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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Taxi Driver's Story Ch. 04

group patrick2536 2018-02-22

The blond one was sliding her tongue in the other girl's mouth, it was real hot and heavy kissing, and the dark haired one was squeezing her friend's breasts, pulling at them and making the nipples stand out. Blondie reached for the dark haired one, pulling her waistcoat off, followed by her tee shirt, this left her totally topless, her pale skin shining in the streetlights, her nipples bright red as they topped off her full, heavy breasts. Both women were naked, Blondie was sat on her friends face and was getting the best licking of her life, judging by the noises she was making; the dark haired girl, although she couldn't see, had blindly raised her arms, found Blondie's tits and was pulling and twisting them.

Fantasy Come True

group RAPIDROY 2018-02-22

So even though I wanted to try man to man sex it looked like I wasn't going to ever find someone I was comfortable with and that I was going to have to settle with fantasies and my wife using her strap-ons (which she is good with) and vibrators on me. My wife and I do enjoy group sex and when some close friends of ours approached her about playing she invited them to come over for a hot tub party. I read all my Bi and gay mags paying attention to giving head and preparing for anal sex and even kept my wife busy fucking my ass with my life size realistic vibrator. I finally got his cock to start going into my throat and reached around to work my fingers into his ass.

Pam's Carabobo Battle Holiday

group kcamal 2018-02-22

My wife's head turned to the side and her mouth and eyes opened and when I looked directly into her eyes and knew that Carlos had his cock inside her. Philippe looked at me with telling eyes and said "watch a real man fuck your wife." Jesse pulled my wife to his lap sideways and proceeded to give her a big kiss and his hands working under the water. He stayed motionless for several minutes as my wife was getting frustrated, then lifted her gently off the deck while rotating their bodies so he could lay down on to his back with Pam on top of him still having his cock buried deep inside her.



group dragonbizoch 2018-02-22

"What's this?" Joe started rubbing my boobs and then slid on hand over on to Ruby's boobs. "Jane have you ever licked pussy?" Joe put his hand in the back of my head and started pushing my head down lower on Ruby till I was at her pussy. "Ruby, I have never heard you so loud." Joe was so turned on by this I could feel his rock hard cock rubbing on my leg as he tried to get a better view. Then when he was done cumming an I had the last of his cum I slid his cock deep in my mouth and back out till I made sure I got ever drop of cum out of it.

The Second Cup

group Ebolaone 2018-02-22

Of course, the best part was seeing Rachel holding the panties to her face breathing her friend's scent, and then licking Karen's juices from the crotch. Knowing that once we got to the restaurant, the owner Mama Giovanni would most likely hug us both, Rachel graciously took her hand away from my crotch to give me a chance to soften up as we pulled into the parking lot. "I invited you because I knew you'd really dig this," Karen told Jill, her foot and Rachel's hand still massaging my cock. Rachel continued to rub her pussy with her right hand and hold my cock with her left, keeping me hard as a rock.


Oyster Creek Ch. 14

group Soebek110 2018-02-22

"I think we've left him slightly stunned, Claire," she said, sliding her hands over his back, letting them creep lower until they grabbed his ass. Jenny moved to stand to his right, and with one hand on his chest she stared down at Claire, too. At the same time, his left hand reached out to stroke Claire's silky hair as her head continued its steady but magnificent bobbing. Their kiss continued for a while, his hand squeezing and kneading Claire's lovely breasts whilst the other stroked through Jenny's silky hair. Another thrill of pleasure ran through him from Jenny's superbly skillful blowjob, but he only had time to be briefly distracted by the sensation of her wonderful mouth engulfing his cock before Claire had snatched his attention back.


Traveling East Ch. 04

group Rob in AZ 2018-02-22

Deb pulled Sue off my cock with one hand while she gently pushed Nikki down on the bed beside me. Sue gave my cock another pump and then let go as Nikki turned to face me. Sue had prepared us and my cock still felt like a log as I gripped it and pointed it at Nikki's hot cunt. 'Mmm Rob baby, it's time for you to cum.' I felt her hand cupping my ass and then her finger inching closer to my anal hole. I'm gonna make you empty all of your goo into Nikki's hot wet cunt.' Sue pressed her finger upward and into my ass. Deb and Sue moved down and started to lap up the cum that was oozing out of Nikki's vagina.


Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 17

group SusanJillParker 2018-02-21

We all looked over and Joey and Stephen stood in the doorway staring at the four of us, Anthony, Kathleen, and I on the bed with Ralph still collapsed in the chair sleeping. Probably, knowing Ralph and Anthony, as I do, if they knew they were gay, they'd have nothing more to do with them, just as Joey and Stephen would end our friendship soon, anyway. All that I could think of was that Stephen was getting a big mouthful of Anthony's cum that he had just deposited in Kathleen's pussy. An amazing sight to see, Ralph, Anthony, and I stood around the bed watching little Joey fucking her, while she sucked Stephen, and as Stephen's big toe rubbed against her clit.

