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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Raw Sex, Dirty Wife and double penetration

group 2018-02-20

She was joined by her lover who immediately reached in and groped my bare ass, which I made no objection as I was continuing with the fuck with an intensity intent on achieving orgasm, so when he pushed his penis in between my ass cheeks, it was too late to complain, as he slipped inside my anal canal, both their penises rubbing each other through my thin membrane, while his wife continued to strip me completely naked, for both men to complete their act of sexual gratification with all my flesh nude and available to their touch.


group sihaya 2018-02-20

I could feel her body moving and she kissed me rhythmically, in time with his thrusts, and sucked my lip into her mouth as she moaned. My teeth pressed into her neck and I felt her hands pulling at me, spreading me open, as he laid into me, and then: "Kiss me, kiss me," so I did. We kissed, gently, lightly, and she stroked my hair until my shudders stopped; and then I kissed her, lips, jaw, neck, shoulder, breast, nipple, hip, until my lips met her clit, and then I loved her, loved her until she begged for my fingers, until she soaked my hand, until she shuddered to orgasm and told me again that she loved me.

Our Friend's Sister Likes To Swim

group AshleyFun91 2018-02-20

"So, do you think my brother would mind if I go swimming with you guys?" Ashley asked and giggled as she finished another beer, getting a bit more drunk, and she started to wave at some of the traffic passing by. "Follow me, boys." She said as she slowly got on her hands and knees near the hole and crawled in, giving the guys a good, nice view of her firm, round ass and showed them a glimpse of her wet pussy. Ashley took Stan's cock out of her mouth after sucking it and let out some more moans as she felt hands sliding and groping and finger her all over her wet body.


Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice? Pt. 01

group vandalay74 2018-02-20

Kara moaned again as Michelle's tongue entered her pussy and her lips wrapped around her clit. Kara's moans only seemed to invigorate Michelle as her hand moved faster across my wife's clit. I pulled Kara's hips toward me driving my cock deep into my wife's pussy as I exploded inside her. A slight moan escaped both of their lips and Michelle placed her hand on my hip gently guiding me into position behind her. "Oh God yes!" Kara moaned as Michelle pushed up against her, their shared dildo penetrating each other's pussy. "Oh yes, fuck me Kara," Michelle moaned as she moved her hips rapidly up and down the shaft of the plastic cock, each motion sending my cock deeper into her ass.

Three Maids a Milk'n

group seduce887 2018-02-20

It wasn't the feeling I have right now that gets me, but rather the guilt Jimmy would receive once his eyes rests on the blank stare I send to his fluttered looks of another going down on his throttle instead of me. A look of bashfulness and seduction that sent my heart to my throat, especially after she had stopped the teasing of her long silky hair and laid her bald lips against my man's face. My mouth was filled with Joy and laughter, and the look I got from Jimmy was giving me strength to carry out this mission of mercy that hampers my womanhood along life's narrow and straight path I go.

Innocent s****r In Her Dreams Of Top Film Actress

group 2018-02-20

As the shower was running fast, I cannot leave the door open.I rushed inside and closed it behind, no words spoken.I hugged her from the back and rubbed my cock against her naked ass.She was cooperating so well that she took my hands placed it on her pussy asking me to finger it. He advised that I should it good, I asked what the scene I should be acting now.He said what the fuck are you asking, hero sir is also coming for the audition and it’s the romance on the bed to be tried, director and producer want to make sure the romance comes out well as that is the main part of the movie.

Subman and Condiment Girl Ch. 03

group love_neverfails 2018-02-20

"Well, what if I wanted something between just the two of us but wouldn't mind including your little boy toy every once in a while?" My mouth dropped open, my eyes popped, and I felt all the air leave the room. My hands began an exploration of her body and by the time I reached her most sensitive spot, she was hot and ready. Your eyes roamed over my body, clad in my white shirt and plaid mini, before your hands reached out for me to pull me into a bone-melting kiss. Becca placed her arm around my waist, pulling me to her soft body before lowering her mouth to mine. You placed your hands on my shoulders, turned me away from Becca and started to kiss me.

Brian's Story Ch. 01

group velvethammer 2018-02-20

There was a guy pounding his huge cock into this cute little blonde while she was getting her tits sucked by this gorgeous Asian chick. Then I figured what the fuck and I got a nice wad of saliva going, (no mean feat after the pot, let me tell you) and lowered my mouth over his prick. I loved fucking girls but I liked sucking guys too. Aaron laid there facing me and after what felt like an hour, he lifted his hand and put it on my upper arm and started stroking it lightly. After I got to know him, Dennis was cool about taking off for a few hours so Shelly and I could fuck in private.


