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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bisexual Black Masculinity

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

My pussy is dripping as my ass gets fucked and I can't even scream because there's a big cock filling my mouth. On one hand, it's incredibly pleasurable for me when his cum-filled cock erupts deep in my ass like a big volcano. I mean, I knew Jamal was bisexual and hooked up with men but it was still a bit of a shock for me to watch him getting fucked by another man. Jamal's long and thick cock filled my pussy while Jason's dick slid deep into my ass. I rode Jamal for all he was worth, fearing his thick cock tearing my pussy while Jason's dick stretched my ass to previously unimaginable girths.

Z Returns

group ZandMe 2018-11-10

  Soon, with two fingers in her pussy, a thumb in her ass and my flicking tongue and sucking lips on her clit she exploded like never before.   Z said to the young man “It is very exciting to see you touch yourself; would you like for me to touch your cock?”   Of course, the young man got very excited at this and Z grabbed his shaft and began to massage it with her thumb at the head of his cock and her four fingers moving all over the bottom.    The black man knew that Z was getting much pleasure out of this and he was content to stay with her and feed her with his thick, long cock for as long as she wished.

the Card Game

group crazymann 2018-11-10

Finally, after sucking the last drops of cum from my hot cock, Kristi came out from underneath the covers, gave me a great big hug and a great big kiss, and told me to follow her into the shower as we had to get up, dressed, and ready for our company who was coming over later tonight. We spent the early part of the evening at the dinner table, eating a delicious meal that Kristi prepared and talking about Scott and Kelly and how we were so happy that he decided to come over so that we could help him cheer up. Five minutes later, after both Scott and I busted, a pair of underwear had been added to the pile of clothes and I was around the table giving Kristi a big kiss.

Mail Order Company

group MartinX 2018-11-10

Afterwards we lay naked on the bed, just relaxed and happy, and she smiled at me and said, 'Are there any of the other girls at work you'd really like to fuck?' She was amused when I told her about Piglet, Puss-in-Boots, and Brownie and told me their real names and what she knew about them. However, even with the many girls I had I never got tired of having another one, so long as she had shapely thighs and a genuinely sexy look. I sat in the front seat of my car with the headlamps shining on the back wall and I watched through the windscreen as Rachel stripped Gypsy Girl down to her socks.

SLUTS 2: Karen's Fantasy

group marie5555 2018-11-10

 "Okay, nosy bitch," Karen conceded, smiling as she kissed Ginger's nose, "ever since I was horny, when I was 16, it has always been to be tied naked, like you and the girls had me last week, and left in a dormitory for the girls to find when they came up to bed, so they could enjoy whatever they wanted with me all night long." Ginger was determined not to give Miss Rogers the satisfaction of making her come, but with the pussy vibe and the bum shafting with its own vibrations, and all after such a fantastic tongue-fucking only minutes before, leaving her so sensitive, she could not resist for long.

Saturday Morning Car Wash

group sexsmurf56 2018-11-10

I smiled and said “Say no more.” I unbuttoned his fly and slowly pulled his jeans down to his knees, keeping eye contact the whole time. As I looked away, slowly down his chest, stomach and to his large hard cock, that was now free, my eyes widened and I smiled with approval. Rick said “No, I will sit on the couch; you will get on the couch on your hands and knees and suck me like you were before – nice and deep! I complied and as I began to take his hard, large cock into my mouth, I felt Sam’s enormous black penis begin to penetrate my pussy really slow.

First Class

group mscleavge 2018-11-10

His eyes light up, and he does not hesitate to take your suggestion; very lightly he places his open right hand upon your silk blouse over your left breast. Again, as if scripted, each man now has their hands around their assigned breast while sucking on the nipple and you began gyrating your pelvis a bit, showing your oral nipple pleasers that you are fully appreciating the rush of erotic feelings that are pounding through you at this moment. You grab my cock with your left hand and open your mouth and pull my member deep into the moistness that the other man was enjoying only moments before.


Thunderous Elevator

group mscleavge 2018-11-10

Your dress was floor length; deep cut showing your ample cleavage.  I could only imagine what would happen if one of your spaghetti straps were to break.  I am sure I could not be that lucky to witness that.  The color of black was best suited for you and the twinkling of the sequence just sparked around you as if you were another constellation in the night's sky.  A flash of lightning lighted up the interior of the glass elevator you are standing in.  You are lighted with the intense white light of that flash.  I am spellbound with your sensuality as you waited for the doors to open fully.


The Teacher's Pet - part 2

group Forbiddenwriter 2018-11-10

Her name was Emily, a short little thing, with an equally nice body to Kat. She was also known to be a slut, but anyone's only ever seen her with other women, so it was hard to tell if she was bi, or a lesbian. Emily took her hands off my chest and wrapped them over Kat's tits now and started playing with them. Emily bit her lip and was getting very hot watching me fuck her like this; she even started furiously fingering her own ass. Emily's voice was filled with desire and a little submission, she started playing and fingering her holes harder and faster, as she watched my face.

