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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fantasy Come True

group Sammyjo 2018-02-19

I slowly part your legs as I kiss and lick my way to your wet pussy. I look up and notice him sucking your tits as I bury my face into your sopping wet pussy. I use my fingers like a little cock, slowly inserting them into your wet hole as I lick your clit. I take your clit between my teeth and run my tongue over it slowly at first, but gradually picking up the pace until I have you humping my face as you howl in delight. He moves closer and I take him into my mouth, licking my pussy juice off his cock. I begin to hump your face harder, faster, moaning, pushing my cunt down against your take my clit and suck it like you would a cock.

Living With a Goddess Ch. 02

group WellHungNerd1 2018-02-19

Plus, there's a fair bit of pent-up sexual energy coming from your friend there," Asta said, gesturing at Melissa. Erm, actually..." I looked over Melissa's shoulder and saw Asta nodding frantically. You weren't thinking about what was right when you fucked the living daylights out of Violet!" Asta stopped the assault, panting heavily and dropping the pillow. In the meantime," Asta said, pacing around my room, "we need to find you someone else to fuck." I felt a little guilty for Melissa, but we weren't officially a couple yet, and the prospect of doing my disciple's duties with one of Asta's sexy goddess girlfriends was a mouth-watering proposition.


A Handyman's Wife Ch. 02

group riverboy 2018-02-19

We must be at the end of his route because Ronnie's home sometimes when Dicky comes, and Ronnie saw me flirting real bad with him one time. So I told Penny about what I was doing, and she was all, "I wanna flirt with him to." So the next time I knew a package was coming and Ronnie wasn't gonna be home I called her and she came over. He showed up a few days later and Penny answered the door, all naked and looking hot. I think Penny was a little jealous at first because he just about ripped my clothes off and fucked me like he was possessed. He looked really good naked—super fit, like a gym guy I guess.


group piekna 2018-02-19

The cop was fucking my face with long deep strokes, but then suddenly he stopped and pulled out of my mouth with a wet suction sound. "You seem clean, but i'm going to have to check a bit deeper, I think," he said and I felt the head of his cock part my pussy lips. He skewered me on his cock and his nightstick and then pulled me up to a standing position so that the cars going by could see my huge tits bouncing in time to his thrusts. "I guess you weren't going all that fast after all" he said cheerfully, slapping my ass as he zipped up his pants, "but try to stay within the speed limit next time, son." Then he went back to his patrolcar and drove off.

Let's Make A Deal

group Mustadio 2018-02-19

The only thing Alex feared, was that most of these friends were guys, and he didn’t want Julie to feel left out or uncomfortable. Her eyes widening, Julie couldn’t believe she was now watching the two girls kissing, gently the first time, but now more passionately. Soon the other guys were also agreeing with David and whipping out their cocks to stroke, all but Alex. Were ever you want, except for my pussy, got it?” Without needing any more explanation, the guys moved closer, rubbing her ass, her legs, stomach, and tits. And Alex is going to get to eat my pussy first.” Moving aside, she slipped off her g-string and stood beside the couch, spreading her long legs widely.

The Velvet Noose Ch. 01

group ReturnedOne 2018-02-19

Janice had never had any real sexual experiences with any other women, and the thought of this tiny little cab driver with her bleached-blonde hair and her tiny breasts which poked at the fabric of her uniform shirt being her first homosexual lover served to make her giggle. As the figures filed in through the door and turned either right or left and disappeared into the darkness, they kept their heads bowed and their hands inside the wide sleeves of their robes, so Janice could still not figure out if they were male or female, old or young, black or white or any other physical feature except for the fact that some were short, some medium in height and others quite tall.


The Mediterranean Guesthouse - Chapter 3

group arsch_chiis 2018-02-19

Thinking that Kate and me will probably be back from the beach trip at around nine in the evening, we agree with Julien and Christine to meet over a glass of wine in the living room when we are all back at the guesthouse. I see them both smile a little and Christine's eyes drop for a moment to look at Kate's lips, and her lips part slightly as she leans in slowly, clearly wanting that first kiss not to be the last.

Carrie's New Life Ch. 5

group Tom Donner 2018-02-19

It sounded like all men and Carrie suddenly felt a strange rush run over her body. Circling her face were five men in the same type of leather masks as she had seen in Tom's video the night before. Leaning forward he pushed his cock into her open mouth while the man behind her pushed her head forward to force a the cock into her throat. With every stroke the man let fly with another hot stream of cum across her breasts. Her head was being rammed forward as the last man to cum fucked her mouth. "Now it's time for step two of your induction, Carrie." Said the first stranger.

