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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Good Neighbor

group Jenny6969 2018-02-26

Jenny likes those snack cakes with the sprinkles on top, but I can't seem to find them," she said, looking around. Helen suggested that several scholarships were waiting for Jenny upon graduation, and I felt a little jealous, since Mary's grades were adequate for college, but not scholarship material. "You know," said Helen, "there is one thing I'd appreciate your help with." "Someone has to keep a clear head," she added, giving a smirk at her Mom. I had a feeling that they had discussed this evening prior to my arrival, but thought it was just to prepare Jenny for the discussion Helen spoke of. "You are a good help to your Mom, Jenny," I said, raising my gaze to her eyes.


Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 03

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-26

In the end, it was mutually agreed upon that the only individuals who would actually go to the United States to attend Genevieve's funeral was Pamela and yours truly, and our 15-month old daughter, Piper. We thought about leaving Piper behind, but Pamela really wanted her to be there so the rest of her family could actually meet and interact with her. On Friday morning, I got into contact with my private flight crew (Captain Mike, his wife Carolyn and her sister Barbara, and co-pilot Craig) and told them that yet again, I needed another favor on incredibly short notice. Shortly after our flight was in the air and at its normal cruising altitude, Pamela actually donned a pair of sunglasses as she sat by and watched Piper and I play with her stuffed animals.


First Threesum

group playtoys 2018-02-26

I told Chris not to rush back as I would feed him and put him to bed if he wasn’t back in time. Rob arrived home from work at 6pm and was happy to hear that Chris’ wife had gone into labour. Rob suggested they went to wet the baby’s head and after Chris said he should put his boy to bed I told him he could sl**p here and to get out. I pushed his hand down more in fun than to stop him and Chris realised this and went right into my wet pussy. As Chris pounded my pussy to a second orgasm Rob filled my mouth with his cock.

Hedonist Ch. 03

group Abelard7 2018-02-26

They were clearly used to working as a team, Charles used fingers of his left hand to spread wide my outer lips and Bryce gently pushed a finger into the exposed hole. But there were two batons, the second one sliding easily into a hole lubricated with Bryce's spunk, and now back down from my peak, I could concentrate on enjoying what seemed like part two of the same fuck. Eventually they started to come, I'm not sure who was first, I was almost carried away by my own pleasure, but when the first hot spurt landed on my left nipple, I snapped out of my reverie in time to enjoy what I had asked for.


Holli Runs a Red Light

group blondefungirl 2018-02-26

As the first cop approached her car Holli's mood changed, amazing what a cute guy in uniform can do to calm a girl down. As the cop's hand moved up the inside of her leg Holli began to sense what was going on and when his hand failed to stop at her skirt, passed the top of her stockings and flicked at her panties she knew the score. Holli could not stop the first cop from grabbing her head and forcing it onto the cock of his partner. Needing no more encouragement the two men changed places, and with a pair of pricks at either end Holli was now in complete paradise sucking and fucking like a whore.

Missed Connection

group StoryTimeBeth 2018-02-26

Just as my pussy started to really tingle with anticipation, I felt soft feminine hands running up the inside of my thighs, fingernails gently scraping my skin. I felt the rough stubble of Alex's chin against the soft skin of my breast and thrilled with delight, knowing it had to be you exploring me. I was pretty sure that Alex had told you a few things to do to me – some of what you were doing to my pussy was very close to his signature moves. Shortly, I felt your hair brushing against my skin again, followed by your tongue as you licked every drop of his cum off of my body.

Friday night at the Cock & Ass Tavern

group 2018-02-26

I've got a nice fat one, there's plenty of unoccupied backside for you to fuck." An eager participant with a cock dribbling a generous amount of precum threw his leg over Erica and positioned his cock so that it lined up with the groove of her bum-cleft before starting to saw his throbbing willy back and forth down into it, colliding with every trust with the cock of the man currently balls deep in her anus. Sensing the end in sight, Erica started rapidly jerking the cock in each hand and increased the suction on the dick in her mouth, causing all the men to blast almost simultaneously, coating her shoulders, face, hair and throat with there ball-batter.

Simmering Guilt

group sr71plt 2018-02-26

I dragged home, up the oak-lined drive, to that old plantation house south of Roanoke that we'd lovingly restored as we prepared for our retirement from the foreign service, fully expecting to find my suitcase on the portico when a sticky note attached telling me that Joan would use our family lawyer and I could jolly well find my own right after I'd found someplace else to live. While I got more nervous and worried with each day approaching our trip down to Winston Salem to pick up Lena Gerson and take her on to Charleston, Joan seemed to take on a higher luster glow and a happier demeanor with each passing day.

