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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Friends...And The Benefits With Them- Part 2

group jontaric 2018-02-25

At the sound of her moan, Andy's eyes opened and in them I didn't see regret at all, but still arousal, and he burrowed his face against her throat and began to kiss her. Jen broke free of the kiss and came up with a bottle of body wash in her hand. Jen's mouth broke free as did Andy's and my body sank slowly to the shower floor. I want to see your gorgeous face with my beautiful husband's cum all over it." She reached up and turned off the shower and then took Andy's hand and pulled him up to a standing position. I pulled Andy down before he could think again and kissed him hard on the mouth, rubbing his face in it.

A Night Away

group necouple69xxx 2018-02-25

Moaning she gripped his head and pulled it hard against her sex begging him, "Lick me baby...put your tongue in me." Jake gently took her hands from his head and rose from between her legs. Startled by his voice she jumped as she heard Jake say from her right side, "You look sexier than ever." The bed sank a little under his weight as he climbed onto it again. She watched as he played with the vibrator and dildo teasing her and driving her wild; and then part her legs and tongue fuck her until she came in his mouth, begging him to enter her. Julia watched as she wiggled her ass in the air teasing him, and the unknown man again climbed onto the bed.

Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter X

group Victor2K 2018-02-25

The two women enjoyed tasting his penis, with all the licking; kissing and sucking they knew they could give to a man like Vic. They delightfully watched their man moan with every touch at his rod. Her venerable secretary and lover showed to love Vic’s requested intrusions at her pussy and watching Inge getting pleased turned Madame on even more than anything, or almost. They kept that configuration for a while, with Madame still lusting to hump her lover and Inge getting joyful feelings with a male giving her oral, and with a lesbian kissing scene to spice up things. Even in a threeway like that, romantic feelings still aroused the night and Madame and Vic kissed each other as they were still tied to their commitments to Inge.

Getting to Know Ourselves Better

group noody2005 2018-02-25

The smallest guy pushed the other onto his back as he first sucked on his nipple and then down taking the semi rigid cock from the girl's hand he took the domed head in his mouth, playing with his scrotum before running down and rubbing the rim of his anus, thrusting his finger deep into him. Next day I didn't have any appointments so Sue left me in bed as she got ready for work, still with a slight hangover, but before she left for work returned to the bedroom sliding her hand under the covers to stroke my limp cock drawing the foreskin back and forth bringing it to life before slipping the head between her lips and running her tongue along the slit saying "I expect more of what I happened last night when I get home".


Size Queen

group likesabigone 2018-02-25

I could feel everyone looking at me, especially Dave, when I cradled Rob's cock in my hands and took the measure of him. We heard a deep belch and retching sound, then a Ralph and splatter as our little Julie puked dinner and drinks all over the pool deck, down the front of her plus-size one-piece bathing suit and onto Dave's big upstanding cock. We did get a card postmarked Monte Carlo in Larry's handwriting, saying only, "Isn't it fascinating what the mere power of suggestion, paper rulers substituting centimeters for inches, a couple of generic ginseng capsules and the attentions of a lovely woman can do for the size of a man's endowment?

My Visit With Tony Ch. 6

group Salsa105 2018-02-25

I stood next to the bed and bent over Ronnie, knowing full well that Tony would be able to see every inch of my crack, from clit to pussy to asshole. Ronnie could see my head going up and down on his cock, the wetness from my mouth making his prick shiny each time I raised my head. While waiting for Tony, I was slowly going up and down on Ronnie's cock. Ronnie's hands were clutching my head, trying to get more of his cock into my mouth. Tony pulled me off Ronnie, eased his cock out of me, and we all lay on the bed. Tony had me pulling on Ronnie'c cock while I was licking him clean.

A Night with Sarah and Tammy

group fuego1273 2018-02-25

I could feel myself fully hard and throbbing, my hand moving down to slowly move over Sarah back caressing her, I felt her move away and then pull the sheet lower down, I looked at her. I watched as Sarah proceeded to move back to her nipples playing and sucking on them softly, I could see her tongue move over her nipples making them shine with wetness, Tammy's eyes now shut, her head back and her mouth open as she was exploring her feeling from Sarah playing with her. I could tell I was throbbing precum inside of her as she did this, I could feel I was getting close, my girl felt this too as she suddenly moved off me, she took Tammy's hands and pulled her off my face, both girls now kneeling on the bed beside me looking down at me.

