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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gang Banging co workers wife at Office Party.

group Flyded 2018-02-18

My cock in my pants gets hard and stiff I wanted to fuck her so bad ..I yank her dress up around her waist and slide my left hand down into her panties, quickly finding my finger into her pussy and start to finger bang her still with my tongue deep in her mouth. He wasted no time getting a couple of fingers deep in her pussy figuring her from behind I took the opportunity to open my pants reach down and pull out my hard fucking cock I asked the guy to bend her forward as he continue figuring her.

It's My Life: Three

group RebeccaBrowning 2018-02-18

"Becky, you're a really lucky lady with a stud like Mike to take care of you," Daphne said as her fingers slid over my arm, causing the hair on my forearms to stand up and goose bumps to form. Bernie's hands were under my arms and squeezing my tits, but I was too busy watching Daphne having her dress pulled over her head by Mike. Daphne had Mike's cock in her fist and was sucking on the bulbous head like a woman possessed while she pulled on the shaft. "What an amazing cock!" Daphne exclaimed as she looked over at me and her husband, her cheeks dripping with the copious amount of Mike's cum that she hadn't gotten in her mouth.


1st meet on the hamster

group 2018-02-18

I thought she was going to toss me off but her husband said "don't be shy, you can fit in too" she then aimed my cock towards her pussy and told me to squeeze it in gently with her husbands. I could feel how tight she was with both our cocks inside and then all of a sudden a finger rubbed across my ass hole. As i walked down the stairs her husband smiled at me and asked if i came back could we be a little more experimental and would i allow him to play with more.I told him i would think about it, but now i have had some time to i don't think its really my cup of tea.

Blindfolded Wife

group ab-2007 2018-02-18

I know it's strange that a husband would want to have his wife fucked by another man, but Laura was just so hot looking when she was having sex with me that I had this overpowering urge to watch her doing it with another man so I could see every detail, every move she and he made. I could tell that Laura knew it wasn't me touching her, and I saw her body tense at first, then slowly relax as Bill's tongue-work began to get to her. For a few moments there was no sound in the room other than Bills balls slapping Laura's cunt from behind and the juicy sounds of a couple fucking and a slippery dick being jacked off.

Another Holiday Adventure

group misteradelaide 2018-02-18

I heard Jenn on the TV moan as the tanned man began to stroke her naked lips, parting them and then inserting a finger to the knuckle, playing with her pussy and clit with his thumb and occasional licks from his soft tongue. Before her orgasm had subsided he rubbed the hot semen into her clit and pushed the fingers from his other hand into her pussy, fucking her with fast strokes as Jenn threw her arms out onto the bed, gripped the sheets and struggled to contain a scream as her squirting orgasm continued, soaking the man between her legs who stood up to watch the scene.


Plantation Overthrow Gangbang

group 2018-02-18

"Oh, oh, yes," she moaned, before looking at her father and saying, "Daddy, I want our slave's big black cock in me." Still staring at her Daddy, she begged, shame in her eyes, "Please, my nigger slave, fuck your white slut's wet cunt." Watching the bitch get it from both ends, my own orgasm was building, but wanting to humiliate both father and daughter again, I got off the old man's face and said, "Apparently you are not completely useless." By the way, Annabelle ended up carrying six babies; her father lived for another ten years in a near comatose state, watching helplessly as his daughter became a full service cum slut for over a hundred black cocks...and loving every minute of it.

My Fantasy Cum True

group nebula 33 2018-02-18

I reluctantly release the cock in my mouth and look the fanny licker in the eye and demand "Fuck me with your prick - I need to feel it inside me." He lets out a sigh and stands up, places the end of his cock in the entrance to my cunt and pushes it in fast and hard. I start thrusting my ass back at the guy fucking my pussy, as he slams his cock deep inside of me over and over. Another prick is put in my mouth and I eagerly suck it to completion, and as I am doing this I feel a shot of spunk hit my tits and another load shoot on my back from 1 or 2 guys who had wanked a little too enthusiastically.

That's How It's Done

group Papa_Cali 2018-02-18

Heather's eyes darted back and forth, as my dark nipples poked through a wet white button down shirt. And to run a hand down from that lovely spot, down Heather's soft sleek legs was like a journey down a silky smooth slide. "Dark Raven Inn," Heather shot a sly look back, "Room 213." She and the waitress smiled at each other, again, that silent language. Both of us practically naked in the elevator, I pulled up Heather's skirt and slammed her down on my hard throbbing cock. In the meantime, Heather was rubbing my cock around her pussy lips, and I could feel her juices dripping down to my balls.


