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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Shanti's Sexual Exploits Ch. 17

group shanti2010 2018-02-19

Their eyes were screwed shut in ecstasy as Ratan fucked Chitra like a stallion, cramming his big bloated dick again and again into the scorching wet pulp of her pussy. She had Chitra's hot little hands expertly molding her tits, and she had Ratan's scorching wet mouth sucking roughly on her clit. Chitra saw the concern on her sister's face, and suddenly she was kissing her, wriggling her hot little tongue deep into Shanti's mouth. Chitra didn't know which turned her on more, Ratan's fantastic hard-muscled body or Shanti's curvy little figure. When she felt hot moist breath fanning her naked slit, she gave a little gurgle of excitement and kept her eyes closed, wanting to concentrate just on the wild fun of having her pussy eaten.


The Boys Next Door

group WayneGibbous 2018-02-19

As my bra came off, his hands enveloped my breasts, fondling them, bending down to suck them, then looking up to tell me, "Cheryl, you have such nice breasts, they're so pretty," then he worked getting my skirt off and leaned forward to kiss the wet place on my panties as he pulled them to the floor where I stepped out of them and kicked off my heels. We moved to the bed and I whisked the covers back and got down, spreading open for him while I watched his cock bob around as he got up between my legs, then crouch down low to kiss my stomach, abdomen, then, oh, sweet man, my pussy.

Accidental Shower

group fotisampini 2018-02-19

Tom, naked, his hard cock jutting straight out. Looking at Tom's hard cock, he turned to me, his hard cock pressing against my hip. Doug's hard cock pressed against my ass, and I Tom took a step toward me, and Doug pushed my head opened my mouth and let him push the head of his cock into my mouth, just as Doug shoved his cock in my wet his fat dick, and I actually got his hard cock all the mouth, and Tom entered my wet pussy from behind. sucked on Doug's cock while Tom fucked me from behind. Tom moved in and out of my cunt hard as fast, grabbing Doug pushed his cock all the way to the back of my

Red Barn Wanking Club

group Victorsev 2018-02-19

“We meet about once a week on a Wednesday night at an old barn on a friend’s farm” he said “there are about 6 members and we are all 16 years old, we enjoy communal wanking and showing off our erect cocks. “Do you think that the other members are going to accept a 21 year old man with a small cock into a 16 year old boys wanking club?” I asked. Standing naked outside aroused by all the young cock I had seen and the prospect of joining this wanking club I started to beat my little four inch cock.

A Teacher, His Girl,...Ch. 2

group ladybugirl 2018-02-19

Katie and Alex were excited for Pat to come home that day. Alex was leaning over looking in the refrigerator for a snack when Katie came up and grabbed her ass! so you want to get frisky, huh?" Alex reached over and grabbed Katie's breasts. "Really?" The girls got excited, both liked the sight of pregnant women. Alex went back to licking Katie's wet pussy. When Katie finally shuddered with and orgasm Alex hopped up and grabbed her purse and ran out the door without a word. Then she went to Katie and began to lick her pussy as she woke up. While Pat fucked her from behind she licked Katie clean and they all orgasmed at the same time.

In the Red Parlor

group PennLady 2018-02-19

"That," said Gerard as he continued to tease Sadie's nipples, "is a man's cock when he's excited. "Just like this," Gerard said, and Sadie cried out softly as his finger slid into her pussy, again moving in time with Anne. Gerard told Sadie to look up, and she did, finding the ceiling mirror just in time to see the nameless man push his cock into the girl's pussy, taking the place of Anne's toy. The blonde girl was gasping and crying out as the man between her legs continued to fuck her, thrusting his hips back and forth in a steady rhythm. Sadie realized that Madame Anne was staring straight at her and was helpless to do anything but stare back as Gerard continued to thrust in and out, faster than the other man.


Mandy (Part 3)

group johnxxjoseph 2018-02-19

She paused to suck her damp fingers, and then fucked herself deep with both hands, thrusting away with abandon. By the time she departed, later that evening, he was almost 'relieved' that he wouldn't be able to see her until the following week: in her three 'visits' he had licked, sucked, fucked, and cum in her every orifice; fucked her with his penis and the dildo simultaneously; and, at her bidding, covered her face with his semen. "Well she wasn't all that keen at first, she's about 'ninety per-cent lesbian', but I told her you were really nice and everything...and I said there'd be no strings, you know, she could just watch, or you could watch us, or she could just leave if she didn't feel comfortable or whatever..."

All in a Day's Work

group latinafmm2 2018-02-19

"I don't know your personal history but if I may, I would like to assume that you've got the ability to fulfill these personal duties when I call for you to do so, you see Mr. Griffin, when you came into my office, I saw that you have a large cock pressing against your pants and when you turned to close my door I could see that you have a very nice ass." I said smiling lightly and "That's why she's my highest paid worker, because I'm not above using a little bit of persuasion to get my sales quotas filled on occasion Sir and if you are as good as it seems you are from what I've learned only this far then one of your job requirements will be that you help us to 'persuade' our customers to buy our products." I said.


