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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tied up, blindfolded and sucked off by a stranger.

group 2018-02-25

Hearing her car pull up, her car door shut I reach into my bag again and pull out a blindfold and put it onto you, kiss you and walk away. You are hard and breathing heavily, the anticipation is killing you and you then feel two tongues, running up the inside of your thighs, over your balls and slowly up the length of your cock right to the end and then we lift off. You feel yourself about to explode and let out that noise only I know about, when you are close on cumming and so I free your hands and you grab hold of the head whos mouth is on your cock and shoot your load right into it, holding on and not letting go.

Indian Wife Shifa Turned Out To Be A Slut - Part 2

group altaff143 2018-02-25

Vikram realised it was time and took his left hand and placed it on the seat handle next to shifa such that he was now standing right opposite to my wife with his right hand on the pole behind her back and left hand near her right side.It was a cool night and i dont know when i slipped into sl**p but when i woke up it was 11:30 and i realised i had been asl**p for almost half an hour.I dint move suddenly but continued to act asl**p.I was shocked when i saw Shifa facing away from Vikram and holding the bar above her head such that the pole was now resting perfectly between her huge melons and Vikram’s left hand was caressing her from waist to thigh region and his crotch buried into her ass.As she had raised her hands to hold the bar above her boobs were protruding out and the guy sitting beside where she stood(who was feeling her ass)obviously couldn’t sl**p with all this action happening next to him.Shifa’s pallu was bunched such that it looked like a thin line running over her blouse and much of her belly was exposed.The guy was facing her belly now maybe admiring her navel which was deep and her fairness made it even more sexy and her blouse-covered boobs which were just inches away from his head.

Group party 12/7/12 - 2nd part

group 2018-02-25

After a lot of relaxing either John or Cal decided it was time to interrogate the witches and Noreen would be their virgin Oracle on the cross. Chrissy went to the Stocks and Mary to the cieling strap. So long that Mare got tired of waiting and started to whip his ass telling him to finish. Between hits, the men and Mare were asking "Are you the evil Witch?" "Who is the evil Witch?" To end the whipping, all they had to do was give up a name or admit to being the evil one. Chrissy got the exact same treatment on the strap as Mary did, the end result was the same, I was pronounced the evil witch.

Cindy Lou Makes Her Debut

group Boxlicker101 2018-02-25

Naked, the way she most enjoyed being at sex parties like this one, Cindy Lou still knelt in front of Jason with her hands on his hips, but removed his cock from her mouth in order to make a suggestion. Fresh juices were running down her legs and she was thrilled when Aaron's tongue stroked her thighs again, licking them all up, and continued up her other pussy lip. Cindy Lou lay belly down on the mattress, happily recovering from her great orgasm and enjoying the feel of Aaron licking off here fresh pussy juices. Aaron, assuming Cindy Lou would want to fuck, had thoughtfully licked the juices only from the outside of her pussy, leaving the ones inside to fulfill their natural function.


Package Holiday

group leferret 2018-02-25

When I got back to the apartment I found Traci true to her word and was sunbathing nude on the balcony although she was not going to get much colour on her pubes with her fingers stroking her freshly shaved pussy. Traci headed off and found a sun lounger to plonk herself down on near the pool while I picked up Natalie who spent the next hour splashing about in the pool and telling me about the kids club and the new friends she met. Traci was still frigging herself and Claire moved over and started playing with her tits. Traci suggested that that Claire should join us on the balcony the following day while the young ones were at the Kids club.

Summer School with friends

group mrsmalls1234 2018-02-25

Already, Beth laughed as she let go of Jonny turned to me grabbed my balls with her other hand and with that i shot a big stream of cum onto her tits. Finally my soft 3 inches was starting to come back to a solid 6, I walked over to them and my eyes were wide as I got my first glimpse of Beth completely naked, her breast were huge, my internet search’s suggested they were like double GG cups. Jonny stood up slowly, his 3 fingers slid out of her, they were absolutely soaked and dripping, Beth grabbed his hand and put all three in her mouth.

Linda's Amsterdam Adventure

group Johnsexlife 2018-02-25

Jan put on a 12 inch strap on and inserted it into Linda's pussy as I took out my cock and started fucking Linda's mouth . In a matter of minutes Eric had Linda naked and was sucking her breast was slowly figure fucking her with one finger then two as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. After the came from Eric's thump she got on her knees and took his large 8 inch cock into her mouth while I inserted my cock into her pussy from behind. About a dozen men immediately came in and within seconds Linda had a mouth on each breast, several hands stroking and figuring her vagina and a large cock in her mouth while she was stroking a cock in each hand.