Which Witch

group Ed0613 2018-02-20

For some reason, a single 38 year old man, with a good job and all of his hair has less problems acquiring partners for casual sex than a working mother living at home, so she was usually the one who called me. I think you will like her." With a chuckle I added "she says that she is a good witch." I thought for a moment before I said, "Look, when I told her about you she asked if she could arrange a dinner for the three of us. Laura left to get the coffee and Carla leaned over to me and whispered "Is this room doing to you what is to me?" With that she grabbed a feel of my hard penis through my trousers and laughed "It sure is, I think my nipples are as hard as your pecker."


group BlushingSecrets 2018-02-20

Steven looked a little alarmed to be addressed by THE Josh Canyon. I would moan around his cock feeling my panties getting wetter and wetter, hearing him chuckle as my hands found my pussy and I began to furiously finger myself. Josh climbed over the desk and knelt down beside Steven who whispered something in his ear. "Hey," Josh seemed to feel bad for me "Steven here was caught trying to peek into the girls locker room. "Good girl," Josh cupped my face with his hands and turned my face towards his. With Josh's face buried in my ass and Steven licking my pussy, I wasn't going to last long.

Double Impact at the Pool

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-02-20

There wasn't a day that went by when Jeff and his fellow lifeguard and best friend Zach weren't thinking about sex, and they often shared fantasies about women they'd seen at the pool while doing their lifeguard duties. Zach pushed his throbbing penis into Sandy and started to thrust, never taking his eyes away from her getting off his best friend with her mouth. Zach shot his load in Sandy's pussy after a few more hard thrusts, then pulled out of her and sat beside Jeff on the bench. As Sandy increased her pace riding Jeff, Zach grabbed her hips and fucked her ass with a vengeance. Zach and Jeff grunted and Sandy felt them come in her ass and pussy, triggering her final orgasm.

Used by My Mistress

group IAMCURIOUS 2018-02-20

"Brad here had is way with me just before you got here, he pounded my pussy harder than I thought possible, I came a lot on that cock, now strip your clothes off and get on that bed and clean my cum off his cock!" said my Mistress. Now I had no control of the movement with cock at each end of my body, as my Mistress thrust into me, pushing me forward but would hold her cock deep inside my ass. The combination of his stroking of my cock, his fucking my ass and sliding past my spot and finally my Mistress cumming on my face, did the job.

Calico Cove

group stoneypoint 2018-02-20

"Isn't it a wonderful day" he asked and they said yes with their Monday morning smiles as though they didn't want to be there like him, but since he had to be he made the best of it. That means get comfortable, dress casually, not slutty, but feel free to dress pretty much the way you care to dress as long as you don't walk in looking like you are a slut, please" he told them. Outside he was having a cigarette when out of the blue he heard "Hiiiiii Jeff what's going on dude?" He turned and to his surprise all three showed up wearing fine looking skirts and some of the sexiest tops he had ever seen in his life.


Almost a Threesome

group Banshee7 2018-02-20

I couldn't believe Shirley was not only looking at my cock, but was playing with it as Anna watched. I felt Anna sit back down between my legs, and she started fondling my balls, "Come on, I've had him do it before." Then, gripping my cock hard she asked, "David, can you feel this?" I opened my eyes to see Shirley siting on the edge of my bed near my shoulders as Anna knelt between my legs. I couldn't believe that with my friends just downstairs and Shirley and Anna watching, I was sitting there with my legs spread masturbating. Shirley was aiming my cock straight up in the air as Anna continued to kiss me and caress my asshole.

Pool Boy Ch. 42

group BigZeke13 2018-02-20

'Big Joe-Robbie' looked back over his shoulder and loudly said, "Gwen, can you come in?" An absolutely gorgeous woman walked into the room. Can you do the treatment that Ruby-Jean discovered?" He pointed at Alexis and me and said, "These are JR's friends who are going to help JR get his treatment when he is back at school." Gwen smiled at 'Big Joe-Robbie' and moved across the room toward JR. Every time I got another blow-job from Ruby-Jean and dad was okay with it because ever since he couldn't get an erection anymore he freed her to have sex wherever she wanted while he is having sex with Gwen, who seems to have some special skills to get him hard.


One Great Night!

group fancyboy747 2018-02-20

Friends Mike and Ed along with college buddies Laura and Heather and Heather's cousin Tina were returning home on Saturday night after a fun-filled three days at Mike's farmhouse 60 miles out of town. The man came running towards the SUV and told them that his truck had broken down and that he had been waiting for over an hour for a vehicle to come along. As they huddled closer by the roadside Ed inadvertently touched Tina's breasts. Heather then took Mike's dick in her hand. Laura too wanted a piece of the action and began kissing Ed. Mike kissed Heather and began to rub his hand over her clitoris. Seeing Mike and Heather, Ed grabbed Tina towards himself and shagged her with a quickie.