First threesome

group boots25 2018-02-19

Rob saw this and as I put my hand back down I noticed he already has his there finger fucking her pussy while sucking her breast. I started kissing her again while playing with her right breast when I noticed Rob stand up, unzip his pants and pull down his pants and underwear. i then got off the couch, pushed themcoffee table out of the way, pushed her dress up and started licking her sopping wet pussy while watchng her suck his cock. Christi told me before we went in that it waas NOT going to happen again but she wore another sexy outfit and looked so good.

Getting the Decorators In

group Dr_Hotspur 2018-02-19

Tina and I had worn jeans, sweatshirts and other casual stuff like the rest of our year but the other day Wilf, one of the decorators, had wondered aloud what we looked like in school uniform. 'Wish there'd been girls like you when I was at school,' Wilf said with a look that thrilled through me. I got an opportunity to push things further when Wilf, then Markey, started licking up towards my neck, then my earlobes, then began digging their fingers into my glossy coppery hair, turning my face one way then the other for kisses.



group 2018-02-19

I positioned myself so I could suck Tim’s cock and allow Dave access to my pussy. I stopped blowing Tim to look back then I realized that Dave was moving his cock to fuck my ass. Dave said he was ready to come so I told him to come on my face, Dave pulled out of my ass and jerked his cock in front of me while Tim moved behind me to fill the void Dave left. I engulfed Dave’s cock to get the last few drops of come then I felt Tim enter my asshole. As I laid on the couch come dripping from my face and hair Dave put his dick at my face so I could suck him again.

Come One Come All

group aimeesassets 2018-02-19

I gasped and leaned back into the 50 year old who was still finger-fucking me with one hand and playing with the nipple of my now bare tit! As Kyle continued to roll his tongue on my clit, the college guys started to pinch my big pink nipples. I had 2 guys on my tits and a cock pumping in my mouth, and I started pumping my ass back and forth so Kyle knew what I wanted! He slid his dripping cock in my mouth and I started to obediently suck him as the 50 year old started to pinch and pull on my nipples. The other college guy came around to watch Kyle as he started to slowly pump his dick in and out of my pussy.

Lisa, My Loving Wife

group quutoo 2018-02-19

"Would Lisa suck my cock with you Roger?" Tom asked a simple question, and it really made me do some thinking. "Ok then love if you put it that way then yes...yes I'd like to suck Jim's cock." There was a moment of silence then till she finally said, "And let him cum in my mouth." Later Lisa said that it was very erotic listening to me suck Tom's cock. Then I heard Lisa say, "Ok baby...I'm going to suck his cum off my hand' this Jim." I heard her slurps as she told me how good it was. "Roger, let me see you and Tom suck each others cocks right now...ohhh I have waited for this moment." She was thrusting her finger in her pussy.


Just The Boy Next Door?

group JenniferMidnight 2018-02-19

"But whatever is in that bowl you're carrying sure looks good too!" He slid his fingers deep inside me one last time while eyeing the chocolate mousse Chris had placed on the table. With one knee placed on the arm of the couch, he leaned forward feeding his gorgeous cock to my mouth, watching Chris gather both of my full breasts in his hands, and devouring them roughly. With a deep moan, Chris pulled his cock out of my mouth and sprawled over the big cushy couch. My mouth satisfied its craving by sliding his cock deep inside, pumping up and down quickly, lips soft, but tight.

A Couple and the Guy Next Door Ch. 02

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-02-19

He had stroked off regularly since then, thinking of either the award-worthy blow jobs Kevin's hot wife had given him or his first bi experience of banging Linda while Kevin's dick was giving PJ's ass a good pounding at the same time. She knew exactly what he meant by coming over to see her, and within moments, Linda had had PJ's shorts pulled down, revealing his erection, and giving him yet another blow job, taking almost his entire cock in her mouth as she sucked him. "I'M CUMMING!" Kevin yelled, his own cock exploding in his wife's pussy as Linda cried out with pleasure from feeling both of her holes being filled with each man's spunk.

Our Desires Ch. 05

group alovelyheather 2018-02-19

My orgasm comes hard causing my knees to buckle slightly and you wrap your arms around me, continuing to pull on my nipples and nibbling on my neck as my juices flow over my hand. You finger fuck me hard, slapping against my clit, my body tenses and as I cum I scream out, "Fuuuuccck yes!" unable to help myself and not even caring. You start to thrust at her pace, sinking deeper into her wet mouth, while I move behind you and kiss your back, gently nip your neck and reach around to tweak your nipples as she sucks you in again and again. She starts bucking at your mouth when you suck her clit in, then slide two fingers deep inside her and fuck her quickly with your hand.

