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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Truth And Dare Game Turns To Orgy Ch. 02

group indian_slut 2018-02-20

Ruchi – Well, it looks tough but I can help you getting familiar with anal sex if you want? Ruchi went to her drawer and came back with a dildo. She inserted the entire finger inside and started pushing it in and out, I was getting relaxed and moaning slowly. Juices were flowing from my pussy, Ruchi kept the dildo inside me and started licking juices from my pussy. Ruchi told me to keep the dildo inside only until I feel too much uncomfortable. I want you to dress without your bra & panties and keep the dildo inside you. Ruchi ordered our lunch and started moving her hand on my legs under the table.

Group Fun

group jp67blue 2018-02-20

We knew our actions were giving the guys an eyeful & getting them deeply aroused, & that there was absolutely no doubt whatsoever what the conversation was going to be after I had left. I laid on our Emperor -- sized bed (over 7foot wide), propped myself up against the headboard, making myself comfortable, with my knees bent & my legs parted, to allow the cool evening breeze to gently kiss my hot wet pussy, & started reading the latest story in my "Black-lace" book. I heard one of the gasp and ask "what's that?" You remarked casually that it was one of my dildos, "Why's it in the fridge though?" Oh, she likes the feel of something hard & cold teasing then penetrating her, was your reply.

The Hunger Ch. 06

group CorsetLvr 2018-02-20

Not bad at all really, considering the intensity and volume of sex I had enjoyed the previous night and day before with Jim and Sharon. "Maybe we can defer this conversation until later when we can include Jim. I think we need to take our time, not rush into anything, and get to know each other outside the bedroom a bit more. Jim and Sharon couldn't help but tease me about my enthusiasm and sexual appetite at the party. I looked at Sharon for guidance and she said, "I have their number and will give it to Kim but it's up to her whether she wants to spend some private time with Lynn and Ken. I'll fill her in on them later."


Suzanne the Desert: Day 03

group mountainboy 2018-02-20

Patricia’s body muscles suddenly went rigid as she gasped, “Ooooooooohhh God, I can’t stop cumming on your big cock.” Lettie was on her stomach now humping her hips into the bed as the vibrators continued to do their work. Suzanne was still sucking on her clit and licking her pussy when Patricia moaned and started rocking back and forth working Bucks cock deeper into her ass. Fuck my ass, please Master, fuck my ass hard Master Buck.” Buck drove his cock all 11 inches into Patricia’s asshole as Suzanne again sucked on her clit and licked her pussy. Buck smiled and said, “Very good Paddy.” Buck and Suzanne got the belt off Lettie and removed the vibrators gently from her pussy and asshole.


The Heartbreak Cure

group RedOak 2018-02-20

Starting to feel more confident, my fingers searched out his nipples and began to circle them slowly. His hands were stroking the sides of my breasts and my nipples started to grow hard. We kissed while our hands, stroked, caressed and explored our sinuous bodies. My clit ached to feel his touch; my pussy was wet and hot, and she longed to feel his fingers inside. I tried to reach down to him, but at that moment his tongue started rapidly flicking my clit and I lost control and now I was coming again and again and again... His breathing became faster, his hips started bucking, and I knew I had teased long enough.

Wife Fucks My Best Friend

group 2018-02-20

She was still unaware that Danny was there, he had pulled his cock out & was stroking it as he watched me finger fuck her, I motioned for him to come over & lick her Hot juicy cunt. She was a little surprised, not knowing Danny was there, but his busy tongue, my kisses & sucking her tits had her ready to cum, so the first shock of feeling him licking her cunt sure didn't put a damper on the fire her dream had started. Soon I had Danny move into the picture & he started licking & kissing her hot cunt while he was finger fucking her.

Seduced By The Cosmtic Consultant

group kezza6969 2018-02-20

As Beth slowly worked over my body she of course touched me with more than her hands; a caress of a leg or a thigh, nothing unusual, just part of the contact between two people in this position. Vera let one nipple go and began to roughly run her hand down my belly, past my navel, over my wide open gash between my spread tied legs. This pleasant view was removed by Vera climbing onto the bed, kneeling with her legs on either side of my tied up arms, straddling my face with her open gaping cunt, resting her hands on the bedhead, looking down at me, watching me as I looked up at her pussy, close up for the first time.

My Best Friends Wife Ch. 1

group oddone 2018-02-20

It all started on a Saturday afternoon when Linda, my best friend Paul's wife, called and asked if Sue and I wanted to come over there to have some take-out Chinese food and watch a movie she had rented. I reached my arm around the back of Linda's neck and started to play with her other tit, pulling and pinching her nipple like she was doing to the other one. Sue came around to the side of where we were fucking and started to suck on one of Linda's swaying tits and playing with the other one with her hand. I noticed that Sue's hand had moved down from her tit, and later found out that she was shoving two fingers up Linda's cunt at the same time.

Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 01

group Tomcatfive 2018-02-20

"I do," she replied, "but the truth is, I go to a tanning salon regularly, I really love the feel of an all-over tan." With a big smile she put one hand on the waistband of her shorts and the other at the lower hem of her top, pushing the shorts down a bit, showing the beginning of the curve of her round ass, and pulling up the top. Her head came forward again, and this time, I slid right down, till her lips pressed into my pubic hair, and she ground her face against me, my hard cock moving in her throat. Her hands went to my head, and she mashed my face into herself even harder as I slid my tongue slowly up between her lips, my mouth grinding and sucking.


Backstage Bang Ch. 3

group Macbang 2018-02-20

The guy Lisa had picked up originally pushed her into the doggie position, pulled her thong to the side and started bouncing his big dick off her hot ass. "You liked that bitch you're gonna love this." said the stud in her pussy as he reached under her and got some of the cum that was still clinging to her big tits. "Yeah I knew you'd like it bitch, cum your brains out with my dick in your ass!" her assfucking stud said. "Yeah, give me more cock boys, stuff me like a Christmas goose!!!" Lisa yelped as one guy started fucking her face and the other straddled her chest and squeezed her heaving melons around his throbbing nine-incher.


group johnnieblue44 2018-02-20

Candace went about her business as the gracious hostess, accelerating her stroking of Kevin's impressive rod, while encouraging Laurie's expertise by exclaiming, "Isn't that beautiful cock just wasted on that Sherry bitch, Laurie?" I could feel Laurie's mouth curling in a grin around my shaft, but if anything, she sucked even harder. Kevin soon walked behind Candace and mounted her doggy-style, and I absorbed the incredibly erotic view of Laurie's ass bouncing up and down frantically on my cock while her cunt was licked by Candace, who sucked my swollen balls at the same time, when she wasn't screaming in delight from Kevin's big, thick dick assaulting her pussy.


Super Bowl Game

group erossmantic 2018-02-20

He constantly throws out parallel colloquialisms comparing us to the Seattle Seahawks like: "Russell Wilson doesn't win games by himself," or "the best offense is a good defense," or "you're only in if you are all in." It annoys the hell out of me. The most annoying two weeks of my life were the 14 days after the AFC and NFC championship games that determined the Denver Broncos would be playing the Seattle Seahawks in New York for the Super Bowl. "Every time the Broncos score, the five of us have to take a shot of vodka," Carl said. I couldn't think of a better way to start the bet, than watching Peyton take his time driving the ball down the field to be the first to score.


Menage Trois

group bad_dave 2018-02-20

He reached up and spanked her arse hard, she let out a little yelp; hearing her pleasure and pain and seeing the two of them together turned me on and I began to feel my pussy tingle again. Feeling my pussy tighten he reached around and spanked my arse, I thrust down harder so my clit could grind against his smooth body, I felt like I was going to burst. As the waves of my orgasm began to wash over me I couldn't take my gag any longer; I wriggled my tongue free and breathlessly exclaimed, "I'm going to cum!" This must have given Jon the green light; he reached round with both hands and spread my arse cheeks.

Play Party

group ohyeahhhh 2018-02-20

I really thought she would just jump on me, and I moved my hand to her hips to help her move, but instead, she just stayed where she was on her back and leaned into my ear and stoked me even faster while starting to moan "mmmmmm, oh fuck baby, I love the way you drive into me, of fuck, I'm rubbing my clit and getting you off at the same time." As soon as I touched her, she moaned out "oh yeah, that feels so good, I've been needing to cum all day." I rubbed her clit just a few times and I could feel her legs and butt start to shake a little.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 65

group SteveWallace 2018-02-20

Janet was Troy's wife -- a man who had what he thought was a simple one-night stand with Elsa, Cindy, and his best friend, but since then had turned his wife into an appreciative sex kitten who could never get enough and who had declared herself as a hot wife that needed to be shared. She's never been to a party like this, but I want him to look over and see you making love to me -- this loooong shaft of pleasure pumping bliss into my hot little cunt." She started to whisper in a conspiratorial tone as she took hold of my cock and started to massage me to full form, "I'll tell you a secret.


Hey Neighbors...

group floridastud941 2018-02-20

"Nice to meet you Pete, excuse me guys, I'll be right out." "Thanks so much for dinner Bill, it was nice meeting you and Debbie!" I said as I stood up. Debbie shouted "Woooooooo!" And exposed her large pendulous breasts and shaved pussy as she playfully rubbed her ass against my pulsing cock. Bill stood by and jacked off as Debbie slid down from my face and kissed me while gyrating on my body. Bill walked over and presented his hard cock in front of Debbie's face as she took it in voraciously. Cum leaked out of the corners of Debbie's mouth as she slid my wet hard cock around her lips and greedily gobbled down every drop.

