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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fondest Wish Ch. 04

group velvetpie 2018-02-24

She sucked the rest of the pre-cum from the slit and licked her lips, sliding them over the fat head while her tongue swirled over his flesh. Donovan groaned and pulled his cock out of her mouth, giving her a shotgun with the joint and rubbing more pre-cum against her lips. Amalie sat up and kissed Kara, licking her boyfriend's pre-cum away and leaning in for more. Donovan reacted immediately, gasping and moaning at the same time as Amalie took the other one into her mouth, her lips and tongue once again meeting Kara's. Kara's mouth was perfect, warm and wet, her tongue rubbing around the ridged head and slipping into the leaking slit and Amalie was doing a marvelous job of sucking on his nuts.


Fun with the Folks Next Door Ch. 02

group daveball500 2018-02-24

Megan stood by the couch, it was covered in a white sheet stretching to the floor, the tiny towel only just covered the girl's top half as she held it to her front but Doctor Brown already knew that she had nice tits and her light blonde hair was delightful, he'd followed her every move as she had undressed, for some strange reason she had left her short stockings on, maybe she was cold but the doctor liked them so he didn't mind!


Night of Changes Ch. 03

group explorateur 2018-02-24

One day on the way home Phillip's phone rang and as he answered he heard Maya telling him how much she wanted him right then. "And keep the phone close to your mouth so I know you doing it right." Maya was panting now, as Maggie sank to her knees and slowly took Phillip's dick in her mouth. Phillip couldn't believe it, he heard himself fucking on the TV, he saw a beautiful girl on her knees in front of him slowly sucking his cock, apparently on the instruction of his wife, and somewhere in the background he heard a light snoring of a guy who's cum was slowly drying on the girl's, sucking his dick, face.


Happy Birthday To Us

group SexyJennaInk 2018-02-24

Tony cocked his eyebrow and shook his dick at Billy, causing the younger man to laugh uncomfortably. "Dude, you are so fuckin domestic," Tony laughed, searching through Billy's refrigerator and coming away with a can of Budweiser. Tony stopped laughing long enough to grin and agree with Billy, then returned to his rolling on the carpet. Tony's drove his impressively thick, long cock into her ass, while Billy met these vicious strokes inside her vagina. Billy watched as Tony hooked Nicci's legs over his shoulder and dipped his tongue inside her lithe body. "Mmm, lil Billy," Tony grins up from between Nicci's thighs. "Happy....oh fuck....happy birthday," Nicci yelled, cumming as she watched Billy move around naked in the bathroom.

The Weekend Ch. 03

group RogerPike 2018-02-24

'Wash my breasts.' I allowed my hands to move around to the front of her body, pulling her back against my chest. Wash my cunt.' I slid my hand down her body and pushed it between her legs. I don't want to cum yet.' she groaned as my finger moved delicately across her clit. With my second finger I traced the ring of her pussy lips, my soapy hands gliding across the skin. Her vagina clung to the finger as I slid it further and further into her body. 'Push a finger into my arse.' Gently I teased her arse hole. 'Please let me fuck you until I cum.' I begged. First I pushed her over the bed and roughly forced my cock into her from behind.

I let daddies friends suck my young breasts.

group 2018-02-24

During a Summers break I went home in a state of erotic bliss, my nipples were responding to my periods which were due within the week, so I was in a constant state of sexual arousal, some would say, 'In Heat', as my body temperature was high with the impending release of an egg, my uterus was swollen and my urgent need for sperm, played on my mind, so masturbating to cool the urge, just inflamed the urges, as each orgasm felt better, but the emptiness between my legs, was evident, and besides, I loved feeling the d***ks cocks through the railings at school, so I knew what I wanted, and on that night daddies friends came around for their poker game, I renamed it, 'Poke Her', and took my underwear off, determined to have a full house, and pussy to boot.


group eyecandysluts4u 2018-02-24

When my asshole,pussy and mouth barely caught a break the sun had started to come up,I thought that was an end to a very long and craziest night of my life,when one of the guys picked me up off the bed and had me kneel in the middle of the bedroom as the rest of them circled me and said your gunna suck all our cocks till each one is hard then were all gunna fuck your asshole and dump our last load in it.

Three's Company

group XXtraPrince 2018-02-24

Moistening her finger, Leah made an "X" over her lover's lips, then curled up to lick converging spirals around Connie's nipples, kissing each with deep suction as her friend began again to fuck her, perhaps a bit harder and more insistently than before.... Gently rolling his balls while she worked on both siblings, she fucked Leah even harder, and more than a little faster, as she moved her mouth back and forth over Dave's rigid cock, sucking it deeply as her tongue caressed his head, contented murmurings coming from her. Leah, seeing the head of Dave's cock right under her chin every time he thrust forward, began to lick it on each approach, tasting the pre-come which was nearly pouring from him.