Luck Happens Ch. 02

group oldhippie1949 2018-02-18

Let me see it spit...Show me how you love to see me cum...I'm coming for you, baby." One thing that I was determined to do was enjoy my time with Leez and avoid any downers. Leez, who likes to chatter while we fuck, said things like, "Will you watch me while I go down on her? I want to see you suck his big cock..." and "Do you think either of us can get that thing into our mouths?" Exhausted, we collapsed. Leez was a little disappointed that it didn't work out but I reminded her that we had other couples to reconsider and that this happens. As we got into the car to return to the apartment, Leez said to me, "Let me have your hand."


One Shot-Two Birds

group coolguy2020 2018-02-18

I invited her to go to my flat after dinner, she agreed and informed that she came with a lady doctor of her organization who went to collect papers for Post graduation. She liked my flat and informed the lady doctor (Miss Aroti-not real name) to come to my address. Within one hour Dr. Aroti-a Hindu in religion, open minded, well educated and beauty queen came to my flat. Suddenly Aroti opened the door following the voice of Moli and fell down on my bed. She entered inside the room and asked in the darkness “ Aroti, what are you doing here ?” I replied don’t disturb us otherwise I shall fuck you too”.

Flirting with The Neighbors Ch. 05


Bobby couldn't believe that Bonnie made out with Jim. He watched her stroking his cock as Jim felt her tits and fingered her nipples. There she was, his wife, blowing another man and by the way that she was sucking his cock, he knew that Bonnie was wild with excitement. After watching the three women licking his wife, his wife blowing three men, and fucking three men with Joey, taking her anally, Bobby was ready to cum in his pants. After watching his wife fuck and suck off the neighbors, never has his cock been as hard and never has he been as sexually excited.

AAwakening Ch. 08: Haberdasher

group shakenmartini55 2018-02-18

Victor walked slowly to where the three of us were standing and hugged Emma the same way Lenore had earlier. Her reply was so low I almost didn't make it out, "Definitely some of Lenore's special lingerie and definitely a leather hood of her own." Her voice got louder, "She was wearing one of mine last night when Derek fucked her virgin ass." She was gaining steam, "You should have seen her squirm when I blindfolded her. At first, hearing Emma tell the about Derek fucking my ass was shocking, but as the wonderful memories flooded back and I could almost feel Derek spreading my ass wide open and leaving it gaping open with his cum oozing out.


Tie Breaker

group renaissanceman3 2018-02-18

When the clock would start, each cheerleader would have 30 minutes to swallow as much cum as possible from her team of guys. Each cheerleader was weighed--Gail came in at 55.1211 kg (about 120 pounds), and Davida was 41.2913 kg (about 90 pounds). The cheerleaders were both 19 years old, and the players on the teams ranged between 19-28. Davida took her time, looked into her first player's eyes, and knew instictively what would turn him on most. Gail, despite her reputation, was fumbling and slow, she ended up spilling a lot of cum on herself, or on her hair, and she had a hard time stomaching the smell of some of the guys, slowing her right down.

84% team

A f****y Friend 2

group 2018-02-18

“You like black dick don’t you, you little slut?” I cried as his cock fucked my mouth, making me gag each time he slide it in. But at the same time, Artie noticed how slowly I was riding his white friend’s cock and put his hands on my shoulders, bouncing me on his dick and pushing it deeper and deeper into my ass. “I think he likes this” Artie said “I must do this to him sometime.” It didn’t take long before the cock in my ass erupted with warm sticky goo. I tried to clean myself up, but Artie had stopped me and said “Little sluts wear the cum they’re covered in.” He then pushed me out the door and told me to go home.

Memorable Ménage-À-Trois

group vie_secrete 2018-02-18

During our last discussion before Renée and François had to hand in their respective term papers (and, by that time, their papers had been in a terrific state), they enquired about my summer plans. I was lying on my stomach, pressing my hard-on on the pillows, closing my eyes in delight, when, suddenly, I also felt François' hands rubbing oil on my legs. While François had continued to massage my legs, I could not resist to softly kiss Renée's thighs and her pubic hair, first cautiously and carefully, but she soon gave me to understand that I was to continue. When Renée came closer to climaxing, she pushed François away to suck my cock herself, while he started to kiss, and later put his tongue up, my anus.

My Lovers Ch. 01

group raven10101 2018-02-18

No biting there, just soft lips and tongue sliding around my clit, sucking kisses along my thighs and groin, and his fingers inside me. Tom slid his hands under my thighs and pulled them up until my legs hooked over his arms and he held me open, his cock sliding inside me in a smooth motion. I pulled Mark's testicles into my mouth, licked and sucked and squeezed them gently, then reached down to press two fingers inside him. The feel of him moving inside of me, of Mark's hand pinching my nipples and his fingers pressing into my clit, the sounds of their mouths moving together, was too much for me.