Noodles Ch. 05

group Azuldrgon 2018-02-25

As the dancer attempted to swallow as much of Jacob's cock in her mouth, she switched her positioning so that she was on her knees, allowing George the ability to slide her G string down her long legs. he didn't even notice Jacob taking out his dick and stroking it until the dancer released her mouth hold on George and told them both to shoot on her face like the slut she was. When she realized that George was who he was, she blushed massively and began to talk about all the fun stuff they went through during high school as Jacob snored in the seat behind them

My Blind Taste Test

group the_thinker97 2018-02-25

I've always loved your pungent taste, my nose running through your course pubic hair like an old fashioned horse drawn plough, turning the soil and making it ready to receive the seeds that will become the summer's new growth. You sit behind me and wrap your arms around my body, your chest pressed up against my back, your legs around my waist, your head on my shoulder. When it's finally over I hear deep, cleansing breaths, and not all of them coming from this person whose box I still have my tongue slowly dancing around the insides of. I do slide over with my face and body but, for the time being, leave one hand with the first woman, her legs are shaking and I can feel the trembling beneath my fingers.


The Reading Room Ch. 01

group BlindEyes 2018-02-25

Under the light of the candle's flame, superior Charles read, "The lady on my right must turn my coffee cup over on its saucer." After Tesse had done so, he continued, "Then she must unbuckle my pants, pull my cock free, and stroke it 'til I shoot cum in the cup." As Weston snipped away up Tesse's dress, Vicki began to massage her bare breast while Charles watched with great pleasure. But Lynn knew she had to obey the command of Miss Vicki or else she lose her place in the Reading Room Club. Lynn turned to Miss Vicki for approval but only caught the stern stare of the Mistress as she nodded for Weston to read his commands.


Weekend in Washington

group Rhiannan 2018-02-25

Leaning back against the edge of the large bathtub, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what it would feel like making love to my cyber lover for the first time. Looking at my watch, I decided it was time to meet Bob. I picked up the small black cocktail purse and slowly made my way to the elevator. "Bob, I know we have known each other for a long time online and we have talked about everything and shared so much ...but...well I feel like we are still strangers in a sense." I looked into his blue eyes and could see that familiar relaxed smile and I felt the warm squeeze of his hand on mine.


Salon Sluts

group geronimo_appleby 2018-02-25

Barry, formerly known as Mr Jones, turned his attention to the enthusiastic Dion, while Frankie, which was short for Francis, had a more difficult task in winning over the reluctant Della. "Where we going?" Dion asked when Frankie yanked at Barry's shoulder and forced him to disengage his mouth from the girl's. Frankie sat in an armchair and sipped his drink while Dion fished his friend's cock out into view, and then, with a lascivious lick of her lips, she bent to the task of sucking it back to full erection. Come here and give me your cock to suck." While Barry scurried to join the trio, Dion pulled Della's head from Frankie's lap by a fistful of hair.


Triad Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2018-02-24

After the girls had conspired to get me to make love to Jean and Connie – something that had been going on all week, the logical and missing piece of the puzzle was that Don would make love to Abby – his daughter, and Anna. We acknowledged that much as I'd continued to have a romantic interest in Jean and Connie, that Abby and Anna would likely continue to have similar feelings building on what they already had for Don. Thus, we were opening up our triad not on a one-time basis to him, but on a long-term basis. When we got back to the living room, Sean, Anna, and Abby were sitting around looking a little spaced out, but very content.

Polyamorous Ch. 01

group Lady_Blackhawk 2018-02-24

Only Adam and I share our lives with our girlfriend, Alison. I met Alison my junior year at State. Alison met a frat guy and got us invited to a party. Alison came to my 'rescue' as one brawny frat boy tried to take liberties. The sanctity of our passion was broken though as Alison's frat boyfriend, Brad, entered the room. After weeks of making love to me with her mouth and fingers, Alison introduced to me an 8 inch strap-on penis. She started by kissing my mouth, my neck, suckling my nipples, like she usually did. Alison said she had to return home but she'd call me once she'd taken care of what she had to do.


My Wife's Friends

group Rock1968 2018-02-24

My wife is a hot looking Hispanic woman who just hit 40 with a tight shaved pussy, a toned body, and a nice set of b cup tits that are sensitive as hell. Angel looked like she was going to say something, but when my wife's tongue touched her clit; she leaned her head back and moaned. Angel started finger fucking my wife and sucking on her clit, so Maria lay down on the floor under Angel's pussy and started eating her out. Maria and my wife both licked my cum off Angel's tits and face. With the added stimulation of Maria sucking on her tits and my wife fingering her clit, Angel pulled off my cock and squirted all over my stomach and chest.