Bookstore Fantasy Come True

group Spankx 2018-02-24

I turned so that my ass was facing this man and I bent over to look at the magazines on the lower rack. I dropped one of my hands from the magazine and started slowly rubbing my ass. I continued to read the magazine but moved my hand from my ass to the front of my very, very short skirt. Slowly I walked to the bathroom and opened the door, I looked over my shoulder and stared at the man until we made eye contact. With that, the clerk slipped behind me and started finger fucking my ass. I let go of the older man's dick when I hollered at the same time he came...all over my face.

Horner Springs Retirees #03

group JackLuis 2018-02-24

Brent gave him a crooked grin and said, "Look I've got an appointment, I'll let you and Maureen look around." He took a thick document off his clip board and said, "Here's an estimate to review, some of the items are optional. "Shit, the plumbing bill was more than my dad paid for the house I grew up in!" Les thought as he checked out the various estimates, He realized it was more than a few minute task to review the estimates, so his hand slipped over and fondled Maureen's knee, while he thumbed through the estimates. Maureen smiled and said, "Well, I hadn't thought of it, but I'm sure we can come to an agreement." She looked around and then came close and kissed his chest, then looked up at him, "Do you think we could come to a," she winked at him, "a barter agreement?"


Our weekend of Debauchery - Chapter 2

group Carlanna 2018-02-24

But she and I have had some fun on-line together a couple of times, one night, when Anna was out with the girls we started off just chatting and as usual the conversation got around to sex and before you know it we we’re camming with each other, I was wanking and she was using her rabbit on herself, it was so horny, we both came really hard, I nearly covered the keyboard in my cum and she ended up ramming her vibrator into herself so hard I thought she’d dislocate her spine, lucky her mum was out for the evening”.

Night Nurse Ch. 04

group david62 2018-02-24

When they got home, Anna was busy getting school uniforms ready, bathing the kids etc and James did some work in his office. When she had finally finished, Anna drew back, to gasp for air, laughed and fell on the bed to pull Suzanne into her arms. She new Ahmed hadn't come, so when she had recovered a little, set up a furious pace, bouncing around on the man under her, as Anna crawled off him and fell on the bed, completely spent. "Back to work girlfriend, we have to earn our keep," Suzanne finished and moved down to suck in his cock, soon to be joined by Anna, It didn't take long and Ahmed placed each hand on their heads to stop them.


Couple in Hong Kong

group altaff143 2018-02-24

The man said to my husband, ” You know Mister, your wife’s nipples need clamps on them ” Later, I felt the man reaching and raising my saree and petticoat to expose my silky, wet vagina to his greedy eyes. I looked at my husband and said, ” No Vishal, dont let this new man do this to me. But the three men surrounded Vishal ad said, ” Hey man – look, each of us wants to unload our seed into your woman. Thus as my helpless husband watched, each man took his turn unloading his sperm into my vagina. My husband said, ” You know Nirmala, I had always fantasised watching other men, fuck you.

My first lucky threesome

group AKOFFICIAL 2018-02-24

I watched as Jane got on to all fours, her open pussy leaking long strings of our cum, wobbling her bum in the air, Nick guided his big looking cock into his wife and fucked her slowly, Jane moaning and gasping as he filled her. Jane stretch over on to Nick’s cock on the other bed making her bum stick more in the air, her pussy lips more visible than before all red and swollen, covered in our love juice running down her leg. Grabbing my glass of champagne, I knocked it back in one as I was gasping for a drink, Nick got his glass as well and we watched Jane for another five minutes, one hand on her tit and the other playing with her fanny rubbing my cum in to her hairy triangle smiling.

Llisa Gets Used Ch. 04

group Bear299 2018-02-24

Watching as he lets his hard cock rest in the crack of your ass, then lowering it until you feel the head pushing into your wet cunt. He starts fucking you hard and fast, I feel your mouth sucking even harder on my cock. I tell the cab driver to take your tight ass if he wants to, soon you feel his cock sliding out of your pussy and into your ass, ramming your ass deep and hard. Your body starts bucking wildly from my cock pounding your pussy and having a mouth sucking your clit at the same time. I cum fast, pushing my cock deep into you and holding it there as you feel it throbbing hard, shooting deep into your pussy.

Brighton Cumslut Ch. 04

group kirstymia 2018-02-24

"As we got out the taxi my boyfriend pushed me over the bonnet of the car, he told the taxi driver that he and his friends were going to use my cunt first and he could fuck my arse after" Told Kirsty still wanking his cock, she was very turned on and with her left hand she started to strum her pussy lips. He started coming inside me and was calling me names whilst he filled my cunt up with his spunk then he moved to the side of me and opened up my arse cheeks and he said to his friends to let the taxi driver have her dirty arse" Carried on Kirsty.