A Double-D Threesome Ch 02

group Jonny Cakes 2018-02-26

After a few more minutes of slowly fucking Tim’s cock with her tight asshole, Shannon was now warmed up and turned around to Tim, asking him, “are you ready to fuck my ass now. I can’t wait for you guys to take turns fucking me in my asshole.” Shannon then leaned forward and grabbed her ankles, letting her really piston her ass up and down over Tim’s cock. I then heard Tim say, “Hey Jonny, let me fuck that ass again.” I gave her asshole one last fuck with my tongue and got up, telling Shannon to get on the floor. “Fuck its hot in there with all of your cum, Jonny,” moaned Tim as he fucked Shannon’s asshole.

fun night part 2

group 2018-02-26

I moved up and licked and sucked her nipples and and all around her breast as he moved down and spread her legs to gain access to that wet pussy. I watched my buddy going to town licking and sucking on her and her writhing around wildly having one cum after another. We made small talk for a little then my wife announced "I want both of you to fuck me in the pussy at the same time!" I laid down on the edge of the bed with knees bent and feet resting on the floor. All the motion of our thrusting and my wife's pussy pulsing from orgasms, we both came at the same time flooding her pussy inside and out with both of our cums.

Becoming Aphrodite ch 02

group slutyvanessa 2018-02-26

I backed up, not wanting to take the cum in my mouth and even less to swallow it, but Jennifer spanked me and pushed my head further towards the gloryhole, forcing me to deepthroat the cock on the edge of exploding. Jennifer had also talked to my business partner who became one of her countless lovers and a deal had been reached: he would take care of the company, I would supposedly do some consulting for them, keeping the same salary, but in fact, I would be a t-girl e****t provided to all businessmen for closing a deal. Once we were really covered in juice, we turned our back to the crowd and started kissing each other passionately (imagine 9 women and 4 t-girls doing so) and men started fucking our asses very deep and very hard.

The Birthday Present

group dogs_of_phwoar 2018-02-26

He glanced down at her legs, at the bare thigh showing where Nicole had lifted a knee on her stool, and quickly, unashamedly, ran his eyes up her body, taking in her hips and the curve of her waist, lingering on her chest, and finally gazing at her pretty face, her brown eyes framed by makeup and the spectacles which gave her pretty face a sexy chic look. James felt his own excitement rise as he saw Gary's hand creep onto Nicole's thigh, gently squeezing her through the black material of her dress. Finally, as Nicole moaned gently with the pleasure of James' kisses, Gary began to massage her breasts through her dress.


A Weekend With Sinnndy Ch. 1

group sinnndy 2018-02-26

We went out to lunch a couple of times, and like I said, I don't pull punches, I got her to realize that what you do with your lover is right, as long as no one gets hurt, unless that's what you are into. I took about half of his cock into my mouth, and started sucking it like I always had, never taking any more in, bobbing my head up and down, while his fingers stroked my hair. It was very close to the club, and she decided it was time to start working out, she never had a weight problem, but felt she was beginning to get a little flabby.


Hot August Summer Ch. 01

group CandleLit 2018-02-26

It suddenly occurred to me that Marie had stopped moving behind me – I looked around and saw that she was watching with large eyes, her hands motionless, one on her chest, the fingers touching the bottom of her neck; the other across her breasts. I held Marie's hair in my hand, brought her lips up to mine and began a long kiss – exploring her mouth, pulling her lips into mine, running my tongue along her perfect white teeth. Amy went back to her attentions on Marie's pussy and I held her and kissed her, stroking her stomach, her breasts, her arms. I held her hips and stroked into her, fast then slow, watching her mouth move on Amy. My hands went up to hold her breasts, now flat against her chest.


The Trip Ch. 06

group Jake68 2018-02-26

"Beth, go to the camper with Terri and the girls, I've got Mike," John said to her. It was decided that Terri and Beth would travel with Barry, Jane and Shona for several days and that John would try to get Mike under control. Slipping his cock from between her lips, she gripped his shaft in her fingers, rubbing the head over her face and cheeks, looking up at him with her dark brown eyes. They kissed each other gently, not wanting to make a scene in front of Beth and Mike as Barry loaded up the camper. "This was a long time coming and I don't want you to feel that any of it was your fault." Jane took Beth's hand, holding it on her lap.


The Drive-In

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-02-26

Closing his eyes, he moved his tongue over Sheila's neck to her mouth, while his mind imagined Abby's large breast under his hand. She hadn't wanted to start groping Brice as soon as they got in the car, but she knew he was a man who needed a lot of attention, and so she felt like obliging him most of the time. "Well Brice, I don't know why you did it, but I think you left me with the hottest babe." Todd slid back into the front of the car and over to the middle some, wanting to be sitting closer to Abby when she got back. Sheila had seen Todd's hand moving through Abby's hair while she had been slowly sliding the shirt from Brice's pants.


Pregnant Twin Girls’ Cock Olympics

group fanofpantyhose 2018-02-26

As Trevor was all nude in front of them, Tracey decided that she had to get what her sister got earlier and came down on him hard with sucking his balls and cock firmly with her cute schoolgirl tongue. After their long session of caressing, touching, playing and teasing, they all were ready for more and as Tracey already was lying on the bed with her legs spread wide and her pink pussy showing so invitingly, Trevor could not restrain himself any longer and slammed his sword into her young juicy wet love hole. As she slowly moved down her pussy right onto Tracey's mouth, she felt the familiar sensation of her sister's pink long tongue who gave her an excellent oral fuck, while being slammed herself by Trevor.