Dog Tied

group 2018-02-18

"do you want to fuck? I have inroduced her to toys and tell her stories about me and other guys fucking her, and swinging. small hips with a tiny pussy and ass, three k**s all C;section with a fiftteen year old pussy. i fucked her pussy and then her ass. Then she said I hear some people walking here.My Black friend and his rotwieler came up the the path as arrangged. " he says my dog and me need a fuck. He says generaly I need the dogs Knot to bust out the bicthes ass, for my cock to fit............. I tell her this is how it has to be , unless you want your parents to find out what yo did

Master's Pet

group lonelyinny5 2018-02-18

"On your knees now, slut!" my Master demands as his colleague unzips his pants and grabs his long, thick cock already rock hard and shoves it in my mouth and down my throat. I feel the tip of Master's hard cock align with my slippery slit before grabbing tuft of hair and yanking my head back hard as he pushes deep inside of me. "Thank you Master", I moan in between sucking on the stranger's cock. Master slips out of my ass and slides his cock past my outer lips and into my welcoming cunt. "Take your Master's cum, slut" he cries as pumps a few more times before emptying his spunk deep inside of my ass.

The Birthday Party

group 2018-02-18

A couple more puffs brought the plug to a hugely distended state, but then rather than let it goe down, you felt Ashley twist and work it around inside your butt, gently trying to pull it through your butt-hole still inflated. And as again Ashley replaced the tube with her warm mouth and sucked gently, a couple of the girls took up places on either side of your head, and rubbing their pussies hard, squirted copious amounts of girl juice over your upper body, face and mouth. As they finished, Ashley held a mouthful, and, holding her head above yours and opening your mouth with her hand, gently dribbled it out into your own, before coming down to complete the exercise by licking in and around your mouth, and sucking your tongue again hard.

My Sex Pets

group HornyKat 2018-02-18

"Perfect, now put some on his cock." Jock went to hand the lube to Rock. "I was going to play with my nipples while you oiled up his cock." Jock swallowed hard and looked at Rock, who considered for a moment and finally just shrugged. Rock took a deep breath and moved forward again and pressed the tip of his penis against the tip of Jock's. "I want to see that big rubber cock balls-deep in his asshole." Rock positioned the tip of the dildo against Jock's hole and pushed. As the rubber cock disappeared farther into Jock's ass, I slipped the vibrator into my pussy. Rock began pumping the rubber cock in and out of Jock's asshole.

CD Exposed

group deepasyoucan 2018-02-18

I work from home, the wife is gone on her job all day,and sometimes she is off on buisness trips for a week or two at a time. "Got home early, expecting to find my husband, only to find some little slut dressed in my clothes,passed out on our bed." I want you to put my clothes, back in your closet,leave on the nail polish,shower and wait for me to get home. The time d**g,I could not get any work done,waiting to see what Pam had in store for me when she got home. My legs got weak,and at that point,my wife said to pick up all this stuff and meet me in my bathroom.

The School Trip

group STEPHENA 2018-02-18

A rather agitated female voice on the other end belonged to Jackie Lovedon, the PE tutor at the Girls' High School and a good friend of Stephen's. Jackie made sure the girls had got everything they needed before carefully unpacking her small case while Stephen threw his bag on his bed and took a walk round the garden at the back of the house. Samantha gave him a wink and Stephen was sure he called see her mouth the words 'See you in a bit.' While Jackie wasn't looking. 'Oh gosh baby, I'm not going to last long here.' Knowing he had two girls to please though, he withdrew from Samantha and pushed his cock against Chrissie's pussy.


Football Party

group PrevertedMe 2018-02-18

All of the men had been college athletes and stood over 6 foot, so they towered over Amy. Also, like her, they'd all managed to generally keep their waistbands from expanding, so as she settled into Chris' lap she slid way back, folding against him with one shoulder and her head resting on his powerful chest. After downing the shot Amy made her way over to Tom, sliding easily into his lap and curling up against him in a tighter, more intimate fashion than Chris. It was during the second commercial break that Amy agreed to other bets that she would lose which meant that as the fourth play ended she moved from George's lap to Ted's.


First Time in Porn Shop

group Sage's Bahby 2018-02-18

We were both getting ready for our night out and Sage asked if she were to wear anything special, flashing a devilish grin my way. I told him that we were shopping for something special, my girlfriend wanted to see some dildos, the largest ones they had. The clerk was just watching as Sage knelt to the ground, taking my throbbing prick into her mouth, savoring every inch. The clerk had slipped off his jeans and was kneeling behind Sage, unbuttoning her blouse. His thrusts were fierce, pounding his pecker harder and deeper into her, her moans of pleasure now turning to cries of ultimate sexual satisfaction. The clerk moaned that he was going to cum, he pulled his dick out, turning Sage to face him.