Long Weekend

group Kickmurder 2018-02-20

"So this camping spot is a good one right?" she said panting, looking at me as they wrestled around until John just put her over his shoulder and patted her on the ass a few times, holding her there. I handed out the beers as Sarah sat on the ground in front of John poking the fire with a stick while John leaned back in his chair looking up at the starry sky. Thanks for inviting me." Sarah said wistfully as she leaned back against John's legs, craning her head back and looked up at him, then over at me. John stroked Sarah's neck and shoulders for about 15 minutes before he grabbed her ponytail with one hand and pulled her back against him strongly.


Michele, part 3

group mombjfo 2018-02-20

And when the car came to a stop, and the door opened, she was all smiles and her body language showed it to a point that as soon as she was outside the car, everyone turned to look at her, even the women, and the men had their lower jaw almost hitting the ground, and for a good 10 seconds not a word was spoken. That woman told her that she was not gay, that some of the girls that were in the mansion that night were, that the other 2 were not, but that they all openly kissed, men or women alike, on the mouth, and that if she wanted, in the future, she could do it.

The New Man

group justcallmedee 2018-02-20

after the discussed time, ken and the new man both stopped and climbed onto the bed with me. after a few moments, i began to lick and suck on the new man's cock and he placed his hand on the back of my head, guiding my movements to what he liked. the new man had laid on my bed and i began licking the cum off of him as ken plunged deep into my wetness. the new man took the cue and moved beside ken, they were now laying on the bed, resting against the headboard. ken reached over and began stroking the new man's stiff-again cock.


The Army Buddy Ch. 3

group LadyBlueMoon 2018-02-20

As if in answer, he felt Erica's hand slip to his flaccid cock and gently begin rubbing the slit with her thumb. "Come over here and let me give him a kiss." With her hand still on his own cock, he watched Erica take her husband's erection completely into her mouth. Erica pulled her mouth off her husband's penis and said, "Prew, don't you think it's time my fantasy was fulfilled?" She turned shifted on the bed until she was on all fours, her butt pointing straight back towards him while her head was at the foot of the bed. Erica moaned with pleasure before taking her husband back into her mouth and sucking him in deep.

Helping out a friend

group joesal 2018-02-20

After a few seconds the otehr old man slipped to his knees and guided Pete's ass on to his thick cock. We had kissed a few times when Pete's old man moaned louldy and said "you read boy?!" "Fuck yeah" Pete screamed back. Pete's slid off the old man who then turned over on to his Belly and barked"bury that dick in me boy" and Pete did slowly easing his hard young dick into an ass the slowly swalloed it whole. Sure enough, Pete held his end of teh bargain as he began fucking Ralpj's ass stronger and stronger until he arched his abck and yelled "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" and shuddered as he gave the old man his seed.

Morning Coffee

group Barkman 2018-02-20

Pretty soon, Susan was vigorously mouthing Cindy's left breast, and Carol was working on her right. By the time Carol reached Susan's nipple, I had gently spread Cindy's legs and planted a few tentative kisses on her stomach and breasts. Watching her out of the corner of my eye, I timed my first lick of Cindy's pussy to Carol's own first contact with Susan's. Susan straddled my legs, coming up behind Carol, running her hands up and down her ribs, cupping her breasts, teasing her pussy, kissing her neck. As Carol continued her rhythm with me, Cindy started kissing her neck and breasts, and then slowly moved down her tummy toward where we were joined.


mmmf and hubby consolidated

group lovelong 2018-02-20

He tries to mutter a response and I turn to milfy, "will you please tell your darling husband you would like him to go buy you something appropriate?" "Shouldn't you kiss your wife goodbye?" He leans into kiss her and James and Ian both place a hand on her ass. Milfy sits between myself and James - she keeps her hand on my leg. Placing her hand to the back of his head - she edges him to Ian's 8 inches of thick flaccid cock. Milfy on the other hand has two lubed fingers in Ian's ass, this doubtless is turning him on. SHe starts to wank him hard and looks for Ians cock to take in her mouth.

Last Call

group BACarter 2018-02-20

Nice and slow..." I said watching that beautiful cock disappear between Craig's lips. I rose slightly and tongued Bob's nipple as Craig lost himself in that primitive, yet very enjoyable act of sucking cock. It was hard to resist grinding against the cock inside me, but I did long enough to grab Craig's cock and direct it to Bob's lips. Seconds later, I said, "Now its your turn." Without hesitation, I moved Craig around so that his cock was bumping up against his friend's lips. I could tell from the look in his eye that if he hadn't been sucking cock for years, he was certainly going to start.