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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Another Pizza Delivery

group Very_Bad_Influence 2018-02-23

Rob's head was spinning, and all he could think about is that he was a few seconds from cumming in Stacy's mouth, and now she just gripped his shaft as it pulsed and jerked in her hand, as she was clearly trying to figure out what to do. Charlie stopped short as he came to the doorway of the bedroom, where he saw Stacy, bent over on all fours with a long, hard cock pulsing in her little hand. Stacy was far too engrossed in sucking the engorged dick in front of her face to know what was happening, especially since it was behind her and all the she could hear was the sound of the slurping sounds she was making on Rob's cock.

University Pleasures Ch. 07

group interestinglife 2018-02-23

Tom returned to his computer to idle away the time playing some game, waiting for an answer. As Tom moved to get to the front of the room, waving silently with his head and acknowledging their greeting, he read in his mind the names in order, from left to right, starting with the first row. Finally, in the back row, in the two middle spots were Myriam and Rebecca, acting nonchalant, obviously playing the class' bad girls. Isis grinned as she instantly turned the device on to full power; Myriam jolted as she trudged her way back to her desk, her sex now under the power of her friend and the vibrator. "Looks like Thea gets the lowest score," Tom called it after the five questions were done.


A Night on the Town

group Hullo_nurse 2018-02-23

I sucked Paul's ever-hardening cock further into my mouth, licking it the entire way then flicked the area under his peehole as I worked back up the shaft. His jeans slid down a little on his ass and I took his balls in my mouth and continued to jerk his cock until he started to groan. Paul said 'hi' to the guy behind the counter, took my hand and headed to the dildo room. "Only if you try it first," I told him as my pussy started to get wet thinking of using the little dildo on Paul's cute ass. Paul and I purchased the toys we had tried out, as well as a few other things we wanted to try in the privacy of our own home, took Jason's home number and went out to the car.


Transforming Genevieve Ch. 06

group R_U_Romantic 2018-02-23

I wondered if I'd see Marsha's sexy eyes looking up at me from between my soft thighs later. I thought for a moment about not wearing the matching lace bra, but decided the image of my lace-covered tits would possibly heighten both Marsha and Peter's passion should I choose to slip out of my slinky black dress later that evening. After all Marsha had told me that she and Peter were looking for another woman to join them in a ménage à trios so perhaps tonight would be a sexual experiment for all of us. "Hurry back baby." Peter said as Marsha stood to use the ladies room.


Annie's Gang Bang Pt. 01

group Loristwosides 2018-02-23

It was evident to all the guys that Pete was playing with Annie's cunt, as she was biting her lip trying to suppress a coming orgasm. As a cock entered her, she was getting fucked as she sucked on Pete, she did not know who but it felt so damn good. The sensation of four men at one time had her body convulsing with orgasms, she no longer knew which man was making her cum, was it one or two of them? Cock after cock took her, all three openings were being used, not know who, where, what, it was just an overload of orgasms, her body felt like a nerve ending.

Fair Play! Ch. 04

group x_ray_glasses 2018-02-23

Kelly started to climb up onto the bed, making a bee line toward my crotch however, as she got up on her knees on the end of the bed, Tony stepped up behind her, grabbed her hips and thrust his cock quickly up insider her cunt. I had only a moment in which to see Kelly, with a new look of determination on her face, resuming her advance on my pussy before Tony was brushing his manhood against my lips. As I sucked in fresh air, and ministered once again to the head of Tony's cock, she started to finger my clit, and started to tongue fuck me faster and harder.


Teacher Teacher

group fxm77 2018-02-23

Then, one of the boys in the back, Evan, moved closer to one of the sexy blondes in the class, his girlfriend Clarissa, and they began making out. Stephen reached down and kissed me full on the lips while Alex started groping my tits and trying to lift up my shirt. Evan was also sucking on another girls tits, Sandra, who was hot brunette with long dark brown hair and despite having smaller sized tits, was still very sexy. Paul was still giving Clarissa a good fuck while making out with Sandra, so I borrowed Evan and told him that I need to be fucked in the ass.

Last weekend teen group fun

group lion9655 2018-02-23

The guy who was fucking her pussy looked over and saw her mouth crammed with our cocks and moaned loudly. Her pussy was soaked...Kendra lashed her tits while Isaac pumped away....and the two other guys got on either side of her face and started to beat their cocks on her face and mouth. They came first....we loved watching Carly gag as their big dicks exploded in her little mouth, and cum ran down her chin...she gobbled up all she could and sucked and rubbed the big dicks together. Isaac and I were next, and we thought Kendra would want to suck us off together, but she jammed our dicks in Carly's mouth and helped jack us off while Carly's cum covered lips sucked us.

