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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 8

group MassMan669 2018-02-20

He got back between my legs and licked my balls up to the head of my dick several times. My dick started leaking pre-cum and Pete licked it with hit tongue then took me in his mouth. The next time Pete licked up to Katie's anus, she started moving a little bit up and down. Pete held still with his tongue out and the effect was that he went from a little bit of my dick, up the base of Katie's vagina, then up to her anus – over and over again. Pete grabbed my dick and started licking and sucking Katie's juices off me. Pete came over to me, got on his knees and licked my cum and his off my dick and balls.

Jamaican Vacation

group Wet_Tanya 2018-02-20

While I showered, I fingered myself to another cum picturing all those hot looking black guys doing me in every position I had ever seen in porn. As we entered the room and locked the door Heather said, "Jerome is hot to look at but his performance is not that good. I made the list, Heather agreed a nice selection from each group and before departing the room she embraced me and gave me a cheek kiss, then saying, "I hope you give me the pleasure of showing you my skills before you leave the island Tanya. I went under the strip of cloth and being so horny attacked my nipples, massaged my breast as I felt Charles wrap his arms around my legs, open my lips, and began flicking my clit as he knelt on the floor.


The Nurses New Interns

group naughtynurse18 2018-02-20

Greedily guzzling half glass of beer before answering, Amy slurred wickedly, "They'd probably cum like teenagers the first time, but I'm willing to bet we could get 'em hard again pretty quick, and then they'd probably pound our poor little pussies into mush; they look pretty potent to me." Amy moaned louder for the men's benefit and closed her eyes as her clingy cunt sucked my probing finger in deeper and deeper into her hot little fuck-pit. Briefly, I thought about inviting him along, but quickly thought better of it: Rick and Dave probably didn't want a crowd the first time they fucked me and Amy. That could wait for another occasion.


Forbidden Love

group rockettewoman 2018-02-20

On Friday, when Tony and Mercy got home from school, Devin pulled up five minutes later routinely. "You did," (by this time Devin was really blushing and unable to look at Mercy) "I can explain...we…uhh…." he stuttered repeatedly, " We just fooled around a bit, I just wanted to see what it was like honest!" he said as he looked deep into her eyes in what seemed to be sincere apologetic pyrotechnics. When Devin came over to pick Tony up, Mercy told him they needed to talk when he and Tony came back, Devin said okay and rolled his eyes and deeply sighed. He quickly got in front of Devin's rock hard cock, which was getting ready to explode, and began sucking the bulbous head like a baby sucking on a bottle.


The Three Amigos

group Caroline Covington 2018-02-20

Then, a few days later I'd told Chris about my time with Doug, an older married man whom I saw for about six months for casual sex. But the last few days I'd finally raised my nerve and started wearing nothing on the beach. While we lay nude on the sand late that morning, Chris asked me if I'd ever had sex on a beach with someone other him. Chris shuffled over to me, staying on his stomach, snuggled against me and, after a tender kiss, whispered, "God, I think of that day often, baby. After Chris left, Brigitte and I chatted for a bit before she asked, "Shall we?"


Core Ball Ch. 01

group BBArms 2018-02-20

Gwen doesn't want to shake hands, this is the last game of the year, we just got knocked out in the first round of the playoff bracket. "You gotta be shittin me, Molly plays FAS Core Ball?" Tammy asks. As he gets his cock half way in Tammy pulls her face off Gwen's pussy and wails "Oh my god! OHH MY GOD!!" Tammy then pulls off and lays on the bed next to Gwen frantically playing with her clit as she writhes in pleasure. Gwen does not shy away, she puts both hands on Tammy's bottom and pulls her face up to meet her wet used pussy, devouring every inch.


group Younginlondon 2018-02-20

In the meantime Lucy got on top of me and grabbed my hands and held them above my head, then she just lay there.Breathing heavily I asked what was going on and she just kissed me twice on the neck slowly and lay her head back again. Jackie moved over my face so her pussy was directly over my face but to far to reach, Lucy then climbed on me just above my cock and started to lick Jackie, I could see this right above me, if the smell didn't turn me on then the juices that dropped on my lips certainly did. With Jackie's juices still in her mouth Lucy slowly licked the tip of my cock and down.

