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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sarah's NIght Out

group benstevens 2018-02-21

I thought him rather shy, so I wasn’t surprised he declined to join a loud group of girls, then I noticed his wife Jacky sat on her own the other side of the bar, and – sure enough – Ben walked back to her carrying drinks. We’ll put her in the back, she’ll be fast asl**p any minute.” Ben – who was now holding Jacky steady with both hands - gestured to his trouser pocket, obviously wanting me to get his car keys. We had to stop at traffic lights, and as we waited his left hand rested on my knee, I felt all tingly and opened my legs a little.

A First Threesome

group JennaWoodman86 2018-02-21

There were heavy wet sounds now as their kisses became more passionate and Chloe pulled her bra down to push her erect nipple against his mouth, moaning softly as his tongue explored her sensitive flesh. It wasn't long before Chloe couldn't concentrate on the kissing, her body was consumed by the feeling as her pussy was stretched and filled and she fucked the thick cock inside her harder and harder; her clit pulsing and sparking against Tony's finger. As they kissed Tony could see Adrian's cock twitch again out of the corner of his eye and as his mouth continued to pleasure and clean Chloe's pussy he reached his hand up and took Adrian's cock in his hand.

The Apartment Ch. 02

group krmcm 2018-02-21

One evening, around two weeks after our first fuck, Alex and I came back home from school and Pantelis was waiting for us with a hard on. Alex moaned as Pantelis pushed a finger in her asshole . Pantelis was fucking her hard now and Alex started shaking. yes...I can feel your contractions." Pantelis hissed and with one big stroke he buried his cock in her ass. When it's finished, Pantelis slowly pulled his dick out of Alex' ass and a gush of sperm flew down on her ass crack. We all three have looked at the door, Alex tried to make a move to cover herself but Pantelis didn't allow her by holding her hands and increased his fucking speed.

wife fucks 3 teenagers on holida

group ostend81 2018-02-21

Anyway after about 20 mins of being watched Jane started to spread her legs slightly, and moved her bikini bottoms to one side exposing her pussy to the 3 lads. I went to the bar and asked the lads if they wanted to join us for a drink, to withbthe jumpedcatvthe chance. The first lad Han now removed his shorts and t shirt and had moved on top of Jane, thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy. The first lad then started thrusting harder and with a deep groan shot his load deep inside Jane's pussy. He got of and the second lad climbed on top of Jane and started banging her soaking pussy, Jane squealed as the second lad shot his load deep inside her, he climbed off and lad number 3 got nonstop of Jane.

A Matter of Coincidence Ch. 03

group seat542 2018-02-21

This is a continuation of Chapter 1 & 2....The new neighbors, Maura and Doug Jensen, are seductive and willing...Maura could be Cindy's twin (Phil Duggan's wife)....Phil's limits are pushed as all parties provide some torrid voyeuristic opportunities, but he needs to wait for his wife... Taking the dishes into the kitchen, we divided up the tasks: Maura was going to make her blender drinks; Doug was going to get the tub ready; and Cindy and I would do a quick clean up and be right over. Cindy and Maura opened their embrace at the same time and surprisingly, pulled Doug and I in for a group hug. When Doug entered Maura and I pushed two fingers into Cindy's ass.


A Third For The Night

group fantaCman 2018-02-21

Mark, let his hands explore her neck and shoulders as he kissed her lips, eyes, ears, and face. As she was working on his tool, Mark placed let his finger slide up and down her swollen vaginal lips. He pulled her head away from Terry's member, and instructed him to move between her, lying with his face up toward her swollen lips. "We are going to stay the night," Terry said, "Would you like us to contact you again for a repeat performance." Mark smile, "you bet I would," he said smiling," and by the way, it was really nice meeting both of you." He looked back as he walked out the door.

Exploring My Sexuality

group mythila 2018-02-21

That night, as I lay in bed, I thought about that boy, the way his cock felt in my hand and how his felt on my chest and between my legs. But as the cool water envelope my naked body, I realized I was also a little excited at the thought that they might have been watching me this time, caressing that boy's hard cock. My hand right now a blur against my clit, I could feel a thumb pushing into my vagina and I went over the edge, those pulsating waves of pleasure were even stronger this time and I humped backwards against his cock, the sound of my ass slapping against his stomach.

Our First Swinging Experience

group ATXswingers 2018-02-21

Sofia continued to work on Justin, stroking his dick and stimulating the head with her fingertips until he came hard in the sand around us. I could feel the men’s eyes on me and I turned around giving them both a full frontal view of my naked body, my pussy freshly waxed smooth for our honeymoon, then continued to join Sofia on the bed and we started kissing and touching each other. They said we could stay the night and after several orgasms, Sofia and Raul slept in the bed while Justin and I slept naked on the couch. Justin took his pants off again and sat on the couch as Sofia got down on her knees and started sucking.

