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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 04

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-18

"The day I married Jeremy," Pamela continued telling Alison, "I did not realize just how much my life was about to change. Piper again roared and giggled as Pamela mused, "Kristanna and Jeremy kept telling me that it did not have to be that way; no choice had to be made, we could all enter into a group relationship, maybe a group marriage, down the line. "Once I realized that I was in love with Kristanna, obviously Jeremy, and I actually had serious thoughts about spending the rest of my life in this family, this sort of environment, everything fell into place quick.


Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 05

group hotmann 2018-02-18

The slow drive gave me plenty of time to tease Anna's nether regions, and by the time we got close to our destination I had the firebox on a nice low simmer, just how I liked. By the time we reached the hotel Anna's legs were wide open to my touch, pussy exposed, along with her left breast which I had removed from the sundress. Anna's thong showed no lines, but Amanda's dong required more support, and the panty lines across her ass were clearly visible. Amanda inhaled sharply, and I turned to see that Anna's excretions has left a damp spot on the back of her dress. My hand slipped under the table and onto Anna's leg, but when I approached her pussy again, she blurted out:


Boys Will Be Boys...Every Time 2

group fotisampini 2018-02-18

sopping wet lips of this girl's pussy as she moaned again into my mouth. it takes a lot of fucking from other dicks before a pussy really feels pulled my cock out of her pussy, those boys fell on her like a pack of Fourth of July's mouth kiss my cock first, as she took it in her hands and slow glide into her pussy, taking the head of my cock right to the edge of to fuck Red's ass and pussy, which wasn't to be missed. fuck this girl, so I gripped her ass tighter and pulled her juice filled until just the tip of my hot dick kept her pussy lips spread apart.

The Judgmental Slut

group doublevagfan 2018-02-18

She moaned and sighed releasing more juices from deep inside, making the entrance more slick and he felt his friends cock rubbing the wetness up and down his swollen member. His wife stopped fingering herself to help the Judge file her motion, rubbing the judges clitty as she began to spank two sets of balls in her other hand...she knew she would soon be feeling this too, two cocks thrusting in her hole, bursting inside her, getting fucked with the cum of two. She could feel it inside warming her and squeezing outward in gooey drips around the cock bases, and dripping downward onto places that would soon need soft licks in the naughty process of cum retrieval, which she looked forward to immensely.

Bar Hopping & Bed Humping

group wet_princess69 2018-02-18

Look at that beautiful patch of wetness you have spilled for me." Sticking his nose deep into my wet pussy, inhaling he said "Oh my God what a glorious smell my little Red has." I could hear him, then feel him slightly sucking at my undies. Daddy loves that beautiful mouth." Jerry reached down to play with my exposed honey hole moaning as he felt how wet I was. "That's it my little baby bitch cum for daddy so I can eat it all." Jerry's fingers found my love hole as he worked them in and out with his thumb running across my cunt at the same time. You will see how hot it makes your tight little pussy." Daddy kissed me pulling me to Uncle Phil's rod.


Our Sex Cinema Evening!

group FilthyBoy10 2018-02-18

I looked around and saw that two guys were naked waist down and wanking each other hard as! The other lady had also moved seats away from her 'partner' and sat on another's lap whilst another guy was wanking The other lady did the same position and a guy started fucking her doggy too, wearing a condom as a stranger. The guys in turn all took turns to spunk off, over Karen or Carrie, a few just shot on the floor and seats and departed! When I got close, Carrie wanking me, Karen took over and aimed me into her mouth. When we got there Karen again outdid herself and was on her knees naked whilst 3 other guys just pissed all over her.

Pleasure Weekend

group SlutKathy 2018-02-18

Dave had gone to the top and was now fucking my face like it was another cunt, while Chris winked his cock and played with my tits. “Now’s it’s about time we gave the slut’s ass a good gang fucking,” Chris said to the large rowdy crowd gathered there. He had been ok about the mess on the bed and floor as he had fucked me three more times after the first over the proceeding days and had pissed over my tits and face, and made me lick his ass hole as well, and the guys said they would give him a copy of the video of my weekend gangbang.

The Perfect Mexico Vacation

group Hammock 2018-02-18

“And I thought I was going to have to dare you to try something like that, but here you are asking me.” I took another sip of my drink, my heart racing with the thought of taking you on the public beach. She got on her knees with you and you locked lips, your hands moving over her body. As you got into it, your tongue flicked easily across her clit bringing about faster and faster moans and tiny screams, I slid inside of your warm, tight pussy. You smelled and looked so good, I had to taste you, so I pulled out and moved my face over your pussy.

