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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Triad Ch. 01

group BogartsBoss 2018-02-19

When the car came to rest Frank Russo took a deep breath and looked around. Frank made three calls at home; first he arranged for a rental car, then called the specialty shop the Alfa was headed for, and finally his friend Phil. "For openers it looks like the left front wheel and fender took the main hit. Frank didn't have such a problem; right after "wow" He pulled her into his arms looking into her eyes for permission, and finding it - he bent to kiss her. He looks pretty good too..." She was interrupted by the couple's question and then the woman glanced over at Frank and whispered a question: "Husband or boyfriend?"


Nathan Stokes, Pornstar

group Dallas_X 2018-02-19

Nathan froze, all 11 inches of his cock still based inside Asira's talented young pornstar pussy. Look, I'll get the scene done, I'm horny as hell so it'll be no problem..." He said, glancing at Asira on all fours, her perfect ass and pussy pointing straight at Nathan, dripping wet and begging for more. Samantha was right in the action, the camera repaired and filming as Nathans balls smacked rhythmically against Asiras bald pussy. As Nathan slowed his assault, Samantha brought the camera right up to film Asiras face. Nathan grabbed the pina colada glass from the beach towel, and slowly jerked off while watching Asira beckoning, darting her tongue across her lips, a lustful expression on her face.


Sleazebag Hotel

group jasexy28 2018-02-19

I stood at the end of the bed and stared at her pussy under the tight nylon and up at her lovely little breasts, then felt my cock harden inside my jeans and so I popped open the front of them. I sucked hard on her smooth pussy as I felt the head of my cock enter her mouth and get sucked down inside her throat, when I heard the door suddenly open. This made my cock very hard indeed and the guy who was waiting for me to cum in her pussy started to jerk off faster and said to his friend who was nearing orgasm, "Oh fuck it, just cum, just fucking shoot a load into her."


Judging Debbie

group yakka 2018-02-19

Debbie recalled the aching of her hot wet pussy as she anticipated the touch of his tongue moving across her wet lips and slowly edging up to her throbbing clitoris and how she had run her tongue over the head of George's cock causing it to dance around as his body flinched in excitement. Debbie grasped the base and slowly slid the throbbing member into her mouth, running her tongue around the head and as she moved her mouth up and down the huge cock she felt herself cum. She opened her legs wide so he could easily explore her and when his strong tongue gently flicked her clitoris she clasped his head in a scissor grip and ground her pelvis into his face as she exploded in violent orgasm.


Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 11

group eidetic 2018-02-19

Aaron cut me loose, explaining that he already had his tux for the night, and went to talk to Jerry while I joined Sandy, Vicki and Ginger at the racks. It could sleep eight comfortably, had plenty of lounge space across from the galley, an impressive communications setup including radar and GPS, a fresh water shower in the head and even a place for a rubber boat -- Jerry called it a Zodiac -- hanging off the stern. The light breeze was refreshing after several turns around the dance floor with Dave, Paul and Aaron -- I hadn't gotten to Ron and Jerry, yet -- and I was leaning out over the rail, letting my tits air out, generally out of sight.


Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 5

group nawty48 2018-02-19

In less than five minutes, Sandy learns that Michelle loves this girl's hair and hates that one's shoes, that she'd love to kick the shit out of that bitch standing by the corner, and that she'd kill to go down on the babe coming out of the pizza joint. "I know she wants to lick my pussy," she assures her mom, "for I can see her dreaming about it in class!" But before the redhead can refute her, the blonde drops to her knees, pulls down Sandy's panties, and grabs a fistful of bush hair as if about to shave her the hard way. "I bet she fucks it ten times a day to keep it so hot and wet!" Now wiping her hand clean on Sandy's thighs, the blonde works her way behind the redhead to undo her bra.


The Consultants Ch. 03

group T@nman 2018-02-19

When I wanted to take a break, I could look up the plane of her belly and between her breasts and watch as Judy's lips moved up and down and around Rob's cock and as her tongue rubbed, pressed and licked its underbelly. Keep going." I felt Rob's lips moving around my cock shaft as he tried to pull me deeper into his mouth. I've got to rest a minute." I felt Judy's hand then her lips on my cock. Judy and I took turns sucking the cum out of Rob's cock. I gently licked and sucked Rob's still hard cock as Judy began to jack me off.


My Fantasy

group wifeluvsbi30 2018-02-19

It s hard and she is trembling and I want my husband to fuck her while I suck on her clit. I roll over to her and start licking her lips and thrusting my tongue in her mouth so that she can taste herself. We tell our girl to straddle my face, we don’t want her to be left out, and I start fucking her tight hole with my tongue as he starts thrusting. I lean over and suck on her nipples but she reaches up and grabs a handful of my hair pulling my face away and up towards her mouth. Watching us kiss makes my husband thrust even harder and I know he’s ready.

