, James, we thought we could drive to Alia's allotment and you can get to know Mya better and discuss things."


Rec-Room Rendezvous

group PrevertedMe 2018-02-26

After a few minutes the petite woman used her tone legs to lift herself up and slide her lips to the very base of his cock, her hand slipping out of the way. Each time they exchanged little kisses while he slyly touched her ass or lovingly brushed her cheek, acts which kept her nerves tingling and her embers smoldering. Then his hand slid forward, his arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her back against him so that their bodies were pressing together. As he continued to kiss and nip at her neck his hand slid from one breast to the other, cupping and massaging this aching mound through her bra as well. Tom slowly kissed his way down to brush his lips across the tops of her breasts.


Car Show Slut Ch. 08

group davidwriter 2018-02-26

Yes, I wanted him, and as 'Angie' the stripper, I felt emboldened, I guess almost licensed in a way as I think about it now, to proposition this black guy that I didn't know, which was something that Anne would never, ever do. Yep, it was just like the last time I was here – the lycra left little to the imagination, and in the right position you could clearly make out the shape of the head of his cock through the material. There were still the lingering frustrations I felt in the wake of the strip night, along with the gym experience with Steve and looking up at that big cock of his, and Ron's fingers were certainly hitting the spot just right.


Amy's House Warming Orgy

group real_life_swingers78 2018-02-26

Amy and I introduced the two couples for the first time and I noticed that Matt looked Samantha up and down as Scott did the same to Krissy. We exchanged the usual 'what's new' and 'how's it going' before I suggested that he and Rebecca make their way to the basement and catch up with Amy. I remained upstairs since I was tired of running up the stairs each time new people arrived and fastened a sign to the door which invited everybody in and informed them to join us downstairs. Pam was another one of my wife's friends that I had had sex with when she joined us last year for Amy's birthday and she looked particularly good.


Boating With Friends

group Clohi 2018-02-26

Claudette closed her eyes and sighed as I moved my lotioned fingers over her breasts, working slowly from the underside of her orbs and up around the sides to rub the top of her chest. She moved my hair with the flick of her hand and watched as my lips closed over her other nipple and sucked hard. I reached up with one hand, not taking my fingers from Claudette’s pussy, and grabbed hold of Grant’s cock. I felt a tongue around my pussy and knew that Claudette was licking Paul’s balls as he fucked me. Straddling the lounge, Grant positioned himself behind Claudette and slowly pushed his thick cock into her tight little ass.

Steve's Bi Experience

group thefriendlyguy 2018-02-26

She then said to Steve, "Now I want to see you suck Paul's cock." Paul sat on the couch stroking his eight inch pole glistening with Sindy's saliva. As Steve slammed his cock up Paul's ass in intense passion, she watched with lust, rubbing her blazing hot cunt eagerly, admiring every hard thrust. Steve slurped up the cum, savoring the cream in his mouth, while Sindy ran her tongue over Paul's cock. Sindy watched with lust, and before long Paul had his tongue buried in Steve's ass, flicking it over the puckered little hole. Sindy wanted to be part of this sweltering hot scene, so she knelt down in front of Steve and sucked his cock while Paul fucked him in the asshole.


The Accident

group 09cutter 2018-02-26

"Now, I don't want you to worry about a thing, just concentrate on your recovery." When she got out of the car, she said "If you need anything else done to your room, let me know. After your bath, I will give you a massage." Brad sat Army on the bench in the tub and started the water warming. Brad began sponging starting with Army's right arm and back, then worked lower. Brad grasped Army's right foot and said " For now I want you to let me do the work, just relax your leg. When he had repeated this several times, he told Army " Now point your toes, and bend your knee as far as you can while I work on the other leg.