We Love One Another Ch. 03

group sintax 2018-02-19

I didn't say it because Lily was an expert at blow jobs, though she was, I said it because I loved these girls, and I loved giving them pleasure, and I loved the sight of Molly's delicate pink folds, quickly reddening in anticipation of my tongue. Lily's generous breasts heaved quickly, and her hand jerked my cock faster as she tossed her head back, shoulder length hair falling like rain, her eyes closed tightly as she screamed in uncontrolled passion. Molly, Lily and I sat under one blanket while Lisa and Sarah sat on the other. Lily put her hand on the back of Sarah's head and pulled her forward, down onto my waiting cock.

Weekend love affair fair

group xxfreddyxx 2018-02-19

now jenny puts her cunt in my face so I eat her as she and her s*s are doing all they can with my dick now kim sez my turn and kim sits on my face and jenny is sitting on my cock reverse cowgirl riding me like it was a rodeo contest she cums so hard all over my balls not stopping only going to work on the faster by the time jenny came the 3rd time kim told her move over now kim is going to town and jenny gets a dildo and stuck up Kim’s ass and kim was loving it ass she could get now kim gets up and tells jenny to get on her back and Kim’s starts to eat her and I get behind her and glide it in her ass and jenny tells me make her scream so I’m slamming kim in her ass hard and it is pushing her face in to jenny’s cunt and kim was using the dildo on herself bringing herself closer and closer to climax.

Step-Mother's Sex Slave-Cross-dresser blackma

group germanboi4bbc 2018-02-19

Ann and Phil come sit on the couch with me, while Luke settles into a love seat. "And we all know you're ready-- right, Lisa?" Ann asks. As I get into the doggy-style position, I see that Phil, Luke and Tom have stripped naked and they're watching Lisa and I, as if we're the floor show in some Vegas club. The first thing I notice when I brush the wig out of my eyes is that Ann has gone from blowing Luke next to the love seat to jerking off Tom on the couch. Phil comes over and aims the head of his prick at Ann's face. "Just like that, you dirty bitch," Ann says.

The Tales of the SS Fountain of Youth Ch. 1

group PeterR 2018-02-19

Sally was by far the queen and quickly received 2 points for her beautiful set of breasts, Janet also won for the best butt and Gwen won for the nicest bush, seems it was well-manicured, jet black hair, and it one first prize. Meanwhile Stew felt the precum and new he was getting real close and one of the other ladies, Joy standing nearby and grabbed, and squeezed his balls, he buckled and at once started to come, Janet lost him and his juices went all over her face and neck. The next four days went very fast also, the only event that was worth noting is that our heroines: Janet, Sally, Gwen and Joy all had a hot dog and a hamburger, as two watched while the other two ate and reversed places.


ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #6

group FrankSinner 2018-02-19

Something was broken, he feared, or he had gone too fast and hard for her body to take, but Tori felt this white hot explosion inside her very being, her skin tingled, her spine shook, going blind for a couple seconds as she felt every ounce of fear, pain, and negativity be thrust out as she came hard against his cock, her juices flowing like a gusher, allowing Jade to lick them up and suckle on Freddie's base as he looked at his angelic partner, feeling worried for the nearly comatose teen. Neither of us can deny your body, and we both know you weren't just gonna stay for one night." Jade wasn't really sure how Freddie felt, but from the way that he was now thrusting full f*rce inside her and slurping away at Tori's inner walls, the plan, seemed good to him.

Swinging Both Ways

group bistrapongroupstories 2018-02-19

Anne was stroking Lee's cock whilst sucking Steve. I continued to slowly wank Steve as I was sucking Lee, really having to think about my technique and what I enjoy when I am receiving a blow-job. I was in awe of the situation - to my left was Lee licking Anne's pussy and to my right I had a close-up view of Anne sucking her husband's cock. His cock certainly wasn't as thick as Lee's, so I didn't have to open my jaw as wide, but Steve was more forceful and wasted no time pushing his dick to the back of my throat. I walked back into the room to see that Lee had taken off his condom and Anne and Steve were sucking his cock together.

Hotel Gangbang

group sophiewilliams 2018-02-19

I looked up at the man who had just filled me with his seed, his eyes looked tired and his body drained, but his cock still felt hard as he slowly pulled it from my body. I pushed my soiled pussy down towards his throbbing cock, urging him to fuck me while I moved my hands towards my face and grabbed the two cocks firmly. Your pussy feels good!" He grunted loudly, pushing his cock further up inside me. My hips bucked wildly as the last droplets of spunk landed on my face, and then I felt the cock inside my pussy twitch and fill my body with more hot cum.

The Neighbor's Sister

group happy_camper 2018-02-19

The men who oggled Gretchen never got to see her 'little man', the clit that popped up whenever a dick was anywhere near her pussy. I had to concentrate on my driving and not think about my wife licking my balls--and Heidi's cunt--while I fucked our horny neighbor. Heidi was sucking on my wife's clit, and she was soaking the woman's face with her juices. When I did, she dove into Heidi's cunt and started sucking up the cum as fast as it dribbled out of the beautiful, bald pussy. Before I could answer, Heidi grabbed my dick through my shorts and began leading the way to the TV room. I got my answer when Heidi walked over, grabbed my shorts, and pulled them down to my ankles.