The Beach House Ch. 02

group davidw61 2018-02-19

I want you and Kelly to have a good wake up so I start to slowly lick your pussy and you begin to wake up. Kelly then pushes me aside and starts to suck my come out of your pussy. While she continues to eat your pussy I slide my cock up her ass, fucking her. I am able to fuck her ass and watch her eat your pussy at the same time. As we lick her ass and taste my come both of us work our way with our fingers to her pussy. Then you tell me you want to watch me fuck Kelly. I watch you as your suck and lick on her cunt, tasting my come and her pussy together.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 10

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-19

"You need to remember, Jeremy, I'm not Lindsay or Amy!" Kristanna exclaimed, still giggling up a wild storm. One place on the island that Kristanna wanted to visit before we returned home to Norway was the natural garden in the northwestern valley, nestled between the crashing surf and a thundering waterfall. Simply dubbed Eden by Kristanna several years ago, this five acre garden was home to hundreds of species of tropical trees, flowers and other plant life such as lovely orchids, heliconias, torch gingers and bromeliads. She would see to it that Kaden had a good night as Kristanna and I enjoyed our time alone together in the guest cottage.


Investigative Reporting

group Myrmidon69 2018-02-19

His voice was friendly, but there was a note of firmness in it, a note that said this was a man who was used to getting things his way, and knew he had the upper hand this time. Sitting on her knees in front of John, Judy stared at the massive cock mere centimetres from her face in awe. "Oh yes, that's good," John said as she sucked hard on the head of his cock. Still stroking John's shaft with one hand, Judy cupped his heavy balls with the other, gently massaging them as she sucked hard on the shaft in her mouth. At last John stopped groaning, and stood still, his cock still inside Judy's mouth.


Secret Cupid

group BuckyDuckman 2018-02-19

"Drapes mean the hair on your head." There were more howls of laughter and good-natured ribbing aimed at Liz and her faux pas before Darren and Brad looked Claire from Springfield. Wendy put her dibs on Ian. Smoky-eyed Liz from Wichita had already shared her shaved pussy with Darren, she moved in front of big dicked Brad. She stroked Darren and watched Liz doing her best with Brad's huge cock while Wendy looked as if she was thoroughly enjoying Ian's normal sized dick. Wendy spent a moment rubbing Ian and watching Liz doing her best at working over big Brad. While looking at Liz, the dark haired girl with the smoky eyes smiled and mouthed two words, "He's close." Wendy wondered if Ian was close, too.


A Redheaded Surprise

group bigeorgie09 2018-02-19

I just thought it would be a nice change for me to come get you from work on a Friday." I look up, wrap my arms around your neck and proceed to kiss you. We reach the top of the stairs and are about ready to walk down the hallway to your bedroom when I tell you to stop and wait a minute, while I go ahead into the room. As you watch, I start working my way down the redhead's body. A look of wonder and realization covers your face as the redhead moves her lips towards your still stiff cock. I stand next to the bed just behind the woman with the red hair, one hand between her legs teasing her clit, the other on her hip grinding her against you.

Tammy's Tattoo Ch. 3

group Jonesfalls 2018-02-19

Linda spoke between grunts, "Tammy I know I'm not supposed to fuck him without your permission, but I needed some dick sooo bad today and you know yourself how good it is, so I had to have a little taste." As my cock started to harden, Tammy released it from her mouth and said, "Linda is going make me cum in her mouth. Tammy then sat up and took hold of Linda's head, to keep her in place, and moved her pelvis around be assure that all the cum came out directly in Linda's mouth, just like she did to the tattoo artist. "Well," said Lacey, "Once when I was younger I saw my father and mother fucking and my father's cock was huge, I want to know if Linda had some and how it felt.


Marbella madness

group 2018-02-19

When my husband was away getting more drinks, Alan asked me if I would like to attend a bukake party tomorrow whilst my husband was on the golf course. He said he wanted to pull out and cum on her tits so I let go of his cock and her head and he just wanked a few strokes and unloaded onto her bikini top. Big man wiped his cock on her face and asked for a bit of clean up with her tongue, which he got and then he sat down happy to rest and have another go later. I asked him to tell me when he was ready to cum and I would point his big cock right at her face.


group Kentarre 2018-02-19

The hand in my hair gentles and guides my head up to feel his lips capture mine in a deep kiss that sends tingles shooting down my body. As he growls, I feel her body sway forward, her thigh shifting and pressing against me sending hot tingles through me. The softness of her skin slips over mine contrasted by the hard knobs of her nipples that catch slightly, teasing as they slide. I shake feeling her tongue licking against my sensitized skin pressing soft kisses to my trembling clit. Both slip away from me for a moment leaving me shuddering, feeling the breeze teasing my sensitized skin. He slips between my legs teasing my pussy with the head of his cock, caressing my clit making me tremble.

