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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Head Contest pt 2

group headlover9 2018-02-26

i started thinking i was getting very excited about getting head from 15 women, i was hoping i wouldn't nut too fast lol. well, at the 15th girl, just before the 2 minutes was up, i blew a load like no tomorrow in her mouth. turns out to be the bride-to-be lol. she didn't do 2 minutes.....she finished the job. the next day me and my friends get together to tally the blowjobs up. turns out, if that woman didn't blow me when she did, i woult have tied. all my friends were dumbfounded at the fact that i basically struck a goldmine of blowjobs lol

Just a Dream?

group Hypnotic_22 2018-02-26

Finally noticing Julie I saw her climb a top the table and sit down facing me; lifting her skirt she began to play with her clitoris so I could see, making moaning sounds as she did so. I wanted to ask him what he thought he was doing but it felt so good especially because Julie was tugging at my nipples with wet fingers from her pussy. Lifting my head to her face she licked my cheek, then my chin, followed by my nose before she stuck her tongue down my throat, I nearly gagged but she didn't stop as she now began to suck on my tongue till it felt dry.

Prof Black Does Two Chem Profs

group ProfessorHuge 2018-02-26

"Why the fuck do little cunts like Rachel get all the action on campus?" Nancy asked, starting to slur her words. Gwen and Nancy made a point of going early to the wine and cheese reception before the next faculty meeting, to stake the room out and make sure they did not miss the chance to corner Professor Black for themselves. "We want to see whether you're as good as Anita thinks you are," Nancy purred, as she added her hand to Gwen's and gave a firm squeeze. Gwen cradled Charles' balls in her jelly-covered hand as he lowered himself over Nancy, practically bending her in half, so that her ankles came close to her head, and pushed himself deep into Nancy's pussy in one, long, hard stroke.


Wifes first BBC experience

group trovan66 2018-02-25

I advertised on swinger sites and was unsuccessful until I received a email from a black man assuring me he had a crew of respectable, clean cut, d**g and disease free guys that got together just to satisfy hot wives. She started sucking my cock and when I got hard she slid it in her dripping wet pussy and said "set it up". I emailed the guy and told him to set it up with his crew and we would come there for the weekend and have a room ready. He talked to my wife and assured her there were no thugs or disrespectful guys coming and if she said no it meant no. By then one guy was eating her pussy and she was taking turns sucking cock.

The Birthday Present

group rlabodame 2018-02-25

He had so longed to go on a date with Hillary and Megan, so as a birthday present, in exchange for a warm-hearted deed, the two beautiful women decided to payback Robbie with a one-off date. Robbie did not ask or even imagine what was about to unfold on his micro fiber couch or in his Queen size bed to Hillary or Megan, knowing that just a date and a brief kiss would more than suffice. After two minutes, Megan began gently massaging her hand up and down Hillary's legs before arriving near the bottom of the silk gown at her vagina. Then, Hillary leaned her head into Megan's pussy and began working her tongue in and out of the whole that Robbie's penis had made a bit wider.


Busted at Work

group curiousBImale 2018-02-25

Good boy, Tom, looks like you can keep your job and you get to fuck my tight pussy if you want." My face was inches from Angie's wet hole as Tom's cock head parted her pussy lips and disappeared inside. She looked back and said, "Don't tell me you came in my pussy you little fuck." Tom apologized and slid his cock out of her fuck hole. Angie said, "Oh well, looks like my little jizz taster has another helping coming his way." as she went to sit on my face. That's good because Angie started grinding her sloppy pussy in my face and two smaller loads of Tom's cum gushed into my mouth.

The Guest

group chloebaby76 2018-02-25

I feel hot for a second again, getting warmer as it slides upward, and finally your index finger is teasing my lips. I'm so charged, after three simple strokes and the sight of you open and ready for my tongue, I come, shivering through the heat, feeling a bit like a puppet on his lap. Instinctively, I grab your hand and guide it towards my warm, open slit, needing to feel your expert fingers on my clit. I feel your head tense a bit, your tongue frozen for the second of first impact, then continuing to ravage me, poking in and out of my cunt and slowly making its way towards my growing clit.

Wife's Big Cock Fiesta

group 425olds 2018-02-25

I gyrated and moved my way along the stage in front of the men and stood astride the pole, stroking it as if it was a mans cock before slowly sliding my pussy up and down its length for a minute. After Tim's tiny little dick I felt like I was being opened up down there and still had another man in my mouth slid his cock in and out when suddenly, he pulled it out and sprayed jets of hot cum over my breasts.