Hammer Time!

group gotwood49 2018-02-18

She had long honey-blonde hair, which she had pulled up and clipped on top of her head, leaving little blonde strands framing either side of her gorgeous face, and fiercely blue eyes. And I kind of like the company." With that, she turned to walk back into the house, and 5 pairs of eyes watched her little behind as she went. I looked up, and Sandy was fondling Jennifer's right breast, pulling on the little pink nipple with her fingers. Jennifer, with her hand still around my balls, knew it, and yanked the dildo from my ass as I began to shoot what felt like a gallon of cum into Sandy's pussy.


My good friend

group tdhfit 2018-02-18

Chris pushed C… down onto the bed and pulled his throbbing cock out… stroking it at the sight of my almost naked partner… I began undressing too as she bent over and invited him to slip deep inside the wet pussy that I’d just minutes before finished licking… he grabbed her hips and with one hard thrust rammed his thick cock balls deep inside her… she let out a moan and looked at me with a mixture of pain and lust in her eyes… Chris reached forward and grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back hard as he started fucking her firmly from behind… I was wildly turned on at the way he was treating my woman… this perfect girl that I’d always treated as the love of my life… now his cockslut being used before my very eyes… I dropped my pants and laid on the bed, my big cock inches from her mouth as she moaned loudly… Chris then, still holding her hair pushed her head down hard, her mouth dropping deep onto my cock….

Dinner Date

group randodo 2018-02-18

Now being an adherent of the philosophy of Zorba the Greek, who said something like "one of the greatest sins a man can commit is when a woman invites you into her bed, to refuse," Bud immediately stripped down, barely taking the time to deal with things like buttons or zippers and stepped into the water and sat on the rim of the tub and gazed at this facsimile of Ingrid Bergman who had already taken what seemed like a gallon of his hot beer fueled piss down her throat and now wanted to suck as much cum out of his dick as possible.


Husband's fun night with wife and a sub.

group 2018-02-18

I got done then I got up put my dick between there face and shook it right and left hitting there foreheads as I untangle my whip, now I have the vibrators on high I hear them moan and with out warning I whipped my wife's ass then Rosa's, I went back and forth fast but not to hard. I proceeded to un-cuff my wife's hands tongue kissed her for a few minutes, I pulled off looked her in those beautiful brown eyes and said SUCK MY DICK NOW! I turned her over on the bed had her ass up, I spanked and kissed her cheeks as I squeeze that booty, then I line my big hard dick with her slit, I rub the head up and down and around her clit while squeezing her ass.

Forbidden Encounter Ch. 01

group women_weaken_legs 2018-02-18

He knew they were going to get caught, so he took her words as inspiration and began slamming his cock in and out of her throbbing cunt with intense speed and force. And Jenna, Linsey's voluptuous, annoying, crazy yet oddly attractive sister in law had already dropped the top half of her short summer dress and was teasing her unexpectedly perfect tits. Linsey was on her knees in shock, releasing Ray's half hard cock. Ray's exposed cock head was quickly swallowed up by Jenna, who had no problem being in close contact with a topless woman and who obviously had a very healthy sexual appetite. After a silent moment of satisfaction, Jenna leaned over and began licking on Linsey's cum covered tits.

Anal At Last Ch. 18

group scottishmeat 2018-02-18

I reached my hand down, and slid my finger tip, still wet with Angela's juices, into Simone's ass, feeling her cunt tighten around me as her muscles responded. Angela then went back to licking out the blonde sexy woman with my cock in her ass, and I felt Simone push out, her asshole loosening. Me fucking a couple of inches into Simone's tight ass, Angela spreading Simone's juices around my cock and Simone's asshole, while licking her cunt. Simone, more recovered now, leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, licking the combined juices of my come, her ass, and Angela's cunt off me, swallowing them all down.


A Kiss Ch. 4

group millieteases 2018-02-18

She said that her parents aren't as conservative as mine - they let her date and all that in high school - but they'd been pretty distinct about not having sex. Amy and Alan's motions distracted Mitsy from the long soft kisses she and Pam were sharing. Across the room, Mitsy had grasped her right breast and was rubbing its small brown nipple around and against Pam's large soft pink one. She glanced over and saw that Jenny and Larry were naked and entwined in a passionate embrace and that Amy and Alan were pulling their jeans off as well.



group CanadianM 2018-02-18

Then, not wanting to wait any longer, she took her mouth from John's big cock and looked up at the men and said, "I need to be fucked!" Kelly groaned as she felt him enter, and then looked up and saw Mike's cock bobbing in front of her face and quickly took him in her mouth. The two men moved in rhythm, Mike slowly fucking her mouth while Ted's cock pushed deep in her hot pussy. Her pussy clenched around Ted's cock as he fucked her and her head bobbed as she skillfully pleasured Mike with her mouth. Ted quickly takes Mike's place in front of her and she feels two large hands on her bottom, spreading her as John's huge cock pushes into her needy pussy.