Blood Brothers

group caeneus 2018-02-25

She's telling me about the time you cracked your head open as a kid while I pretend to hear the story for the first time. I can tell from your eyes you've gone to that mental space where you try to think about something so hard in order to avoid feeling it. So I crossed the line, put my stake in the ground, put my body in your bed, and took your wife in my arms. Perhaps you know this need I cannot name: I want to feel your desire running through your body, into mine and into hers. I feel myself drifting away from my body, losing my armor, wanting both of you.

I Have a Great Secretary Ch. 02

group sivad44 2018-02-25

A good old boy from Alabama named Junior Sample came to the office to discuss buying a large commercial building I had listed to open a call center. And while Billy and Sonny continued to fondle, and lick, and suck her boobs, Juniior knelt down between her legs and started fingering and eating her pussy, And it was immediately obvious that Donna was suddenly enjoying the whole thing. Sonny moved down and started fucking her, while Junior straddled her chest and fucked her tits, and Billy straddled her face and started fucking her mouth real hard, and fast, and deep.

My Fuck Buddy and His Wife and . . .

group alexjjnc 2018-02-25

At some point in later years I became friends with another guy and we used to hang out together while his wife participated in camp activities. I dated various women through the years and whenever one of them was interested enough in being extra playful, I'd ask my buddy to join us in the bedroom. I've had women at the camps that were so very horny and ready to go once they got behind closed doors and I think it was because they'd been glancing at swinging limp dicks all day...and it was getting to them. We did all kinds of stuff, including double penetration, double pussy penetration, and anything else we could think to try on our partners...a lot of which his wife would also let us do.

Under Glass

group DirtyGeisha 2018-02-25

The other is my on again off again boyfriend Aaron, the more burly of the two, I don't know if I love him anymore, but He's a nice good albeit quick fuck. It wasn't until Aaron came back and the lights were off that I was brave enough to start running my nails over his thigh. I then got up on my hands and knees and told Alex to fuck me, and boy did he, I came six times. Alex sat beside me watching seeing him still hard, I did what any girl would do...I sucked his dick, I sucked it good in typical Batling fashion, Aaron came in under two minutes and I just laid there stunned.

Cheeseburgers, Vegas Style

group onwardbob 2018-02-25

After making sure our cabby was paying attention, the hussy brazenly declared, "Just look Jose...he's a beast I say!" Maybe it was his big grin, or maybe the slow shake of his head, whatever, I don't think he agreed. Back in our Mandalay Bay suite, remembering the delightfully wicked way she'd turned the tables on me in L A, I reminded her she'd agreed to let me play cock of the walk in Las Vegas. Before I could blurt it out though, good old Jose announced, "We almost there," uncertainty evident in his questioning, "You want, I can drive more?" "No," I said, almost choking on, "We're almost done," because Leslie had just reacquainted the throbbing head of my cock with her throat.


Everyone Has Cassie

group TessMackenzie 2018-02-25

They had talked once, when they were both drunk, about being more than fuck-buddies, and Eric had said he couldn't change, and he didn't want Cassie to try and change, and why bother, anyway, when what they had worked well. It seemed like a normal house, in a normal suburb, where there was a small party happening There were cars in the street, and the outside lights were on, and when the front door opened there were people standing around an open-plan front room, all looking at Cassie and Eric. Craig stood there for a moment, then smiled again and said he'd see Cassie later, and went off across the room towards Katie. Cassie noticed Katie start blowing Eric, and decided she wanted to see that better.


Claire's confidence

group Samsam1145 2018-02-25

So when the summer came to an end and Claire invited me to help her house sit her parents house I jumped at the chance even if it did mean a 3 hour car ride with Claire's friend Angela. Claire invited Angela to stay the night when we got to her house but Angela wanted to push on to meet up with her parents who were going to help her find an apartment near the school she was set to work at. Claire stood up and mercifully took the glasses from my hands and pushed me down onto the couch, where she had been sitting right next to Angela. "Can you imagine how good it feels to ride this cock?" Claire said to Angela.

Shipping & Receiving

group DeFlowered 2018-02-25

“Oh, Tim, you can fuck me anytime you want,” I whispered, as my nipples brushed up and down his chest. “Oh, yeah, keep riding me, and I’ll get there soon,” he said, squeezing my narrow waist and pushing himself deep within me. “Come here, Jon. I want to give you a kiss.” While Doug pounded me from behind, I teased Jon’s cock and balls. “Go ahead and fuck my mouth then, Jon,” I said, and then wrapped my wet lips around him. Make sure you film this,” Doug yelled to Tim. Doug pulled his dick out of my ass and pressed it to my face. On my way out the door, I said, “Hey Doug!” When he looked, I hiked my skirt over my bum.