Never Too Old

group BebeEversJ 2018-02-18

I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could so I could feel the big head touch the gag spot in my throat. Norman came and filled my mouth three times as I swallowed each spurt and when he was done I licked is cock clean. I told Norman to work until he felt it was time to go home and come back in the morning to finish. Our eyes were fixed on one another and I got the feeling we were no longer talking about food unless he was thinking of my eating a nice hunk of his meat.


I found out my wife cheated.

group xx1448 2018-02-18

I was having thoughts of her fucking another guy. She starts out saying, oh such a good time out drinking with friends. I kept seeing her fucking and sucking a guy. Her s****r who fucks this guy introduced her. He was bigger then my husband and I wanted him to fuck me and he did. She was probably thinking about the other guys she fucked. She was into the sucking dick and getting fucked part with two dicks. So, I decided to bring in a guy at the hotel without her knowing it was this night. Spend a night drinking and having sex. My husband turns me over to fuck me from behind and this guy puts his dick in my mouth.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 06

group Liquor69 2018-02-18

Frank commented on the fact that Gary had two new jets and the best-looking pilots in Orlando. She gave the driver an address and told Gary that they were going to look at one more property. Gary looked at Mark who was smiling as they walked up the lovely circular pine staircase to the second floor. Gary looked at the price and told Mark to do his best. "That is a wonderful price, seriously, thanks," Gary said as he sipped his drink. Leeann and Vicki treated Mark and Gary to wonderful, sensuous blowjobs on the flight home. "You two make me so happy," Elaine said as she fed Gary's cock into Leeann's lovely lips.


The New Boss Ch. 03

group cyravance 2018-02-18

Sometimes I would be spanked almost playfully and fucked like a lover, at other times Ronen's eyes would go cold, and I'd be whipped hard enough to raise welts across my backside, and he'd take me from behind, hard, in the ass. Ronen said to her, "Yes, Simone, that would be nice. Ronen looked down at me, taking me in for a minute, then he said to me, "Simone is not my wife. Simone took my hand and said, "Let's go." She lead me to a room off the main bedroom. Her hands felt wonderful and I began to breath more quickly as she worked one, then two fingers into my ass.


The Big Surprise

group Al_Man_7 2018-02-18

I felt her start kissing my neck and trailing her tongue down my chest around each nipple, biting lightly and ending by circling the head of my cock and taking it into her lips. I knew from experience that the noises he was making were from her giving him a blowjob, taking the tip of his dick into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it then taking it deep into her throat, covering the rest, lightly moving up and down the distance to his balls with her hands. She then climbed back up onto my face, positioning her clit so that I could lick it, and took the guy's cock into her own ass.

Next Door Neighbors Ch. 02

group Lana212 2018-02-18

With tongues finding their cadence, teeth nibbling on lips, Sophia raises up her shirt and takes off her bra. Kissing it gently, she opens the folds with her fingers and finds Sophia's hot wet hole. She feels Natalia's tongue pressing into her, and then her whole mouth covering Sophia's sweet small pussy. Eric moans to the feel of her lips around his hard dick. Her lips and tongue wrap expertly around his hard dick and occasionally feels her teeth on the way up his shaft. Not wanting to cum just yet, Eric pulls her head back and lays Sophia on the bed. Eric and Sophia lay in silence, still wrapped in each other's arms, neither feeling uncomfortable.

Downward Dog and Other Positions

group the_gripping_hand 2018-02-18

I kept imagining that hairless slit being split open by Jason's big cock, Jenny moaning and writhing with pleasure as I had, or his face buried between her thighs, licking and nuzzling the smooth skin. When we got back to the bedroom, I started to put on my robe so that Jenny could have first crack at the shower when she said, "Don't worry about it - the shower has two separate shower heads, so no one has to wait. I sighed and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations of the soft cloth, Jenny's hands on my skin and the warm water running over me. I could feel her hot breath on my legs, her hands spreading my thighs open so she could finish her task, her fingers manipulating the skin to make sure she hadn't missed anything.


Cathy Ch. 02

group cathynova 2018-02-18

He angled his cock at her waiting pussy and she gasped as it broke through her labia and began to sink inside, then she noticed Constance kneeling by her side, she looked to see the camera back on the tripod, filming the whole scene as Constance dropped her head and began to lick her husband's cum from Cathy's face, while her husband worked at filling her pussy delightfully, he began to knead her tits again, but all the feeling coming at once left no room for pain.

