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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Sex Club

group kandie 2018-02-22

Roger then asked, "John, Jennifer, and I go to a sexy club about every two weeks. In the privacy of her bedroom, she can teach me everything she knows about making love to another woman." I went on to say, "I told John about my bisexual discussion with Jennifer and he got so turned on that he took me to bed and made love to me like a wild animal." Roger replied, "Yeah, I know Jennifer told me the two of you talked." John could tell I was still tense about the sex club and replied, "Okay doll, I'll wait, but next time, we're making out in a private room, just you and me."


Sorority Slut

group N.Owl 2018-02-22

As you do, you slowly raise your arms above your head and behind you, running your fingertips through my hair; your breasts arch up and out, your nipples very hard, and I love how you look--how your plump tits strain against your shirt--and how you feel under my hands. Feeling your pussy all around me, and the weight of your tits in my hands, I thrust hard and fast, using your pussy for my pleasure, until I finally sink balls-deep in you, my cock pulsing, shooting my cum into you, groaning in ecstasy. Fucking slut." With that, I slide back into her pussy, taking my time, squeezing her ass, lightly raking my nails down her back, smacking her butt just hard enough to make it jiggle a bit.


Summer Skin Ch. 02

group riverboy 2018-02-22

As Summer and John watched she went down into the sexiest squat I've ever seen, took my cock out of my pants and started giving me a blow-job. As it was happening Summer took the initiative and was soon going down on John, the look on his face telling me he probably hadn't been with an eighteen-year-old in a while. "If you want to keep an eye on Summer we can all get a room together," Mindy said over the loud music. I got low on my knees in front of her, and the sweet girl sucked my still achingly hard cock in, cleaning Mindy's pussy juice off as John's deep thrusts drove her mouth on and off of me.

The Cruise Day 05

group Johnny_H 2018-02-22

By the time we had the tents set up, Lisa and Christy returned and said that the rocks really were amazing, and that they hadn't seen anyone on the walk. Lisa looked up at him and took his dick out of her mouth for a second, and must have said something, because he let go and put his hands behind his head. We watched for a long time, and we saw Lisa gradually take more and more of Kevin's dick down her throat. Autumn had been looking directly at Christy's face, but when she mentioned us joining in, she glanced at my dick, which was as erect as it had ever been.


The Dark Chocolate or the Milk?

group Loganberry 2018-02-22

I felt Bow's hand slide onto my leg as he talked, stroking gently in little circles on my thigh, then Cain's fingers moved to my bare shoulder and I shivered at the touch. I have no idea what thought passed through Cain's mind in that moment but as I lay watching he reached over with his big hand and wrapped it around Bowdy's neck pulling him roughly towards him. It was Bowdy this time that made the first move, letting one of his hands roam almost un-noticed from my body to Cain's; smoothly running up his chest and circling a dark nipple.


Memories and Possibilities Ch. 04

group Romantic1 2018-02-22

After a few minutes and with a nod to Matt, Jon flipped her over on her back and visibly worked his cock back into her pussy. Matt moved around and passionately kissed her lips, and then worked his way down to her large breasts, sucking each breast into his mouth as he pushed her legs down. Jon and I both looked and watched as Matt slammed his body into Molly. I remembered a couple of incidents from our past and vocalized them for Jon. Molly and Matt were listening too as their bodies slammed together. Molly's back arched too, and she fell forward onto her arms, her back end sticking up in the air where Matt remained connected to her; his cock buried to full depth in her pussy.



group Carack_in 2018-02-22

Sally let her cigarette burn down to the butt in her hand to avoid moving her arm, but other than that you would have no idea that she was aware of Kat touching her. Sally took the burnt out butt of her cigarette from her fingers with her other hand then softly dropped her now free hand in Kat's lap and squeezed her thigh. I held Kat around the small of her back with one arm, and took Sally and pulled her close to us with my other hand. Sally took Kat's hand and hungrily sucked her fingers. Sally started kneading Kat's bum, the broken heart tattoo moving under her fingers.


A haunted night of sorts

group PHATBITCH 2018-02-22

It was turning out to be a good night and then a calm came over me and the room began to spin and i looked at everyone else and they all had confused amazed looks upon their face and then just as that feeling started to go away one of the girls and guys next to us started rubbing my back and joeys legs and the next thing i know the girl had joeys cock out was playing with it and the smell of sex over whelmed me and then the man grabbed me and threw me down and pulled off my jeans and he started lapping at my pussy and i remembered that joey had fucked me before we had left for the haunted house so this man was not only eating my pussy but was cleaning joeys spunk from within my pussy walls and the thought made me throw back my head and scream as a orgasm raked through my pussy one after another and i had no idea that this could be happening and i laid my head to the side and everyone was watching us then all of a sudden they all crept over to us and started licking my ample breasts and cleavage and i felt like i was being ravished and then someone sat on my face and i started licking their pussy and ass as it was perched over my face and nose.