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 07

group oldhippie1949 2018-02-24

After walking Santo (and by the way, he doesn't care much for cliffs, canyons nor precipices - he likes the view but not the edge), we headed south to Peach Springs in order to pick up Route 66 to Kingman. Santo liked this place and was more comfortable walking lakeside rather than precipice-side. Julie oiled me up and went back to work after rolling the table around so I could see Amy, with our faces opposite each other. Julie went right to work on Amy's breasts and seemed to take an extra delight in their heft. As we started our stretching, I looked around the room and surveyed just how many good looking people were present, and there were quite a few.



group bvc1393 2018-02-24

She parts her lips, slides her tongue out of her mouth and begins to explore your cock, circling the head with her tongue. Oh how I wish I could take them in my mouth, flick my nipples with my hot tongue. You must have been paying close attention because as my tongue got closer to that shaved pussy, I could feel your hot breath on my ass. Bringing myself to the edge and back again several times I moved toward you and pulled you off of her and slid down your hot cock. Slowly to the top of your cock and back again you grab my tits and worked your fingers to my nipples and squeezed ever so lightly.


Double Birthday Present

group qadishtu 2018-02-24

Pulling them closer, I leaned forward slipping Dan's cock inside my mouth, working my tongue around the head while stroking him with my hand. Stopping when he felt some resistance, Mark started sliding a little of his finger in out of my ass, until finally he was able to push the entire length in. I heard him whisper, "Relax, I won't hurt you." Dan' grinned as he stopped his gyrations while his brother's cock pushed against my backside. Pulling out, cum dripping down my ass onto his brothers balls, Dan started slamming his cock into me my pussy harder and harder cumming as he came with my own orgasm.

Hot Sun, Hot Fun

group rxstories 2018-02-24

When we left the club, Donna and Jack excused themselves to go for a walk on the beach while Emily and I headed toward the hotel. While I continued sucking her breasts and nipples, Donna worked her way down Emily's abdomen until she was able to gently and lovingly kiss Emily's cunt. Emily came twice in rapid suggestion, on each occasion pulling the head of my cock all the way into her throat as the wild orgasms washed over her. Emily came again, and Donna was right behind her as Jack was, apparently, doing a thorough job of reaming out her cunt. I saw Jack pull his ample cock out of Donna's cunt, and then climb up behind her on the bed.


Another Promise Ch. 02

group elleann 2018-02-24

I got eight, Marcy got three, Mary Lou got one which was her boyfriend, probably, who really wanted to pick Jenny but didn’t dare to, and seven guys didn’t make any pick at all and just went right into the general draw at the end. I thought it was going to be like a free for all and I was especially worried about Jenny who I knew wouldn’t want to be there at all and might end up getting screwed by fifty guys! Some of the guys started coming over and pretty soon there was a crowd around the mat with Jenny lying there with her eyes closed, looking totally beautiful of course.

The Story of Michelle

group Puff 2018-02-24

You want to help her and since Michelle told you she is down on her luck at the moment, you offered her dinner here, knowing I wouldn't mind. I bend to plant soft kisses on Michelle's neck, continuing the caress and squeezing of her breasts. Michelle's mouth is small and hot, but she knows how to kiss and plays with my tongue. I move above Michelle's head and hold her arms back so her breasts stretch out giving you unhindered access to her lovely nipples. You kiss down her tummy, and I know you want to taste her sweet juices, but I cup your chin and make you look to me and shake my head.

The Temp Ch. 3

group Threesheets 2018-02-24

Linda came over to us and as I introduced Theresa, instead of simply shaking hands she pulled Theresa into her and gave her a long slow kiss with a LOT of tongue. Kelly, decided this was all too tame so she walked over to the lady and pulling her down to the floor, immediately moved her pussy to just above her mouth. Moving first to my right, she came to Theresa, she immediately started to lick and suck until Theresa slid to a semi reclining position and spread her legs to take more of the lady's tongue. After hearing the orgasm release from Theresa, she then moved to me and taking my dick into her mouth she sucked me until I got hard enough to move to her throat.

The History of Kim, Part 4

group sandlicker 2018-02-24

We fucked like this for a little while, then she suggested that I should fuck her doggy-style, so I could see my cock "making her happy," and besides, she said, "IT FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD!" I agreed and stood at the edge of the bed, with her presenting her gorgeous, round ass, and hot, little for "my" enjoyment. Smiling at him, she told him,"I gonna fuck you to DEAD!" Then she got onto the bed standing astraddle of him, then lowering herself until her pussy captured his dick. Then, she pulled me down, giving me a HUGE kiss, and thanking me for "making her cum too good." Mai got a wet towel, and washed us both off.

The Girls at the Store Ch. 01

group wantsomefun1951 2018-02-24

Tanya and Julie were kissing and hugging, while Carla and I cuddled each other on the couch and watched. At this point, Tanya announced, "It's time!" The other two girls moved to the ends of the couch and started fingering themselves, while Tanya began undressing me. She then began kissing me, first on the face, then on the chest and belly, then moved to my knees and started working her way up. Julie and Carla began to sixty-nine on the rug in front of me, while Tanya squatted down and grabbed my throbbing meat and started working herself down onto it.