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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Party at Hydro Bob's Ch. 03

group Liquor69 2018-02-24

I feel her hands caressing my ass spreading more oil on me as she sucks my cock. I saw my wife, laying on one of the chaises a few feet away with her hand deep into her pussy grinning like crazy. She looked at Red and told her that I said she had a gorgeous pussy that tasted terrific. Connie said it was time for hors d'oeuvres and with that, she started caressing Red's beautiful breasts. Connie's tongue traced the outline, ran underneath her breast which totally turned Red on. Connie slid between Nancy's legs, placed her face into her swollen lips and began to clean our combined juices from Nancy's well fucked pussy.


A Good Day. A Bad Week. And A Beer.

group Cespenar 2018-02-24

We wandered into the hotel bar and we immediately spied Jan and Steve, Bob and Julie, and some other guy who was eyeing Leila off. I listened from behind Leila as the gang started talking about a boat trip out to the little island that boaters called 'lover's island'. It was a wonder that Todd found the island, the amount of time he was ogling Leila. As the rocks gouged a big chunk of fiberglass out of the bottom of the boat I asked Jan to repeat what she said. The group banished me from the beach that night, so I made sure I had a lighter, and then grabbed the spear gun and headed off towards the other side of the island.

Sabina: A Roman Slave

group Sexysmith76 2018-02-24

The others began to walk but the wagon master, an unpleasant, sweaty man who she did not know by name but had always feared pulled Sabina close to his sweaty body. As the mistress led her out of her room, she turn round to Sabina and gave her another long, passionate kiss. Sabina decided to break all protocol and pulled the other woman back to her and forcibly kissed her mistress with as much passion as she had ever felt for any other man or woman. "I thought Sallyarin had explained that." Davidus rose and stood close to Sabina "You're duties will be like this." He pulled her close, wrapping his muscular arms around her and kissed her.


Lucy B.

group mikado2005 2018-02-24

When Lucy takes Sarah out on the dance floor Emily pulls my cock out of my pants under the table and strokes me to a partial erection. When Lucy comes back with Emily, all three reach under the table and give me a stroke. In spite of the copious alcohol, I am beginning to feel a stirring down where Sarah and Lucy are taking turns kissing my cock and each other. Lucy moves down to between Sarah's legs and starts to kiss the inside of her thighs. Sarah has a firm grip on Lucy's hair and holds her head firmly in place. Lucy helps Emily up on the seat and crawls between her legs to lick my cum out of her pussy.

In Search of Squirt Ch. 01

group jessicaaustin 2018-02-24

My pussy has relatively large flaps - I was a bit self conscious about this at first but Anneke seems to love them - the hornier I get the more they hang out and I could feel them being sucked in her mouth whilst her tongue slid between them as far as it can go. I had only been awake a couple of minutes so my mouth was still quite dry but it was amazing to taste my pussy juices on Anneke's tongue. I put my fingers near her face and sucked them, I pulled them out, ran my hands down either side of her chest massaging her boobs as they went passed which caused Anneke to let out a little moan.

A Hard Day's Work Ch. 02

group EDI2222 2018-02-24

I moaned softly as I ravaged Jordan's hard nipple and I could feel Rafe and James hard cocks pressing against my soft backside. I put my lips to Jordan's hard nipple and bit it as James fucked her from below. Lex was so hot she almost came when James licked her clit and sucked her juices. I moaned loader when Jordan's hot mouth touched my nipple and she bit the hard nub elicitng a scream from me. As Lex's juice squirted all over James face, Rafe pulled me toward him and flipped me over with my legs above my head. Jordan's tight little pussy couldn't hold all the cum and it squirted out for me to lick up.

Rita and the Boys Ch. 02

group Damanshot2 2018-02-24

With the look that Rita had on her face when she first saw Gina, I just didn't know what to expect. With that, Rita looked at John and me and said very calmly, "well, are you two going to just stare or are you going to get naked and join in the fun". Gina had the look of someone that was just caught with her hand in the cookie jar, that is until Rita went back to work on her sopping wet pussy. She was pushing back to meet my thrusts and soon we had a little rhythm going there for a while until Gina started screaming that she need a cock in her right now. Almost at the same time, John, Gina, Rita and I were yelling that we were cumming.

