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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

2 Massive Gifts For Me

group libidinal 2018-02-24

"Dave can't get enough of licking my asshole, he loves to eat ass," you tell the guys, "so I'm sure you'll like his tongue work." After eating out Eric's ass, he steps aside, and now I eat out Billy's, you watching, whispering in my ear, " that ass, baby, eat that male ass, show me how you love to eat ass, tongue those hot boyholes!" "Fuck him, fuck his ass, bust through that asshole and ream out that ass of his with your big, beautiful, huge cock, make him feel it, really feel it!" you tell Billy bluntly, pulling your hand away from his dick as he slowly works his massive cock up my ass, inch by thick inch, grabbing hold of my hips as he fucks my ass nice and easy and smooth, and then hard and deep and rough, then smooth and slow again, but always deep, to the balls, his balls mashing against mine, his thighs slapping against mine, as he works the whole thing inside me.

One Night in a Bar Ch. 01

group PureLust 2018-02-24

I slowly pull the finger out, pressing it against your clit and it slides out, and then leaving a wet line on your skin. Your hand reaches behind me and pulls me closer, and I feel the tip of my cock enter your wet and warm pussy. I start to slide my cock in and out, kissing you hard on the mouth, my tongue probing your mouth as deeply as my cock probes your pussy. Pushing hard against you I tease your clit with my finger, rubbing over and over the head to drive you wild. With a scream you start to cum, I can feel your pussy clench around my cock and your head is thrown back.

The Sales Office Ch. 01

group timelord1963 2018-02-24

To show all of us your nice pink looking pussy?" In a sardonic way, the clerk proclaimed, "I should do this out in the middle of the showroom floor but you being the little fucker that you are will probably orgasm and squirt all over our best clothes." "I guess here will have to do." "I am sure Elie knows lots of ways to motivate little shy subs like Kia." "I would hate to be Kia's ass when Elie has her day interrupted because some lowly sub starts making a fuss." Kia squealed "Please Mistress I'll be good, "I need your steady hand to guide me on the right path." "I need you to teach me how to be a good little slut." Elie released the cable and uncuffed Kia's wrists.


Old Friends, New Pleasures Ch. 2

group Wet_Kitty 2018-02-24

While she continued to stroke him slow, yet hard, Ben began to moan and kiss down Katie's neck, licking up to her ear, whispering,"mmmmmmm Katie, that feels so fucking good." Katie watched Ben and Lynn kissing, and stuck her head in the middle, their three tongues mingling around with each other, as Cassie continued to lap up her juices. Cassie moved over a little, grabbed Ben's cock in her hand, it was hard, and she started stroking it, flicking her tongue across the head, now it was his turn to moan in their mouths. Cassie moved up to where Lynn was standing before and sucked Ben's tongue into her mouth, while Katie continued to suck and lick at his neck.


Mark, Jason and Jenny

group Ruby1 2018-02-24

A moan escaped from her lips as she opened her eyes and looked down her body. He flashed a 1000killawatt smile at her before kissing her, his hand continuing where his lips and tongue were seconds before. First one then a second finger slid into her as Mark carried on circling her clit with his tongue. Jenny knelt on the bed “well what do we have here?” She asked redundantly as she took a hard cock in each hand “must be you two’s turn now”. Mark took his cock out from jenny’s mouth. Jenny laid in bed for a few seconds and made a decision, it was time to turn the dreams about her flatmates into reality.......

Paperboy Scores

group Potrat 2018-02-24

Sarah dropped to her knees and said she wanted to see this three woman pleaser and before I knew what was happening she had my cock out and was licking the head like it was a lollipop. Mom wasn't going to be left out so she started to lick the blond little pussy between Sally's legs. Sally decided it was time to have me eat her pussy, so she sat on my face while her mother was pumping up and down on my cock. Sabrina did not want to be left out so she started to suck her sisters tits while I ate her honey hot cunt. Sally saw the opportunity and began to suck Sabrina's tits while she was stoking my cock.

Raising the Stakes

group Irish Moss 2018-02-24

When Rob started telling me about the new receptionist they'd hired, Lisa, I thought things sounded good for him – she seemed to be quite a flirt. I was leaning both hands on the back of the couch and Lisa had her arms and legs around me when Dawn opened her eyes, sucking in her breath when she realized what we were doing, and called out "Switch!" Having just fucked Lisa myself for a little while, I didn't think I'd be able to hold out very long for Dawn. We called and ordered some pizza and gave the delivery guy a nice tip by having Dawn and Lisa answer the door naked (had it been a delivery woman, Rob and I would have answered the door).

Another Week on the Lake Ch. 05

group Megamuffin 2018-02-23

I suppose it was a testament to the ways my life had changed since getting together with Eva on our first trip to the lake a year ago that instead of shock and horror, my reaction was mild curiosity and swelling of arousal that caused my already hard cock to twitch as I strode naked into the room. I wanted to maintain my cool for the party tonight, but Maggie and her entourage were going to make a night of it here, and they were three or four shots deep each by the time Eva, Sophie, Jack and I returned to our rooms to get dressed.


