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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Island Fever Ch. 41

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-22

Every so often, Trish and Lindsay would turn and make eye contact with me, or Devon or Amy, or Kristanna before she fell asleep, and give friendly smiles. Originally, Kristanna, Devon, Trish, Amy and yours truly were going to depart the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Peru this past Thursday for a flight to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, where we would then board a connecter for our ultimate destination of Oslo, Norway. Neither of us had breathed a word yet about Kristanna, Devon, Trish or Amy; not only did Lindsay want to keep her bisexual tendencies a secret from her family, but she certainly did not want them to know that we were actually part of a relationship with a grand total of six people in it.


The Joy of Joy Ch. 02

group LenNeal 2018-02-22

Joy propped her nice little chin on a palm and swiveled her head back and forth, sort of watching the game, but not really. Victor hadn't realized when she said she was leaving that Joy was actually moving 'away.' As in, far away. Victor listened politely, watching her face as she got more animated and almost agitated, and amused himself by keeping an eye on the other people in the bar with his peripheral vision, watching them watch Joy as she moved around on her stool. Her body language got a little exaggerated, and Victor (and the rest of the bar) was treated to Joy raising her arms over her head, thrusting her amazing breasts into the fabric of her shirt, arching her back, and waving her hair around.

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 07

group Belper 2018-02-22

Ben said that he did and the maid pulled up her dress to reveal her naked cunt and arse. "Five minutes gentlemen" said Mr. Silver as he came up for air from between the legs of the Mrs. Black. "Allow me to clean you madam" said one of the maids and I expected her to bring out a tissue but it wasn't one of those parties, so she leant forward and licked my face clean taking all Ben's remaining spunk into her mouth. I must have started a trend because I heard screams from my right and saw Ben pull out of the fat woman's cunt and readjust his position so that he could put his cock straight into her arse.


A Treat for Annie Pt. 01

group nudeinthewild 2018-02-22

She's been on at me for some nude pictures from the beach but I've always resisted the idea, worried they'd be a big joke for her friends at work or worse, end up online. Having reached this point, it was an easy step to seeing myself posing nude in front of Dan. He's taken snaps of me naked for my own enjoyment before. This was very different to a few nude snaps at the beach but Dan was really getting into it, and kept the ideas coming. "Would it help if I got naked too?" he asked, still snapping as I felt my cock firming. It was the first time I'd seen him nude, and I couldn't help taking a good long look at his cock.

Tara Ch. 01

group foxxisamms 2018-02-22

"Is this a bad time?" Mina asked with her eyes on my finger buried inside of my cunt. It took her breath away, her eyes widen with pleasure as she slipped a hand between my legs and then a couple of fingers into my juicy pussy. Mina was so over the edge I could feel her body tremble as she began to cum, I also see Arts legs shaking wildly which means he's about to cum too. Mina gripped my tits and sucked them like a new born as her juices gush over Arts dick. Later after the office was clean and our clothes were back on, Mina hugged me like a little sister and walked back out to her desk.


The Pizza Girl Ch. 03

group CalWriter 2018-02-22

"I bet all you older guys out there wish you could have a hot young piece like Nicole here. I leaned down and took one of her tits in my mouth, sucking nipple as I slowly sawed my cock in and out of Nicole. With that nice young cock in my face, I licked the shaft as Nicole sucked. Joe, feed your cock to Dave." We switched positions, and Dave took his turn reaming Nicole's pussy. He took to sucking my penis like a natural, using his hands to jerk the shaft and rub my balls and ass. Nicole, rub their balls and be sure to look right at the camera." Both our cocks shot their white cream all over Nicole, covering her tits as asked.

The Consultants

group T@nman 2018-02-22

The dinners normally ended up with Judy suggesting we all go to a night club or bar with entertainment so we could “unwind a bit.” Anne and I went with them a few times, but the late hours didn’t help the next day. That evening Judy wanted to meet over dinner to work on a cabling problem. Judy began, “One of my fantasies is to watch Rob make love or have sex, if you prefer, with another man. I looked at Judy as I opened my mouth to accept her husband’s cock. Judy grasped my cock, looked up at me, licked her lips, then pushed them over my cockhead. Judy took my cock out of her mouth and nodded at Rob.


Rented Whore

group Anna Ry 2018-02-22

I took first one then another of the bobbing dicks into my red lips and found the other two with my hands as fingers and tongues danced all around my smooth very wet slit. I watched his dark hands gripping my hot pink legs, my slutty looking feet bobbing in the air as he fucked me. Wasting no time a hungry man knelt between my legs, grabbed two handfuls of ass and rammed his dick into my hot pink pussy. I grunted into the dick in my face, lowered my shoulders, pushed my ass in the air and pressed downward with my muscles to force my asshole to open up.


