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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mile high triple blow job and fuck

group DanielleX 2018-11-10

As she stretched to reach, Brad got a full view of her round, ample bum, Theresa noticed him looking and smiled, as a naughty thought began to enter her head. “OK after three… one… two… three.” Said Theresa and the three girls went down on Brad, licking his hardening cock. As Theresa took the buff-bodied athlete into her mouth again, first Sally, then Sheryl squished their cleavage into Brad’s face, trapping his nose in between their soft, warm boobage. She and Sally grabbed him by the arms and Theresa knelt on her seat with her bum facing Brad as he turned and aimed his cock towards her dripping wet pussy.

Durango Bootie 2: The next Morning

group HighDesert 2018-11-10

“Oh, so you want to be like that huh?” And with that Garrett grabbed Chelsea by the sides of her head, turned her towards him, and moved his cum-drenched cock all over the little Mexican girls face. He started moaning but rather than let him cum yet I pulled him from my throat and began licking his ass. “Do you hear that Laura, he says you suck a good dick.” I grabbed hold of her hair and started to push her head down onto him hard until I heard him scream out. With Garrett’s cock still in her, Chelsea moved over to Laura and began licking the cum off of her face and neck. 

Big Women Become Anal Addicts

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

The Los Angeles Polytechnic Institute is an athletic powerhouse which competes in men's baseball, basketball, cross country, swimming, soccer, rifle, volleyball, ice hockey, lacrosse, golf, football and wrestling along with women's softball, basketball, cross country, swimming, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey, lacrosse, golf, rugby, field hockey and wrestling. She sucked my long and thick, uncut black cock and big black fuzzy balls like oral sex was going out of style. I fucked that pussy like my life depended on it, until I got my nut. My cousin Samuel from my extended family told me that big women have really tight assholes. I've fucked twenty five women up the ass ever since I decided to make anal sex my endearing avocation.

Football Fantasy - Halftime break

group kittylove 2018-11-10

Alex sighed, but kept his warm hands working on my bare skin. The bag of chips was on the counter, but Dean had his eyes on the hands working under my shirt. I drew that yummy cock deeper into my mouth and his hands groped my boobs through the t-shirt, then slid under to stroke my hot bare skin. I think I gasped, but Alex was now pounding his rod deeper into my hungry mouth and I returned to the task at hand. Soon enough, his big hands were on my butt and it felt really good. He was pulling my tit in time to his hand rapidly jerking his own big tool and I could feel myself ready to boil over.

Why Men Rule

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Presently speaking, my lovely and very voluptuous wife Joanna Spiro LaPierre and I are lying in bed in our home in West Andover, Massachusetts. We hired his lifelong friend, retired NBA player Jason McEnroe as the Head Coach of the Andover Tech men's Basketball team. I personally hired Joanna Spiro as the Head Coach of the Andover Tech men's Volleyball program. Many coaches and student-athletes will tell you that Title IX, originally intended to help women's education, has been the bane of men's college sports teams since the 1970s. I am proud to say that the Andover Tech Department of Athletics sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Track & Field, Football, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Swimming and Wrestling.


Arab Girl's Black Gang Bang!

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

We got our asses handed to us during that game but I'll never forget how I felt when I met the older brother of my archrival Deanna Jackson. We became friends, and he introduced me to his Haitian buddy Marcel Jean-Pierre, a tall, muscular Black guy who reminds me of Wesley Snipes, only built like NBA star Kevin Garnett. Marcel and Omar met at Howard University, where Omar went for his master's degree in accounting, and the two of them came to the City of Austin, Texas, for work. I took off my tank top and boxer shorts, and let Omar and Marcel feast their eyes on my naked body. When I felt Marcel and Omar's cocks inside of me, thrusting into me at the same time, it was a most amazing sensation.

The Little Black Choker

group JessicaX 2018-11-10

We all hugged and kissed as we departed, and for the first time since we had met them, I felt both of them undressing me with their eyes and imaging what my body looked like naked. “I think we will use a hotel when we host the club Lindsey,” Devin said as we pulled into the driveway of the Everson’s home. “Remember ‘Jack’, our safe word Linds,” Devin whispered in my ear as Winston approached pulling a black velvet blindfold from his pocket. I felt someone's hands reach around my waste and their face press in into my pussy as their tongue began to spread my lips apart, The hands, the feeling of their body, this was a woman.

Company Bash

group a612662 2018-11-10

As I became lost in this fantasy come true I started massaging Anna’s tits while making out with her and my hard cock in Kim’s capable hands. As Anna slowly took me in her mouth, I pulled Kim’s shorts off and found the wettest thong I have ever touched. As I pulled the thong to the side to get at her clit, I felt the tightening of my balls and knew I wouldn’t last long with Anna licking my dick like it was a blow pop! Taking my hands off Anna’s ass I reached towards my dick and felt the top of Kim’s head slowly pumping up and down on my stiffing cock.


