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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I Cucked My Husband with an 18-Year Old

group nnj986 2018-02-19

I went to my husband and told him that I had been talking to Mark. I was about to fuck an 18-year old kid with a huge cock, in front of my husband who, at least for now, would be our submissive cuckold. My husband said later that it was a huge turn on watching me go up the stairs, knowing what was in store. Mark put me facing the edge of the bed and told my husband to kneel in front of me so he could watch as he put his cock in me. When Mark finally came again he pulled out and told me to sit bak on my husband's face.

My Small World

group Roohan 2018-02-19

She moaned slowly at first, small little sighs of pleasure, and then when her clit has swollen up like a tiny cock I started to work on it, she was grunting and half screaming now. Such a lovely thing to know you have pleasured a women, my cock swelled a little more, and her cunt flooded with tangy juices. "I tell you what," she said, the last piece of pizza in her mouth, "the hair near your cock looks like in a need of a cut. The intense pleasure was something I had never felt before, not when I had fucked my wife for the first time, not when I had shoved my cock up her ass.


a surprise thief

group trindriver121 2018-02-19

My cock was deep inside her, when I felt Claire’s hand reach between her legs, her fingers gripped my balls and pulled me into her, gently holding me so I couldn’t pull back. I felt the recognizable pressure in my stomach and balls, as my orgasm started to build, and just as the crescendo of cum began pumping from my cock, I pulled out of Shelly, my cum shooting the length of her small body, leaving a creamy band running from her lips and chin to her belly button. When I finally dropped away from Shelly, Claire began kissing her mouth, their tongues playing with each other, then Claire began sucking my cum off Shelly’s body as she worked her way along her daughter’s naked skin.

The Doll

group subdoll 2018-02-19

The guys watched the game but occasionally, when they got up for beer or to take a piss, they would pinch my nipples, make sure the dildos were tight and told me that I was being a good girl. A few seconds later, the guy in my mouth started to cum and tried to push it directly down my throat. The throat fucking guy said to my friend, "Man, you found a good girl. The guy in my mouth finished quick and said, "Anyone want seconds real quick?" No one did so they let me finally close my mouth. I have an all day training planned that you're going to love." He pulled his cock out, reinserted the plug and dildo, then went to get a shower.

Cruise with Momma Ch. 03

group texasreb1369 2018-02-19

So I go back to the business at hand of going to bed at home alone while my child bride is I guess pulling her dress down so she and Eric can venture off to his room or where ever he is taking her. He pulls her close and points to a large black man dancing with an attractive blonde girl about Child Bride's size. With that the cabin mate takes my child bride by the arm pulls her gently into the arms of the blonde and instructs the blonde to dance with you while he goes and talks to Eric. Your head laid back on the blonde's shoulder, your arms around her waist and your hands slowly sliding down to her ass cheeks, you are very much caught up in the moment.


Break Time

group marriedpervs 2018-02-19

I moved behind her, taking my time, looking, my erect penis gently touching the black material that hid Tanya's bottom from view only just. Tanya dropped to her knees, her gorgeous dark eyes looking back up at me as she began to suck on my cock. I took the hint, and dropped to my knees, my tongue quickly burying it's way into her pussy, lapping at her lips, her clit and then combining the licking and flickering motion I have used so successfully on Dee for the years of our marriage. I Knew Dee would enjoy hearing about it, and the thought of my wife sucking my cock as I told her about this amazing sex with Tanya, made me jam it back in, this time to the hilt of her very wet cunt.


Crystal Clear Ch. 06

group Romantic1 2018-02-19

In LA for his movie, Jim reconnects with Tina from his road trip, participates in an orgy with his leading lady Jill, and finds an additional love interest in Claire. Crystal took it in stride that Claire had moved in with Ellen and me at the hotel, complete with full bilateral sexual privileges meaning that she played nicely with both Ellen and me, and took the initiative as often as we did -- several times a day. Over dinner, I shared with Claire and Ellen more details about what I'd seen in the magazine National Rumors, since neither of them had time to read the stories.


Our Time with Ava Ch. 00

group livingoncloud9 2018-02-19

I'm a happily married man, to an amazing woman, Donna. We have a nice house, fun party boat, great friends and an overall amazing life. (See my first submission, Making A Princess) It was an amazing, life-changing experience. I love Donna, and don't want her to ever feel jealous or insecure, so I wasn't really pursuing more threesomes. Cuckquean: Generally refers to a woman whose fetish is watching, and deriving sexual pleasure from watching, a man having sex with one or several women besides his girlfriend, fiancée, wife or other long-term female sex partner. Yes, Compersion seemed to describe Donna to a T, as did cuckquean. This type of play would make for great gossip around town, and could affect Donna's career.

