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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Paradigm Shift Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2018-02-23

I plowed my cock into Cameron's pussy for the entire length of the video, splitting my time between checking out the scenes on the video and watching Cam's expressions. I happened to talk to Amber Brower during the evening, and sought permission to invite Peter and Cameron to their party. And, by the way, I sure hope you find time to make merry with me." Amber batted her eyes at me, and left no doubt about what she wanted. "Hey, I got you and Peter an invitation to a hot party on Saturday evening near where I live -- Mark and Amber Brower's home." Cameron studied me for a minute and then said in a serious voice, "You're going to watch KC fuck somebody at the party, aren't you?


bi sex for hire.

group mrc73 2018-02-23

she dosent know that when im giving her head that i fantisize a big cock fucking her hard while im sucking and bitting on her clit. so anyway back to my story, with the wonder or the internet i met this nice young couple passing through my town, we met at a pub talked and went back to my place. i started to suck on his cock, he never had a dude suck his cock, so i showed him how i wrapped my tounge around his helmet and he mouth fucked me, i passed it back and forth to his girlfriend, she was soo turned on by that. think about, GETTING WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!

Threesome Dream

group EtienneDesire 2018-02-23

With one hand on the bed between your thighs he leans forward slowly, and he says something to you that I can't hear, making you smile and reply with in a soft murmur that I cannot understand. I lean back in my chair and raise my forgotten champagne flute to my lips with a trembling hand, sipping as I watch him lick along the thin string of your thong, kissing the tops of your thighs, then lower, to the insides of them. After a few moments of sucking him and caressing his balls you hold him firmly and allow your tits to sway over his cock, swaying your shoulders and letting your hot skin rub against him as he pushes up with his hips.


Sex on the Beach

group Kilgore Trout 2018-02-23

He undid her top and the scent of coconut oil filled the air as he rubbed lotion all over her back. Her partner pulled off the bottom of her bikini and I saw his oily fingers disappear between her legs. She was now moaning openly with pleasure as her partner stroked her pussy. She watched closely as I stroked my stiff cock with lotion. The hot sun was baking down on my nude body, an exquisite beauty was writhing and moaning right next to me and I felt such a powerful surge of pleasure pulsing though my cock. Her third orgasm was even stronger than the first two and I felt the muscles of her pussy squeezing my cock as she came.


Jehovah's Witnesses at the door

group smallcock 2018-02-22

As he ran his hand on the inside of my thigh I looked down and saw a bulge in his pants, he was smiling, just then Ben came back into the room and looked at us both, he sat down next to me, and he put his hand on my left thigh, I was sat there with two young men rubbing the insides of my legs, Ben said "We can help you", and with that he touched my chin and kissed me. Ben groaned, as I got on the floor I put Ben's cock in my mouth and was giving him some serious head when Robbie was kissing him, as I built up speed and was wanking him and licking him he stopped me and said "No more", as Robbie stood up Ben pulled his pants down and there was another 7" erect cock, Ben grabbed hold of him and started to wank him off.

Twentieth Anniversary Celebration For Three

group danielblue 2018-02-22

Dave reached under the table and took Kevin's hand in his left hand and Linda's in his right. Having Kevin as a lover meant that Linda could have her cake and eat it too; she got to have a stunningly sexy younger boyfriend, and a kind, gentle husband. Dave's hand gently tugged on Kevin's big, uncut cock as the younger man kissed his wife. Linda took the champagne glass from Kevin as her husband began to kiss his lover. From the way that Dave kept sliding his hand into his butt crack Kevin knew what the older man wanted. As they kissed Kevin manoeuvred Dave between his legs and soon Dave's hard cock was rubbing against his delicate rosebud.

Complete Control

group Fantasy Girl 2018-02-22

"This is my little sister Clarissa explained to Melony." "She was eavesdropping on me" MmHMM so what are we going to do about it Melony asked with a mischievous look in her eye. Melanie pushed me forward right above Tony's aching cock and began to lower me down towards his hard erection. Melanie looked at George; you want to have your turn inside this pussy hmmm? George screamed loudly and begged and pleaded with Melanie to please let him cum as he thrusted his cock inside me as fast as he could. Tony's cock began to expand inside me and as much as I would have liked to feel his enormous load emptied inside me I had to stop because I had no protection.

One Wild Night

group Raven Wilde 2018-02-22

Deepening the kiss, Sara ran her hands slowly up and down Misty's petite body, slipping down to her ass and cupping it through her jeans. Misty was flat on her back, with Damien between her legs, pumping away at her pussy and Jimmy was trying to climb into her mouth, his cock was so deeply buried. Travois realized she was ready for more and he began to thrust slowly into her ass, just a little before pulling back, never giving her quite as much as she wanted until she was clawing at the floor and begging for more. When dawn broke, Misty was curled up in the corner sound asleep with Travois; Sara was on her hands and knees again with Damien in her mouth and Jimmy balls deep in her pussy.

