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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hot Tub

group jeninflorida 2018-11-10

It's so naughty when a man becomes hard as you know that he's thinking of you and that he wants you to make you his little slut for the night. Renee knew that I was nude, and I'm sure she could tell what Mike was doing. "Mike honey, since it seems that I can't have you, you don't mind if I enjoy your pretty little wife do you?" Brazenly, Renee's hands cupped my breasts and there was no doubt Mike knew what she was doing. Renee worked circles coming ever so close, but not touching my nipples, as I did my best to tease her clit with my fingers. Renee's breast looked perfect and I could see why Mike enjoyed many fantasies about her.

Lightning doesn't strike twice?

group vandalay74 2018-11-10

Kara moaned again as Michelle’s tongue entered her pussy and her lips wrapped around her clit. Kara’s moans only seemed to invigorate Michelle as her hand moved faster across my wife’s clit. Michelle took a position above my head and as Kara passionately kissed my chest, Michelle’s tongue gently glided up my neck. A slight moan escaped both of their lips and Michelle placed her hand on my hip gently guiding me into position behind her. “Oh God yes!” Kara moaned as Michelle pushed up against her, their shared dildo penetrating each other’s pussy. “Oh yes, fuck me Kara,” Michelle moaned as she moved her hips rapidly up and down the shaft of the plastic cock, each motion sending my cock deeper into her ass.

Shelter From The Rain

group JustTK 2018-11-10

Maybe you could, you know, entertain." Malik said surely as he pulled into his driveway, a long path up to a three car garage. "But, I know how much a few grand might help you." He pulled a money clip from his pocket, and pushed together inside, she could see hundred dollar bills. Malik pulled three-hundred dollars from the money clip, stuffing it in her wet shirt. It looked to Katie as if there was a lot of money, maybe almost ten grand, clipped inside of it. She felt like such a whore, or rather, a woman that needed the money so badly, that she'd do anything to get it, even let her virgin asshole be ravaged by this man's stiff pole as she sucked off his friend.

OHGirl & Velvet: Taboo

group ohgirl1 2018-11-10

Marvin wanted both of them to fuck me hard and long for the video and my cunt and ass took both of their horse sized cocks for over an hour while they drilled me between them. My cunt got wetter as Big Poppy pounded my ass and I sucked Luiz’s cock, knowing full well that my limo driver was going to be waiting a long time as the group of nearly 20 members began to undress and wait their turn. It looked like I was having a large, black rubber baby and I continued to slowly bounce on my fuck toy as one of my co-stars slid up behind me and stuffed his cock into my asshole.

Lust in a cold climate

group Scottishlass 2018-11-10

It was just before my 17th birthday when I met Paul (my future husband) while he was out walking with my cousin Alan in our local park. The evening I first met Paul we kissed and intimately fondled each other while Allan watched. When Paul freed my breasts he invited Alan to join him in playing with them. Several days later, on my 17th birthday, Paul told me that he and Allan wanted to give me a special present and asked me to meet them in the park shelter where I’d initially masturbated them. Climbing between my open legs Paul swiftly made me an ex-virgin as I greedily sucked on my cousins cock. After Allan had climaxed, Paul took over once more.

A Room With A View, Part 1

group RichardScott 2018-11-10

She gave a little yelp and Collette laughed, taking her cock in her hand, pushing it’s head against Muriel’s opening, working it into her ass. This caught the attention of Collette, turned again, looking across the street into our room and fucked Muriel’s ass with renewed effort, slapping her thighs. Laine licked the remaining cum from my cock, got up and told me that I should probably go over there to stop Collette from hurting Muriel. Muriel let out a stifled scream, cum spraying from her pussy, covering Collette’s face, as Collette placed her tongue to Muriel’s pussy, lashing her clit, lapping up the nectar of Muriel’s second orgasm. As the door closed behind Laine, Muriel climbed over Collette, grabbing her face and placing her pussy over her mouth, straddling her.

Reacquainted with the Dark Side Ch. 01

group gracesnowpaw 2018-11-10

Curt, Cindy and James arrived minutes later and I stood watching them make their way to the boat. James and Nina took a seat behind the captain on the fly bridge; as expected, Cindy was planted beside David. "Too cold for me too!" I smiled as I reached for my towel, "I'm going to get sun on the bow." As I made my way up to the fly bridge, Cindy and Nina appeared. Cindy and David were gone from sight completely and Nina and Curt were making their way back to the boat. Nina turned and gave me a dismissing look, "I think James needs some more attention greedy!" She smiled again before returning to Curt.


Office Party Orgy

group silkstockingslover 2018-11-10

"You're wearing thigh highs to work?" I asked, surprised as they were super sexy, I had a couple of pairs for going out to hook up or for staying in when wanting a hot fuck session, but they were not something to wear all day. I followed that up by going to a lingerie store and purchasing a couple new pairs of sheer silk thigh highs, a matching bra, garter and thong set that I planned to wear underneath my black cocktail dress. Both lawyers working today were gone, one for the day (he had a brief trial at 2 and then he was going home early) and the other said he wouldn't be back until two as he was having a business lunch on the other side of the city.


OHGIRL's College Date

group ohgirl1 2018-11-10

The bean bag chair had melded to fit me, as I laid there on my back being fucked, and all I could do was look up and watch their faces while they each took their turn pumping my worn out twat or stuffing my mouth with their long cocks. The door opened to the room again as some of the guys left, but another two cocks joined in and hung in front of me as Jacob fucked me from behind and I sucked on Justin’s swollen knob. Back and forth I was rolled from my knees to my back as each guy took their turn and fucked me in his desired position or placed their cocks between my lips to suck.

