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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Neighbors

group BadBuzzard 2018-02-21

I took the stiff little cock-like clit in my lips and started moving my tongue over it as fast as I could. Bill pushed me out of the way and slammed all nine inches of his thick cock into Sandy's cunt and began to fuck her like a wild man. I know you like big cocks since we've been fucking you for weeks." Sandy reached over and unzipped my pants. "See", Sandy said, "I knew you'd like him", and started sucking my cock. Sandy pulled off and said, "Here, honey, see what it's like to suck a teenage cock again!" Sandy said, "Hey girl, slow down, you're going to rip that thing right off his body!" Mrs. Anderson just kept slurping and gulping my cock like it was her last meal.


A different trip to the Adult Theater

group 2018-02-21

"So, my hot cunt, wife, let's get your ass over to the porn theater and see if you are able to entertain the men as well there as you do here and in a motel room." I rose and she turned to walk to the garage. She enjoys plenty of company, even in the balcony." I commented as we turned and headed to the theater entrance, my hand resting on Cheryl's shapely ass, her skirt around her waist so her butt was naked once more. "Open your legs a bit more, honey, let the guys see the tops of your hose." I whispered, watching the two males, and Cheryl, my eyes roving back and forth.

School Girl Ch. 2

group SamStuart 2018-02-21

Tara took my head and let me suck on her hard nipple. I moved my lips to other nipple and fingered Tara's shaven pussy. Tara smiled with her hands caressing Nadia's silky hair. I could Tara moan through the kiss as I sucked her pussy hard. I continued to lick Tara's pussy hard. I moved Tara's body closer to the floor so Nadia could put her pussy upon her face. Tara grabbed her ass and sucked her friend's pussy hard. Nadia wanted a taste and kissed Tara sharing my sweet cum. She got into a sixty-nine position and licked Nadia's pussy and my cock at the same time. Both Tara and I licked clean Nadia's pussy.

Fantasy Comes True

group grumpy3105 2018-02-21

Finally after what seemed like an eternity James stopped me again but this time he announced to the crowd that "I was there for them, I was their complete slut for the rest of the night, and they could do anything to me, ANYTHING, they wanted to." With that said, James removed the leash and pushed me into the knot of men that had crowded around, my pussy gushed again. I suddenly had this vision of myself naked, in my heels (which somehow had not come off yet), surrounded by a crowd of nude men, while I was kneeling over one man with his cock pumping my pussy, another behind me with his cock in my ass, while I was sucking on a third cock, and it aroused me much more than I had ever been, even in my fantasy.

Friends Night

group solid_ 2018-02-21

She licks a big drop of pre cum from his head then gently sucks his knob before pulling her self away to cast another look at Darren's cock. She lowers her self down allowing Darren's hard upright shaft to rub between her pussy lips as she gets down she lets out a loud moan, and looks over at me. Steven and Darren let her catch her breath for a minute but little do they realize there's no time for resting when Leanne is sexed up and horny. Leanne looks up at me making sure I am looking at her and lifts her self up from Darren letting his huge cock plop out of her pussy.


First Kiss

group mayeliza 2018-02-21

I continued in this manner until I felt myself getting close to the edge, at this point I withdrew my hand, moving it up my body, leaving a trail of my juices, and circled my nipples with my fingers that were still wet. After having removed the last of my clothing I went up to the three guys, whose names were Josh, Dan, and Martin, and slowly kissed each one in turn, moving my body against theirs feeling their erections, my pussy becoming wet with anticipation. As I did this I felt Josh’s hands moving over my ass, I spread my legs wide open as Josh moved up behind me and slowly pushed his penis into my wet pussy.

Mandy Ch. 01

group Bigdenverman 2018-02-21

Mandy moved into the same cul-de-sac where Joe and Melissa lived, merely two doors around. Mandy and Melissa grew much closer over the ensuing several weeks, a fact that was not lost on Joe. Every day, they found something to do together. "I want to tell you something," Melissa said to Mandy several days later. Mandy pulled away from the kiss just long enough to unbutton Melissa's shirt, reach behind and unclasp her bra and reveal both breasts. As Mandy lay back, legs spread on her bed, Melissa played with her pussy like a child studying a new toy. Mandy felt her fingers work deep inside, rubbing places that she didn't know could feel so good.



group capitol_p 2018-02-21

Not wanting to get more stains on her clothes, Jennine quickly removed them with the hurried assistance of the men and got back down on her knees to continue her cock sucking marathon. Jennine was so excited by the thought of his cock filling her ass she began to suck off the crowd of guys at an increased speed. Jennine let out a deep moan and pushed her ass back onto the man, pushing his cock in deeper. Jennine had little time to moan before she was lifted off the ground and fell back onto the man's chest, with his cock still penetrating her ass. Jennine started walking in the hall towards her exam and felt the cum still inside of her as she moved.