Jennie's "Nightmare" Ch. 03

group JoeDreamer 2018-02-23

What made Jennie smile when she saw Mindy was the look the girl gave Greg as she entered the room. 'Maybe she wants Greg so badly that she's willing to try a threesome?' The thought made Jennie excited and she once again pictured Mindy's thighs and ass before looking up at the young woman and smiling. Jennie and Greg took the kids into the water the first time and Mindy was kind enough to use the underwater camera to take a pictures. "Oh, it was just kids stuff," Mindy replied, and then looking at Jennie closely, added, "In fact, last night while you and Greg were keeping me awake with your love making, I thought about the possibility of giving it another try."


Under The Camel Toe

group amandablaze 2018-02-23

"I heard they're hiring at the mall for Santa elves," said Tasha. There was a small store at the end of the mall they used every year for their Santa display and when I walked through the door, I noticed a couple of kids crying on the way out with their parents and two very frustrated Santa elves behind the counter. He looked like he was in his late twenties, had grayish blue eyes, dark hair, and a handsome face. "You certainly don't look like Santa under those clothes," I said, smiling. Both girls looked frazzled and there was a long line of kids waiting to see Santa. Her short blond hair was cut into a little bob, she had cute dimples, big blue eyes, and her tits were small but perky.


It's My Life: Five

group RebeccaBrowning 2018-02-23

This triggered a comical scene that was pure Keystone Cops, and I would have probably gotten a kick out of it if I wasn't busy trying to get my work uniform and things into the bathroom while Suzanne got dressed. "Gary's a good kid," Mike said as his hands slid under my arms and squeezed my droopy little banana boobs through the uniform. "Can't help it babe, you don't know how much you turn me on like looking like this," Mike said as he lifted my arms and ran his fingers through the dense tufts of hair that filled the recesses of my underarms. look pretty in that dress, Rebecca," Gary said to me but I only half heard him as we unwrapped our burgers, while Mike kept talking to Joan long after she had finished waiting on us.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 66

group SteveWallace 2018-02-23

Shortly after, Cari came in rubbing her eyes awake; I cuddled the relatively unknown girl to me for a morning kiss and she was most accommodating, looking up into my face with a warm smile when we parted. Elsa blanched at my taunt and said, "Well, I got started late and then fell asleep after a small gangbang that KC hosted in one of the tents and that I got to participate in." She thought for a minute and added, "I think there were about eighty people here. I counted off on my fingers the same way she had, "Vanessa, Anna, Felicia, Monica, Janet, Cari, Brita, Linda, and two of your cute waitresses; so that makes ten, and the party goes on." I gestured around to everyone, but not so anyone else would notice.


Couples Seduce Teens Ep. 03

group Sensa8 2018-02-23

I was to bring her to Danny and Linda's the following Saturday or else they would mail her a copy of the tape they'd made of my little 'session.' All week long I was a nervous wreck, trying to figure how in hell I was going to get Emma to be fucked by a complete stranger. On Emma's computer screen was playing a hardcore video of two guys banging the hell out of this blonde babe. This new video was of two smoking hot blonde women who cruise around and pick up younger women, actually about Emma's age, and then slowly bring out their inner lesbian. But I came away from Emma's house that day thinking a bit more hopefully.

Sin City Weekend: The Restaurant

group Kitchen_Magician 2018-02-23

When I hear your rapid breathing and feel your pussy muscles start to contract, I know you are getting very close so I quickly motion for Tim to come over while I whisper in your ear "I want you to ask Tim for another bottle of wine" You look at me is an amazing combination of fear and lust as he quickly makes his way to our table with a large smile as he spies your present condition. Tim, Pat and I are all smiling from ear to ear as he says he'd be delighted to get us some more wine if that is what you are trying, but failing, to ask him for but he lingers for a minute still holding your hand and the bottle.

Lori Ch. 11

group LoriisaDirtyGirl 2018-02-23

At first bell, Lori shook her head at Vanessa, "Come on, time for your punishment." leading her away while whispering in her ear. Brooke looked at Vanessa and angrily asked "What the hell were you thinking?!" but, before she could answer, Lori instructed Vanessa to tell them about her new bracelet and what it meant, Britt and Brooke looked back and forth between the four of us like it was all a joke and we were trying to pull a fast one. As we walked to the parking lot, Lori told her that she would be over later to help pick out her clothes before asking when her Mother was coming home.


Base and Sublime

group Graf_Severin 2018-02-23

She continues this awhile and I am mesmerized completely, until she points across from her, where appears suddenly, like a graphic that suddenly comes into focus, a pale, freckly white woman, just as voluptuous and just as clothed (but a pink sheer thong for her), just as casual with my seed, rubbing cumfuls about her breasts (these with delicate pinkish, small nips, equally suckable) but with a faster eagerness. They both stand up and walk toward my erect lap, come closely to my cock, their tongues teasingly out, eyes never leaving my contact. But one takes me in deep to her throw and closes in on it, and slurps me about, her cummed tits trailing my hard quads and loose balls.