CJ, Emily and Josh

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-02-22

Josh put the head of his cock at her opening, pulling her pussy lips apart a little as he got the head wet with her juices and he then slammed into her hard and deep. It was all he needed to see and hear as Josh felt himself cum hard deep inside her; CJ shot his own heavy loads of seed into Emily's throat right after him. CJ continued to fuck her hard as he too closed his eyes and to just feel her wet pussy all around him, then opened them to watch Josh stroke his magnificent dick as he watched CJ's own cock slam in and out of Emily.


Road Trip

group budsrus 2018-02-22

While I am deep throating my husbands' thick 8 inch cock, he starts by gently kissing my clit. While his tongue was working over time on my clit he shoves a finger into my twat and starts finger fucking me. James then lays me on my stomach and spreads my legs and ass cheeks and starts licking my other hole. James had been stroking his cock back to life and I decided since we had this hottie naked she could also give my husband a good dick suck. I had to admit I was curious about eating another woman so while James was still fucking her mouth I crawled between her legs and decided to give it a shot.


One Wife's Fantasy

group RyleighM72 2018-02-22

He smiled and said “That’s a good slut, able to take her new master’s thick cock.” Over and over again he thrust into me, his balls smacking against me. “You like me pounding your cunt and slapping your ass don’t you my little slut?” he asked. Now open your mouth and let him fuck your face like a good little whore.” “Yes Sir Bill.” I said hesitantly. Joe grabbed my hair and shoved my mouth to the base of his cock just as his cum started to shoot down my throat. “I don’t believe I heard you correctly, are you denying this man his turn with the slut?” he asked angrily as his hand smacked my ass harder than before.

A Wild New Year's

group Mysteria27 2018-02-22

Samantha got into the limo and Joanna and her boyfriend Mark were sipping champagne and having a great time. Mark and Joanna were holding hands and kissing while Samantha just sat sipping her champagne. Samantha already felt a little weepy and knew if her friend let her boyfriend fuck her right in the limo, that would make her uncomfortable. Samantha walked into the Ladies lounge and saw some woman sprawled out on the couch getting her pussy licked by some woman that looked like a man. "Samantha, this would excite me if you'd let this guy fuck you and eat your pussy. The other guy got on the bed and pushed his cock into Samantha's mouth.


Slutted out by the BBC that owns me

group adams_bttm 2018-02-22

“there are condoms on that chair get one for this hard cock bitch.” I started to stand but the white guy put his hand on my shoulder and told me that sluts don’t walk they crawl like the whores they are. His hand found my ass and he started to play with my hole, “damn they gapped the fuck out of your ass what did they do fuck you with a tree truck?” I told him that they had put two cocks in my pussy at once and double fucked me then went back to deep throating his cock, when he is hard I can’t get him completely in my mouth unless I hang my head off the edge of the bed and he fucks my face.


Adding Andy

group A_Member 2018-02-22

Poor, poor girls, I thought ...they wouldn't know the real pleasure and joy of sucking cocks. Kissing his lovely but limp cock, I said, "Hmm, that's nice." I didn't know anything about his cousin, but just assumed that it was some little kid. Poor little Kelli would shrivel up and die without Jason's cock to suck and fuck! Although he didn't sound so certain, he said, "Well, Kelli, I just don't know what to do ...hell, I can't make it one day without you, how the hell am I gonna' make it through a whole week?" I couldn't help but think of Jason after his orgasm and his lovely cock limp and dangling ...and then me just turning to suck Andy off.


Glory Saddle

group 2018-02-22

I said, "I think I can setup our room to conceal somebody's identity, yet leave their mouth exposed enough for your friends to ride until they cum." I explained all the details of the Glory Saddle and she liked the idea of offering an additional service for her party guests. You can face the bed and squat over Mouth's face...." As Laura said this I heard her left knee give that little popping sound it alway does when she bends it. I'm guessing she told a few ladies her husband's cum was being held in by the pressure of her panties on her pussy lips and it was time to clean things up.

Two Orgies Pt. 01

group JonRogue 2018-02-22

Entering one room that seemed a little less busy than the others, T and I started watching a couple fucking doggy style on one of the mattresses. The woman getting fucked smiled at T and waved her over, obviously wanting to lick her pussy. My new friend began stroking his cock and the rest of us soon joined in. The older man walked up and his wife began sucking his cock in front of us. I can't fucking take it!" I was happy to oblige, fucking my sexy friend until she begged me to pull out and cum in her mouth, holding her head tight against me, gagging her the way she loved.

