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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Other Cock Ch. 02

group thestorynovice 2018-02-23

I want to know if you play with your cock a lot." Shauna says. "Caleb, I want to watch you play with your cock." Shauna says. "Do you like to watch me while you stroke your big cock, Caleb?" Knowing he is hard for Shauna makes my cock twitch and I feel the wetness of precum in my boxers. "You like playing with your cock, don't you Caleb?" She asks. I want it so much." he says, his right hand working the length of his stiff cock. "Watch me as I suck your cock." Caleb opens his eyes and looks directly at my girlfriend. "Go ahead, baby, stroke your cock while I suck him," she says before taking him back in her mouth.


A Spring Break Threesome

group astuffedshirt_perv 2018-02-23

The third day I went to another beach bar, and started talking and drinking with a couple of cute guys, Jason and Royce. Royce continued stroking my breasts and playing with my nipples, gently pinching and rolling them with his fingers as Jason licked and kissed his way up the backs of my legs and rear. I was moaning a lot now, stroking Jason's head as he kissed me, trying to return the pleasure my body was feeling to him though my mouth. Royce stopped thrusting for a minute in surprise, but Jason lost no time in positioning his dick under my mouth. The combination of Jason's cock pounding me and Royce's hands on my tits really worked me up and I started rocking my hips back into him.

Cheating on Jessica with Jessica Ch. 02

group LaRocha 2018-02-23

I had been such good friends with Melissa that she told me that she thought what I had done was horrible, but after I had talked to Jessica she was friendly again. She looked at Jessica and told her that she thought she was sexy and that she wanted to make love to her and her boyfriend at the same time. Jessica just looked kind of dazed and said, "Well, alright I guess." and leaned in and Kissed Melissa, moving her tongue in and out of their mouths. I pumped shot after shot of cum into Melissa's mouth and when I was finished watched my girlfriend kiss Jessica and share my cum with her friend.

The Hazing Ch. 06

group jallen944 2018-02-23

Smiling like a mother tending to her ill child, the girl felt Christine's forehead. She wanted to hold it, to feel it glide into her hand, to love it and caress it and feel it stroking in and out of her mouth, to finally find out if what her sister had told her about sucking a guy was true. She came immediately, but he continued to work on her with his lips and tongue through her screaming convulsions, until it left her drained and limp like a dishrag, panting and weak with her eyes closed. Pam wanted to kiss these girls and touch their soft bodies, a delightful distraction from the hard, rough bodies of the men who had been pressing down on top of her.


How I Became a Slut

group BarbKann 2018-02-23

I was feeling really relaxed and unknown to me at the time my robe had been pulled open at the bottom from the weight of the vibe still in my pocket, sitting on the bar stool as I was, my shaved pussy was completely on display. Then he pulled the vibe out and slipped his cock in my ass and started pumping hard. While he was fucking my ass one of the other guys tilted my head back and started sliding his cock into my mouth. I must have looked a mess and was totally spent, but someone said there was one guy that hadn't cum yet and pointed me to someone sitting on the love seat in the darkened corner of the living room.

Greek At The Knees

group litty700 2018-02-23

I noticed Gregos wait for a little while longer, presumably for his cock to go back to normal, before he got up and walked away, still with a grin on his face. Dale rubbed his finger around my clit and continued to tell me how much he'd like to see me being fucked and watching as Gregos shot his load deep into my pussy. Gregos was thrusting hard inside of me whilst I greedily went to work on Dale's cock. He quickly moved to where Gregos was, took his cock in his hand and within no more than ten strokes of the Greek's shaft I had another jet of cum spraying over my tits and onto my face.

whole fam ily fucks

group ajbasu 2018-02-23

On Friday as usual dad and s****r went out in the morning .Mom finished all the works in the kitchen and told me that don’t go anywhere I will going for oil bath it takes one hour .Mom went to the bathroom . Mom told ok sardha come by 10 o clock .sardha aunty went to home .Around the 9.45 pm mom called from the room .I entered into the room .Mom asked to removed all the clothes and told to sit in the chair .Mom took saree the tied the hands with the saree and next the mom covered the eyes . Next time mom wons game again mom asked the dad to remove the priya panty and tied over cock .

Janie in Alaska

group divergirlxoxo 2018-02-23

My best explanation for this is that I couldn't decide which boy I liked better, Neil or Mike. All the guys were around the table: Mike, Neil, Rob, Nick and his girlfriend Bailey, and Jayson and his girlfriend Andie. Neil covered his hard-on with a pillow and shot back, "Well fuck, Mike, if you like her, you should have made a move on her!" Neil burst out laughing, "I knew all girls from California are sluts!" He jiggled his dick back to life and smiled up at Mike. Mike grinned at us and stood still for about 30 seconds while I licked on Neil's quickly-growing cock. I timed it so that as Mike's body collided with mine, I bucked forward onto Neil's lovely pink cock.