Our Night With Jen

group mommytime 2018-02-25

You are hard as a rock and ready to have some attention of your own, but you stand by the bed, stroking my slippery hot clit and watching in awe as I suck and bite at Jen's throbbing cunt and her tight pink rim. I bite Jen's rim just a little too hard as you rock my world. You push your long hard cock into Jen's wet tunnel, slowly, until it's all the way in. You push way up inside Jen's box and you just rock her and pulsate while her drool drips into my mouth and I lick the sweat from between her pert breasts.

Stupid Carpenters' Wise Job

group kvijaya508 2018-02-25

Dad advised mom to take leave that day to inspect the job of the carpenters. Mom had a look of pure ecstasy on her face as junior carpenter pushed thick, ten-inch pleasure stick inside her, stretching and filling her vagina than she was accustomed to, he had to go slow. When mom returned, she licked his cock and balls, and when he started getting hard again, she took his cock into her mouth and sucked him back to full erection. By the time the call ended, mom's legs were spread wide open, hanging over the chair's armrests, and her free hand was pushing on the back of his head.

Submission to Andre Ch. 09

group Dragonlipz 2018-02-25

"I sucked on Lymon's finger." I couldn't lie to this man, I wanted him to be happy. She went on: "He is going to visit a client in Rancho Bernardo for a couple of days and would like you to accompany him." She looked at Andre. His cock was getting thicker and harder by the second, that old man was one saltly dog! Look here, bitch, you gonna suck and fuck on my thang when I tell you to! I licked some goo off the shaft and saw, standing a few feet away, a skinny old man strokin' a hard-on with a big purple head! I wiped some more goo from Andre's cock and licked it off my fingers.


The Pendulum Swings

group UkWriterGuy 2018-02-25

“What about me she said?” Then a husky voice came from behind her “Can I help you there?” We both turned to look and saw the man that my wife had been watching so intently earlier as he had been pussy licking his partner. My fondling lover whispered to me "shall we take a closer look." She took my hand and lying on the floor next to my wife top to tail watched from below at the cock sliding in and out of my wife’s well fucked cum dripping hole. Fuck me she said as I placed my cock at her shaved pussy lips only inches from my wife’s face.

Raped at a Swinger's Party

group CatherineTheGreatest 2018-02-25

Rob and I were soon joined by two other couples who introduced themselves as Tony & Angela and Steve & Sarah. I felt him shudder as I gently tugged him forward, between my outstretched thighs, and wrapped my lips around his cock, one hand cupping his balls and leaning forward I took him down my throat. Throwing myself back into my riding, of Steve's beautiful fat cock, we settled in to a steady fucking rhythm, my orgasms now just a constant stream occasionally rising to a crescendo then settling back down to an ongoing series of electric jolts. Riding away on Steve's fat cock, almost disappointingly, I felt the tonguing of my arse stop.


Surviving the Vacation

group TwistedPlayr 2018-02-25

Holly has already gone to check on the facilities so she should be back soon." Shawn told her as they headed toward the room. Gina sucked his cock just the way he liked it and Shawn was in the twilight zone. She flexed her muscles, causing her ass cheeks to grip his face like a glove and Shawn was amazed at her control. Gina climbed off the chair and Shawn was able to see Holly. You better make sure that you get enough rest during the day because both Holly and I are going to need lots of attention every night." Gina added. Shawn had planned on taking Holly out to dinner after the meeting but it looked like he would be busy instead.

Little Miss Calculation

group kostis29 2018-02-25

“So how long?” Rebecca worked the juice bar at City Fitness, the gym where Natalie and Hayden were trainers and Elaine taught yoga. “The decline bench press not traditional enough for you?” Elaine rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help stirring at the memory: d****d backwards on the sloped bench, a knee looped in one leg restraint as Hayden fucked her from above — she came with a head rush, curling up against his lean nudity and nearly passing out. He looked up at her with those dark, enthusiastic eyes she’d admired a week ago before the Hayden-Rebecca jealousy got in the way, and remembered how hot he was.

Fun with Becca and Steve

group wakedad8 2018-02-25

I see Steve facing me, pounding Becca from behind, while Becca had her hand on my cock and she had Katie's bikini top pushed aside as she licked and sucked her succulent boobs. I zoomed out so I could get Katie's reaction and saw the look of excitement on her face as Steve's cock sprang out of his shorts. Steve was still eating out his wife's cunt while I kept 2 fingers in Katie and used my thumb to rub her little butthole. I was in a good position to lean over and began to lick and kiss Becca's tight tummy. I assumed the push-up position and slowly began to fuck my wife from behind, while she jerked Steve off into Becca's cunt.