Wife's Birthday Surprise

group janedoe19 2018-11-10

I was pulling a new thong out of the drawer when you walked up behind me and said, "Close your eyes and hold out your hand." My hands moved to her hips, and ever so slowly I pulled her jeans down, as I kissed a path to the top of her thong. I felt Bradley pull out of my ass and he said, "Lay down on the rug and Rachel will lick you clean." You shoved your hips forward until you were all the way inside Rachel and then you let go, cumming hard deep in her ass. When I stopped licking, she moved herself off me and Bradley picked up the pace again, fucking me hard with his cock and fingers.

Confessions...Fast Forward

group alliet14 2018-11-10

As I looked I felt myself getting wet, and quickly moved my focus to Roger and his advice on getting to school and the hospital without hitting the heaviest traffic. Roger continued to talk as if nothing was happening, but I could not help but notice his eyes kept looking down at what Elle was doing, then popping back up to me. My hands moved up and cupped Elle’s ass and pulled her tighter onto me as I felt his cock separate my wet lips and enter me slowly. Through the muffled moaning I heard Roger comment to Elle about how tight I was and that she had better hurry because he was not going to last much longer.

Old Friend

group dak2742 2018-11-10

  Helen laughed and pulled them back up to her waist, but when he dropped his hands back down, slower this time, and gently squeezed her ass she didn’t do anything but dance closer to him.   I managed to get two of the next several dances, and when Greg finally excused himself to unload some of that beer, I grabbed Helen and pulled her into my lap.   When we finally broke apart, she looked over at Greg and asked him if he wanted a kiss too, which he quickly agreed to and she quickly leaned over and gave him a little peck on the lips.

Ransom and Revelation

group aldenbradley 2018-11-10

“You trust me, don’t you, Dana?” Micah asked. “Bet you didn’t know she loves you, too,” Melissa said. “I don’t know, Melissa,” Dana said. “You know, after Dana has Micah,” he said sadly, “She won’t want me anymore.” Melissa bounced into the room and sat forward on the chair, leaning toward Drew and Dana. “Oh, please don’t tell me he called you that,” Melissa said, “You know, in the middle.” “I don’t know, Melissa,” Dana said evenly. “When you get some clothes on, I thought we’d take Dana and Drew down to the boat for the nickel tour,” Melissa said. “What do you want to see in the city?” Drew asked Melissa. “She told you that?” Drew asked Melissa.

A cuckold

group woreout 2018-11-10

My wife told me that this Saturday she was having her ladies group over for some relaxing and sunning by our pool. Some where laying on the lounge chairs and it looked like they where getting head from a couple of ladies. I wanted to see what it looked like wet, so I stayed there until she started to come out if the pool. She told me if I wanted to come out and watch all the sex I could for doing such a good job on her pussy. My wife fixed a soft pad next to the pool and told them to come and get it as she lay back and spread her legs.

Nurse Practitioner Makes House Calls - The Finale

group PhilAnders 2018-11-10

After the ladies recovered from their volcanic orgasms, Sherry told Marilyn that it was time for them to begin my treatment. As Marilyn slithered across my slick torso, she put her lips around the mushroom head of my dick and swiftly sucked and swallowed more of my joy juice. Sherry then instructed her to see if she could deep throat my tool all the way down to its base without gagging. Then Sherry told Marilyn to forget sucking my cock for the time being and just go ahead and fuck me. Before I could tell Marilyn how wonderful it felt for her pussy to be sucking on my dick, she said, “Earlier I told you to call me “Mare” and I called you “Italian Stallion”.

Five Nights Ch. 01

group Noreasonneeded 2018-11-10

“Here’s to us,” he started again, and we quieted a little, “to ten years of marriage, to the best girl I know, and the best friends anyone could have.” He drank, and we joined him, with “absolutely” and Marybeth kissed him and said he was sweet. “Yes,” I called, raising my glass, “to Sex. To Hot Chicks and Wild Women fulfilling my fantasies,” I paused until they were all looking at me, “may she never leave me!” I added, and Sue slapped my arm. “But Marybeth asked, does Sue fulfill ALL of my fantasies.” Cheers from Mike. Sue had started to enjoy it after the second time, and as long as it didn’t get in her eyes, was really good at it – mouth open, tongue out, talking to me as I got close, telling me how much she wanted it.