Being Bi for the Wife

group nolngrcurious 2018-02-21

So here we were, Stacey on the bed sucking John's cock while Dave ate her pussy and me with a dick in each hand enjoying myself and there comes yet another knock on the door. I wasn't allowed to enjoy his cock too long though because my phone was going off with more guys checking in, so I moved to one of the beds and had Stacey get on all fours between my legs and suck my dick while Sean let her experience his condom covered cock yet again. This young stud again gave my ass a good pounding, shoving my cock into Stacey until I couldn't hold back any longer and my body convulses as I let go inside my wife's pussy.



group kittybug 2018-02-21

We smile at each other and I push your mouth back onto my pussy, my hand clenched in your red hair, and you squeak, licking and sucking at my clit. I walk back over to your head and forcefully push your head back down, covering your eyes and leaning down to whisper, "Keep your eyes on Master, not me." You nod, and look back over at Master, who's still stroking his cock and watching us with a smile, raising his hand up to blow you a kiss with a grin. You whimper, arching your back into my hands, sucking harder on Master's cock, which makes him moan, sending a shiver up both of our spines.

The Bachelor Party

group Rescue325 2018-02-21

Devon and Noah, the love of my life's friend from Georgia, were sucking on the nipples of a pair of blonde dancers. While the love of my life was getting attention in one room, a pair of twin brunettes were servicing the President in another. While the President and the love of my life were dispelling the rumor that there was no sex in the champagne room, Devon was getting a hand job from his new friend while Matt got a lap dance from another dancer. As she teased him, she was using one hand to rub her clit and as she started to cum, she slammed her pussy hard onto Matt's cock.

Creamy Weekend Visit

group hophead1317 2018-02-21

we both started licking his dick and sucking his balls and soon after i hopped on for a while and my girlfriend sat on my boyfriends face. she wanted his cock bad and began licking my juices off and creating massive amounts of pre-cum at the tip. she was riding him hard as he was spurting and i could see a little bit of cum slide down the side of his cock as she was going up and down. i cleaned her up good :) and she then slipped down with me and licked the remaining cum from my boyfriends stomach. he fucked me for like 20 minutes with my girlfriend rubbing my tits and sucking on them before he nutted in me.

All for One and One for All

group tantricjim 2018-02-21

I could feel her fingers, her inner thighs, her bush and pussy lips and the brush of her big tits on my belly as she worked away. Aroused as I was at the thought of my wife and another woman getting it on, I had not considered that maybe Ruth only wanted Liz and might not be interested in a threesome. I pulled my finger out of her pussy and spread some juice on a nipple and I said, "You wanted to taste her pussy baby." Liz pulled the nipple into her mouth with a little cry. "My God," Liz moaned, automatically pulling her legs further apart as Ruth's tongue, lips and fingers plundered her pussy.

Glory hole couple

group soohigh47 2018-02-21

Then I pulled my hard cock out and put it threw the hole and wanted him to suck me. Then I unziped my jeans and pulled them down and I put my hard cock in there hole. Seames after about 2 or 3 mintues I felt a mouth on my hard cock. After 3 or 4 mintues of hot sucking I could feel my balls start to tighten up. Not sure if it was him or her sucking my cock but the hot mouth was feeling so fucking good I bucked one last time and came real hard in the mouth thats was sucking me and took all my load.

Best of Friends Ch. 03

group newwitch07 2018-02-21

Lorrie could see Debbie's pussy, all wet and hot, the lips slightly swollen and the clit started to rear its head. The warm blood flowing through their veins, heart beating faster with every waiting moment, they wanted this they needed this. Sam turns and slides behind Debbie, his cock feeling the need to fill that wondrous pussy of hers. Debbie had fantasized a few times being with another woman what it would be like, how it would feel to have a woman licking her pussy teasing her nipples. The scene that was unfolding before her eyes was such a turn on, she found herself opening her legs wider fingers brushing over the lips of her pussy, feeling the blood fill them, as they got bigger.

Anticipation Ch. 2

group Clohi 2018-02-21

Spreading my legs, I moaned as I felt him push the handful of cold snow against my hot pussy. He reached down, grabbed another handful of snow and as he pushed it against my mound, his cock rammed deep inside me. Kevin's hands were stroking his cock harder and harder as he watched my lover fuck me. I felt Kevin push the tip of his hard cock against my ass and I moaned. As Kevin pushed his cock deep inside my tight ass, he moaned and dug his fingers into my hips. Kevin moaned and I felt his cock get bigger inside me and then erupt, filling my ass with his cream.

