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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wild Weekend

group BigBobfromTO 2018-02-21

I said, "My roommates usually stopped there before heading to the dance clubs for two reasons: the drinks were cheaper, and they often found a couple of ladies from out of town that they could convince to join them for a fun evening of partying." When the elevator doors closed, Dave reached out and took Sue's hand pulling her over to him. Dave moved up and licked Sue's ass and pussy and she alternated sucking and jerking Rob and my cocks. She turned to Dave and said, "You need to be using your fingers too or else I'm never going to cum." I had to pull out when I heard this because I could feel the pressure start to mount in my balls.


Suburban Underbelly Ch. 01

group fastandsloppy 2018-02-21

And that wasn't easy, given the way they stared at me with dewy doe eyes during class and left little anonymous notes in big loopy girl handwriting with hearts over the I's and smiley faces in the O's; notes I quickly destroyed whenever they turned up. She looked like a fashion photographer's version of a goth-chick with big, dark sunglasses, a black kerchief wrapped tightly over her head, a tight, black, long sleeved mini-dress and spike heeled, knee high, black suede boots. "Still riding the bus, Mr. Y?" asked Madison, letting slip a very non-gothy smile that lit up her face like a perky residue from her pep squad days.


The Game

group FiftySomething 2018-02-21

8. At the end of the evening the guy with the most points gets one hour alone with Christine in the Post room. When you are in the Post room, there is no safe word, there are no rules, and Edgar leaves the house. Somehow Goth number Six was fastest, and as he arrived at the other end of the ottoman Christine turned her head and took his slender pink cock into her mouth. My ass clenched, my core became rock hard, and a rope of jizz flew from my cock and sprayed over Christine's tan abs, her bush, and Adam's cock. "Fuck," Adam said, and strode back to the living room. "You're coming too," she said, and followed Adam through the door to the Post room.

Rachel the Secretary - Part 3

group Rachelswings 2018-02-21

Lying on her side, Rachel was so turned on by the scene and became aware of her breasts starting to be massaged and sucked, whilst fingers noisily slurped into her swollen cunt and arse making her even more slick and sopping, the smell of spunk and pussy juices filling the room. Roger slid out of Louise and Rachel buried her head between her thighs, sucking, licking and biting her pussy whilst drinking down the thick spunk and juices that ran out of her. She craned her head and saw Jaideep at the foot of the bed with a video camera in one hand and his cock in the other> Worst of all the fat Samir was pounding away at her arse like a jack hammer.

Holiday whore

group flynn888 2018-02-21

The wicked grin and glint her eye told me this was the right path to go down "no, I'm calling you a whore there's a difference" I placed my hand under her chin and Steph opened her mouth for me this time I held her head still one hand under her chin and one behind her head and pushed my slick throbbing cock back into the depths of her throat she kept looking me in the eye as I pushed it as deep as it would go I held her there for what felt like ages not once did she try and push me off as I pulled my cock out of her mouth she gasped for air gave a little cough and hungrily went back down on my shaft.

Biker Babe

group BigDave1340 2018-02-21

Jeff and Kelly were already bedded down for the night; their camping lamp casting shadows through the thin fabric of the tent and inner linings. “Sure, took a run down the coast with about ten other bikes,” Jeff replied. Jeff and I talked bikes; Kelly interjected occasionally asking me if I had a wife or girlfriend. After a while Jeff even began to describe a little of their sex lives and how Kelly liked to fantasize. “Yeah, come on Simon, after all that dancing with Kelly, you deserve a little ‘thank-you’” Jeff winked. Immediately, Kelly took hold of our cocks and began stroking them to hardness. Jeff and I fucked Kelly several times that night, and thoroughly exhausted, I found my own sleeping bag just before dawn.

NOT Aunt Meg

group ssspspb 2018-02-21

Here I was, a 39-year-old man lying bare ass naked across a hooker’s knee who looked just like my mother, having a deep anal exam and with an 'Your Mother likes this big cock in dribbled out of my Mother's pussy and onto the crotch “Pussyboy needs a cock spanking,” my mother said. and spurted hot cum into Maria's hot little pussy. The idea of licking my own cum out of the pussy that I had just fucked revolted me, but I knew my mother and Aunt Meg looked on. little boy and drink Mommy’s pussy clean. creamy cum into Mother's pussy with what felt like my "Aunt" Meg gave Susan a lingering kiss as "Mother" slowly

University Pleasures Ch. 08

group interestinglife 2018-02-21

Myriam was expected at the school for the planning, and Dana needed to return to her mother and son for the time being. Tom gave the go-ahead; Myriam pounced on Mariella's legs as Aisha struggled with her arms. Confused, Tom pulled out; Dana motioned for Mariella to return to Tom's shaft and pleasure it slowly; "We want him to last a bit more," she said. Seeing Dana get on her knees and direct the tip of the dildo against Myriam's opening, Tom's stare fixated on the spot. Tom watched Dana fuck Myriam with the mounted dildo; he suddenly figured out that somehow, the two had planned this for his benefit. Tom quickly looked up, staring into Dana's eyes, also watching her plow into Myriam even as the schoolgirl blew him gently.