Witch's Orgy

group fotisampini 2018-02-26

Guinevere and Moira found no lack of men so desperate not to wonder why a woman would give such pleasure without expecting payment in the Great Depression as they made their way to the west coast. Guinevere hitched up her skin-tight, knee-length leather skirt until it rode just beneath the curve of her ass so that Moira’s silk stocking clad leg could ride between her own. Moira took Guinevere by the hips and ground herself against the other woman, moaning at the exquisite sensation of silk and leather sliding together. The man, touching her with only his tongue and mouth, was drawing spirals and circles around the curves of her ass, causing sweet shivers shooting through parts of her body that Moira never knew she had, even after five, sin filled centuries.

Wife sets up yet another 3way!

group 2018-02-26

She really starts yelling now, and whatever she's doing to my wife has her moaning too, and she says, "I'm cumming too!" Nicole lets out one final "fuck!", but gets drawn out to, "fuuuuuck!" I rub her clit with my cock 8 inches deep in her and feel her pussy clinch on my cock. My wife is right there watching and rubbing her pussy, and says, "that's so fucking hot!" I'm still cumming, but only tiny spurts and drops now, and Nicole opens her big, blue doe eyes and looks at me smiling and takes my cock in her mouth to suck any last drop out.

The Gold Digger

group carvohi 2018-02-26

Carol tried to squirm away from the two men, but she couldn't get free. Carol pressed her body against Bob. She felt something wrap around her wrists. A few seconds later Carol could feel Bob's penis was slowly shriveling. Carol tried to reach up with her arms to pull him down but her hands were behind her back. Carol realized she really was very thirsty, and she thought how sweet it was for Allen to hold her so gently while she drank. You're the one woman in the world for me." He reached up with the key to the cuffs and undid her from the head of the bed, but before she could react he re-cuffed her hands together.


Before It's Too Late Ch. 02

group coolpen 2018-02-26

Elaine had been good; she was different, exciting and I remembered well the sensation of that first time of slipping my penis into another woman, that delicious illicit heat, the wetness of her, a woman who wasn't Jen. Was Jen thinking of Mike in the same way? Mike came up behind me and put his arms around me, well, one arm around me and the other on my breast and I thought well 'Wow, that's a little fast.' and yet it felt good, exciting; my nipples almost stood to attention straight away and so I turned round and we kissed and, well, you know how it goes."


One Tease Too Many

group tantricjim 2018-02-26

Helen settled back into Art's arms and closed her eyes as he moved his hands to cover her breasts. Then she smiled and leaned in to kiss Susan on the lips and said, "Enjoy yourself my sweet, Art and I are going upstairs to chat. Mike moved between her legs, lifted her ankles to his hips and pulled her ass to him and jammed his cock back in her. She could feel the heat of his hand as he lowered it along her belly and then hovered it over her bush, teasing the ends of her pubic hair until she found herself lifting her hips up to rub her aching pussy against the hot palm.


group pornmaster1 2018-02-26

Y-you have a big dick.” She saw a large man in a white shirt watching them from behind the stud fucking her mouth. A motley trio of rough looking men came through the door as the man clutched S’s salt-and-pepper hair and once again fucked between her hungry lips. When she sat back for a moment to catch her breath, she saw the three men leaning against the wall near the door, stroking their hard cocks, eyeing her and the man whose dick she slobbered over. The lewd soundtrack of fuck noises from the movie, the nasty things the men said about her, and the knowledge that her Master was watching, along with the others in the theater, stripped all pretense away.

First Time at the Club

group its_rcc 2018-02-26

As Damon sorted out the entry fee, Paige reached under the coat and pulled at her dress again, the damn thing was riding up, almost over her ass. He had that big shit eating grin plastered over his face again, like the cat who'd got the cream, but Paige couldn't help but smile back. Paige could feel their eyes crawling over her body and she felt open, vulnerable, as everyone feasted on the sight of her naked breasts and her hard little nipples, how smooth she'd shaved her pussy that very morning. That in itself shocked Paige, the place looked like some high end cocktail bar, somewhere in Manhattan maybe, or London. Damon's puzzled look slowly faded to be replaced by that shit eating grin of his, and Paige's own smile broadened.