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 04

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-02-25

From September to late November, besides our handyman Roger whom I'd been fucking since July, I met and got laid by four men from the Internet -- Chuck, once in a hotel room; Mark, a hot married stud was I had been able to see only twice, which was disappointing since he was a great fuck; and a couple guys I'd seen four or five times, Justin and Max. I was meeting most of the men from my online personal ad, advertising that a horny married 29 year old wanted to get laid by handsome guys with big cocks. Hooking my arm behind Paul's shoulder, I leaned back on the sexy older man and pushed my C-cup tits forward, knowing both he and the 23 year old blonde were staring at them.


My fantasy of going to a gloryhole

group 2018-02-25

This time while still grind you lean over and begin sucking the guys cock, I'm playing with your tits and pulling your nipple with one hand as the other is rubbing your clit. I grab your head and make you take my cock as his black guy begins to fuck you the head feels so huge in you, you try to moan but it is muffed by my cock.I stroke that cock in the gloryhole till I see precum building and lean over taking is cock in my mouth. The black guy start telling you he is gonna cum, you pull off his cock, sit on the bench pulling him close and wrap your tits around his cock as he begins fucking your tits but sucking the top half exposed.

Recollections Ch. 05

group Kaadorix 2018-02-25

And despite our differences and the bitter standoff we had over my three-way marriage and the life I led with Alexa and Merissa, and even our kids, Dad was still my idol, my standard. This past Saturday, I received a telephone call from Hudson, my 54-year-old brother, who informed me that Dad had suddenly passed away at his home in Pleasant Grove the night prior from an apparent stroke. The closest friends and family members were invited to Janae's home for the wake, where there would be plenty of good food and stories to be shared about Dad and his life. I have long considered the idea of sharing our life story and romance - Alexa, Merissa and me - yet somehow, Dad's passing was what put it over the top, and made me do it.


Flight of Fantasy Ch. 02

group harrypotter_rod 2018-02-25

Then I moved to Farah and soon she was also naked before me we kissed each other, I then turned to Maria and said, " Thank you very much, as I am being treated to such a beautiful moment with three pretty young girls before me, Richard Geri had just one, I have three!" On this all the three started laughing. I began removing Maria's clothes and planted a real wet kiss on her lips, lying down on the bed, I asked Divya and Farah to come on either side of me, this they did and I started fingering their pussies while I asked Maria to come over my mouth.


Three in Tennessee

group Mrhappy 2018-02-25

I looked at Lacys picture and I could see her bald pussy in my mind as Paul explained how much she liked to have a hot tongue work her clit over as she sucked a nice hard dick. Now 1 had a voice to go with the pictures and I began stroking my cock as I heard Lacy tell me and Paul what turned her on. Paul was pumping his cock in and out of her mouth and playing with her tits, I was sucking on her clit and slowly pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy when she began to literally vibrate.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 85

group SteveWallace 2018-02-25

My goal was to have every financial analyst in the earnings report meeting walk away at the end of the day believing that Worthington Industries was one of the best investments anybody could ever make in a company because once again we had done a magnificent job and the future looked like Eden. Not once, the night before, did we even come close to detailing our careers or other parts of our life, plus I thought I'd ducked the 'Are you Mark Worthington the billionaire?' question with a flip answer, but she knew even then but hadn't said anything beyond that.


Sissy all dressed up at a rest area

group AshleyXmith 2018-02-25

"Oh come on girl, i saw you in that little skirt with pink fuckin' frilly socks, *chuckling loudly* you ain't dressed like a prude. It was like an upward aimed slap, coming up below my skirt to land right on my ass, with only a little black lace in its way. "You better not be sittin there feelin sorry for yourself, you dressed like a fuckin whore and now you are gettin what you wanted right!" The whole time he was holding his cock and slapping it on my face. You will never fuck ANYTHING like im fuckin your little bitch ass right now!" "Yeah man, this little bitch will suck you like a fucking whore!

New Secretary: Contest Ch. 01

group callmejack 2018-02-25

A couple of times during the night I awoke and felt Marie curled up to me as close as she could with her arm over me and her head nestled next to mine – almost sharing the pillow. As I watched, Marie leaned over and shook hands with her customer giving a good view down her dress. She had to take James' big dick in her pussy and ass while giving head and hand jobs to Manny and Mike. During the evening Marie fucked Tom pretty hard as they watched Madeline's foursome from a ringside seat and, because it took me a long time to cum, Rachel's ass got pounded pretty hard as well.

Mountainside Park

group sindybislut 2018-02-25

"I don't mind the questions." She smiled at Amanda who was looking at her husband as if to say 'see I was right.' "To answer the first question all of the trails lead to the main overlook." She pointed to a short trail branching off of the main one. She watched Cindy lower her head and lick a trail of thick white cream between her ample breasts. "Mmm...hmmm..." Amanda nodded and clenched her fists as Cindy's tongue made wider circles, passing through and licking up some of the cream melting in her cleavage. He was about to step onto the rocks when he saw Amanda start squeezing the filling from a desert and rub it into Cindy's breasts.