Mid-Winter Male Fantasy

group RichardLichter 2018-02-21

A low primal moan of passion rises silently from deep within Ann's throat, as she is overcome with another trembling shudder of excitement, an excitement not just from the swelling of her breasts, nor from the arousal of her nipples hardening to the point of exploding, or just Beth's fingers stroking her engorged clitoris, but from the feeling of another hand moving up the inside of her upper thigh, a larger hand, Dan's hand. Breaking their kiss, smiling and caressing each other, Beth strokes Ann's cheek with her dainty hand as Ann brushes the hair from Beth's eyes, tracing her fingers around Beth's ear and tenderly kissing her as their juices mingle with the water of the hot tub, giving it the sweet sensuous aroma of sex.


Husband Can’t So I Did Ch. 02

group bigtddybr 2018-02-21

His hips moved against mine and I felt his hard, thick cock slide its full length along and between my pussy lips. I must have cum for over thirty seconds but what was even more amazing was when my orgasm stopped my pussy relaxed and David's cock suddenly slid in another two inches before my body closed down on him again! He looked down into my eyes and began to move slowly inside me, moving out and in gently so as not to cause himself to cum. I could feel my orgasm begin to build and by the tension I felt in his body I knew his was moving quickly on him as well.

Three's Company

group Nomean_feet 2018-02-21

A split second later we began to tear our clothes off, ripping them from our bodies and tossing them away; moments later we all stood naked, I took just a split second to eye both girls up, Helen with her petite breasts stood firmly, her big nipples stood proudly on her chest and a neatly trimmed triangle of red pubic hair; Katie, her huge tits sagging slightly without the support of the bra but nonetheless an attractive sight; her pubic region a mass of thick, black pubic hair, a sight that made me fantasize about going down and eating her hot, musky pussy, her bush coating my face with her juice.

The Dark Room Party

group PhxSexFiend 2018-02-21

She leaned in close and nibbled my ear playfully before whispering "I'm going to fuck you silly!" She stood up straight and walked back into the living room and announced that we were in. She kissed her way down my chest and fell to her knees taking my hard cock deep into her throat. I knelt down and went to down smothering her pussy with my lips and flicking my tongue over her clit in the way I know that Rachel likes. Suddenly, something I never expected happened; a firm hand grabbed the back of neck and pulled me back while the other hand was guiding his rock hard cock into my ass! It then dawned on me that I still had a mystery guy pounding my ass with my hard cock.

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 01-03

group Alexandra 2018-02-21

And as I stood naked on the balcony I saw in the half light of the apartment his naked form sitting in a chair just inside the window. Our juices trickled from inside me and onto his lap as I used his still partially hard shaft to stimulate my clitoris and then I too came, a vision of being watched by a long haired man standing on his darkened balcony across the street with a glowing cigarette between his fingers the final prompt that released my inner ecstasy. I wanted him inside me however, so I grabbed one of the outdoor chairs and turned it so that I was mostly facing my unnamed voyeur, but so that Justin could still see what was happening.


The Carnival

group soncurious 2018-02-21

That leaves me and two 18 year olds, Mike and Joe, to finish the clean up. At this point Mike slid his hands inside my shirt and started playing with my braless tits and hard erect nipples. Joe took his clothes off and thrust his long, hard cock deep inside me. Joe came inside me and motioned to Mike it was his turn. Mike started fingering my dripping pussy as Joe started sucking my tits. Joe put his cock into my open mouth as I sucked the hell out of him until Mike exploded deep inside me. While Joe played with my tits and Mike played with my clit, getting a good rhythm going, I rode the hell out of both of them.

4 Women Lose It on a Greek Holiday

group pleasurezone 2018-02-21

I stood there in nothing but my knickers and slugged back the glass of wine, down in one, and without even realizing it started masturbating, watching them all in there; Sam now fucking hard, sitting astride her man who was on his back on the floor, his cock buried to the hilt, her ass furiously grinding backward and forward, her back arching and her head thrown back, those marvelous heavy tits swaying with the motion, his hands gripping her waist tight, impaling her on to him as she came and came, garbling indecipherably while her body turned to rippling jelly; Keiko thrashing wildly half upright on her guy's face, him lapping at her pussy and with a finger buried to its knuckle up her ass and her with a mess of cum over her mouth, begging him not to stop; Nicole on her back on the sofa, her feet pushed back over her head, being fucked hard and fast, the man's heavy weight drilling her into the soft cushions, her hands gripping his white arse cheeks, pulling him into her, gasping obscenities as his big balls slapped her bum.

The Lady in Black

group Bronco Billy 2018-02-21

My sauce started to soak Ann's panties and I saw Emily look at my crotch and lick her sumptuous lips. I was already close to cumming and when I saw that Emily had Ann's panties in her mouth and was sucking my sauce from them I let it go with a scream. Startled by my outburst, Emily said, "Miss Betty's hot Daddy it's time to give her that big cock." I felt the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy and I said, "Go slow I've never been fucked with one that big." Emily removed her panties and said, "On your back Richard I want to ride that big boy." Watch me work my hot pussy on this big, fucking dick.