Our Introduction to our neighbours part 1

group Bobsadventures2013 2018-11-10

Our neighbour hasn't stopped watching or playing with herself and looks completely mesmerized as you fuck yourself with the cucumber. I lean forward and pull her other breast out of her dress and grab both of them as I pick up my pace thrusting into her warm wet pussy. After you've finished covering it with your juices, you pull the cucumber out and begin running it up and down the outside of your pussy. This has obviously really excited our neighbour watching you orgasm because her pussy tightens around my cock. You grab the cucumber inserting it into her pussy, as you push it in,she leans her head back and moans.

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

group Bunny12 2018-11-10

I started to think trying some pussy wasn’t that bad of an idea especially if I could find a couple where the guy was hot to satisfy my strap on ass fucking fetish. Soon as I was well enough that Jack and I were back at it fucking like normal, I was hot to meet up with Nancy and Max. My knee was still nowhere near back to normal but as long as I was careful I was ready to go. Before I knew it the card game had gotten ignored quickly as Nancy was pulling up my belt of a skirt showing off my smooth waxed pussy to Max. Jack was standing there sporting a boner popping out of his sexy jock strap as we all moved off the couch onto the bed.

Using My Slave with My Boyfriend

group KatPissinger 2018-11-10

Ever since I met my boyfriend Triss and it got serious between the two of us, I had less and less time to meet my girlfriends, but somehow I always remembered Martina's words when she once said that I could not "cover her in jizz". I wanted Martina to enjoy him first, so I got next to her and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, until her anus showed and gaped slightly. Triss understood immediately and brought his cock in position, oiled slick from my pussy juice, but Martina seemed to be lost to the world around her and groaned surprised when his thick cock head entered her ass. Martina seemed to notice it as well, and held her mouth right at my cunt to lick and suck it out of me.

Hotel Room

group nickitaylor 2018-11-10

"I think I might need to come back later and finish this room," she said. I think I'm going to need some help." I was shaking my head and trying to scream through the gag, but he wasn't interested. Ron undid the rope tying the handcuffs to the bed and to my great relief, pulled out the dildo. He bit at my tits, pulled at the chain between my nipples with his teeth, and grabbed my arse in his hands; he undid his fly and started to fuck my sore and throbbing pussy. "Not much work for the maintenance lads on the third floor," he said, "I thought you'd be keeping them busy."

The Proposition

group Tuppie 2018-11-10

Soon the guys altered positions, as Ned’s mouth moved to her breast and Buck began kissing her. Ned’s hand also joined Buck’s at her portal, and as Buck middle finger entered her cunt Ned began tweaking her clit. Buck was not far behind and when Ned had extracted his dick from Marilyn, he began spearing upwards urgently. Several minutes later, after reaching full speed Ned pulled his dick out of Marilyn, and sprayed his seed all over her pussy and Buck’s shaft. Marilyn wasn’t sure if Buck would also be on his way shortly, but that question was answered a short while later when he suggested they get back on the bed.

What Men Want

group tickylicky 2018-11-10

He must have had sexually advanced girls in his high school, because he'd had group sex more than once and took part in several trains before graduation. It wasn't until I got so addicted to being on camera and broadcasting live on line that my husband revealed his desire to watch me get fucked in another way than on the TV in our own home movies. We finally agreed upon a friend of his, who the first time we all went out together just watched us have sex. Then the day finally came, when I took the both of them many times during our sex filled adult vacation, full of all types of sexual activities and attractions in Sin City, Las Vegas, and Hollywood, CA.

My First Threesome

group Cassiter 2018-11-10

Henry leaned over and hooked a finger under the elastic of my panties on each hip and began to pull them down. Henry now leaned over me and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth which I hungrily accepted. Marty kissed her way down to my left breast and latched onto my nipple which sent a shiver through my body. He leaned farther forward, resting on his hands and now slowly pushed his cock into my waiting and eager mouth. I began to flick her clit with my tongue and increased the speed of my fingers, now rapidly fucking her pussy.

First Time for Everything, The Gift Part 2

group peachbuta 2018-11-10

At the same time, she latched her mouth onto my clit, sucking and licking it until I was taken over by a powerful orgasm, Katy happily lapping up my juices as I came. I lifted my head from her pussy and was greeted by Matt's rock hard cock, which he shoved in my mouth, choking me on his massive dick as it forced its way down my throat while Katy continued her task of eating me out. I did my best to lick Katy's clit, attempting to time myself with his thrusts to not get my head in his way. Climbing underneath them both, I removed my finger and licked around the rim of her ass instead, slowly pushing my way inside, Matt's testicles hitting against my face with every thrust.