Well... Ch. 03

group Pegleg 2018-02-23

Ann rose at that stage and helped Mary to her feet, turning her and moving behind so that she could undo the unnecessary scrap of material which had supported her tits, throwing it at me and then proceeding to run her hands down Mary’s body and into the thong where their fingers duelled to bring Mary to a shuddering climax quicker than I’ve seen her do in all our married life. This was made all the more difficult by seeing Mary licking and sucking Ann’s tits and nipples while rubbing her clitoris and her own and by telling me things like, ‘You’re enjoying this aren’t you!

Finding my bi side

group 2018-02-23

I was busy sucking on my wifes beautiful big nipples when suddenly I felt a mouth engulf my hard cock. Our friend continued sucking my cock bringing close to cumming several times before stopping for a while, at which time he would then eat my wife's juicy cunt. At last he continued to suck my cock making me cum in his mouth and swallowing every drop. I decided to ask him what made him decide to suck my cock tonight as opposed to the other times we had shared a 3way with my wife. He began coaching me on what to do and each time I swallowed I took a little more of his cock into my mouth.

Part Two: Her husband pissed her off, so she fucke

group jv7 2018-02-23

Cristy took a dick out of her mouth, looked at Anne and said, "Hey, this is my show." I pulled my thumb back, but Anne said, "Oh really?" then pushed Cristy away, got down on all fours, pushed me back and stuck her tongue in Cristy's ass. "See how you like this then," Anne said, directing my dick into Cristy's ass. After a minute Anne pulled my dick out of Cristy's ass and sucked on it. Nate stepped back to try again for Cristy's mouth, which had been alternately filled with Dom's dong and spitting out curses as I fucked her ass. When I was about to mount up, Anne pulled my dick downward, into Cristy's pussy with Dom.

Virtual Becomes Reality

group PMDlite 2018-02-23

Dave took them and turned to Pamela and they began to leave the alley as the old man picked up his stool and softly called "man zou" to them as went back to the waiting limo. Dave saw Pamela chuckle and asked "Good cookie? Pamela was completely naked, he could see her head taking his cock and he could feel it stiffening and sensing each touch of her tongue. Feeling Dave's hand on her head and hearing him call her a cocksucker made Pamela move even faster, bobbing up and down on his cock. Dave grabbed Pamela's hair and held her head down on his cock as he began to feel himself close to climax.


The Party Ch. 02

group Steelecowboy 2018-02-23

The combination of drink, talk and watching you eye this man was getting me aroused, so I reached down between your legs and lifted your skirt. You could not take your eyes off of this man as he reached down and brought his immense cock to life while watching me undress you. As you continued to slowly work on him with your lips and tongue, the man looked at me and pointed to a video camera on a nearby nightstand. Suddenly he reached out and grabbed you behind your knees, pinning them back almost to your ears and started to drive his massive cock inside of you with even more force than before.

Soccer-Mom: First Swap Party Ch. 03

group KissedMany 2018-02-23

I look over to the dance floor and see Mark taking Dorothy's hand and putting it on the front of his pants so she can feel his dick. Barbara sits up and says, "We can fuck later, I promise, but now we should go over and watch Mark break in another new woman. I'll likely cum in your mouth later after I fuck you real good." You really love yourself dick-weed. Yes, just like that." I can hear the loud slurping sounds through the speakers and I have to admit my cock is getting super hard watching this expert swordsman in action. He gets between my wife's wide open legs and looks down at her and says "Well baby, you are about to get the best fucking of your young life.


Heaven Only Knows Ch. 04

group RonDixen 2018-02-23

Suddenly the music and the chanting stopped and the circle opened allowing the massive man to enter and then just as quickly close and encircle him. There was Randy standing in the center of the circle stark naked with that enormous dick of his stiff and hard, with two young women holding on to it. Then just as suddenly the women pulled away and began dancing and twisting, contorting their bodies exotically to the sound of the drums which grew louder and louder every second. When she opened her eyes, she saw the circle opened and Randy standing by her side with his hand reaching out for her. The two women climbed to their feet and danced away the circle opened allowing them to exit.

Best Cocksuckers on Campus

group johnnieblue44 2018-02-23

A petite cheerleader for the football team with golden blonde hair down to her pert little bubble butt, Linda was pretty much universally acclaimed as the "Best Cocksucker on Campus." "When you can break free for a minute, Karen and I would like to ask you something, OK?" I noticed Linda was watching Kathy's approach, and then she turned away quickly. As I learned later, only Kathy, as house President, and Karen, as vice-president, would attend the educational session at midnight, along with the pledges and Linda, of course. And, yes, I was recalling this while blowing my first load of the night deep into Linda's mouth, and looked down to see some of my overflow cum dripping from her chin down to the carpet.