Share And Share Alike (Jake 3)

group ian69 2018-11-10

Ann pushes Jake to the floor and bends over him, taking his cock in her hand and slowly strokes it along its length. I feel her tight ass grip me and then Jake starts to move again pushing his cock into her pussy. Oh, Jesus, I can feel his cock working against mine through her pussy wall and the shear fucking dirtiness of this almost makes me come right then. We both start to move now but struggle to coordinate our thrusts into Ann. In the end, Jake stays relatively still, Ann pushes down on him and I am free to fuck her ass as fast and as hard as I wish. Ann starts to convulse around our cocks shouting, “Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m coming, do me, fucking do me, do me hard!”.

Getting Married Tomorrow – Chapter 3.

group mingemuncher 2018-11-10

Marcia wasn’t having any of that, she lifted Joy up off Ivan, grabbed his dick, and then she aimed it at Joy’s arse and slowly pushed Joy back down onto it. I leaned to the left and glanced at Ivan’s cock jerking in and out of Joy’s arse under Marcia’s chin, and noted that Joy still had her feet on the bed, but had drawn her knees up and had them splayed as wide as she could. Joy opened the curtain so we could both look in, Marcia was leaning forward against the wall, with water cascading onto her head and down her back, whilst Ivan was thrusting into her arse trying for the orgasm her had missed out on.

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Revenge

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

of Maryland, the woman known as the Scorpio Queen trembled with impotent rage as she watched her gorgeous Aquarius King fuck a White woman right in front of her...again. He grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and, locking eyes with Kiah, he kissed Jessica's hair and went on and on about how smooth and NATURAL her hair was, stating his preference for White women's natural hair over the weaves worn by a distressing majority of Black women. For Kiah H/The Scorpio Queen's final humiliation, Samuel X/The Aquarius King brought in the Black woman's natural enemy....the stealer of Black men's hearts, bodies and minds, the blonde-haired and blue-eyed Caucasian woman.


Model Client 2 - Mile High to Vegas

group seeker4 2018-11-10

“We are meeting Tara Maclean after the show,” Angie said, flashing the guard a smile and some boob. “Are you the one we check in with?” Moving slightly apart, Angie and Tara began to caress each other’s tits, stroking and squeezing them as they gazed lustily into each other’s eyes. Beside us, Angie slipped her thong off and started masturbating as she watched, using the middle finger of one hand to rub her clit while using the other to caress her pussy lips and probe inside. Straddling her friend’s face, she buried her own between the singer’s thighs and began licking and sucking Tara’s clit, while Tara went back to work on Ang’s pussy.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 05

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Looking at the black man sucking my dildo got my pussy wet. I love fucking black men in the ass with my strap on dildo. I am a blonde woman who fucks black men in the ass with her big strap on dildo. Yes, I was gripping the black man's hips as I thrust my twelve-inch dildo up his asshole. Melissa was currently getting her strap on dildo sucked by Rakim, a six-foot-tall, good-looking, heavily muscled black man who looked like a professional wrestler. Melissa had her chosen black stud on his back, legs spread while she poked his asshole with her big strap on dildo. When I fuck a man in the ass with my strap on dildo, I want to stretch his butt hole.

Paula Needs More

group DBarclay 2018-11-10

Returning to the bedroom feeling refreshed after the earlier activity I knew there was more to come, I lay on the bed and immediately Sarah had her head between my legs tenderly licking and sucking my whole pussy area as only a woman would know how to, within seconds my juices were flooding and the orgasms came thick and fast as I held her head and pulled her face harder into me until I was spent again. He had been holding my hips, but now leaned forward to feel and play with both nipples and squeeze my breasts, which certainly needed the attention, followed by his left hand trailing down my stomach until he reach my pussy and taunted my clit with two finger while continuing to pummel my inside with full length strokes.

The Doctor Is In: Chapter II - Return to the Doctor's Office

group GatorRhythms 2018-11-10

Don placed his left hand on Rodney’s flat stomach, just above his pubic hair, and in a slow rhythm pulled my husband back and forth against the hard cock residing in between his ass cheeks. I didn’t have to use my hands because Don slipped his fingers back to the base of my husband’s penis shaft, surrounded his balls, and held the whole package out until the tip of Rodney’s cock touched my lips. As Don stepped back, I moved my hands from Don’s ass to Rodney’s where I felt Don cupping my husband’s cheeks, slipping his fingers low into the cleft, and bringing them upward from the perineum to the anus.

A Tale of Bisexual Black Men

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Jason, a tall, good-looking young black man from the local college came by to visit me. Jason had a nice, long and thick cock. While I sucked on Jason's cock, Lucas came up behind me. While Lucas rammed his cock up my ass, Jason came in my mouth. While Jason tore up my pussy with his thick cock, Lucas was mercilessly slamming his cock up my ass. I was screaming like a woman possessed as the two studs filled my holes with their large cocks. I lay on my back, and sucked Lucas cock while Jason buried his cock in my ass. Even though Jason came, his hard cock was still wedged deep in my ass and hurt like hell.