A Week to Remember: Monday

group sten 2018-02-21

“Don’t worry” replied the girl, a little taken aback at being accosted by a naked woman, “Happy Birthday anyway” The post woman half turned to leave but couldn’t resist giving Andrea’s naked form a good looking over. Sam’s face reddened slightly as she saw Andrea playing with her tit and she felt her own nipples start to harden inside her bra. Andrea slipped her hands through Sam’s tightly cropped hair and pulled her tight whilst the post woman’s hands strayed all over her body. A second come was quickly followed by a third as Andrea gave her a finger fucking like no other she’d had before. Finally they parted, the post woman fully satisfied, Andrea happy that she had started her birthday off in just the right way.

Once in a life time

group free2speakmymind 2018-02-21

After a while and many smiles later I took the opportnity to move my arms higher and cup her breasts in my hands. She took my hand led me outside to a dark spot on the porch, kissed me placed my hand up her skirt ( finding a very wet pair of knickers) whilst taking my hard out and treated it in a very womanly fashion) Older s****r was fondling my once again hard weapon and my spare hand was fingering the younger one's now very wet clit. When all was finished I lay down and allowed both girls to fondle me and each gave me a nipple to suck this along with many kisses soon encouraged me to carry out more sexual activities ( a man's heaven on earth experience)

What Trina Wants

group SoftBrie 2018-02-21

The thought of a lot of men looking at me with a wet tee shirt pasted on my tits gave me a wave of hotness, standing up my nipples. I went back to sucking Logan's cock, this time intent on getting a mouthful of his cum. Logan left the table and two other men got on with me, put me on my hands and knees and slipped their erections into my mouth and pussy. After that, I was mostly on my back, head hanging over the table edge, getting face fucked while my pussy was used simultaneously, pounded by strong guys with big dicks. As those men left, I lay on the blanket with cum leaking out of my pussy and mouth.


Poker Party Gangbang

group Brittni4u 2018-02-21

When I was completely finished with Bill, I reached back down and took hold of both Roger and Paul's hard dicks and answered, "Well, both of you silly." As I led both guys to the living room by their cocks, I told Michael, "Go in the bedroom and get our special lube." With Paul's fat dick shoved all the way in my ass and Roger pounding my front while holding up my legs from underneath my knees, I was about to cum. I then looked at Michael and ordered him, "Get over here and kiss my feet and suck my toes!" As he stroked his cock and seemed like he was too horny to listen, I said it again, "Hey honey, get over here and love on my feet!"


Vacay in the Va jay part two

group fillmeup2 2018-02-20

I want that big cock.” “Come suck it.” Sonjay said. “I said do you want this cock Erika!” Sonjay screamed. Sonjay spit on the tip and took her time to push the cock inside her victim. Sonjay was finally worn out from fucking Erika’s pussy decided it was time for Mike to try out his slave. Mike was finally going to try out that sensual beauty that had been sucking his girls cunt and deepthroating his cock. Sonjay was listening to the wet swishy sounds of her slaves wet cunt,as she was getting her pussy licked by Mike. He let his cock travel up and down the lips of her pussy and tease her hole, as it opened and closed in want.

Massaging the Pussycats

group djrip 2018-02-20

"Thanks, girls," said Jim, "I think that's enough for now." He climbed onto the massage table, placing one knee on either side of Lana's hips, and lowered himself onto her, settling his oily balls and throbbing cock down into the valley between her thighs. He kept a hand lightly on her face as he slowly withdrew his length from Lana's wet pussy and brought his dripping cock up to Marie's waiting mouth. He used his free hand to spread the semen across Lana's skin, over her breasts, squeezing her nipples, and back down to rub it into her pussy, working his fingers between her lips.


The Vegas Trip

group electric_requiem 2018-02-20

She opened her eyes slowly and asked what I was doing, I said, "nothing" and she just leaned back and closed her eyes, but I felt her hand on top of mine as I continued to rub. I pulled out my cock and began jacking off as I watched her soap her body and play with her pussy. Duane sat down and I pulled Kristy between his legs and pushed her head to his cock. She leaned forward and put Duane's cock between her tits and began to titty-fuck him as I continued to finger her dripping pussy. Duane said that her was about to come so Kristy leaned down and took his cock in her mouth just as he exploded. Duane came over and began sucking on her tits as she rode my cock.

The Mountain Cabin

group SWFL_Wordslinger 2018-02-20

Her panties, lacey and pink just like the pair in Jeff's pocket, were pulled rudely to the side to allow her pussy to grind against Chris's cock. Jeff glanced to his right again and found Debbie staring at him, a mixed look of alarm, embarrassment and curiosity highlighted on her face by the moonlight. A scream from up ahead ripped Jeff from his interior retrospect and he walked right into Debbie who had stopped short. My sister has a broken leg because of you!" Megan had been inching closer to Debbie as she berated her until the last line was spat mere inches from her face, the two young women highlighted in bas relief by the glare of Jeff's flashlight.