Sharing my sister part 7

group 2018-02-19

The moans really started to escape from her mouth now as she loudly told Martin to “fuck her hard…..pound her pussy……harder, faster, faster….” Tina collapsed on the bed as her orgasm ripped thru her, with her head on the pillow she motioned with her finger for Phil to come towards her, he shuffled forward so his cock was level with her head on the pillow as Martin continued fucking her. Phil knelt between Tina’s legs and scooped Martin’s spunk up in the palm of his right hand and smeared it all over Tina’s pussy lips before inserting his middle and forefinger into her fanny and finger fucking her hard and fast to another orgasm.

Riya's 21st Birthday Party

group enup 2018-02-19

As his cock entered her fully with a last push, his balls slapped against her buttocks, Andy loudly wished her a happy birthday and started moving in and out of her as the others also wished Riya a happy birthday. Lolly was impaled upon Andy's cock, Asit's cock was moving in and out of her butt-hole and she was sucking and biting Rob's cock. Riya and Misa positioned themselves behind Asit and Rob and they prodded their butt-holes gently, spreading some lubricating jell over the dildo, and slowly entering their butt-holes, as the two guys began moving back and forth. Meanwhile, Lolly moaned and groaned as the huge orgasm hit her, pulsating through her entire body as she gave a final push down onto Andy's cock, as he too exploded inside her cunt.


Chrissy: Confession

group Azuldrgon 2018-02-19

Mae looked stunned for a moment before she knelt down and started to slowly stroke James' cock. I watched in silence as Mae slowly opened her mouth and took the head of his cock between her lips. I started to see the tell tale signs of Chrissy licking Mae's juices off of James' cock while I felt Mae's tongue along my shaft. It was a brief moment before I felt Mae's mouth on my cock cleaning me off before I watched Chrissy unlock from James. I sat back on the couch and watched Mae lick Chrissy's pussy while I heard James fucking her. It wasn't long after that James filled my girlfriend's pussy and I watched Chrissy's head bob down to clean her out.


The Mediterranean Guesthouse Ch. 03

group stonearc691 2018-02-19

I sit back and finish my breakfast, browsing through the guidebook to look for something interesting to do during the day, when I hear Julien and Christine coming down. After checking that we have everything we need and after chatting for a while with Julien and Christine, Kate leaves us to enjoy our breakfast in the morning air. Thinking that Kate and me will probably be back from the beach trip at around nine in the evening, we agree with Julien and Christine to meet over a glass of wine in the living room when we are all back at the guesthouse.


The Party

group tghlawyer03 2018-02-19

The ad read: "Six submissive white couples are invited to attend an all day party on Saturday, the 6th of September. We had played Dominant/submissive games together and with a few other white couples over the years and had fantasized about including some persons of color in our repertoire if the opportunity made itself available but we had never acted on that desire. The form was direct and quite simple, it asked a few short questions: My first name and that of my female companion (it didn't specify wife); our ages; the length of time that we had played in the D/s arena; activities that we could not or would not participate in; our phone number and a convenient time to reach us.

The first time I shared my wife (TRUE STORY)

group StormyNightz 2018-02-19

With her beautiful ass poking up in the air, they began to kiss deeply as she slowly rocked her big tits up and down his chest. I pulled back for a moment as she began licking the head of his rock hard dick that was soaked of pre-cum. She took her mouth from his dick, and began sucking mine while I stood on the floor beside the bed. She went back to kissing his neck then mouth as she raised her ass, lined her pussy hole with his big cock, and slid her thick hips downward on his big shaft. She pushed her warm wet mouth around his dick and quickly began to suck long and fast.

Dating a Nymphomaniac Ch. 03

group sivad44 2018-02-19

And one night while we were having dinner at an Italian restaurant, she looked at me and said, "You know what I'd really like to do, Jim?" When we got to the place Tuesday night we sat at the bar and Bob showed up and sat next to Penny. "You're welcome baby," Lonnie said, but I just want to make sure we paid for some fucking and sucking out here." Then Tim got up behind her and slid his cock up her ass, and Penny went a little crazy. "Looks like you had a good time," I said. She leaned over, and unzipped my pants, and got my dick out, and sucked the hell out of it until I came in her mouth.

Thomas and Marissa: My first 3some

group 2018-02-19

But then Marissa got up off of Thomas and slid his cock out of her soaking wet pussy. After a few minutes she got up grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the living room and pushed me on the couch she straddled my lap and slid my long thin cock into her pussy. Thomas said he was gonna cum and we both pulled out she made a cute little moan. We fucked for another good 30 minutes while Thomas watched and Marissa talked dirty to him telling him that my cock was so much better and that I was making her moan like he could never do.