Tabby Seduces The Mechanic

group Tabby18lover 2018-02-21

"Come on guys, stop hassling Tabby, I take my car there too and I must admit those mechanics sure look good looking." Tammi said as the giggles died down. Tabby lent back into Tammi's car to get her small black handbag, she would still need to pay for the service. By the way my name is Rick," the bare-chested mechanic said, guiding Tabby toward her car. "Thank you miss," Rick said, trying to add even though all he could do is look at the stocking covered legs standing next to him. He touched her breasts through the shirts as he came up behind her, then his hand moved down over her back, across the smooth white skirt, which he tugged up a little, and onto the black lace teddy.


Strip Hearts Ch. 03

group alternatereality125 2018-02-21

"You mean you don't want to two of us sucking your cock at the same time?" Nicole teased; she was merciless and she loved watching Michael so out of his normal, ultra confident personality. Both Jenny and Ellie, at 14 and 17 respectively, were quite close to their next strip point -- 20 that is, and Michael began to mentally figure out how he was going maximise the 20 seconds he has to take off their particular piece of clothing while still copping an incredible feel. The prospect of this really thrilled Michael because if Krystle shot the moon this round, that mean the other three women would all get 26 points, and he would get to strip them all!


The Plaything Ch. 01

group autoplot 2018-02-21

In the nine months she'd been working for Nick, she'd gotten asked out by about half the guys in the phone pool. "Yeah, I'm sure if I said yes to strip pool, you'd tell me you'd totally say 'just kidding.'" "So, what are you planning for your big twenty-two?" Lisa asked Dani over drinks. "For the last time, I have no desire to date Rich," Dani said. "I think he's pretty hot for an older guy," Nicole said. "Interesting," was all Lisa said, with a thoughtful look in her eye. They took Lisa's car downtown to the coffee shop, where Lisa bought her a tall Americano and refused to answer every question Dani asked. Dani sipped her coffee as Lisa drove the car across town to Nick's place.


Three teenage boys having sex

group d4david 2018-02-21

Franklyn said 'lay down Paul, I want to fuck this ass, while he sucks you cock.' Paul pulled from my lips and laid on the mattress, spreading his legs I wiggled up between them and picked up where I left off. Finally I had to abandon the cock in my mouth and ask Franklyn 'hold up, man, let me adjust to you slowly.' Paul quickly grabbed my head and pushed my face back to his crotch 'don't talk while sucking my dick.' Franklyn lunged deeper into me I gasped in shock and Paul reinserted his cock into my mouth. Franklyn pulled from my anus and Paul tried to push his cock into my butt, I was straining to accept him and he was straining to enter me.

The Housewife Invite

group jdjones 2018-02-21

Hailey began to take the length of my cock in her mouth, slowly sucking away, as Jezebel's tongue continued its exploration of my anus, gently entering it while massaging my balls. It was all my tongue could do to keep up with her grinding on my face, while my dick continued to be massaged and clenched in the warmth of Jezebel's pussy while she received Mark's cock from the other end. After Hailey recovered from her orgasm and left my drenched face, I looked deeply into Jezebel's eyes for the first time and passionately kissed her, realizing that I was tasting a combination of everyone's asshole's which catapulted my lust even further.

Comforting My Step-daughter Ch. 03

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-02-21

It didn't take us long to reach agreement on the fact that we both wanted to continue our sexual interaction with Amy. Cindy made it very clear to me that she was really looking forward to more play time with my step-daughter, and she knew me well enough to know that I would take advantage of the availability of another sexy woman in my life. Amy slid off the couch instantly, and dropped to her knees in front of Sam, positioning herself so that Julie and I had a full view of her stroking his cock. When I returned to the living room, Amy was no longer just stroking Sam's cock; she had her lips wrapped around it, and was clearly delivering a delightful blowjob, as I heard him moaning in happiness.


Picnic Ch. 02

group MungoParkIII 2018-02-21

What was really nice was Edie eased herself over Marjorie's face, so she began eating her friend's pussy while hers was pumped wildly by Johan. Wanting a bit of the action, Andrew rubbed his cock over Marjorie's enormous breasts, wetting them with his pre-cum. Johan watched as his friends cock oozed pre-cum all over the huge nipples, and then seeing Marjorie eating Edie's pussy he simply couldn't hold off any more. With her attention focused on Andrew's cock plunging into her body, Marjorie had stopped licking Edie's pussy, so the smaller woman began toying with her own clit watching the frantic fucking going on in front of her.

Kindred Sluts Ch. 04

group sexagenerian66 2018-02-21

Mark surprised us all by grabbing Donna by the hips and raising her up off his cock and slamming her back down on it, repeating it over and over while telling her "Never mind that clit, cunt. I slipped out of that incredible asshole and Wendy and I began licking cum from Melanie's face and tits and from Donna's ass cheeks. Greg put his cock back in his wife's mouth and she was cleaning it as Mark continued to suck up the flow from Donna's cunt. Donna appeared above me, her and Wendy locked in a deep tongue kiss, No doubt sharing some of Mark's juices. Sweet cock covered in slut juice." Wendy and I double teamed it as Melanie's tongue continued slithering in and out of Wen's asshole and Greg tried to get to my balls.