The hot maid pt.2- The best night of my life

group sidhorny22 2018-02-25

Neelam was also continuously eating Mansi out so Mansi started squirting her juices into Neelam's face in a matter of minutes but we did not stop making her cum 4 times in 10 minutes shouting her lungs out saying things like," yeah right bitches make me cum and Sid fuck me with your thing harder "Next both of the girls got up and I laid down on the bed. Then I started banging her ass with all the strength I had meanwhile Neelam was eating Mansi out and Mansi too was screaming her head off and both of them came 15 minutes later but I did not stop and kept fucking Neelam's ass till 1 and a half hours making her cum atleast 6 times and then did the same to Mansi and then they started playing with my cock pleasuring me with blowjobs and tittyfucks.

Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 02

group BoundariesBroken 2018-02-25

Brian moved his hand down to administer to Brookes other breast while Katie became more rough in pinching and pulling, elongating the nipple an inch or two by forceful tug, then releasing it and starting over again with a sharp pinch. When Brooke finally released me I finally found my senses and looked up to see Brian standing to the left of his wife, and Katie kneeling on the right, Brian's cock slowing working in and out of her mouth. Her quickening breathes gave way to a gasp, however, as Brian pulled all the way out of her and Brooke took his dick into her own mouth, licking my wife's nectar off his cock.

Seeking Answers

group wordmad 2018-02-25

Running her hand through Meg's soft hair, Wendy leaned forward and planted a kiss on the cheek. Wendy had seen the "come fuck me" eyes Meg had given her all night at the party. Worshipfully, Wendy slid her hands gently across Meg's soft stomach, across her plentiful breasts, and over her shoulders. Keeping eye contact, Meg slipped her shirt off and reached up and took Wendy's off. Wendy felt the zipper to her pants being undone and lifted her hips as Meg yanked off her black leather pants, revealing the white lacy bikini briefs that matched the bra she'd been waring. He felt Meg's dampness on the front of his shorts and nearly exploded when he watched her moving expertly into Wendy's sex.

The Date

group Pamster55 2018-02-25

Several men were beating their cocks against her bare body and covering her with cum, as James began to suck her clit and fist her pussy.. One of the men came up and asked if he could fuck Pamela, she and James looked at one another and both shook their heads yes at the same time... the man's cock was really big and hard as he sat on a chair across from her, he signaled for her to come over and when she got there, he started fingering her pussy, another man came up from behind and lifted her skirt, then he licked her ass..

Our Unexpected First Swap

group dave110256 2018-02-25

I overheard the question and replied "Darlene looks like the sun has gotten the best of her as well," thinking maybe I needed to redirect John's attention to his own wife. Patty looked like she was enjoying her new found friend's attention as she relaxed. I started feeling jealous at this point but did untie Darlene's top as requested, maybe because I noticed that John's advances weren't being rejected as she was enjoying his attention a little more than I would have liked. I couldn't believe what happened next as Darlene said "You can get off me now Mark, I would like another drink and to enjoy the rays of the sun for a while."


Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

group DVOL 2018-02-25

Tammy rolled her eyes at my obvious remarks and then said, "I invited Hope to join us for a dip in the hot tub. I leaned back to watch as the kiss grew deeper and their hands began exploring each other's body. Smiling, She knelt between my best friends legs and slowly began kissing her way up Tammy's tanned thighs. Looking over at me, Tammy gestured for me to join her even as she wrapped her fingers in Hope's long blond hair. Hope looked at me and said." I told her to let me see if she was as good at sucking cock as she was at licking pussy. Hope reached down and slid her hands between Tammy's legs to caress her obviously wet pussy.


My Best Friend

group eroswizard 2018-02-25

His wife, Tina, greeted us with great hugs, exclaiming "I feel like we are old friends." Tina is obviously not shy, nor reserved, as she looked down at Dina's erect nipples saying, "and you either feel the same or are very cold." Rich and I were best friends who did everything, I do mean everything, together. Tina sat beside Dina sharing stories to accompany each picture of Rich and I, usually nude and accompanied by various young ladies. Rich conveyed how he would tell Tina all our high school stories getting her excited and how she had been waiting for years to meet me and see my cock.

Romantic Getaway

group Rebecca 2018-02-25

I was massaging her hard nipples and I told her the thought of watching her suck another mans cock turned me on and she said that she got hot thinking of me fucking Helen. Helen looked at my cock and told Jen to suck that beautiful thing. I followed Georges lead and after watching him slip his cock in Helen I did the same to Jen. This scene was so hot I never lost my erection after I came. We fucked our women good and things got even better after about ten minutes when Helen and Jen started to kiss eachother. We've been exchanging sexy photos and nasty e-mails since that weekend and Jen keeps telling me how she wants me to watch her get fucked by Georges huge, fat cock.