Rich White Bitch Gets Gang-Banged Ch. 1

group Glenn S 2018-02-22

You had no panties on under your rich little skirt so you must have wanted to fuck old Tony? "Shut the fuck up whore!" The 9-inch cock was in her asshole to the hilt and Tony started thrusting it in and out with vicious intent whilst slapping her hard on the ass. Wendy was now thrusting her hips and greedily sucking on the hard cocks at her face like a street whore. She was ordered out to the car and made to run a short distance for the amusement of the men, her tiny skirt riding up to completely show her cunt and ass, her inner thighs wet from ther cum that still oozed from her well-fucked ass and cunt.

Kat the Pool Shark

group alonzo14 2018-02-22

On the other hand, I only played with the intent of not looking like a complete pool moron. Kat would bend over the table, stretching to make a shot and her skirt would hike up, revealing her white-thonged ass. This was because I'm not a good player, but also I knew that I might get killed by this crowd if I kept Kat away from the table. When the game was over, Kat turned to me and said loud enough for everyone to hear, "I feel like playing some cut-throat. Joe came over and got on all fours and began licking Kat's pussy. He looked beyond Kat over to me and Joe. I hope he doesn't have a gun!, I thought.

Savagely Sexed in School...5

group d4david 2018-02-22

Each eruption of his fuck tool struck my anal walls like a small hammer till Charlie finally said 'damn, that's some mighty good pussy, It's all yours Danny'. I glanced up as Charlie rapidly pulled from my forever stretched anal opening and got a good look at the monster of a fuck tool that Daniel was stroking. Daniel didn't seemed to be in any hurry to enter my anus, he slowly rotated his monstrous huge cock head parting my anal sphincter muscle ring enough to allow him ti ease into my anal canal with ease. I cried out as more and more of Daniel's enormously huge cock head slipped into my tight little anal opening.

Confessions of a Sexually Frustrated Nurse

group 2018-02-22

When he pulled the door open and handed me the cup of Cappuccino, his eyes were on the prostate body of the girl lying there, suddenly I was in my sexual dream, and I wanted Billy to have my offering to him, as she lay on the sacrificial table, her little black dress about two inches below her lubed cunt, I hoped Billy would fuck her, because I wanted to watch him, and I burned my mouth with hot coffee, as Billy asked about her, and moved in beside her.

The Luckiest Man in the World

group afolabi70 2018-02-22

Keisha looked pleased with herself, "I love watching a man cum and lose control like that,' she said. After a month of hot sex, Keisha began to hunger for a woman's touch and asked me if it was okay to look for a female partner. Finally, after weeks of sending out feelers Keisha got an email from Ladonna, a teacher and single mother who lived in Ontario. After weeks of online sex, Ladonna said her ex was getting the kids for the weekend and she could come down and see us. Keisha knelt in front of Ladonna and pulled off the boy shorts, revealing a strip of black pubic hair. I just felt Keisha thrusting her wet pussy against me, while my tongue licked away inside Ladonna's kitty.


That New Guy Ch. 07

group Irish Moss 2018-02-22

Byron released Deb's tits and climbed off of her as Tony continued fucking her, then joined Jake in the hot tub where they shared an enthusiastic high-five. Chuck was savoring the pleasure of her oral talents combined with the visual of her sucking his cock, Jake fucking her and making her ass jiggle, and Meg sitting across from him with her pussy blocked by Tony's head, but her sumptuous tits clearly visible to him. Even though Chuck had cum in Meg's mouth not long before, he could already feel his orgasm building in no small part due to the skillful way that Deb was sucking his cock.


Tissue Tease Ch. 06

group vic450 2018-02-22

You feel your hands on her head as her tongue continues to slightly lightly along your pussy. At the feel of my tongue's movement, you feel Carol spread her lips slightly to press more of her hot mouth against your pussy. You feel your eyes close and your head tilt back with pleasure as Carol does the same with you, taking your clit between her lips and slowly sucking. Your lips gently close around Carol's tongue as she leans forward slightly, sliding her tongue deeper into your mouth. You feel yourself push your head forward slightly, moving your tongue into Carol's mouth. My hands gently touch the sides of your legs as my tongue moves up from your pussy to stroke around your clit.


Shared with a Stranger- Part 2

group Hotpants66 2018-02-22

I don’t hear their decision, and quickly know they don’t intend to fill me in as suddenly I feel knees on either side of my head as a hard cock shoves into my mouth making me gag, and another is teasing my pussy by just rubbing over it slowly. My hips arching up trying to get a cock inside me I feel a hand push me back down, staying on my pelvis, thumb stroking my clit, the head of that hard cock teasing me , I can’t take it anymore when a thumb presses down hard causing me to squirt cum. He drives into me hard, his cock feels so good, he’s a bit thicker than Sir but not as long, but oh does he know how to use it.