Pimp My Cable

group Lure 2018-02-19

I never got their names (who cares what your cable guy's name is), but one of them, the trainer, was very tall and slim. The trainer said, "No, I'm not too young." As he continued squeezing his dick through his uniform. I slid to the edge of the couch, legs parted and was unzipping his uniform pants before either of us knew what was happening. His dick was enough to satisfy my awaiting mouth, because I had no intentions of allowing him to fuck my kitty with it. While lingering on the dick, I relaxed my body against the arm of the couch allowing the trainer to have free access to fuck my mouth however he pleased.

Vacation Ch. 01

group IDrew 2018-02-19

He touched my leg as well and said he didn't mind her touching me and kept his hand there for a minute watching my reaction. I just watched with my mouth open as you kissed and sucked his huge cock. I took it in my hands and moved my cock next to her pussy. I moved back up to fuck her pussy, but you pushed my cock into her ass. Brian had his cock in his hands because he looked like he was going to cum. I watched Brian cum in Kali's mouth and face and hair and breasts. Kali moved over to suck on my cock and I could feel Brian's cum in her mouth.

The Lingerie Models

group AnyDayNow 2018-02-19

Susan was in her own little world, still dancing away on her own and slurping on her wine, so she never really noticed when Dave opened his legs and Clare backed-in until her boots were touching the sofa. Clare was blocking me again from seeing Dave other than his legs either side of her, but I noticed he wasted no time in placing his hands on her hips. She looked over at Clare and Dave briefly before taking up a position between my legs again, only this time she was facing me. Dave had said Susan did not have any lingerie like this and it seemed she was clearly enjoying wearing it and the effect it was having on me as I watched her pose right in front of me.

Truth or Treat

group Jake Marlow 2018-02-19

Part of the reason was probably because he knew that she didn’t like Jared all that much and that if he’d asked first she would have said no, or at least argued about it for a while. Seth didn’t think Andrea was wearing a bra and when she moved, if the light struck right, he could see her pale nipples through the halter-top. Even when she was fully dressed, even if his wife were right there, Jared always had a way of making Andrea feel uncomfortable. Much as he hated to leave Maria, Seth knew he should go over and cut in, but then he saw Jared next to his wife and Jeff.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 60

group SteveWallace 2018-02-19

I gave Alice a tour of the condo, since the girls and I liked the look and feel of the place and wanted to carry over at least some of that to the house – dramatic use of black marbles and steel, bright splashes of color in fabric and art, and stark and unexpected effects in various bedrooms. The questions had included discussing what kind of decorating she'd grown up with, her taste in art, her personality, what she liked and didn't like in the condo's living room and bedroom, favorite and least favorite colors, impressions she wanted the home to make, how she entertains – besides the sex, time in front of the TV, use of home computer, feelings about interior and exterior spaces, and hobbies – Cindy told her flying and sex, but not necessarily in that order.


While John is Away Ch. 03

group P3Driver 2018-02-19

We are only there for five minutes before a group of guys from across the bar start hitting on us, wanting to buy us drinks and chat us up. He was half-kidding when he said it but I know we were being loud and there is a piano player / singer in the bar and we were being a bit rude to those that wanted to hear her. My buzz is starting to come back and I decide to be a little bit forward and ask the groom to be, to dance. "Magnificent is too mild for what you have," Jack says as he sweeps me toward the corner of the dance floor where it is a little darker and away from my friends.


Tapestry Ch. 02

group HLD 2018-02-19

Rather, he was one of the dozens of Boba Fetts running around Celebration, but when she looked him up and down, Breana could tell that he had put a lot of time, energy and money into his costume. Both posed and preened for the cameras—Boba Fett holding his blaster rifle menacingly, Breana making a Force motion with her hand or igniting the LEDs on her custom-built (and screen accurate) Aayla Secura lightsaber with the sound adapters—until they got to the impromptu food court, when the people around them melted back into the crowd. The photo-seekers stopped at the food court, but those around them continued to gawk as the tall, lithe beauty sat down at the table next Breana, as if to box the young woman in between the two Fetts.


Me and wifey kissing and fondling neighbors Monica

group absanon 2018-02-19

While I was lying on the bed kissing and caressing Anna, Bart had started to massage Monica. Monica asked Anna if she didn’t mind sharing her boyfriend with her for a few minutes until Bart would come back. She kissed me again and didn’t stop until Anna moved her head to her to get her turn. I tried to hurry back and saw that Anna had moved behind Monica and was kissing Monica’s back and shoulders. Bart didn’t hesitate for a second and moved on his side facing Anna. Bart didn’t stop playing with Anna boobs and took one out of the bra and started licking her nipple. Anna asked me if I didn’t mind her kissing Bart.