No Time For Games

group the_letters 2018-02-20

The guy started leaning his head back as she caressed his hair and neck, and occasionally he'd shiver a little as her nails grazed a sensitive spot. Elsa sucked one of my nipples and Matt helped my arms out of the bra straps, his cock pressing insistently against my lower back. I reached my hand behind me and pulled Matt's cock out of his boxers and smiled as I felt its shape and size. When she said "I want to see you suck his cock," I stopped running my fingers over the head, grasped the base, and pulled it into my mouth. My hand snaked its way between Elsa's legs and I started playing gently with her clit.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 01

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-20

Shredder loved the island and whined out his enthusiasm as we made our way toward a clearing up ahead in the thicket, where the Labrador Retriever no doubt had visions of playing his favorite game - fetch - with the tennis ball I had stashed in my backpack. "So is it true that Trish actually dragged you out of bed this morning at five o'clock and made you do cardio with her?" Devon seemed to mull on this and a lazy smile took shape. Devon wore faded denim jeans with a hole in the right thigh, and a white tank-top underneath a pale yellow shirt that she left completely open and unbuttoned. Devon looked like a cover model for Lowrider magazine right here on our very own island in front of me.


Sheree was an easy bar fuck

group 2018-02-20

I aske the guys what they thought and both said they looked great and would love to see them again. with no warning to Sheree I stood up and took her had and announced "Come home with us and take a better look at them!" Sheree blinked in surprise and then smiled and I told them to follow us and headed out the door. I told Sheree to strip, she blushed, and she removed her shorts and panties revealing her lovely bush and thick full pussy lips as I led her to the couch and said "Let's fuck her, guys!" and she blushed. I fucked her fast and furious so I could nut fast and get off this horny slut so the other guy could take his place in her cunt and I could enjoy the show.

The Birthday Present

group scottrogers 2018-02-20

Imagining that this must be her husband, Nikki felt a momentary pang of jealousy, realizing that he must be looking at Julie's voluptuous, naked body. Nikki was floored by wheat she saw: Next to she and Julie on the bed sat a fully naked Marcus, his lovely cock standing at full attention. With an abandon which had escaped her for the past few years, Nikki threw caution to the wind and reached out to Marcus' cock and began stroking him, all the while still locked in a passionate tongue-kiss with Julie. With Marcus below her fucking her ass, and Julie on top of her, grinding her cunt into her face, Nikki wondered where her husband fit into all of this.

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 20

group tk5555 2018-02-20

Nancy wondered if her friend was just oblivious to the physics of running with large breasts or enjoyed watching pair of 34 D tits try to pop out of the tight outfit. Trinity looked over Rick's shoulder at Nancy's half naked body, pausing to drink in her friend's full breasts and swollen nipples. He had done a good job making her come with his mouth, but Nancy's stories of riding Rick's cock to orgasm had piqued Trinity's curiosity and put her in a cowgirl state of mind. Trinity felt Nancy tug on her belt, bringing her to a halt about five feet in front of Rick. "He only gets to watch, no touching," Trinity objected as Nancy pushed her closer to Rick.


Human Sexuality 101 Ch. 02 Pt. 1

group GirlofDirection 2018-02-20

Trevor with a pile of papers and some out of place people dressed professionally looking slightly uncomfortable said loudly "Please take your seats we have some documents to read, tests to take for participants, and I'd like to get started I'm horny and my cock is hard." Trevor amused by the scene unfolding and at how great Deborah's tits looked in her clothes as these two young studs took turns convincing her to stay said, "ok if you've had sex and haven't been tested where we can confirm please line up. Trevor stood up, "Thank you for starting us off with a bang, he looked pointedly towards Teva and Deborah, now who wants to see the twins get fucked?"

A Very British Holiday

group Ziggy66 2018-02-20

We agreed neither of us was opposed although Sarah didn't want to watch me having sex with another woman, but she did say if we swapped it would be at the same time, she also added that she was surprised by Anna's advance and remarked on her un-kept pussy. Once in the room Anna kissed me some more then dropped to suck my cock, she had a real talent for this, after a while I moved her to the bed and pushed her onto it and lowered my mouth to her very erect nipples, these were larger than Sarah's and I started to suck on then alternating between them not wanting to favour any one nipple.


Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 06

group oldhippie1949 2018-02-20

From Aspen, we'd head down through the mountains to Taos (Bandolier Park)) and Santa Fe, then back up North to Mesa Verde, then west to Monument Valley and Lake Powell, south to Grand Canyon, catch Route 66 near Seligman and ride it to Kingman, from there we'd go into the Mohave to Needles, south to Lake Havasu City and catch I-10 to Palm Springs. "Yes," Amy said, "I'm just feeling frisky and in love with my man." She began to massage my arms and my hands. She whispered in my ear, "Davy, I'm so crazy about you...I've never felt like this before...last night was so good for me, my mind blanked and all I could feel was my love for's more than sex, it's's total.


Daddy’s Little Girl Part 22

group baddaddy59 2018-02-20

Britt makes a point of setting the box of toys in plain sight, as Heather walks Ashlynn around the room so all the guys get a good look at her (in truth most are checking out the girl they have only seen cheering on the 50 yard line), she then leads her to the bench (we don’t know what the room will have), and the guy start striping as Brittany and Heather help then. The guys let Coach Wxxxxxxxxn go first, as soon as he is done Britt starts working her mouth magic on him to clean him and get him ready to go again, at first her looked a little disappointed that it wasn’t Heather, but Britt can suck a cock.