What Really Happened Ch. 02

group jpearce21 2018-02-22

In minutes, Callie was on her knees in the shower pumping three fingers into Sarah's dripping pussy and two into her asshole at the same time that Carrie was in the basement, her back pressed against Michael's chest and his cock embedded in her cunt. Up in the shower, Sarah had one leg over Callie's shoulder and held onto the shower door as she gyrated her hips against her college roommate, wailing out her orgasm, drooling pussy juice into the stream from the shower and over her friend's hand. When Sarah and Callie returned from fingering and tonguing each other to cleanliness, Kelly and Carrie told them of Alicia's masturbation.

The French Visit Ch. 03

group christinamonroe 2018-02-22

Laura watched as Vivette looked over her shoulder, her lips moved and she was obviously giving instructions, for Georges's finger immediately speeded up, massaging more vigorously, beginning to pump hard alternating with the thrusts of Paul's cock. She helped Laura slide to the edge of the sofa, and spread her thighs for her, pushing them out so that both she and Georges could enjoy the view of the virginal pussy tucked away shyly in the dark hair. Vivette could sense Georges moving closer, wanting to see his wife's tongue on the girl's taut clit, and she extended her hands to the pussy lips in front of her, parting them delicately, pulling back so that they could both see the inner lips and her clit peeking out, and the dark warm cave of her vagina.

The Truck

group Emmie8111 2018-02-22

"You like driving this big truck Eli?" I pulled the sweatshirt over my head and brushed through my hair with the comb I'd packed days ago. I yanked my still wet hair into a ponytail and went to find Eli. He greeted me with a warm smile, handing me two food bags. His fingers pinched my clit, his dick was so far inside me, his hand repeatedly spanked my ass cheeks. "Fuck yes Kiya, I'm gonna cum baby. He pulled his own clothes back on, we both went into the woods, heading separate ways. I saw him glance at the things in my pack, I took a shower and was browsing the television channels when he came back, shopping bags in his hands.


The Magic Kingdom: The Party

group Andyhm 2018-02-22

"Oh and Julia wanted to know when you got back, she slept over in your room a couple of times after parties." "Thank you, I didn't think he was ever going to take the hint and leave me alone," she said, as she curled up against me, "and, yes I met two nice guys and I spent a whole weekend in bed with them, and Jeff says you had an interesting time as well." "All the men need to be in thobes; they can change when they arrive, and it's a secret from the men what the women are wearing, but they all had to agree to the dress code and understand what to expect before they got an invite," she said, then asked, "Have we got enough drink for that many?"


d***ken Filipina Fiance

group 2018-02-22

Two of the other girls took off all of my clothes while I was fucking Nisa, so now Irene and I both were totally naked. Nisa came up for air from Irene's pussy and turned around to unzip the pants of one of the straight guys and pulled them down to his feet. I withdrew my dripping cock out of her and then told all the guys, even the gay ones, to line up and take turns fucking Irene. It took a long time for me to cum but I finally did and that seemed to be the signal for the other guys to also ejaculate and soon Irene's whole face and much of her hair and breasts were covered in white sperm!

Her Assignment

group NvScopioLady 2018-02-22

She did not know these men, notwithstanding the fact that she knew what Frank's kiss tasted like, and they both know what he arousal smelled and tasted like, But her instructions were clear so after a moment's hesitation, she looked up said, "yes." When the doors closed, Brad let go of Sue's hand and took hold of her hair, pulling her head back and Frank kissed her deeply, used both hands to squeeze her breasts just shy of the point of pain. "mmmmmm, so sweet," murmured Frank, even as he returned the hand to her pussy, stroking the outer lips, teasing Sue. Then slowly with deliberation, he pushed one finger into her cunt.


Cat with the Golden Hair

group Cat_photobuff 2018-02-22

The next instant the poor terrified girl found herself flat on her back on the grass, with the bold hunter full upon her, his hot mouth smothering her full red lips, her neck, her swelling tits, sucking and biting the protruding nipples. At length, Cat's eyelids fluttered open and she perceived the bold hunter standing over her, his once massive cock all shiny and dripping and, quite suddenly, it seemed strangely limp and lifeless. Please let me pass, or I'll be late." A hot flash washed over Cat as she perceived a swelling bulge in the proximity of the second bold hunter's groin, and this time she knew what it was.

Wife's Friend

group usewifehard 2018-02-22

As he slowly pulls his cock from my throat I see another guy moving towards me, he is rapidly jerking on his cock and within seconds he is shooting his load of cum into my open mouth, before he is even finished my husband steps up and slams his cock into my cum filled mouth, my pussy is throbbing due to the movement of the dildo, he starts fucking the cum of four black men into my throat, cum and saliva is flying everywhere, the more I gag the farther he pushes the cum into me, all I could here was the clicking of the camera shutter and Denise choking and gaging, cum is running down into my nose and eyes, I am literally drowning in the cum.