The Temp Ch. 2

group Threesheets 2018-02-21

Stopping after 10 strokes I then gently caressed her bottom, and lifted her face by the chin, looking into her eyes I pulled the soaked panties from her mouth, bent down and slowly kissed away the tears of humiliation that were welling from her eyes. I stepped back again, this time pulling myself completely out of her and turned her around, I didn't have to look at the floor she immediately dropped to her knees and began cleaning me off. Linda just said if Phyllis gave me any trouble for being a micro second late just let her know I was in her office moving a desk.


University Threesome

group PaulAndrews 2018-02-21

I was in a situation I'd not imagined before, sure I wanted Sarah desperately, but I never thought I'd be fucking her in the presence of her boyfriend. Her mouth found my dick almost as quickly as my hands found her hair and before long Sarah was getting fucked at both ends, with my dick getting the sucking of it's life. Sarah really began to go to work pumping my shaft with her mouth as Andy fucked my ass with his tongue. 'We're so glad you enjoyed it Paul,' Said Andy 'We weren't sure if you'd want to join in, Sarah's been telling me about you from nearly the first day and how she thought we might be able to have fun with you.'


group eroslit 2018-02-21

Across the table, Dave was getting a nice look at the top of her breasts inside the open shirt. Traci and Dave watched as the girl wiped the spot, located directly on top of her right breast. Dave and Traci looked on as the girl told her “Mom” she’d be at a friend’s house and would be out late. Dave and Jaymie’s eyes focused on Traci’s flat stomach, then on her breasts as the sweater moved over her head. Jaymie and Dave watched Traci lower her panties. A moment later, with Dave back in his chair catching his breath, Jaymie rolled out from under Traci and looked at her back and ass.

Slut Lessons

group l_a_b_r_a_t 2018-02-21

I think she felt the hardening bulge in my jeans, because she quickly drew her head from my shoulder to look me in the eyes, although her body remained pressed close. Right when the getting sucked was about to finish, he suddenly pulled out of her mouth, and shot come all over her face, she shut eyes and opened her mouth, catching as much of it as possible. Although the two guys who had been licking her breasts still hadn't finished, neither stepped forward to stick his prick into her pussy, which was now leaking come. He straddled his friend's legs, pulled his achingly hard cock out, and pushed all the way into her fully lubricated pussy in one stroke.


Replacement Coach

group jocular_guy 2018-02-21

Ms. Salas pulled off Jeremy's face, turned and walked toward Peter. She and Peter looked at each other in the eyes as she smiled at the view of her pussy muff covering his lower face, his eyes wide open as if never recovering from when she first walked into the locker room. She pushed her pussy forward, cumming on Peter's face, thrust her hips across his tongue for each contraction of her orgasm. She repeated several times, partly to keep Jeremy from cumming, and partly because she loved to feel his cock's head pass thru her pussy lips. She turned to finish off Peter, who like Jeremy, enjoyed the view of her thrusting, orgasming ass.

MEMORIES #4: Susan's Secretarial skills

group petdyke 2018-02-21

Sexy secretary starts sucking her boss, who can't stop coming hard in her mouth Norm finally spoke, saying, "I've wanted to have my cock in your mouth Sexy secretary pulls her boss by his dick to his office and locks them up to fuck After I had sucked my boss dry, I took my come-covered tits in my hands and said, Norm went right to work on my other tit, and I stroked his still hard cock with my free hand. We quickly stripped naked, and I said "I want that big dick of yours up my cunt. he would look up here and see you sucking my cock," Norm said. The guys took turns sucking my tits and taking pictures as Norm fucked me good.

Miss Julie Ch. 6

group jack_straw 2018-02-21

Julie pressed her face to Janet's pussy and began to lick her steadily, while cramming two fingers in Lisette's boiling cunt. What if I were to say no?" Michael looked over the top of his reading glasses at her, smiled, and said simply, "Well, I don't think your husband would appreciate receiving this package, would he?" He was indicating a large envelope that she figured contained photos of her in action the past weekend. If at any point Tony or Michael felt that the woman wasn't going to work out, they would abort the deal and keep looking; and the woman would be sent on her way clueless as to how close she had come to having a life-altering experience.


wife secret threesomes from her journal

group 1stime4u 2018-02-21

With Artie's huge cock in my pussy, and my craving to feel more of him, i jus obey what they want. Artie pulled me to himself, and kiss me hard, I reached down to my pussy , and i could feel his cock was mostly inside of me. Boys i cant stop it., im cumming.....the pressure in my stomack had to come out, i was panting, Kyle must have grabbed my breast and squeezed them so hard, i could feel him pull himself deep into my bottom. Kyle stepped into the shower, He ran his hands over my body, kissed me and played with my breasts more, he really loved them , he said..