The 'Hands-On' Tit Contest

group TurboTits 2018-02-20

Tit Contest, Phase 1: The judges spend considerable time feeling the tits of all the girls but they cannot come to an agreement as to which babe has the best tits. The judges tell the girls that they must participate in Phase 2 which is who has the best cunt. While the contest is going on, Charlie, the owner of the bar, has been calling the other neighborhood bars and telling them they have an emergency here…three horny cunts and they need hard cocks right away. In between one cock coming out and another going into a cunt, one of the girls yells: "Hey, when do we do the phase for ass fucking?" There is a roar from all the men and even the girls agree that phase is next.

The Bet

group Polypaul 2018-02-20

"This is going to be a really fun week," I think to myself as I put my feet up on the bench and turn back to the TV, my mind wandering on how far I can push this bet. Smiling to myself I think, "I am not going to lose this bet no matter how bad I want it." "Yes you do, but you don't want to cum because of the bet," Slipping a finger in she rolls her head back and groans. "We shall see," but I am now even more determined to push her, knowing that she is aching to have an orgasm but trying to hold on so that she can win the bet.


Meal for Three

group dgoodall1701 2018-02-20

Lisa brought one hand up and stroked a finger over one of Emma's breasts, dragging her nail down the nipple. "Ralph doesn't have these," Lisa said as she leant forward and took the erect nipple into her mouth. "He can join us later, but we have to know our pleasures first..." Lisa slipped her hand into Emma's thong, pulling the material across and exposing her damp pussy. Lisa brought her hands to Emma's breasts, stopping Ralph from seeing them. Lisa continued to suck onto Emma's clit and took two of her fingers from her right hand and shoved them into Emma's vagina. Emma stopped licking Ralph's dick and took her tongue to Lisa's face, she continued to lick up the cum occasionally kissing Louise.

The Lady in Black - Encore

group Bronco Billy 2018-02-20

I want you to lick and smell them tonight as you finger fuck your beautiful pussy. She stopped licking for a moment and started moving those pussy-wet fingers back and forth into my mouth in a fucking motion. I was on an unbelievable sexual high and with a few more strokes I exploded inside and my pussy gushed more thick, white, creamy cum into Emily's waiting mouth. As we walked to the bed Emily said, " I want you to eat my pussy before I spank you." Emily responded by slowly humping her ass back into my waiting mouth and said, "Ohh, eat me baby. "A good spanking for a very naughty girl," Emily said as she ran her hand over my ass and then my pussy.


Sex for Three in Belgium

group veronicavixen 2018-02-20

Tom and Mike both laughed at Jillians face, and she caught herself with her mouth agape and eyes bulging. The chatter in the room slowly resumed, and Jillian turned away just as the lovely woman was lowering herself onto one of those amazing cocks. Harlequin man smiled as they approached, and he took Jillian by one hand and Tom with his other. While the Harlequin man introduced them formally and welcomed them Jillian took a moment to glance behind her as the heavy theatrical drapes began to slide open. One man even shouted "darling, your lovely!" Tom's hands moving to her nipples distracted her once more from the audience. Jillian let her head fall back as Tom began to lick and suckle at her lips, her clit ...


The Screamer Ch. 07

group Liquor69 2018-02-20

Apparently there are six girls that are coming over next time." Holly said. The last time we were together with Gary, we spent a few days going over everything he said he would eventually change. I want to look at those four bedrooms and get an idea about making them into three." Red looked at Debbie and asked, "Do you have the number to the house?" What we need to do is figure out who wants which suite and then do your color pallets," Red said as Nancy opened her case. "Oh fuck, this is going to be good," Nancy said to the girls. "Well, if they thing we are going to let them out do us, they have another think coming," Rose said.


Cat's Halloween Adventure #1

group Cat_photobuff 2018-02-20

I put my long blond hair in two pigtails hanging down on either side of my head, stuffed my braless boobs into the top of my costume, wrapped the little Catholic girl skirt around my waist, and finished with the cute white shoes and frilly socks. Immediately I thought of Gene Wilder in the movie, Young Frankenstein, when he's standing at the front of Dr. Frankenstein's house looking at a similar door and exclaims, "Nice knockers", to which his female co-star Terry Garr responds, "Thank you." What a hoot! Still ignoring me, the man looked up for a moment, his mouth covered in Cat cream, and signaled to a woman standing close by.


The Cops

group spider1408 2018-02-20

For a moment he slid the head of his cock up and down the hot, wet furrow between her pussy lips, but this was no time for teasing and in one swift movement he punched forward and thrust his entire length into her. Still holding Christie's hair, Red stepped forward and pushed the large head of his cock against her closed mouth; his precum wet her lips. As Red plunged his thick cock into her mouth, Charles thrust upwards into her tightened cunt, his cockhead bashing her cervix, and Black buried his cock deep up her ass. The sight of his partner cumming in Christie's mouth and on her beautiful face pushed Black over the edge, and with a groan he grabbed her hips and punched forward, burying his cock deep in her ass.