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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The House of Dionysus Ch. 02

group Stonehammer69 2018-02-26

"Well Miranda, you look like you've been fucked raw and put away wet," Shawn said to the girl lying on the floor. As Adina crawled off my face and dived in between Holly's legs I looked around to see that Shawn had apparently cum in Miranda's pussy, and now Maria was eating her out from behind while another new guy was fucking her. As I looked around the room at the other people sitting naked with droopy expressions, I found I was equally turned on by the naked sexy ladies with their hard nipples and heaving chests as I was by the guys with their toned bodies glistening with sweat and their hardening cocks.


Cocksucking Competition Ch. 02

group swingerjoe 2018-02-26

"So, it sounds like it's just about impossible to get into this tournament," Aaron said with an expression of disappointment. "Like my husband said, we're looking for a sponsor for the tournament." "Rochelle, sweetie, if you wouldn't mind," Minotti said, motioning to the man on the far left, who was taking his limp cock out of his pants. Rochelle looked nervously at Aaron, who gave her a nod and a smile. Rochelle wasted no time, and stuffed the man's cock into her mouth. The next man in the line stood with his limp cock out, staring straight ahead with his hands behind his back, just like the others. Aaron and Rochelle shook their heads, and Minotti rose to shake their hands.


Learning How to Give Head

group Chuck Wood 2018-02-26

Bill told me that he had tried to get her to blow him several times, but he just could not talk her into letting him put his cock in her mouth. He said "Honey, lose the shorts." Jane looked at him quizzically and he explained "You can't give a good blow job unless your completely naked." Like a robot, Jane unzipped her shorts and wriggled out of them. By now, one of the guys behind Jane had pulled down her panties and was exploring her pussy. By the time we got to Florida, Jane had given at least thirty blow jobs. We were all looking forward to the trip home, but Jane called us and told us that she was going home with her friends.

Two's Company, Three Is Just Greedy

group geronimo_appleby 2018-02-26

Dave didn't waste any time and immediately grabbed Sue. I stood and watched as he towered over Sue and held her tightly in his big bear hands. Dave couldn't contain himself either and he began to cum whilst his cock was buried deep inside Sue. His body convulsed and as he pulled his cock from her it was still spitting more hot, thick spunk over Sue's arse cheeks and up her back. The last thing I saw as Dave and I dressed and let ourselves out was Sue laid on the floor completely bedraggled and spunk spattered from our first session with the three deposits of cum she'd received in her cunt slowly oozing from her gaping, red hole.


Four Play Ch. 05

group lizard_lix 2018-02-26

Jim said, "I think we need to take the rest of those to go, there are a few combinations that I have a feeling that even way back here would cause a stir up front, and I really want to watch Tara and Jasmine trade berries, right before I get to trade with you." The last looking deeply into Matt's eyes. As they neared the car, the hands started sliding down from waists to butts, and by the time they got into the car, with Matt at the wheel, Jasmine shotgun, and Jim and Tara in back, the windows were already starting to fog, like teens making out in the car in high school.


Ronnie the Cum Rag

group dic_izinme 2018-02-26

I simultaneously pulled my finger from my ass and placed it in my mouth to suck it clean as he slipped his cock in my fuck hole. "Be careful" Stephen said, "he'll have you cumming in five minutes if you keep fucking his mouth like that." Stephen continued, "Roy you have as long as you want to fuck him. You gonna make me cum before I fuck that boy cunt that Stephen's been braggin about." Roy then took his turn with my mouth. I swallowed his cock like a champ he couldn't fight the urge to cum anymore and unleashed a nice load in my mouth while Roy went to town on my ass.

Pool Boy Ch. 46

group BigZeke13 2018-02-26

As my cum sprayed over Linda's face and body Pia was raised to her own orgasm and blew her load into Alexis' mouth. Pia wanted to tease me a little as she said in a fake angry tone, "Hey. What are you doing fucking my girlfriend?" Linda grinned up at me as I set my tray down on their table. Pia's hard cock was in Alexis' mouth as she pushed her head up and down her shaft. Alexis groaned hard as Pia's cock pushed steadily all the way to her balls. Linda had watched Pia and Alexis go over the top and she looked back at me and said, "Come on Hunter.


Betting on the Cum

group Merlin_6 2018-02-26

I try to remember Joan's whispered promise as I feel Cory's mouth enclose my cock. "I think I can beat twenty-two minutes." Joan answered as she handed Cory a towel. "Remember, my tits and my pussy are yours honey!" Joan whispers as her knees straddle my head. You cum now and you will see a lot more of my pussy tonight." Joan says as her hand masterfully strokes me. "OK, Cory do you want to make love to him or just get fucked?" Joan asks. "Work his cock if you want him to cum!" Joan coaches Cory. Joan whispers in my ear, "Remember, one hour of could pussy licking tomorrow." She then stands up and pulls her skirt off.