Thug Love Ch. 01

group Mag58 2018-02-23

Another thing about Nelson is that he is black; skinny as a stick and he had styled himself on the Rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg; with braided corn rows and pigtails in his hair, a scruffy non-beard and a gold tooth, plus he always wore extra baggy clothes, especially his jeans which always looked like they were going to fall down. As I stopped the car I heard him unlock his seat belt and before I knew what was happening his left hand was up my skirt and his right was around my shoulders pulling me towards him.


Sensations Escort Services Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2018-02-23

The girls talked and compared notes for another hour before Kat finally announced, "Amber, I don't want to take any thunder away from what's happening in your life, but I got a call from Brad - Mike's buddy. Without another word, Amber leaned in, closed her eyes, and gave Margo a very tender and loving kiss - the kind that imparts a lot of subtle passion and tenderness; the kind that makes a girl's pussy drip in anticipation of much more loving. Instead, Mike saw two naked females in the bed with Margo's larger body wrapped around Amber's small form.


Private Island Ch. 06

group crimson56 2018-02-23

We watched the video feed for several minutes before Kathy turned to face me and slid her hand down inside the front of my swimsuit. Chris continued to kiss me again while Kathy slid her mouth up and down my shaft. I could hear Debbie moaning with pleasure and looked over at the couch she was on with Glenn and Ed. I couldn't see them, but the view on the screens had changed. On the screen to the left I could see a view from above looking down at Glenn and Ed with their mouths on Debbie's boobs. I could see her head turn to the side to return a wet kiss from Kathy just before Kathy's hands joined mine to squeeze and rub Chris's tits.


Travels to the Great Valley Ch. 02

group Save the World 2018-02-23

Where Trudy looked to offer a thrilling ride in her sports car, Joellen presented a comfortable drive in a classic convertible. Moments later, that coolness was replaced by the hot tightness of Trudy's cunt as she slowly settled onto my steel-hard cock. My cock was getting a workout as Trudy posted on me, and Joellen was vigorously riding my face to her great satisfaction. Joellen was definitely riding up for the big fall, sitting firmly on my face and pushing her now hungry clit into my mouth as hard as she could. "I hate to break up the party, but I need to get back to the house and get the morning squared away," Trudy said.

Card Night

group kezza6969 2018-02-23

Jack fucked Lisa with a fast rhythm, sliding his cock all the way into her cunt on each inwards thrust. Underneath Lisa’s gaze was fixed on the juncture of their bodies, loving the way her cunt opened up around his tool, the way her labia stretched along the glistening skin of his hard shaft, enjoying every one of his deep penetrations of her pussy. Lisa pushed her backside back against his belly, keeping his cock imbedded in her snatch while she turned her attention once more to Ben’s swollen smooth knob resting inside her mouth. In response to Lisa’s instructions Brett bent his legs at the knees and in small movements he rocked his cock in and out of her cunt while Jack thrust with longer strokes.

Candice or Candy

group BrettJ 2018-02-23

Alex got the tipsy Candice into bed and was pumping in and out of her soft, wet, blonde pussy when Jennifer entered the room in a filmy negligee, hair flowing and long, legs sleek, pussy showing signs of dampness. Over the next 6 months, Jennifer and Alex brought out her wild side, encouraging her with little, thoughtful gifts. She practically buried her face in Jennifer's cunt when she ate her, illiciting screams from her seductive playmate, until Jen had to beg her to stop so Alex could fuck her. One evening, Candy even found herself begging Alex to "bugger her" and as he slid his rod up her tight ass, Jennifer screwed her pussy with a dildo.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 89

group SteveWallace 2018-02-23

As I brushed, Elsa started to kiss Julie - little kisses, dotted all over her upper body, and no kiss lasting too long. I did notice a tendency for Elsa to focus on Julie's erect nipples and ripe breasts, but then she'd moved up from there with a kiss every half-inch until she got to her lips. Kate made a final lap just as Elsa kissed Julie. Julie was carrying Philip Emerson in a shoulder pouch that cuddled him to her body and left his little head nestled into one of her t-shirt clad breasts. Julie leaned forward and asked in her innocence, "You liked The Experience and have done it multiple times?"


GRANNY turned into a BAR SLUT and WHORE

group GangBangGranny 2018-02-23

He licked and sucked both holes for several minutes and when I felt him raise up, I opened my eye's only to see all four of his friends standing there naked with their cocks in their hands and stroking themselves! I reached over to one of the boys and took his cock in my hand, the others knew right then I was ripe for the fucking so they climbed onto the bed. I alternated sucking cock by moving my face to each side and while doing so, the boys took turns fucking me! I thought one of them wanted to eat my ass again but NO, because I felt someone pushing what I knew was the head of some giant cock against my tight old asshole!