And Mother Makes Four: The Cruise

group walterio 2018-02-18

Dana & Steve, Denise & Dick, John & Judy, Tom & Carla, Jimmy & Kimmy, Vince & Mary, Mike & Shirley, Walt & Trudy and Peggy and Sharon tennis club swingers were aboard the clothing optional cruise. Marla and Joannie bragged about Biff's big dick and in turn, Dana and Denise bragged about Walt's impressive cock. In the meantime Walt enthusiastically went with Joannie to her cabin while Biff continued to work on Trudy. You know you would like to be in one of those cabin beds with one of those big cocks in your pussy," Clark said with a chuckle as he grabbed one of Julie's ass cheeks.


Chuck & Paul Enjoy My Woman Ch. 01

group switchhitter 2018-02-18

After a few songs Sharon comes over to where we are sitting and takes Carol by the hand and drags her on to the dance floor. If you play your cards right you just might get lucky with her tonight." He got a huge grin on his face and ordered Carol and I some shots of whiskey and went to his table to join his friend. Two songs go by and Chuck comes up to Carol and asks for another round on the dance floor. She says "I'm going to ask Chuck if he wants his cock sucked!" I told her to make sure she has her phone with her so he could take pictures of the 'event'.


group smokinfoliage 2018-02-18

Boyd lifted his ass off the sofa as Lana pulled his jeans right off and Sky pulled his boxer shorts half way down his legs, allowing his hard cock to spring free. Boyd tried to push his hips off the sofa to meet Lana's mouth but she moved her head away just in time, keeping an inch of clear air between his cock and her full pink lips. She was still frigging Lana with her right hand while she supported her head on her left arm and continued to shove back against Boyd's thrusting cock, arching her back to let him get deeper into her. Sky opened her eyes to see he two of them locked at the mouth, Lana's right hand rubbing frantically at Boyd's dick.


Two Very Nasty Girls Ch. 2

group Erlikkhan 2018-02-18

Just as Brad was pulling out of Shelia, Josh started cumming in Anna's steamy fuck hole. It wasn't long before Cathy was getting double fucked in the mouth and cunt while Rocco had one girl riding his cock and the other sitting on his face. Shelia climbed off Rocco's cock just before he came, clamped her lips around his slimy shaft and felt his warm cum start spraying into her mouth. Shelia motioned for Josh to get under her, quickly shoved his cock up her cunt, then told Brad to fuck her ass. After bringing Anna to two explosive orgasm, Rocco pulled his cock from her ass and shoved it into Cathy's mouth just as he started to cum.


The Slut with Two Ass Holes Ch. 03

group MungoParkIII 2018-02-18

Feeling the wet warmth of her I didn't notice that the two assistants had stopped finger fucking her until I felt each of them climb on the chair behind me. I continued thrusting my cock in and out of Catherine's upper pussy while my two assistants began fucking her middle and lower pussy. Immediately feeling her pussy begin pulsing over my cock I knew she had come in her upper pussy, but behind me the two other men continued fucking her. The next morning my two assistants and I worked together to fabricate an entire experiment trying to anticipate what results we might have gotten if we had completed the test instead of fucking the woman.

87% orgy


group Arch Stanton 2018-02-18

Cassie's eyes opened in surprise and anger, which quickly melted away to pleasure as he felt his index finger gently stroking her clit. Nate looked over at Bryant, who was grinning madly, then down toward Cassie's exposed tit, and the hand still busy beneath her skirt. Cassie looked up at him, angry at his comment and it's implication, but she couldn't deny how good the hand stroking her still felt. She moaned into Bryant's mouth as she felt Nate's hot lips sucking on her nipples. Um, you're a good little cocksucker, aren't you?" Cassie mumbled something as Bryant pushed first one, then two fingers inside her. With his tongue flicking her clit and his fingers fucking her, Cassie felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure coming.


Stretching the Boundaries

group morris40 2018-02-18

Morris and I had actually bought the 32nd in a series of MILF DVDs. It had gotten him more excited than it had gotten me, but it was kind of reassuring to see him jerk off to bodies that had more or less recovered after being stretched a couple of times. Reema stood in front of him looking incredibly sexy with her ankles far apart and her dress pulled up to her waist. She turns 90 degrees and does it again until each of the four corners of the room has a chance to see her bare pussy with her ass cheeks pulled apart naturally by her movements.


A Weekend at the Cottage Ch. 03

group PrincessErin 2018-02-18

Danica felt Angie's tongue ring flick against the roof of her mouth and she was getting very wet. "Come join us baby." Danica gestured for her boyfriend to join them and Morgan practically jumped into the tub. "I want to fuck you while you lick Angie's pussy." The women grinned. Angie sat up on the edge of the tub and Danica got on her hands and knees. She was watching Morgan plow into Danica's pussy. Once Angie was gone Morgan wrapped his arms around Danica. "Let's take a walk to the dock one last time." Morgan led Danica to the dock and got down on one knee.