Abnegation Ch. 01

group a_libertine 2018-02-23

I wrapped my right arm around her narrow waist and held her close, whispering, "Inquiring minds would love to know what you are wearing below that jacket." My left hand shot out and cupped her thigh, which elicited a small moan from her as she spread her legs a little. My hand cupped her delicious looking ass and still no fabric, just her soft smooth skin. I couldn't see her face, but the people on the other side of the performer were now watching Red and I instead of the performer, who had his eyes glued to the redhead's jacket hem. As I reached Brooke's knee I reached out with my right hand and pressed it against her pussy and held it there.


Special Investigation Ch. 2

group KM_Martin 2018-02-23

A moment later Mary said "cut" and then rewound the tape and let Beth watch through the eyepiece on the camera. Mary said that she was doing a good job but that she really needed to be a bad little slut and show the camera how bad she wanted to get fucked. Beth kept the camera zoomed in as she slid a finger in and out of her wetness, pulling out and then rubbing her clit. I wanted the camera to catch my cum shot on Mary's ass hole and pussy. Once my orgasm stopped I looked down and watched as Beth hungrily cleaned Mary's ass and pussy.

More than I Bargained For

group Souldeepdesires 2018-02-23

Letting my other hand wander under my shirt, squeezing my breasts, teasing my stiff nipples as I finger fuck myself. Suddenly Chris grabs me by the hair, pulling me up against him, whispering in my ear, "I want your mouth on her. All the while Chris grinds away, with a firm grip on my hips, thrusting me deeper in between Tanya's legs with each stroke of his cock. When Tanya cums, screaming, Chris wraps his arm around me seeking out my clit and rubbing it hard. Chris slips out of me, pulls me up to him, kissing me deeply, licking away Tanya's juices. As Tanya gets dressed and leaves, Chris pulls me into his arms and I cuddle close, sighing in content.

Visit the Aunt April's House - Chapter 5

group mdb9555 2018-02-23

I still don’t know why, but I kept my eyes closed as I heard whispering with quiet laughter from what appeared to be my mom and Aunt April. Mom stroked my cock all the way up and down as Aunt April massaged by balls upward toward my dick meeting my mom’s hand. I couldn’t help but tense my balls up again in Aunt April’s thick lips to flex my cock upward in a small humping motion. Admiring Aunt April, I then noticed my mom lift her bikini up over her head as her even larger tits fell down one after the other bouncing back into place.

Kelley & I "Pump" Up Ch. 01

group CoyoteGirl69 2018-02-23

I could see Carl's eyes going over her tight little body from top to bottom and commented "See anything you like?" Kelley asked. As I went over the edge, Kelly sensed it and sucked harder on my throbbing clit and Carl buried himself deep inside. Carl slowly pulled out of me, as Kelley release her hold on my clit, sucking his cock into her mouth as it slid out of me. I opened my mouth as she dipped into the cup agian, this time scooping a big stringing mess of lubrication, letting it slowly drip into my waiting mouth before she allowed me to suck the remaining goo from her fingers.


Houseboat Blues

group Cat_photobuff 2018-02-23

"I thought we'd rent a houseboat for a few days, sail around a big lake, do some drinking, smoke cigars, play cards, maybe do some fishing, rent jet skis, stuff like that." Rich said, "Hey Cat, wow, you look great! Still facing away from me, Neil responded, "We probably ought to double up on the showers; you know, to conserve water." Slowly pumping his shaft with my hand, I said, "Look Neil, I'd be happy to do this for you. Neil didn't waste any time and began fucking me hard and fast, just the way I like it. After getting Neil's equipment nice and squeaky clean, I started to wash out my own cream filled kitty, sticking three fingers way in there.


Becca and Steve

group wakedad8 2018-02-23

Also during the winter, Katie had been filling Becca in on all her exploits younger guys and black cock. Some of the 40 something moms, like Katie and Becca, were as hot as the 20 year olds. While Katie mingled, I was behind Kiki, with my hand on her hips, pulling her ass back onto my throbbing cock. "Damn, that was goooooooddddd." "Old man, you haven't seen nuthin yet, watch this." She walked over and hopped onto the box with Katie and pressed her body up tightly and the two began to dance every so seductively with their sweaty tummy and boobs just grinding away. The guy covered the girl's body parts with his hands as he slowly pulled her bikini top off.


Mary Ellen

group tantricjim 2018-02-23

Looking at her tits I said, "You have beautiful breasts Mary Ellen; I hope you don't mind me gawking at them all the time." Marg was still dressed in her halter-top and shorts when we entered our bedroom and she smiled at the frantic look in Mary Ellen's eyes. Marg's hands were under Mary Ellen's arms and holding her tits as she braced and supported her for my onslaught on her pussy. With my tongue still buried in Mary Ellen's pussy, I looked up to see Marg leaning over her from the other side of the bed and madly sucking and kissing Mary Ellen's tits and nipples. Mary Ellen moved out from under me and Marg lay down in her place, legs spread and ready.