A Special Night Out

group Kevan57 2018-02-21

Claire looked up to see that Steve was moistening the end of his prick with spit from his mouth, making it glisten in the shimmering light from the pool and holding it down towards Sian's still skirt covered bum. But Claire was not long with out stimulations as almost simultaneously she felt Sian's fingers start to wank her sodden twat, and Matt's engorged cock (larger still than she'd seen in the car) moved against her lips and into her mouth. "Your turn" she said, "time for your own drenching you dirty girl" and the piss started to flow from Sian's own shaven pussy across Claire's fleshy tits. Claire moved forward and guided Steve's stiff cock up into her receptive cunt, Sian doing the same with Matt's thick penis.


Four Good Friends

group xtc2278 2018-02-21

Erin said "you should know that Julie and Matt and I are also lovers from time to time, and we were wondering if you would like to go upstairs into the master bedroom for some fun?" Erin positioned herself on my face, and turned to Julie and said "you won't believe how good this guy gives head. As I began to feel myself about to explode, Erin jumped off my face and allowed Julie to fall on my chest, kissing me hard and passionately, as she experienced another shuddering orgasm. She was completely oblivious to our presence, so Julie and I began to play with both Matt's and Erin's nipples.

Our first Bi- Second experience

group bufffreak 2018-02-21

I looked over and Jenni was leaning back, enjoyning this young model eating her muff as James was taking my full length in his mouth. Jenni and James began playing with my ass. He and Jenni both rubbed my cheeks and Juan started growing, He grabbed my face and started fucking me James slid in more of his lenth, waited, and then started fucking my ass with short strokes Now Juan was kissing me and James was serving Jenni I looked over at Jenni getting her ass hole licked as James did mine Jenni and Juan watched as James blew me on the balconly. Juan add James got dressed and Jenni gave them a great tip, Ernest got a great tip also

Jack & Jill Party

group Sunlover 2018-02-21

I wrote them and told them that we already had four males including myself who wished to participate, and I suggested a little get together the next week at a local coffee house just to get to know each other before we actually got together for a party. Joe and I were barely stroking our throbbing cocks but I could feel the orgasm start in my body as I watched the lovely June sliding this vibrator back and forth gently into Sandy. It took Sandy about ten minutes to cum with June’s help but she finally had a tremendous orgasm and shook the whole bed with her shuddering body.

Our First Swinger's Club Pt. 01

group chilemanTX 2018-02-21

Perhaps a little tame but 100% true and great start into this new world for Vickie and I. My dick hasn't been this hard in years and Vickie is telling me that her pussy juices are running down her thighs. I pull out "Big Red." Vickie squeals a little and spreads her legs. Vickie's pussy is completely bald, her lips which are naturally a little puffy are completely swollen from lust and pussy juice is literally draining and leaving a messy trail over her asshole to the couch. Big red is a blur, my hand is soaking wet, Vickie is grunting like an animal, my arm is getting soar and I'm wondering if my shoulder is bleeding from the nails.

Loving Neighbors

group every_horizon 2018-02-21

Linda felt it, too, as I gently rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and she welcomed me by lifting a thigh and reaching down between her legs, taking me in her hand and guiding me into her folds that were moist and warm and wanting. Then I looked at Michele, who was stroking Linda's thigh, and she nodded approvingly with a smile of deep mischief. I would cheat for an instant and look down at Michele, seeing her head bobbing up and down in my lap, but I was more intent on Linda, seeing her trying to work Alan’s massive organ into her mouth. For another hour we drank wine and talked about a very special, quite extraordinary friendship, Linda and Michele having squeezed into a single chair, petting each other lovingly.

Amanda's Camera Ch. 2

group velocette65 2018-02-21

Amanda wanted to get a shot of Terri's cum smeared face looking back over her shoulder as a trickle of Bill's cum was leaking from her arse and some of Owen's from her pussy. Amanda was sure she had her best hardcore shoot yet and when Owen blew he pulled his tool free of Terri's pussy sending a fountain of semen in to the air. Maria breathed rapidly as she watched Jenny's wicked little tongue flick out and lap up the spunk that was still coming out of Terri's sphincter. Toby's second explosion was even more impressive than his first and a big blob of rogue spunk hit Amanda in the face whilst the rest oozed out on to Jenny's pert little breasts.

Daffy: Speechless with Stacey

group 2018-02-21

Absolute loss overcame me in seconds as Stacey's head shook loose from my trembling hands and moved away from my gushing pussy. She tongue lashed my cleavage, caressed my body with her talented hands, moved up to kiss me on my lips, allowing me to taste my pussy juices smeared all over her face! Groaning around the cock which started to push into my mouth, my hands captured Stacey's hair again and held her mouth to my left nipple, which is by far more sensitive than the right. That feeling was confirmed as she turned her body around, put one leg on either side of my head on the cushions, and started playing with my pussy again with her fingers.