One Night Stay

group memoriesanddreams 2018-02-26

Her lips parted, and our tongues met, her fingertips meeting behind my shoulder blades and pulling me in, my right hand slipped down to her hips, squeezing us together. One hand on each of her inner thighs, thumbs resting each side of her slit, I was able to open her pussy a little as I ran the tip of my tongue up and down it, very slowly at first, but with sudden slight changes of speed, first left then right, circling at the top as I plant another kiss on her button. As she pulled her head slowly back away from me, she ran the head of my cock along the length of her tongue and the feeling was too much - I groaned as I came, my cock jumping between her lips as the first splash of come hit the roof of her mouth.


Some lucky Guy ?

group BrwNEyedDream 2018-02-26

Ill get down and start unbuttoning ur pants u than take ur pants off completely An turn toward ur friend and blow him a kiss than watch him watching me take in ur dick and slowly suck n lick every inch including ur balls! So I stop sucking for min and walked over to him and let him sucked my fingers off than turn around a put my ass in his face so he can smell it than I drop it over his harden dick n grind up on hard. I wanted u n my mouth again so bad to this time I lay down on the couch with my face in ur lap and legs spread apart( in the direction of where he's sitting) So u can finger fuck as I sucked u.

A play thing...

group MarkAnon7007 2018-02-26

Your eyes scan the bar wondering who is the person you are meeting and you soon discover when you feel a hand slip onto your thigh and a voice in your ear. Ordering another drink He stands next to you, the stool shifted so you face him his long leather coat shields your left side from the rest of the bar and as you make small talk and drink, his hand is positioned at the top of your thigh. The drinks are finished and he offers you his hand helping you down from the stool and e****ts you out of the bar, and to the near by car park, opening the car door for you, you get in, making sure he gets a glimpse of your naked little cunt.

Two-Man Fantasy Fulfilled

group MisstressTray 2018-02-26

Just a few weeks back in Florida, Tisa was introduced to what her friends knew was her fantasy, younger man -- her boy toy. It went on for hours, and at the appropriate time, Terry slipped silently from Tisa's place, where she was alone with Charlie. She listened to hear Charlie's car slowly drive away from her place, and she cried tears of joy mixed with sorrow -- something she hadn't done in years -- while she gently stroked the gift he'd left her with, and watching the film they'd just made. She knew that what she wanted was far from mainstream, but her friends respected her quirks, and remarked for weeks after Charlie's departure that Tisa was still glowing.


group bigblue 2018-02-26

Without a comment Mona, pushed Becca onto her back and pulled her spreading legs toward Brian until Brian's rigid cock was pushed tight to Becca's pussy, spreading her love lips with more than half of Brian's dick standing straight up, above her pussy. When she reached his balls, Mona dipped her tongue into Becca's flooding pussy, sucking her clit deep into her mouth. Glistening with sheen of perspiration, Mona leaned back, resting against the footboard, she looked up into the ceiling mirror, watching Becca slowly lick the flooded pussy juices from her sex and slowly rotated her butt up and down onto her childhood friend's cock.

A Night In Rio

group danielblue 2018-02-26

His cock was extremely thick but fortunately it was fairly short so it did not break free from the confines of his small swimsuit. I decided that I had to try and stop thinking about them because it just made me hot, and when I was feeling sexed up I couldn't keep my hand off my cock. Antonio and Maria were warm and funny and I really came to appreciate their companionship. But now in the club, as I watched Maria dance, my fire was rekindled. Then Antonio slowly pulled down the top of Maria's dress. I teased the sensitive cock head as I watched the duo. A short while later I felt Antonio's thick cock on the other side of the silky divide.

Sex School Ch. 08

group Skibum 2018-02-26

Keeping her partner’s still erect cock in place, Sara spun around to face the newlyweds, in the process giving Janet and Mike a good look at Jim’s erection spearing into her cunt. "It’s very easy to see everything because Sara keeps her pubic area shaved." Jim used the tips of his fingers to spread Sara’s outer lips, giving Janet and Mike their first close-up look into a pussy. Jim lowered his head to Sara’s smooth, wet crotch, gently licking and kissing the top of her thighs and all around her open pussy, without making direct contact with her clit. Jim began licking at the opening of Sara’s cunt, once in a while dipping the tip of his tongue as deeply into her as it would go, tasting the cum he had just deposited there and her own sweet fluids.

Horner Springs, The Institute Ch. 07

group voluptuary_manque 2018-02-26

"Heck, yeah," Jacqueline laughed, "Justin's off the hook, the tribe will prosper, the family will make even more money, my firm has a new project and even the city will be better off, now that Frontier and Delta are going to start flying into Horner Field once a week to feed the casino. "The great thing about a guy like Justin," Michelle said quietly as she fondled Jacqueline's breast with on hand and squeezed her butt with the other, "is that he actually can do all three of us while at the same time taking it from all three of us. "Shh!" Laurie said sternly before starting to kiss a line down Jacqueline's neck, "we don't want to scare her off, you know."