My Summer Vacation Ch. 02

group alex_cat 2018-02-24

We both worked his zipper down and Mariana took his cock into her hand as I pulled his shirt off too. He put his hand under my ass and moved me up, so he could lick and suck at my nipples. I closed my eyes and reveled in the sensation, and then I felt a finger slide between my nether lips to tease my achingly hard clitoris. Mariana moved behind me and I felt her finger sliding into my ass just as Jack's had a few seconds before. Jack finally moved and began to suck her nipples with all the zeal he had mine a few minutes before.

Fucking in the Snow

group 2018-02-24

naaaa not cool to Michi eh :-) Now I had to pee , went to the toilet at the bar over and could not believe my eyes because I saw Michael and his two colleges laaachend had a string in his hands and all it smelled when I made ​​the toilet arrived , our table was half empty , I thought nothing dabei.2 our girls were dancing on , Nicki’s best friend and on the toilet and my friend Ralf auchich they apparently wanted some fresh air grab because of all the alcohol and went kaus the hut Ne was super nice night, Vollmondund about -12 grad Iich went left at the cottage , so hut about 80 to 120 meters when I arrived at the end , I walked past the countless piles of wood , by full moon and snow , it was really almost as bright was Claudiaa , the friend of my wife and I could not believe my eyes , her bosom was bare and she had a Schwanzs waiter in their Fickfresse , I swear that was insanely great .

Any Chance We Could Ch. 37

group Reindeer58 2018-02-24

With the vehicle parked, Veronica turned and reached over to squeeze left Cathleen's hand as she continued, "The soul of the man we both love needs to hear what you just said. At that moment Veronica who had been standing in the opened the doorway for more than a few minutes with Mary Claire said, "Just retired and already eating pussy in the middle of the day. Veronica gave Katrina a short kiss and lightly ran her right hand between Katrina's thighs, I kissed Mary Claire as I walked past her on the way to the bathroom. Mary Claire also got a sheer red teddy that you're going to love," she said looking at me with a smile.


Being a Good Wife Ch. 02

group RachelTaylor 2018-02-24

So anyway, as Rick was making me crazy Jared slowly pushed the whole length of his cock in my mouth til my nose was pressing up against his underbelly, he held it there for a second then withdrew before sliding it all the way in. I tried to pull my mouth off his cock but he now had both hands on my head and pulled hard, burying my face just as Rick put the vibe on my clit and lightly pushed, holding it there. I couldn't breathe again and I began to choke a bit and spit half a mouthful of Jared's cum at the base of his cock.

The Very Hot Tub Ch. 1

group Weasel 2018-02-24

As Lenore jerked my cock under the bubbly hot water, I reached over and rubbed my hand over her shaven pussy lips. Rick and Mary were going at it, Tom had Katie up on the side of the tub and was licking her pussy like mad, and even Jake had Shelle riding up and down on his cock. I want to make you come inside me, I want to feel your hot cum inside my sweet little cunt...." Needless to say, I was taken aback by this dirty little girl, but I could not hold back with her tight cunt playing miracles around my cock and her dirty talk egging me on...I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks tightly, pulling them apart and playing with her ass hole.

Picture This

group Longfellow 2018-02-24

She then replied with her fantasy and introduced in name only, her partner Nikki, which deepened my resolve to get involved with two women at the same time, outside marriage. The women were gone for half an hour when I heard Tracy call my name from a room upstairs. Tracy sensed my impending cum and squeezed hard and vice-like with her hand on my dick to delay any shooting of milk this early in the night, and it worked. Tracy climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on all fours with her pussy next to Nikki's face. This was one sexual encounter that would make regular sex with my wife seem so tame; I decided I would work on my wife and explore her deepest fantasies when I returned home tomorrow.

The Seduction of Sharon

group TomJonesNew 2018-02-24

Jerry, my neighbor, has a voluptuous wife Sharon, small in build but heavy in breasts, with chestnut hair and shapely legs, who likes to swim in our pool wearing small bikinis that revealed a large part of her boobs and a well-rounded ass. I was exhausted by the time Claire came home and she usually found me sleeping, which she probably put down to working night shifts while in reality it was due to my shaft discharging it's load in Sharon and the consequent exhaustion in the afternoons. I couldn't wait to go home after work and sometimes, when I arrived, I found Sharon in the pool or inside the house--we gave her a key to the backdoor--and we spent time fooling around with each other till Claire arrived.

A Seasoned Slut Ch. 02

group laughingstock 2018-02-24

Mentally, I noted the one I wanted to suck, the one I wanted to fuck, the one I wanted to rinse my rack and the one who would get to goo in my face, all while I tampered with the Tampa Bay turner, smearing and staining the wooden handle with my pink bald creamed-up cunny hole. He told he knew who I was, and that he jerked off to me at home, and that he could shoot 3 feet in the air or more when he was using me as a target and only imagining my pussy, much less poking his spike in it and ramming me like a dirty slut that hadn't been fucked in months.