Three's a Crowd?

group Souldeepdesires 2018-02-20

The noise lodged in my throat turns into a moan when Brian's head falls back in pleasure as Jonathan's tongue strokes his hard flesh from base to tip. With his free hand he pulls me closer deepening our kiss, our tongues playing tag over the veins of Brian's cock. When Brian hints for Jonathan to kiss me too, I tell him he doesn't need to, if he doesn't want to. Brian leaves Jonathan to continue exploring my breasts while his hands wander down my sides, following the hem of my jeans, pulling me closer. Seeing Jonathan in front of me I know it's Brian's hands gripping my hips, positioning me above his cock.


The Party

group BandP 2018-02-20

"This is Linda and she is from Cheeky Nights, she will be hosting the party tonight and over here is my loving husband Ben, of which I'm sure you all know, who will be here to serve you drinks and anything else you desire." And with that I had the eyes of all the women on the room swing around to me. Taking my rock hard cock into her mouth she started sucking in time with Vanessa's thrusting into my hole, and I began sliding my tongue over her silky smooth pussy lips. The feeling of Vanessa drubbing into my behind and Pete's delicate tongue swirling around my swollen head was too much, and within seconds I felt my balls tighten and my cock erupt, spewing jet after jet of my cum deep into my wife's throat.

Her Victorian Bottom Shared Ch. 01

group Ian56 2018-02-20

The following day found Prudence sat in a window seat looking out at the hustle and bustle of Petticoat street market where the tide of London life ebbed and flowed as its citizens went about the drudge of daily living in order to sell their wares or spend their coin. As Henry turned away slightly and took his seat, Lizzie glanced nervously at Prudence who smiled at her over the rim of her tea cup. Henry sat looking at his wife as if whatever sense and sensibility his love had, it had suddenly jumped ship and ran for the hills shrieking like a mad woman.


Temporary Girlfriend: Honeymoon Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-02-20

Create a deep and spiritual connection with not only your partner but also with the Universe at large; use your meditation skills as you make love." We formed pairs for the night again: Greg and Fiona coupled by making ga-ga eyes at each other at the thought of being together for the night; Doug and Amy found one anotherand he went and sat next to her; Jeremy and Beth paired by simply sitting next to one another and holding hands; Josh and Katelyn paired with a short kiss and hug; Carl and Stacy with an embrace and an affectionate kiss by Carl on her bulging stomach; and Ray and Alex joined up with a kiss and hug.


Oral Values: Juice Junkie

group Global Carol 2018-02-20

"My thought was," he replied, dismissing these two key issues which he had not yet worked out, "when you're on your knees, your mouth should just come up to the lower lip of the bin's top. As Regina was just putting on a pretty, lacey bra, one of the few available in the extraordinary large cup sizes that didn't look like it was made for someone's grandmother, Mark went to the Shop teacher and begged a favor. I mean, I'm here mouth open, ready to suck, waiting for semen." Then pointing to her luscious lips she added, "Look. She then went to kiss him, but he pulled his head back sharply saying, "You know, I'm just not really into kissing the cum from half of their team off your beautiful lips.


The Misadventures of Calamity Calla

group anastymouse 2018-02-20

I would fall into a dream world of two cocks; licking one sucking the other; both guys kissing my neck; messaging my tits, licking my ass; eating my pussy; and taking me at the same time. I looked at John and then Steve waited for a second, smiled at each in the mirror, reached behind my back and unhooked my bra and tossed it on the bed. I turned away from John and slowly slid Steve's cock into my mouth and gently cradled his balls with both hands like I was drinking wine from a large goblet. his sweet little sorority girl sucking two dicks at the same time and joyously drinking cum shots.

Karens Pleasure

group Shenthus 2018-02-20

You hold my head and lift my lips up to your, thrusting your tongue deep into my mouth, then breaking the kiss you pull mu coat to the side and lean down, running your tongue over my hard cock. I look at her and smile as she watches us intently and smiles back, so I lift your dress at the back and flash her your bare ass and my cock sliding deep in your cunt. I hand the bottle to Sally and kneel down between her legs, taking her cunt lips in my mouth and sucking on them while I run my tongue over her clit.

Meet Nina...

group Sugarshirl 2018-02-20

One day while we are in my studio, just fooling around, me working and you watching me create a new painting and you touching me every so often, we hear a knock on the door. You are engrossed with watching us and you get up from your chair and with your large, hard, hot cock in you hand you come over to the side of the bed and your cock is just level with her mouth. She is getting so excited that she sucks it hard and lifts her hands to caress your balls and to squeeze your ass, getting paint on you also.