The Friends of Paul & Sally Ch. 02

group pandsal 2018-02-24

It was on the second night at dinner in the hotel restaurant that Trish put a hand on Alan's arm, leaned towards and said quietly, "I think something very interesting has just happened." A few moments later, the couple came into the bar and, having seated his companion at a table facing Trish, the man walked over to them and said something in Hungarian. Alan and Trish took in an elegantly dressed woman, more pretty than beautiful, with dark hair and eyes, a full, sensuous mouth and generous breasts. At one point Trish was sucking Sandor's cock while he parted the buttocks of his kneeling partner for Alan to apply his tongue to a responsive anus.


group tpgprn 2018-02-24

She raised her hips slightly and then lowered them, moving the cock inside her stretched out pussy, over and over, each time sending a thrill through her body, the ripples of them being seen by all. This caused her hips to push down, Eric's cock to move deeper into her pussy, and Cassandra to moan "Oh, Fuck!" as she felt the unexpected intrusion. There was so much to look at with this compact little dynamo that everyone felt disappointed when she stopped working him over, even though they all knew that the next step was to see Eric's thick shaft pummel her little pussy. Cassandra didn't feel like fucking again right now, but she was giving him head before Kristin and Eric had started to kiss.

granny after school.

group 2018-02-24

I took a good old look at her and said you bet I am what standing there stark naked with my cock sticking out like middle of the room stood what looked like a table that the end of the table.She started to rub my arse with her hand and said I'd like you to meet my next door neighbour big Brenda. the room and started to move over what looked like another Brenda then looked at me smiled and said As soon as it started my cock and balls shot Brenda came round to the cock machine and started to adjust a switch out my arsehole a machine nearly ducking my cock and balls off and

Cowboy gangbang (repost)

group heresjonas 2018-02-24

My wife had been getting lots of attention from some local young cowboys. When i came out my wife was talking with four local boys by the bar. She turned back to me, leaning on the bar and said to order her a beer. Here was my lovely wife, naked, bent over sucking one of the young cowboys while another was behind her with his cock sliding in and out. She wiped off her face and took a drink of beer and laughed and talked to them. They couldn't believe their luck, they thought my wife's 40's body, tits, pussy and looks were great. The bartender brought her a beer (on the house) and said she looked like she could use it.

Travelogue Ch. 07

group BradBigBrain 2018-02-24

Maria grabbed the lube and made sure he was ready for Bryt's now well fucked ass. Maria helped her slide all the way down by holding on to Tomas's cock while it went in you tight little ass. Maria took me by the cock, walked me over to the lounge, came up to Bryt and kissed her - gently at first, then more passionately. I stepped away and watched as Bryt finished with Maria; Tomas still had his cock in her ass. With one hand she pulled apart my tight ass cheeks and with the other she reached around and grabbed my cock. She started licking my clean ass with her tongue, and at the same time she gently stroked my cock.

Retirement Travels Ch. 03

group Creekman 2018-02-24

After 10 minutes and no Molly, I started across the parking lot and got about half way when I spotted her walking towards me with someone else carrying a duffel and a back pack. I kissed my way down to her pussy and was starting to get her juices flowing when Em said, "May I join you two? Molly started sucking on Em's boobs, playing with her clit as I pumped my cock deep into a very tight, wet pussy. As I poured the bourbon, the clothes came off, and Molly said, " We are going to have an all night fuck fest.


Gangbang Is Such a Harsh Term Ch. 01

group Pervis Brown 2018-02-24

I pulled her head and felt my cock head press against the soft palate on her mouth. She leaned forward and I could feel the suction of her mouth as she pulled at my cock. She had this little way of pulling my cock back against the back of her throat so that my entire cock head was squeezed in her hot mouth. Now she was on her knees again, sucking my cock like my good little cocksucker, giving me her supreme gift. She pulled my cock back out and spat on the head and rubbed her hand over it. He mouth was opened wide then closed tight around my cock, then impatiently jerked out by her hand and then sucked in again.


I won

group lupe-the-wolf 2018-02-24

Mave was really getting into the kissing and it was turning me on so much that I could feel my cock start to push against my jeans. Mave and Jay took turns stroking my cock and fondling my balls while I kissed and sucked their breasts and nipples and rubbed their pussies. Jay slid down the bed and took my cock into her mouth and Mave moved her hand to my balls. Then I felt Jay push her pussy onto the other side of my cock, pushing me hard against Mave. Then all of a sudden Jay pulled away and said, “Sorry, Mave.” She grabbed my cock and slid herself down onto it with a gasp.

Jane Hair Ch. 01

group belab 2018-02-24

Then she unhooked her bra, took it off and threw it to Tom. Jane's nipples were hard already and she massaged her tits for a short time, before she finally stripped down her panty to show her big, dark black bush of pubic hair below. I heard Roger waving his cock and screaming, "Suck my cock, you fucking hairy whore." She licked her lips and dipped her head as she licked Roger's hard cock as Tom the football star and my best friend knelt behind her and crouched his huge frame over her tiny lithe body.