Birthday surprise

group DAVESITFC3 2018-11-10

Tracy looked at me and smiled and then pushed me back onto the bed and positioned her pussy in my mouth so I could lick her as she placed her hands on the back of Katie's head and helped her give me a wonderful blow job. I was amazed at the size and how firm her tits were for such a small framed girl and in no time Tracy was sucking my still very erect cock and Katie was sitting on my face moaning as I licked pussy and tweaked her huge dark nipples and in no time she orgasmed in my mouth twice in quick succession.

A Future Hotwife Chooses Her Man

group KenLukin 2018-11-10

Five days a week for about two years I’d go to work, perform my duties in exemplary fashion, and take fifteen or so minutes out of my mid-morning schedule to get with Sam so I could passionately suck his hard dick and swallow his hot juice. Jack and I would suck and fuck like wild honeymooners most nights, yet I was still getting an extra cum load every week day he didn’t know about. I’d cheerfully swallowed my daily mouthful from Sam, then an even bigger load or two from Roy, then sucked Roy back to hardness at another house so he could give me a deep, long fuck.

Beer for Breakfast

group Iamyourwife 2018-11-10

Sal was sitting next to the bed watching in silence, as Jim and I fucked. Jim's head was buried in my shoulder, giving me a clear view of Sal's eyes. Jim pushed my legs up higher; my willing body almost folded in half. Sal's eyes still burned into me, reaching deep inside and fanning the fires of lust higher than I had ever experienced. Jim's fucking of my body became a backdrop to the ravishing of my mind, as Sal's eyes explored all of me. I did watch Jim's cock begin to harden, just a little, as he watched Sal and I. My hips continued to fuck Sal's cum spewing cock. Jim moved towards my head, a semi hard cock aiming at my mouth, as Sal rolled off of me.


A Bisexual Haitian In Miami

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Pedro and I started cruising around Miami that afternoon in my shiny Benz with the top down, music blasting and dudes laughing like we just won the lottery or something. Amelia saw the surprised look on my face, smiled and told me that Cornell University rescinded their acceptance offer without explanation. Pedro shot me a surly look when I nodded at him to sit in the back while Amelia and I rode up front. Pedro grabbed my cock and started sucking on it like he was drinking from the fountain of eternal life. Amelia smiled, nodded and told me that she found bisexual guys hot. I think Amelia and I have a shot at something real, and Pedro's shenanigans are getting in the way of that.


Her Toy 2

group Hisb 2018-11-10

You look back at that little slut and her eyes are closed, lips open and she's just fucking cooing like a little slut in anticipation. Lips lightly stuck together in the fresh red paint as she lets out a needy coo and pushes her tongue hotly, wetly, into your eager little slut mouth. Do you think Kitten was playing when she said that to her man?” Your eyes smoke over as her wet little slut tongue flickers to the fabric over your pert nipple and you go on. You're going to love every fucking moment of it.” I look dead in your eyes and say as I pull the weed now stained with your whore lips and bring it up to mine.

Inside Mr. Fancy Pants' Apartment

group Kim 2018-11-10

Xav gently pulled me back down, and said, “Now…watch the foul mouth, pretty Bella.” “You look uncomfortable,” Ryan said, innocently, and then maneuvered his position, so that he had one leg stretched out on the couch, with me leaning back against his chest. Well…if her puss is tight enough to clench your finger, I bet her ass is like a vise,” Xav replied. Between Xav sucking my whole pussy into his mouth and Ryan pinching my nipples, as he titty fucked me, I was in sensory overload. “It’s so beautiful to watch you cum,” Ryan said, “but now, I want to be inside you.” Every time Xav would thrust in, Ryan would pull out.

A holiday with very friendly friends

group tomstarks 2018-11-10

We had both driven separately from London and when we arrived we saw the lights on and we were pleased to see that Jonathan and Rani had got a real fire going and had made a start on dinner. Alice let out a small gasp when my cock slid in to her very wet vagina but neither Rani or Jonathan seemed to notice. I started pumping Alice very slowly, more or less keeping time with Rani's mouth on Jonathan's cock. Despite nothing being said during the day, things had clearly got a bit more liberal as both girls just got undressed and this time Rani just slipped into bed naked and Alice just wore a small pair of pants and a clingy vest.

A Worshiper of Sexy Black Men

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

The third was Jason Langston, a big and tall, burly stud with jet-black skin. We got to talking and I found that all three of them were students from Arthur Mason Technical College, a small private four-year college located a few miles outside Los Angeles, near the small town of Sunnyvale. Jason, Thomas and Julio were student-athletes at Arthur Mason Technical College. He saw how the California education system failed black male students and decided to change things. AMTC offered more varsity sports than California Tech, and my school was much bigger, competing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division One!!! As soon as I got there, I jumped on my bed, picked up my cell phone and began dialing up the sexy black studs.