The Model

group Mrtintheweb 2018-02-26

I went straight home and got myself ready, deciding it would be nice to give my pussy a fresh shave so that Ian and Emma would get a better view of my hole. I looked over to where Emma was sitting and she had her legs wide open so that I could see straight up her dress at her completely shaven pussy. When she recovered she looked me in the eye and said, "mind if I join you, give Ian some pics of us together?" and before I could say yes she lifted her summer dress over her head, walked over to me and pushed her face against my pussy. After I sucked Emma to another orgasm she got up, got the camera and started taking photos of Ian pumping away at my pussy.

A Night of Firsts

group kap007 2018-02-26

Alicia swatted his hands away from her breasts and slid slowly behind Anita, helping her bounce a little faster on Bobby's cock. "You want to taste her pussy, don't you Alicia?", Bobby asked from against the bed post, staring at their bodies. Anita whimpered as she closed her eyes, feeling Alicia's tongue sliding across her small breasts. Alicia opened her mouth, slipping her tongue inside Anita's warm pussy. Anita crawled over to Alicia, kissing her deeply, tasting her own cum in her best friend's mouth. Anita crawled over Alicia to kiss Bobby, sliding her cum stained tongue into his mouth. Alicia began kissing Anita as Bobby knelt between her legs, aiming the head of her cock at her belly and breasts.

High School Harem Ch. 05

group fittucker87 2018-02-26

Describing the 25 year old Lisa as responsible was a bit of a stretch, given the fact that she was currently enjoying a physical relationship with one of the senior boys, 18 year old Rick Thomas. It was the long road trips on the bus that had Lisa thinking would be a good way to "introduce" Rick to the girls. We need to choreograph a new routine." It turned out that Stephanie and Ann both had prior commitments, but Angie was free and promised to show up at Lisa's apartment tomorrow afternoon. In fact, I've lined up an opportunity tomorrow for you." The heat of Rick's long dick between her tits was turning Lisa on and she could feel little mini orgasms popping between her legs.


Milf and the Filth

group ickric 2018-02-26

Sandra had leaned back into the car to reach for her bag containing her purse, her cute arse stuck out into the darkness, the beam from the police vehicle and the flashing lights providing sufficient light for the police officers to see her buttocks, her panties of black lace being little more than a G string. I'm coming inside you, you bitch" he spat, his body tensing, she felt the tell tale signs of the first wave of muscle contractions within the penis inside her before the blessed release, his spunk flooding into her unprotected pussy, ejaculating inside her, the pressure of release tickling her insides, causing Sandra to climax almost simultaneously, her body tensing, her pussy lips contracting on the enormous cock inside her, pressing down on it like a vice, causing the officer to sigh with enjoyment.


The Toy Shop

group blondehoney5670 2018-02-26

She had just purchased it at the sex shop she worked at last night and planned on starting her day by trying it out, but Lana had called and said she wasn't feeling well and asked Roxy to come in early and run the store by herself. The woman's husband then turned Roxy over and slid his huge cock inside of her wet throbbing pussy. The husband pulled out of Roxy's pussy and both women licked and sucked his cock, the entire length of his shaft, caressing his balls with there tongues until he too let out a huge moan and came all over there faces. Roxy then lay back onto the couch and the woman took Bruno and flipped the switch on and started running it up and down Roxy's wet pussy lips.

Coyote Ugly? Ch. 01

group JTallon 2018-02-26

He slowly moved up her body placing kisses on her quivering flesh, stopping briefly to suck and pull first one nipple then the other into his mouth. Thom pulled back slowly while kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobe till just the head remained within her, then slid forward bottoming out in her cunt and holding for a brief moment. Thom's fingers had gone directly to Linda's crotch and were now stroking her moist pussy while Pam's lips slid up and down his shaft. Pam released him from her mouth, and Linda wasted no time in straddling his hips, reached between them, and grabbing his cock guided it to her horny cunt.


In Flight

group Alliwantis 2018-02-26

Normally when Stacy arrived at the airport before a flight there was a lot to do to get the plane ready but when she received the text that Chris and Sam were on their way she dutifully changed into her g string and thigh highs, wiggled into her super tight dress, and strapped on the heels she was required to wear on the job. Checking her makeup in the mirror and running her fingers through her long blond hair Stacy tried unsuccessfully to tuck her breasts a little farther into her skintight dress, the goal was always to get her rosy red nipples covered up, and tugged at the back to get her round cheeks all the way covered in spandex.


Sharing Laura

group luciarochester 2018-02-26

I was wondering if you would be willing to fuck me and let Tatiana watch," said Ken in a low husky voice as he moved towards me. She began inspecting my swollen slit and I started to raise up in surprise, but Ken whispered in my ear, "You must let Tatiana do this. As we all fell asleep in the bed together, I thought about how maybe next time I would surprise her by coming to see her after I had been fucked by my boyfriend and let her see if she liked the taste of his cum running from my hot used hole.