In the Midst of Chaos

group Jade_M 2018-02-19

His fingers felt her left breast under her bra and started to twist her nipples left and right as if he was adjusting an old fashioned radio knob. The guy gave Tim's girlfriend a wink before diving his dick into her pussy. He gave her wet kisses on her lips, cheeks and neck as he traced her back and then to her waist, and to her navel slowly going up where he gave her nipples soft pinches using his middle and index finger as if it was a chopstick. He pushed his dick in and out of her tight pussy and she gave a soft moan in rhythm with his pumping. Tim fucked her hard all right but her moans were still soft so he didn't expect it when she cummed.

From My Master's Point of View...

group LeslieStone 2018-02-19

If it wasn't daylight, I would to have liked to get my cock sucked right there. I took the seat and slumped down to make sure Leslie had good access to my cock. I put the black mask on her, another fetish of mine, and pointed at the nearest guy and then to Leslies mouth before saying, "Fuck that hole! The third round guy just came in Leslie's mouth as the Monster Man was just starting to press against her well slicked up hole. The moans coming out of Leslie were a good indication he wasn't going too fast. Just a little cum and drool from the corners of her mouth and I leaned over and saw a huge gape where the massive cock was.

Spring Break Ch. 01

group HLD 2018-02-19

After about 20 minutes of me trying to convince her to come down and letting us find a spring break fling for her, Melinda took over again and engaged her in some good, old-fashioned male-bashing. Even though she had talked Leah into coming down and had spoken to her before, I knew Melinda could be mean and spiteful with some of the other girls I had been seeing. Katie and Carl were friendly and to mine and Leah's surprise, Melinda gave her a warm hug. I noticed that several times Melinda and Leah ended up walking and talking together, probably about Darren and doing some girl-bonding. I'm going to bed." Melinda gave me a good-night kiss and hugged Leah before retreating into the master bedroom.



group Marcus_LeBlanc 2018-02-19

He kisses your mouth, hot and hard, biting your lip gently and then teasing your tongue with his, his hands on your waist, slowly moving upwards... She's in front of you now...pulling you up against her..kissing you...touching you...wrapping her legs around you...her breasts pressed up against yours...her lips like no man's you've ever kissed, soft and giving...she looks you in the eye.... She writhes beneath you, pulling herself free, watching as you suck every last drop from him...before you have a chance to swallow, she pulls you off his cock, replacing your mouth with her hand, and kisses you hard and deep, sucking every last drop of cum she can off of your lips, your tongue, your cheek, your neck.

Chat Log

group some_boy 2018-02-19

Cindy: I could use a picture to remember those times. Cindy handed me a glass of wine and turned for the bedroom, where I could see her fancy camera was on the tripod, waiting. All I saw was Cindy, leaning in the bedroom doorway with a grin and (I double checked) really no panties on under that shirt - it wasn't that long. I invited Annie over because we need a journalist of course: I want good pictures!" "Why do I have to notice THAT right now?" came to mind, followed by "I'm still standing here holding my shirt getting embarrassed." But my dick thought it was a good situation, apparently. "Annie's going to help." Cindy said, now on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, smiling up.


Gnip Gnop Anyone?

group Dj_Maximus 2018-02-19

Dean and Gem were huddled close together in front of the crackling fire as Carol and Mitch were inside the house upstairs preparing drinks for everyone. Anita and Ike, Gem and Dean moved their chairs in closer to the fire and talked about their jobs. Unfortunately, Ike missed as Anita lifted her half-shirt, exposing her small breasts, causing Dean to completely miss her serve. Dean moved over to his lover and kissed her lips as Anita worked Gem’s panties to the ground. Anita’s tongue searched the folds of Gem’s moist pussy as Ike leaned over Anita and fondled her ass. Dean felt Anita’s warm tongue sneak another lick on his balls, and the rapid movement of Gem’s pussy on his cock was more than he could withstand.

My 30th Birthday Celebration

group Yman67 2018-02-19

(I know that's mean but really, he sort of looked like Duane the Hut!) I'll call her Liz. She was amazing. He asked us what we thought of Liz and Darlene said that she was really sexy and looked amazing in the pix. I walked back towards the table and sat next to Duane and Liz. I told them that unfortunately Darlene wasn't interested but if they were still looking for a guy I would love to help them out. I remembered all the porn I had seen and tried to help by doing things like making sure Liz's hair was pulled to the side and my hands or arms weren't in the way of a good shot.


Poker with Cath & Tony

group justfred 2018-02-19

Cath just smiled at the teasing and told Tony to put his money where his mouth was, and start to act like a man, and pouted a big wet kiss at him. Her eyes closed as she got lost in the sensation, just as Tony said “Time’s up.” He had moved behind my shoulder for a look at my wife’s lovely trimmed pussy. I lost the next cut and Cath won “ Now do the same to my breasts.” I looked at Jane. But Jane looked at Cath with a broad smile and moved her head between her legs.