The Offer

group Mandymomma 2018-02-19

Trust me, if I had a husband, and he spent a lot of time doing work over a house with two single women in it, I know I'd be at least somewhat suspicious." Just the usual stuff about 'Isn't it every guy's fantasy to be with two women?' Well, one day when Erin said that, he told us he'd love to, but you weren't into that sort of thing." Erin looked like she has having a hard time finding the words, so Valerie came right out with it. Each and every time I saw Paul, I thought about him being sexually pleasured by Erin and Valerie.


Every Man's Fantasy

group Lionheart72 2018-02-19

Both women looked at me as Liz reached out and started to caress and squeeze Missy's little tits. Her hand came up to hold Liz's head, pushing my girlfriend's face against her tits, but Missy's eyes were still fixed on me. Missy was slimmer, with perky little breasts and bud-like nipples, still shinny wetly from Liz's mouth. Looking down again, I saw a sight straight from every man's fantasy: two naked coeds - blonde and brunette - their heads almost touching, their tongues sliding up and down the length of my dick. My hips started to thrust in time to her bobbing head, pushing my dick still deeper into her warm, wet mouth.

Letters to Nicole 07

group derek33 2018-02-19

Ooohh...God, you little slut, I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that!" I groaned and pushed harder into her and she cried out again, "Oh Fuck yeah...God...Nancy...Fuck my pussy just like that, Oh my God!" I wrapped my lips around her clit then and sucked her hard, adding a third finger and working over her steaming cunt as if I were possessed...because I was! He told Felecia she looked wonderful but when he looked at me in the brighter light of the living room, his eyes softened and his lips trembled, before he managed to say, "Oh, my God, look just great!" C.J. looked deeply into my eyes and said, "Like you're sure about this, right Nance?


Hank and Mabel's Toy Story

group ugelybobs 2018-02-19

Mary was instructed to continue sucking Hank's dick, as she was getting in position Mable turned on the vibrators. Mable was wet and ready for Mary's talented tongue Mable was a big woman full figured but in excellent shape and she loved sex and always had, she pulled Mary's head to her pussy and turned on the vibes; Mary started fucking air trying to get away from the vibes and trying to get closer all at the same time. Mabel returned with an ominous looking contraption that had a rubber dick sticking out, she pulled the trigger and the dick started to move in and out ever so slowly, it continued to speed up until the dildo became a blur.

Mary's Own Medicine

group wonderful 2018-02-19

"Okay, I'll open up this dividing wall so we can use the surgery and the waiting room," Mary said. "Oh there's a lot of that going around," Jennifer said, smiling at all of us, then adding, "I'm going to need a look at it, just where about is it?" "That's okay Tom," Jennifer said, "we doctors see all sorts of bits of people bodies, it's all done very professionally, so no need to be embarrassed. "I'll just need you to hold this for me nurse," Jennifer said, pointing at Tom's erection. Jennifer motioned Tania, who was by now hypnotized by her own arousal, to climb on to table and straddle Tom. We could see his penis slip into her and both murmured.

The Professor Ch. 02

group jim313 2018-02-19

He wanted to rush up to her and bury his face between her legs and suck her delicious juices from her vagina but he maintained some semblance of dignity and continued with the Dali discussion although his penis did get hard as soon as he saw her and he sat down on his desk to mask it although Miss Sharpeyes in the first row had already noticed and was smiling that knowing smile again. All day, during classes and through his office work, thoughts of Katy entered his mind and his cock got hard as he visualized what she was going to look like spread out on his bed later.


My Wife's Army Experience

group luckyhusband5 2018-02-19

I wondered if he was as big as Rob. I never got to fuck him that night but his cock was at least 12 inches long and I swallowed him down. I dropped to my knees, "Let me see that big, black cock again, Rob." I pulled away from Rob. I crawled the short distance to Jack. Rob and Jack both sat down and starting sipped their drinks not taking their eyes off my chest. Rob chuckled "Get on your knees and suck his cock while I fuck your fine ass." Rob got up behind me and started to push his big hard cock up my pussy. The more Rob fucked me the more of Jack's big cock I could swallow. Rob's cock smelled like a well-fucked pussy.

Subjects 0 Ch. 02

group Dark_Brother 2018-02-19

I wanted to see her lose control." She was pushing down harder now, and Adam had to suppress a moan this time as her tight pussy started to spread over the head of his penis. He moaned into her mouth as April's lips swallowed his cock-head, and he reached down, and began to play with Minnie's pussy. Adam had enjoyed the kiss with Minnie, but April had the real skills when it came to the loving of lips. Adam couldn't help but grin as Minnie held April's legs open. As soon as Minnie did this, Adam felt his s****r's legs wrap around him, and lock, then began to pull him tighter to her.