Horny f****y

group nana414 2018-02-22

I said grand father used to sl**p by placing his head on grand mother’s boobs. She smiled and asked whether I saw grand mother’s boobs. She inserted her boobs in my mouth and said to suck them. After some time aunty came and removed her blouse and laid on one side. After some time I said shanthi to come near me and began to suck her balls. Later shanthi inserted my dick into her cunt and said me to move up and down. Aunty took me and inserted her one boob into my mouth and asked shanthi to suck the other one. After that she again poured honey in her hole and said me to insert my dick in the hole.

Soccer-Mom: Stud and Neighbor Call

group KissedMany 2018-02-22

I can feel my pussy moisten as she cups my left breast and runs her manicured thumb over the hard, eraser-size nipple. As my hand was reaching the Y where her legs meets her body, she opened her legs wide to give me total access to the first pussy other than mine I have touched. I follow instructions and move my face to her body, open my lips and dart my tongue to her clit as the pubic hair on her mound tickles my nose. I put a hand on each side of her cunny and spread her nether lips as far as possible to open her sex so my tongue licks every secret place.


glory hole first

group 2018-02-22

As I turned back around, I heard the voice through the hole say, "Damn Walt, share the boy with me." I could not believe my ears, I just found out that the person who had been sucking my cock was the old man at the counter. You're gonna like mine boy." I looked back over as I slowly licked the tip of John's cock and realized that even soft, Walt's cock barely fit through the hole in the wall. I did not know how I was going to be able to fit the whole thing in my mouth, when I heard John say, "good boy, why don't you come practice on mine first before you try a grown man cock of my b*****r." I realized that this might be a good idea.

Bro Code

group DoctorOh 2018-02-22

I made eye contact with Bob, and it looked like he was feeling the same way. "Well guys," I said, forcing a smile, "I'm exhausted, I'm gonna get some sleep." I slipped away quickly and closed my bedroom door behind me, wanting to avoid any further awkwardness. But as I started squeezing and stroking my cock, my mind wandered to what might have been with Cyn. That long brown hair; those tan, bare arms; those gorgeous breasts; those long, soft legs, running all the way up under that skirt to her naked, hairy pussy... For a moment, hope flared; had Cyn decided to send Bob to bed in favor of a wild night with me?


Fami*y helps the need

group 2018-02-22

he said, "let's get going then!" Coming prepared, Luanne laid a blanket down on the cold cement Slathering around it, and flicking over its little erection, Lennie could sense that Luanne was on Luanne looked at the floor and said softly, "I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to make you mad, I'll your father!" Luanne's mom sat down in an easy chair and spread her legs wide apart, giving the she's going to make me cum so hard!" "That's right, do your mom's hot cunt, make her shoot her As usual when Luanne sucked on her mom's vagina, her dad would his massive erection at the opening to her tight little cunt, knowing that in a few seconds her pussy

Group Lunch for One

group Nightwolf 2018-02-22

Then you hear the people moving closer, and the touch of numerous hands starting to caress your body - I imagine that you would already be wet, just from knowing what's to come. The cock in your cunt starting to fuck you now, pushing in and out as the man up top holds your head in his hands and begins to thrust in and out of your sucking lips. One set of fingers moving down to rub the lips on either side of a pistoning cock and tease your clit at the same time as you gasp and shiver in your first hot orgasm, your body quivering and shaking as your cunt gets even wetter and squeezes down.


Bound to Win

group Derek Shannon 2018-02-22

Paddi scowled and stuck out a defiant tongue, holding out her hand until the water reached an acceptable temperature, before returning to Emma's side, confiscating some of her gel. Then Will gently eased Paddi's thighs from his head, and began licking a trail on a zigzag path, from her damp pubic thatch, around and into her navel, up to her breasts, finding her nipples, feasting upon them, teasing them both to attention, before continuing onward to nuzzle the soft, wet hairs beneath her arms. Thus, she accepted that there was now more than one pair of lips kissing her skin, more than one pair of hands fondling her body, even as Will's pumping increased to an urgent gallop, threatening to drive her into the ground like one of his tent pegs.

Play the Hand

group FrLuke 2018-02-22

He had noticed that each time Sophie arched her back to recapture Nick's cock she put her head back with her mouth open. As he watched, Zoë reached around Angel's legs and used both hands to slowly open her cunt lips. John lost sight of the action behind Zoë's hair but he was sure from the slurping noises at one end and Angel's moans at the other that both girls were more than happy. Despite the action between her legs Angel was conscious of John's cock positioning itself, ready to thrust into Zoë's cunt, only inches in front of her face. She watched, torn between the wonderful feelings that Zoë's tongue between her legs was giving her and the voyeuristic thrill of seeing John's cock sliding into Zoë's cunt.