A Long Weekend Pt. 02

group bonnyg 2018-02-23

Steve gasped in shock "Oh fuck, that's cold!" He gasped again as Jane put a hand up and slowly moved it, rubbing the cream into his chest, her fingers closing slightly on his sensitive nipples. She continued as she got to her feet, "Just remember that I'm very open minded and I just want you to know that lots of things, just about anything, and I mean....anything, goes on in this place behind the closed gates" She lifted her glasses onto her head and stopped inches away from Steve, her hands on her hips, breasts pushed out, talking down to them, "Just remember......


Finally Free

group falcon29 2018-02-23

My wife and I had planned the whole thing earlier and when we asked John if he wanted to share our bed, he agreed wholeheartedly. But then she asked John to bring his cock to her mouth so she could clean him up. My wife began kissing my cheek as I sucked him and we ended up double-teaming him, with one of us engulfing him while the other licked at the still exposed shaft. Spurred on, no doubt by the strangeness of a dick in my mouth, I quickly came, adding my semen to his inside my wife, I slipped out and rolled to the side. Then he dipped his head under the covers and I felt my dick sucked into his mouth. In fact right now my cock is completely inside John's mouth.

Arizona Mary

group riverboy 2018-02-23

That naked picture he sent you, with his big cock in his hand?" John asked as he fucked sexy Mary from behind. "It's actually kinda nice, that she thinks we're sexy and happy like that," John said. After she said it Mary realized it would have been a more appropriate thing to say to her husband than to three men she met just a few hours ago, but the three different wines that went with the first three dinner courses and the champagne finish had loosened her to the edge of the danger zone. "I guess...maybe," Mary said as she turned around and looked at Dennis on the couch.


Swap Party

group Iole 2018-02-23

The night of the party Jeff met them at the door and looked appreciatively at Lola's trim legs and toned body. Lola sat on the sofa next to a plump couple named George and Pam. George had an arm around his wife and was toying with her ample breast through her blouse. Jeff brought their drinks, raised an eyebrow at George's hand on his wife's breast and sat down next to Lola. Lola couldn't help looking around the room for Fred and saw that Doris had ignored her own advice about wearing panties. Jeff spent the remaining time suckling Lola's nipples and finger fucking her pussy.

Lola's Birthday

group DBarclay 2018-02-23

That night we went to bed, I lay there still thinking about it all, I leaned over, grabbed Paul's cock and started wanking him, hoping to stir him into action, but no, he came quickly in my hand, rolled over and went to sleep leaving me to satisfy myself. Ten minutes later, I was saying goodbye to two girlfriends at the front door when Dan came up behind me put his hand around my waist and joined me in waving the friends off; his hand dropped and started feeling my ass.


Be My Valentine Ch. 04

group Hershey3971 2018-02-23

Erica’s hands roamed from Dawn’s hips to her breasts, causing Dawn to moan loud enough for me to hear her over the music. Jim looked at me and said, “Damn man, I’d have come out there to help you out, but it looked like you had things well in hand.” When we got in the car, I asked Dawn, “So, what do you think of Erica and Jim?” “You’ve got a great set of tits, Dawn,” Erica said. I shrugged and said, “Ok, if you two are just going to switch positions….” I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Erica’s pussy and slammed it in. As I pulled out of Erica, Dawn said, “Wait, before you start, I wanna try it in the ass.”

cuckold realisation

group RandyInPlymouth 2018-02-23

My lovely girlfriend/wife tried, bless her heart, to make/keep us a couple, she now realises I still had to mature at the time and I must have driven her wild with my continuing singleton approach to life, although sexually loyal to her I seldom recognised our union insomuch as drinking, football, etc came first. Again I promised to conform and to a certain extent I have but had to confess to my wife I found something very intriguing, if not arousing by the fact other men were fucking her. I having grown up to "marriage" yet still have the capacity for immaturity whilst my dear wife still has the capacity for fucking other men yet loves me.

one of my earliest encounters - one I can never fo

group yevedj 2018-02-23

He lifted his hand and held my shaft and rubbed and circled his thumb around my oozing cock head, the precum allowing his thumb and finger to glide effortlessly over it and yet provide a shooting gallery of pleasure to me. As his finger grazed my hole, my cock pulsed and I could see precum running down the shaft and mixing into the slow rhythm of the other guys hand that was now slowly sucking my balls. I was nearly ready to cum and could feel the early tingles and warmth building, my balls had contracted and the guy licking my arse was also gently rubbing my balls and intermittently stroking guy number one’s cock, through my legs.