A Little Help from Her Friend

group pinkysurprise 2018-02-22

I was standing a bit awkwardly, with my legs parted to leave room for Julie's head so she could lick Alice's clit while I fucked her. My cock throbbed at the sight, and I pushed deeper into Alice's cunt, feeling her friend's tongue tickle my shaft as I did. Alice bit her lip at the sight, but Julie grabbed her chin and started kissing her urgently. I heard Julie moan, whether from the loss of Alice's tongue or the sight of my cock pushing into her friend, directly above her face. I was already cumming as she wrapped her lips around my head and sucked hard, her tongue flicking against the opening.

Random: Revelations

group Dreams of Desire 2018-02-22

"How do you know...?" His voice trailed off, blown away in the gale of laughter from Sister Carmel as she saw the look of astonishment spread over his face like warm molasses pouring from a jar. Carla released his member, picked up the camera and watched her lover fuck the priests mouth for a moment before taking another picture, zooming up close to capture the way his cheeks bulged as though squirreling nuts away for the winter. Carla took another picture that looked as though a nun was getting firmly fucked by the priest, although Judy simply rubbed his cock along her clit, and strolled back to join her friend, smacking her luscious arse playfully.


Bored Stiff On Duty

group upnorthnympho 2018-02-22

You grab Duncan 's hand and guide them to your breasts, encouraging him to play with your body in any way he wants as you suck his thick black shaft, swirling your tongue around his cockhead, pumping him hard and fast, hoping his load of cum will quench your burning desire for sex. You feel his body start to tremble, and you know he's close, so you start sucking harder as SPC Baker continues to pound your pussy as hard as he can, loving the way it makes your tits jiggle with each stroke, and every time he thrusts in it moves your body closer to the SGT's, making you take his cock deeper down your throat.

Always Taken Advantage Of...pt4

group d4david 2018-02-22

With each powerful am of his fuck tool into my anus, I was pushed farther on to Charlie's rock hard cock, I was gagging as his penis glans struck the back of my mouth and the entrance to my esophagus. Charlie poised his now rigid dick head at the entrance to my anus and begin to push his huge penis head into my, very tender, anal opening. Bruce pulled my head by my ear, Daniel's huge dick head slapping me across the lips smearing his pre-cum over them. Daniel started to rotate his hips as I held his dick head with my lips, I could taste the pre-cum and feel it oozing from the slit of his pee hole...

Is Your Mother Home?

group lovecraft68 2018-02-22

There was still smears of both my and Sammi's lipstick on the dildo and I imagined both of our lips on a hot young cock; the two of us blowing a lucky young stud, teasing him, pleasing him, making him beg to cum in our slutty faces. "You know, honey." I said leaning over and kissing her cheek as she continued to show off her blow job skills, "It's not fair I came without you, so how about I make my brown eyed girl purr?" I slipped my hands in her shorts and was thrilled to feel her smooth bare flesh beneath my fingers, "Oh, no panties!


My First Threesome Ch. 01

group funky2003man 2018-02-22

Sunita looked over at me, knelt on her knees in between my spread legs and proceeded to suck My near bursting cock, running her tongue around the tip of the head and slowly licking the sides, tasting my cum and Madhu's juices, it must have been an exotic cocktail for her. Sunita took the first plunge, running her tongue over the shaft a couple of times, I drew in a sharp intake of breath as she sucked, me deep into her throat, then she pulled back and began to work her mouth over the meat in several long slow strokes.

And Three Makes It Fun

group scruffynerfherder 2018-02-22

The three of us are moving in unison, you thrust into my ass, driving my nose and tongue into Jane's pussy. Ass gaping, pussy juice running down my legs, covering my face, and running down Jane's legs, we are a mess. Licking every inch of your cock, running her tongue along the underside, tugging gently at your balls, removing all of my ass juice. The feeling of your cock working her ass and my tongue teasing her pussy creates a giant orgasm which rocks her body leaves her in a state of shock. Before I can reach around to scoop it out, I feel a tongue at my pussy lapping up my juices and cum.


Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 04

group CalWriter 2018-02-22

During the course of the game this led to lots of trips up and down the stairs and lots of standing in line with the Tri-Delt pledges. Deena did her best but I got the feeling she hadn't suck many cocks in her young life. I knew now was the time and I pressed forward as Deena guided my nine-incher up her tight slippery cunt. Her legs came up behind my back and I began to fuck my cock deep into her cunt making her cry out each time I bottomed out. Her oozing cunt got me going again so I extinguished my smoke and went down to her pussy, licking our combined juices out of her. Like a piston I drilled my hard cock into her little pussy.