Christa & Rachel's House Party

group Reminiscing 2018-02-20

Christa demanded the girls give all the guys shots and then dance for a different partner. Katie had obviously not noticed that my cock head was sticking out because she the began to hump my lap without fixing her bottoms properly. The girls had a huddle as they poured the shots for us before Christa announced this would be our final dance guys and make the most of it! "Christa got one guys cock out and had him so horny that when I ground on him he came all over me." I realized as she said this she had followed Christa around, taking up where the sauciest bitch in the room left off.

Camping With the Girls

group djrip 2018-02-20

Katie laughed softly and he felt her fingers dance across the underside of his cock, and then a warm, wet sensation as she dragged her tongue up his length, scooping up some pre-cum at the tip and letting a trail of it fall down her chin as she pulled back. It came in several thick spurts, one splashing across her face, most flowing down his cock in heavy clumps, where Nadia and Becky gathered it with long, slow licks up the length of his penis, opening and closing their mouths and moving their tongues around to feel the warmth and texture of his semen.


Fifteen Minutes Ch. 03

group hal_tee 2018-02-20

Telling Madison she couldn't wait to try them out with Ethan wasn't the best idea in the circumstances. From Macpherson's description of the girl, there'd been no doubt that the brunette who'd stomped out of the flats was Madison Cooper. She took hold of the protecting hands and pulled them away from Madison's swells. "What, baby?" the grinning girl asked, rubbing her own warm bra-covered breasts into Madison's back. The way their warm bodies rubbed against one another during their brief struggle had increased her excitement and her friend's soft moan suggested the brunette was feeling it, too. Her hands found their way under Peaches' panties to her athletic ass, pulling her more tightly into the embrace.


Complex Relationship Ch. 09

group PaulStevens 2018-02-20

As Katy looked ready to shout out Brandon put a finger to his lips and Ashley covered her mouth in time to avoid waking the sleeping Mel. Brandon gave a wink to Ashley and understanding she escorted the energetic blonde out of the entrance with a wide smile on her face. Brandon went to breakfast and after telling Ashley and Katy that Mel would be along shortly, set to eating. As Katy cleaned him up he felt Ashley leave him and when he looked up, found her behind Mel. Ashley hands went straight for the redheads aroused tits and soon had her moaning in pleasure. Brandon paused a bit to let Mel get set then as she started to thrust in and out of Ashley, he resumed and soon they had a good rhythm going.

The House Ch. 11

group phsssst 2018-02-20

At first, they simply spread eagled Sue on the bed and began to suck her pussy with one girl and each of her tits, but that wasn't good enough and Jean came up with an idea that would make them feel more vulnerable, more open, and more ready. Sue herself growled out her needs into Mary's cunt as Jane's probing tongue gave more than it took and the shivers of a second orgasm began to plague Sue's lusting body. When John raced up the stairs to the third floor, he discovered his mother spread-eagled across Mia's back while two naked nymphs suckled on her tits, a third was feeding her nectar from her swollen flower of love while a fourth was tonguing her hairy pubes seeking her clit to bring on orgasm.


Black Out Ch. 02

group rckplsky 2018-02-20

I'm sorry if I sound like a racist, but I want black dick only for sexual pleasures. "Well it can't be hard," I reply, " just tell them that there is a bad ass white girl at home who wants a gangbang." I feel one guy cum in my ass. "Shit," I say as I pull myself off the last guy, "look at that stretched out pussy!" I place the guys dick, which I'm sure, was in my ass, back in my pussy. "Come on guys," I demand, "my ass wants two cocks in it!" A few want to cum in me and I comply jumping back on the bed as they either cum in my pussy or ass.

Aunt got nailed by Raja

group pari4aj4pari 2018-02-19

Pari my wife held aunt’s hand started to move aunt’s hand back n forth masturbate Raja’s dick. Aunt said to Raja lay on bed so I can lick and suck your dick. Aunt got hold of Raja’s dick in hand and put it in her mouth. In mean time Nalni our maid started to suck my cock while I was on the bed next to raja and aunt. As Raja started to push his dick in aunt’s pussy. Aunt opened her mouth and moan as dick started going in her pussy. Raja was pushing very slowly take time for aunt to get use to his dick. Raja got half of dick in aunt’s pussy. Slowly Raja pushed all his dick in aunt’s pussy.

Born on XXXMas Day: Shelly

group Hypoxia 2018-02-19

*****Born on XXXMas Day: Shelly(It's the worst fucking birthday ever)***** Shelly's best friends waited for her in the little living room; Ashley, Tyra, Jeri and Phyll all hugged her in turn. The soft face between Shelly's thighs moved away and was replaced with rougher flesh and a tougher tongue that caressed and teased her tumid clit. Friends who wanted to give you gifts far beyond the usual birthday and Christmas goodies." Little blonde Ashley held Shelly's head in her hands and kissed her, gently at first, then with a softy probing tongue that became urgent and demanding. Shelly felt Marcia move to kiss Ashley's breasts; she joined her. Shelly's eyes met Marcia's as they licked around Ashley's puffy pink aureolas and teased her dilated nipples.