Four Play Ch. 01

group lizard_lix 2018-02-21

The hot tub became a roiling cauldron as the two men bounced the ladies on their cocks faster and faster, harder and harder and this time it was Jasmine who leaned into Tara to start the kiss, but after a breathless minute, she pulled away from Tara to bestow the same intense sensuality on Jim, who just as enthusiastically joined in the mouth to mouth tongue play. When they finally managed to stop, the belly laughs fading back to giggles and chuckles, Tara, face still happy, but definitely more serious, gave Jim and Jasmine a huge squeeze and announced, "Welcome home, both of you!" Matt chimed in "Amen!" and they all just returned to the hug in happy and satisfied silence.

Sucking Off Her Guy Friends

group JEM1966 2018-02-21

Her erect nipples now couldn't stand being ignored, and she slipped her haltar top up and off her tits, showing them to her horny friends (they were just her guy friends, the ones she played video games with!) as she squeezed her own nipples, first right, then left, then right, then left with her left hand as her right hand stroked her clit harder and harder and harder and then shudder, her upper body lifting up off the bed and her knees coming together into one giant orgasm, shuddering, shuddering, shuddering until she dropped back off to her pillow, rolling her head back and forth, her knees now gone slack, wide apart as her own juices ran down from her slit and into her ass crack, before with a sharp start she realized what she had just done, and her shyness quickly returned leaping up and grabbing her clothes and running to the bathroom.

Halloween Celebration

group Son_of_Hat 2018-02-21

Already knowing my situation, Kathy said, "Well Monika, why don't you find out for us what a Scotsman really wears under a kilt by giving Danny a kiss on his ass." Kathy gave me that sly grin again as both Monika & I looked over at Kelli. As she danced by Monika, I could tell from the look on my sister-in-law's face that she had now seen that Kathy wore nothing under her costume. Joanne got up & went to the far end of the sofa and sat next to Ben. Now, all six of us were on the sofa, with 2 of the girls each rubbing us guys' cocks through the outsides of our costumes.


latest from fantasticfuck - thanx baby

group 2018-02-21

- What are WE?...chopped liver?" -- we ask, to which you respond, "Oh, were great, but Tyrone is unbelievable...his cock is so big and so hard, that I cum as soon as he shoves it in me!" -- Marc & I look at each other, and start whispering a plan while you greet your giant black lover at the front door. -- He shoves as much of it into your mouth as possible, which is only slightly more than the head...and that is so wide, it feels like it's almost tearing your mouth at the edges...he fucks your face hard for a minute before we realize that you are looking at us and things may not be quite 'right'...there are tears in your eyes as they plead with us to rescue you...but we are so turned-on we can't stop jerking-off!

Dorie's Surprise

group TheChameleon 2018-02-21

When she was finished talking, she noticed Patrick had undone his pants and with Erica pushing and Patrick pulling, Dorie's long blonde hair was soon hanging over his crotch. Her friends watching finally got the courage to walk over, to which Patrick held her head in place and politely told them, that Dorie would be going home with him to night, but if they were all good girls, next time, they would also be allowed to play, but for now, they should party at a different location without her. As Dorie moaned around his cock, Erica too one hand and reached under Dorie's skirt, and with a smirk, told Patrick the slut was dripping wet and ready for any game we have for her.


My Friend Monica

group Trapper ak Bobby 2018-02-21

Monica took one of my hands in hers and smiled as Jordon slid his pants off and now his cock was sticking straight out and he was coming towards us. She slid one of her hands between my legs and rubbed her fingers in me and then did the most erotic thing when she licked my wetness off her fingers at the same time she was sucking Jordan's cock. Jordon's eyes were rolled back and he had a look of complete ecstasy and Monica's mouth was wide open as she kept both hands on his hips holding him to her He was arching and flexing his back as he would rise off her and then drive it deep into her again and her moaning was getting louder and louder.


Slightest Intentions

group supahstoopid 2018-02-21

Mutely, I began to follow suit, but then Fred said, "No…just the top." I complied, as I felt Jay fondling with my ass and pussy from behind, hiking up my skirt in the process. But, at the same time, as I saw myself, topless, skirt hiked to my waist, my soaked panties being rubbed from behind, Jay's fingers occasionally caressing my gusset, a pair of long leather boots, I somehow felt hot, powerful, in control. "Fuck..your fucking cock is so big…I want it in my pussy forever." Jay was just reentering the room when Fred began cumming inside me. Jay began stroking his cock between my oiled up asscheeks, "When your boyfriend's fucking you…who do you wish was fucking you like a slut?" He continued his motions, "Who?"

In The Club

group thegoodsinclub 2018-02-21

Stunning as the dancer was, with the sway of her breasts curling into the curves of her figure, shoulders to spine, thighs to ass, the couple's eyes could not be kept from the woman at the end of the bar. The woman in the corner knew this because the wife's eyes ignored the dancer, and only watched her now. Breaking the kiss, eyes glazed, Eva moved to face the restroom door. The skin in the cleft of her ass, cool from the air, grew hot as James' cock pressed there, and the head traced down towards her wetness. Johanna watched as his mushroom head pressed Eva's lips. Johanna opened her eyes to see his hand brush across Eva's ass, like a thank you.