The Education of Rebecca McFadden

group Hot_Sister 2018-02-22

I thought at first he'd got a dildo or something and was trying it out on me, but it wasn't cold and hard like was...just right.' She laughed again and shook her head. Rachel turned back and regarded us mockingly for a moment, and tried to flick her head in that little princess way she had, but it looked for all the world like she was agreeing with us. I imagined Rachel was there too, laughing as I was being serviced, egging me on; and Suzy watched from the corner, her eyes like saucers as her fingers dipped into her crack.


Anne and Tom Ch. 04: Vegas Pt. 04

group scojo14 2018-02-22

I had to pee and when I returned I saw Anne on her back, kissing Nikki while Beth was eating her pussy. When Nikki moved to offer her pussy to my wife, Anne started licking her hungrily. Nikki saw me stroking my hard cock on the couch and moved off the bed and joined me on the couch. I saw Nikki and my wife get into a 69-position before Beth started riding me. Beth rode me to her own orgasm when Nikki took her turn on my cock, riding me reverse cowgirl. My stamina was at an all-time high as Beth and Nikki kept taking turns riding me as the other kissed me.

Hotel Sex

group Sassy Susan 2018-02-22

(Plan A, with me being more assertive, was to pick out a guy and approach him directly, offering myself for his pleasure for the evening.) I figured I could sit at the bar with my drink and keep that option open as I checked out the room. I looked pot belly in the eye and said, "Ok, deal, but I want you to be sure I don't get hurt. The only sounds in the room where Fred's grunts, the squish of his cock as it slid in and out of my wetness, and Charlie's sucking noises. All too soon, John filled my mouth with warm cum, and that seemed to be the trigger for me; I finally came, and I think the spasms pushed Andy over the edge.

Party Sister Ch. 01

group AshleyFun91 2018-02-22

"Mhhhmmm, so delicious." She said as she ran her tongue down Chad's shaft and took his balls in her mouth, sucking on them for a bit, while she rubbed Ryan's cock over her soft breasts, circling her nipples. "Hmmmm." She moaned as she took his cock in her hungry mouth and started sucking on it hard, as she felt Ryan pounding away at her pussy, his balls slapping against her thighs. Ash took his cock out of her mouth and looked over her shoulder, noticing there were around three or four people watching Ryan fucking her hard from behind, as she was pleasuring Chad's dick.

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 17

group sarahloveitt 2018-02-22

They then pulled Sam upright, turning her round to face the black man who had been behind her fondling her buttocks. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Sam took the dark-purple knob of the black cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it avidly. Ian quickly withdrew his cock, turned Sam over as he pulled off the condom, so that he could spray her belly and breasts with his plentiful hot seed. All eyes were drawn to the black guy's approach Sam. Taking his weapon in both hands, he placed the end against the fleshy tunnel. Watching the huge cock approach her, Sam drew her breath in harshly as she felt it nudge between the lips, stretching them further and further apart, penetrating them little by little.


Ashley's Army Life

group JungleJane 2018-02-22

One day in June, Ashley Gerard walked into the recruiting office and stood in line for what felt like hours. As she lay on the table she looked around the room and noticed pictures of women in the army, suddenly the doctor and a nurse came in. The nurse left and the doctor turned back to Ashley, he whispered," If you want to have more of me (he pushed his cock so she could see the size through his pants) here is my private number?" He winked and left the room. Several minutes later Ashley pushed Potts out of her mouth, got up and quickly bent over the desk with her khaki skirt rumpled high around her waist with her beautiful bare ass exposed.


The Journey Begins

group Toy_Doll 2018-02-22

But thanks to our new caretaker Farhan, who found my 34D tits adorable & never left a single moment to touch or squeeze them, I was allowed to stay at the same place till his pleasure. I was getting wet with the thought of a man's cock inside my pussy and his hands pinching and pulling my tits. With a tongue constantly licking my pussy and my own hands kneading my boobs, I hardly had time or energy to notice what those two men did after entering the room. The short one also started laughing and then took my left tit in his mouth and bit it a little. At that time, the short man chose my mouth to fuck and Farhan, started taking shots with his camera.

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07a

group femadorer 2018-02-22

girl, you are beautiful!" Meanwhile my hands were busy again, roaming up the curvaceous outsides of Renate's butt till softly stroking her perfect hips, before they reached inwards her belly to slip inside the waistband of her panties, the first skin-to skin contact elicited a yelling, "Ooaahhh my gaaawwwdd Berrnnnddd..." from my helpless victim, her left hand raced up to her tits to do things to those sweeties I only could dream of in this state of progress; alone having just two hands, like most people I know, I continued my ministration on her belly whilst licking and kissing my way all over the small of her back, "Ooaah daarrrlinngg..." Renate's low growling only added to both of her admirer's pure excitement.