Lines Are Crossed at the Beach Ch. 02

group ManOSafety 2018-02-23

Every few strokes she glides her hand higher, over the head of Jake's cock, collecting the precum that is starting to ooze out, before going back to the steady, pumping motion. As Jakes starts to feel that familiar tingling in his balls, he grabs her hand and pulls it from his cock, then pushes her back onto the bed. Sliding up her body, Jake positions himself at the opening of Laura's pussy and begins to ease his thick, veiny cock inside of her. While his wife deep throats my cock, Brad begins to push his huge dick into her wet pussy, quickly getting into a rhythm, pumping himself in and out.

A Cabin By The Lake Ch. 02

group desertkat 2018-02-23

Maura watched as the drop fell from the end of her nipple onto Bills waiting tongue, warmth followed the cold drop from her nipple to her pussy, she felt the juices of excitement wet her panties, felt the heat form in her, the tingles of want race through her. Bill watched the flush recede form her cheeks, the pulse on the side of her neck slow and when she at last opened her eyes he held her bright sapphire gaze and quietly commanded "Wet your finger in that sweet climax juice and smear it on Kit's nipple, I want to taste it."

Aurora and Her Boys

group unlucky266 2018-02-23

Her parents were long time friends of Ben and Mark, and they thought about the discussion that night and decided to offer Aurora a room at their house. She tried to back up quietly in hopes she wasn't seen but it didn't work Ben looked up, and cried, "oh shit, I didn't see you there Aurora!" Mark jumped up and wiped his mouth feeling very embarrassed. Mark began to fuck her mouth until he blew his load down her throat causing her to choke a bit because he had way more cum then Ben had had the night before, and he was bigger too. Both men took turns ramming their fingers into Aurora's hole, hitting her spot many times causing her to make a big wet mark on the carpet.


Happy I Said Yes

group 2018-02-23

How would you feel if it was me with this man?” I pointed to a picture of a blond posed on her back with her legs wide open and a large black man inserting his penis into her waiting pussy another man stood in the background playing with himself. At first I did not want any nudes just bathing suits and lingerie but by the time we were done, they were all pictures that showed my naked body including some close ups of my pussy. Saied took me in his arms and gave me a long wet kiss, licking his own semen off of my face and lips. Emon slid Saied's cock and down my slit a couple of times then moved to my opening.

Her Beautiful Leaking Little Tits

group aussie_101 2018-02-23

Shelly's orgasms, while often long and drawn-out affairs, were very often all the bigger and better for the work required – and as I pounded my wife's gorgeous pussy with my own record-setting long rod, as she deep-throated furiously against Chris's mightily impressive stamina, and as she looked up to lock eyes with Heather as she gyrated naked upon her husband's mouth with her beautiful leaking little tits in her hands, the last remnants of Shelly's control wilted away and she came, she came for me, she came before all of us and she came long and hard and loud, leaving off of Chris's cock to roar out her pleasure in the sexiest, fullest-chested bellow I had ever heard from her.


Black Out

group sansar 2018-02-23

When I returned late in the evening, Mita served me tea and informed me that Aparna and Vivek would be late, as they had gone to attend a party. Mita had her back to the wall, eyes closed, moaning with her lips parted and a divine expression of satisfaction, playing on her face. I asked her how she knew how to handle the penis, she told me that after hearing moans from Aparna's room, she had peeped through the keyhole and seen Vivek making love to Aparna, just about 6 months back. Aparna suddenly opened the front of her dress displaying a fine set of breasts held in a very lacy & negligible bra and an absolutely erotic purple satin panty, which hardly covered the smooth shaven triangle, topping her shapely legs.


He Knew Her Well

group nicoloco 2018-02-23

Soon she was left in only her sheer bra and panties, standing in a half- circle of naked men, palely quivering, alive to everything, her sex flaming, her nipples erect, her mind racing yet empty of reason, only sensation. One man slipped the bra straps from her shoulders as another worked the clasp, releasing what everyone now saw was a fine pair of breasts, firm and fleshy with nipples proud. Michael leaned in and helped her to her feet, kissing her gently on the back of the neck - her only dry place - murmuring how proud he was of her, and how sexy she looked while sucking cock. It meant that every man who smiled at her tomorrow, every eye that followed her, might be remembering the way her nipples tasted, how her mouth felt on his cock.

Amber, Kelly and Me

group astuffedshirt_perv 2018-02-23

Kelly seemed a little nervous about having Amber, a girl that we had played with,around but things soon got back to normal. Kelly finally pushed me away and had me sit on the bed while she turned to Amber and continued to dance with her. Amber whimpered and looked at me and I dove in, kissing her and grabbing one boob while Kelly sucked on the other one. I backed off of the bed and stood watching as the two naked girls made out then repositioned myself behind them, beholding the glorious scene of Amber's glistening pussy as she ineffectively tried to rub herself on Kelly. After a few minutes of eating her out, I pulled away, this time keeping Kelly's legs spread wide and putting Amber between them.