Gabriela, the Spoiled Latin Girl and Her Torment

group Jeanny26 2018-02-24

A man walked to the back of the couch, and Gabriela leaned forward taking the man’s cock in her mouth.  Now with three cocks inside her is was mostly the men doing the moving trying to shove as much of their length as possible inside his daughter.  This seemed to go on for a long time as the camera zoomed in on her being triple penetrated, and Roberto could see Gabriela tiring.  Finally the man thrusting into her ass jerked roughly against her butt cheeks and sighed loudly as he released his seed in her bowels.  When he pulled out, cum was dripping from her gaping open ano.  The other men pulled out of her too and repositioned her on her back with her head hanging upside down on the arm of the couch.  The one reentered her coño and began plunging deep into her with brutal haste.  The other came around and standing f***ed his cock all the way down Gabriela’s throat.  She heaved slightly then seemed to adjust as he mashed his pelvis into her face.  The men continued to use her driving as deep as they could.

What It Means To Miss New Orleans

group truman5 2018-02-24

The woman paused in her story, sat silent for a while, took a long drink and then told Steve that eventually, closing time came and she then accepted their invitation for drinks in their room. As he felt his hands tighten into fists, he happened to glance at Kathy who, far from looking angry, was watching Steve with what looked like wry amusement. If this were going to happen, he could at least make sure that Kathy was as comfortable as possible so Steve, knowing how hard it is to maintain a crouching position, took off his jacket and laid it on the ground so that she could kneel on it.


A Week on the Lake Ch. 04

group Megamuffin 2018-02-24

The couples were all paired off together: Jack and Sophie, Todd and Becky, Felicia and Robert, Matt and Tina, Barbara and David, Hank and Donna, Katrina and Tyler, and finally Roger and Jess. Now Roger was standing behind her and while all the guys were in the same order, they were now five positions removed from where they had started: Roger and Barbara, Jack and Donna, Todd and Katrina, Robert and Jess, Matt and Sophie, David and Becky, Hank and Felicia, and Tyler and Tina. Her moans increased in volume and frequency as I licked and sucked hard on her clit, all the while humming with the pleasure Melanie was creating as she worked my cock in her mouth and jacked my shaft in her hand.


Haunted House Hunt

group superman43 2018-02-24

Jaime let out a little laugh when he looked over at me looking back at Danielle he said, "turn around baby show my buddy that ass." Looking at me she gave me a grin as she walked to the edge of the bed in front of us leaning over the bed she pulled the bloomer style panties between her ass cheeks giving me a good view of her ass and her panty clad pussy that appeared to be making a wet spot on the fabric. As she started building a rhythm sliding her mouth up and down my dick I looked around and saw Jaime lying on the bed stroking his dick watching his girlfriend sucking my cock.

The Slut Within

group Chimpanzee 2018-02-24

She's had guys cum on her face, her tits, her stomach, her back, in her ass, in her pussy, in her mouth, and just about everywhere imaginable. Women were calling her a slut as men came in her mouth and shoved their big dicks in her tiny ass and pussy. Then, when she'd satisfied every single guy at the party, she imagined them kicking her out and making her walk home completely naked, filled with cum and dripping sperm. As she did so, a Greek, muscular frat guy wearing nothing but a loincloth came up behind her and started rubbing her clit and pussy. "Oh god I'm gonna cum!" Harry shouted and released load after load into her mouth while the guy behind her fingered her pussy mercilessly.

Initiation by a Dozen

group carmen_has36 2018-02-24

Over the next few weeks she got invited to a few of their parties and had some wild sex; which led to her being invited to stay at this black rap star's mansion. Each of the twelve guys would fuck her pussy and had to cum inside and then he wanted her to try and hold it in until all were done. The first guy gave her pussy and ass a couple good squirts of KY, then one by one the twelve long hard black cocks punished her pussy hard and fast, thrusting deep when they came. Several of the guys got turned on and took turns fucking her in the ass dogstyle, sometimes one guy in front of her while she sucked him and shot cum in her mouth which she was told to swallow.

At the Beach

group Slocum4 2018-02-24

I pretend to be dozing and watch as you begin to pour oil over your exposed breasts drop by drop, rubbing it with just a single fingertip. You let out a soft, barely audible moan as he begins to rub the oil into your back and shoulders with a little more confidence. He begins to slide his finger over your pussy and anus until you reach down with your free hand to his, urging him to move under your bikini. His fingers slide easily inside your soaking wet pussy as you wanted and demanded. I watch as his fingers slide in and out of your dripping wet pussy and your hand moves over his penis, both of you slick with oil.

Camping Trip

group slatemhor 2018-02-24

Soon my cousin was pounding my dirty i****t loving ass like he'd been doing it for years, slapping against me hard as I gobbled my mouth from my dad's cock to my uncle's and back again, getting them slick, wet and glistening. For a moment all these concerns of the real world came to mind, then I looked around, saw my uncle riding that big, black dick, saw my cousin with one up his ass, two in his mouth and two in his hands, saw my dad's dick in my face and another up his tight hole, and I thought, this is the most incredible time a f****y could have together.