Seducing a Trucker

group lover4u 2018-02-26

Not to be outdone, Lisa smiled into Joe's face, placed her arms around his neck and gave him a long kiss. I doubt one beer will make a difference." said Joe. He couldn't seem to stop looking at Alex , his focus being on her short tank top that showed the underside of her tits whenever she raised her arms. Standing at the door leading into the bedroom, I saw the two women undressing Joe. His cock was straining against his under shorts, Alex took hold of his long rigid tool and Lisa removed his boxers. With her left hand, Lisa kept holding Joe's hard cock by the base and with her right she rolled the latex-covered cockhead on Alex's juicy lips.

The Seduction

group angelfeathers 2018-02-26

“My dear girl,” he said, “You are quite right, all the Mistresses who held the title de Venus Whore were never unhappy with their lot, they were pampered, pleasured and spoilt by their Masters, of course they had no status, but as soon as they became pregnant, they were given a pension and married off to some middle class merchant or banker who was only too happy to turn a blind eye to their swelling bellies at the alter, specially as they were well paid for the magnanimity.” Leon and Leo kissed my mouth and nipples whilst each taking a leg each and slowly spreading them apart as wide as possible and holding them in place so that Leto could access me easily. “Oh God,” I heard myself gasp and my eyes watered and then Leo was kissing my mouth and Leon was sucking and squeezing my breasts and Leto was inside me and he was holding my thighs.


Susan's Story

group cbrmale 2018-02-26

Again Julie kisses, her tongue feeling it’s way through Susan’s lips. Mark, Derek, it’s crowded, it’s noisy, lets get out of here.” With that, Susan made her way to the door with both men following. Derek watches on, feeling even more embarrassed as Mark straddles her legs, leans forward and kisses her. Mark feels Susan pushing her hips hard into him; he reads the signs and increases the pressure. Susan feels that longing within her, her pussy is telling her that she needs a man insider her. Susan pulls away from Mark’s tongue, as exquisite as those sensations are, and straddles Derek. The feel of Susan's tight arse wrapped around his shaft was too much for Mark.


My Hotel Fantasy

group hotlesbianmama 2018-02-26

There some people who are nude and fucking on the lounge chairs, a man getting a blow job by the hot tub, many are skinny dipping in the pool. I turn my head to look for you; suddenly I feel the slight touch of your tongue on my pussy. At that moment I can feel your hard cock starting to slowly inch inside my ass. I turn my head and look at you; you grab my hair and pull me in for a rough kiss. I slip it inside my pussy; I start to slowly bounce up and down on your cock. I start to cum all over your cock and at that moment you explode inside my pussy.

Jane & Bill: Enjoying Each Other & Others

group tonythelovemachine 2018-02-26

During dinner Jane had subtly reached back and unhooked her bra at the table so when he looked down the front of her blouse he got a full view of her tits; right to the end of the hard nipples. At the table Jane gave Rachel a hug and said she felt bad that she was ignored and not having a sense of being ‘loved.’ As one drink turned into four, Rachel became very friendly and Jane repeatedly rubbed her back and occasionally run her hands through her hair. Very slowly they seemed to explore each other’s body with their hands .It was clear that Rachel liked the idea that Jane had no panties. Jane and Rachel slowly worked out of their bras and took turns sucking on ear other’s nipples.

Kelly Ch. 7

group CalWriter 2018-02-26

Adrianna noticed and came over to me while Kelly went to service my cousin. I looked over at Kelly and she was trying her best to stuff Mario's monster into her mouth, barely getting the oversized head in. Mario wasted no time in getting into Kelly's pussy. I quick check of Kelly showed that Mario had managed to get half his cock in her. When Adrianna pulled away from Kelly I went to my lover and kissed her, that taste of my sperm and Adrianna's pussy still on her lips. Mario lay back and held his cock as Kelly hovered over him. Adrianna seemed to be everywhere, sucking Kelly's tits, licked our balls, fingering my ass.

82% sex

Christmas Cums But Once A Year

group kinkyaugustacouple 2018-02-26

Gerald stepped behind Jane and began to caress her breasts, cupping them while his rigid member poked at her back. Women were intrigued at Jane's sexual liberation. Jane and Gerald still were unsurpassed sexually as they were now fucking intensely. Fuck me hard!" Jane replied, uttering the first dirty word of the night into mixed company. Jamal, a forty year old African American and mail clerk with the firm, pressed his massive member against Jane's rear entrance. Jim continued to work his tongue while Jamal began pounding Jane's ass. After Jim removed his cock, Jane straddled Jamal allowing him entry again to her ass. Almost like a domino effect, Jamal, Jim and the bartender drenched Jane in cum, both inside and out.