Didn't mean to go so far...

group Sharon1 2018-11-10

I told my husband (Jerry) that this guy - we'll call him Steve (not his real name) - always looked at my tits when he talked to me, and had made some pretty obvious sexual remarks to me. "So you're gonna show me your tits for my birthday?" said Steve. I thought Steve was going to scream when he looked at me, jeans around my ankles, bright blue panties now showing as well! "I'm gonna get the most of my two minutes.' he said, and with that he pulled his pants down and out came what I had heard he had - a big, thick, at least ten inch black cock.

Snowed in

group OldGeezer 2018-11-10

Mary told me that she thought that Mark certainly had some staying power, and that Claire was a lucky girl. Claire said she would help, and so we left Mary and Mark in the sitting room. I made love to Mary while Mark fucked Claire, and we then Mary came over to me and sucked my cock clean from Claire’s viscous pussy juices. Mary kissed Claire, and pulled hard on her nipples, as both cocks ploughed their dual furrows into Claire’s body. It wasn’t long after this that Claire started to shout, a stream of filth coming from that lovely mouth, as she tipped over the edge into a shattering orgasm, and spurted her pussy juice all over my cock and balls.

All Men Should Be Uncircumcised

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Randolph State College currently sponsors Men's Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Volleyball, Golf, Gymnastics, Rowing, Rugby, Bowling, Rifle, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Football, Soccer and Wrestling along with Women's Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Volleyball, Golf, Rugby, Gymnastics, Bowling, Rowing, Fencing, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Field Hockey, Wrestling and Equestrian. She was the Head Coach of the Women's Fencing Team at Randolph State College and the faculty advisor to the Men's Fencing Club. George kissed Jennifer's hands, then told me something which shocked me to my core. I stroked George's nine-inch dick with one hand and fingered Jennifer's hairy wet pussy with the other. In no time, the hot Asian woman got my black cock nice and hard.


group The Gentle Man 2018-11-10

The woman moved so that her full breasts brushed against hers and the man placed his hand on her thigh and began to stroke it. With long sure strokes he began fucking her as she licked at the pussy of the woman tied and squirming on the bed. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes and gave herself over to the feeling of the soft lips, the soft hands, the stiff nipples, and the hard cock buried deep inside her pussy. The feeling of the two hard cocks inside her was unlike anything she had ever experienced before and an orgasm began building that she knew was going to be blinding in its intensity.

Webmeets Diary Ch. 07

group starbelliedboy 2018-11-10

I could see John wanted a go too though, so when I felt I was nearing a climax, I let it come, groaning and grunting and forcing my eyes open to absorb the sight of her sucking cock and her shaking breasts to add to the waves of pleasure flowing from the wet meeting of our genitals. John's face was contorted with concentration, and I thought he would cum fast, the way he was going, but he kept it up for what seemed like a long time, though this may have been because my position only really gave me enough stimulation to stay hard, despite this being the enactment of a long held fantasy of mine, and I'm sure many other guys.

My Sexual Adventures: Part One

group oceanoflove 2018-11-10

All of a sudden Gary had his hand down my shorts; I went to push it away, when Paul started touching my breasts and kissing my neck. Gary then started necking me and feeling my breasts, my nipples were hard and with Paul licking my pussy, I knew it wouldn't belong before I came. I could feel my orgasm building in me, Gary was kissing my neck and couldn't keep his hands off my breasts while Paul was stroking my clit, neither of them stopped until I came. at that exact moment Paul gasped as he came in my pussy; the feeling of his cock explode inside me tipped me over the edge and I came for a second time.

How'd that happen 9

group oldrascal 2018-11-10

Fortunately, when we reached Sadie's little shack, Frederick had hired a couple men, and with the men Jack had sent, it didn't take long to get everything inside where the maids unpacked and hung it all in their rooms. Naomi said,“It's what we can do for you, senor Sam, we have come to turn down your bed and give you some fresh towels,” and after a moment, “And whatever else you may require.” The last was delivered with a sideways glance and a slight simper. Naomi blushed slightly and said “Ah, Senor Sam, I have a small wager with Lisa,and I would like to ask you for a favor, por favor.” After a hesitation she continued in a little louder voice, “Would you show her your cock?

The Seduction of Sharon

group TomJones_New 2018-11-10

Jerry, my neighbor, has a voluptuous wife Sharon, small in build but heavy in breasts,with chestnut hair and shapely legs, who likes to swim in our pool wearing small bikinis that revealed a large part of her boobs and a well-rounded ass. I was exhausted by the time Claire came home and she usually found me sleeping, which she probably put down to working night shifts while in reality it was due to my shaft discharging it’s load in Sharon and the consequent exhaustion in the afternoons. I couldn’t wait to go home after work and sometimes, when I arrived, I found Sharon in the pool or inside the house--we gave her a key to the backdoor--and we spent time fooling around with each other till Claire arrived.

Driving Amy

group TheTravellingMan 2018-11-10

Nathan felt a pang of disappointment, he’d not known Laura long enough to share his fantasies. She squeezed on Eddie’s hand as Nathan impaled her fully, “Oh fuck yes!” Pulling him in, she kissed Nathan softly as his determined rhythm roused the want in her body. She took Eddie’s cock to hand as Nathan bucked his hips and fed her hungry sex. Nathan watched the gape of her fucked sex release his pearly white load. Eddie bucked back in agreement as Nathan watched the lips of her sex stretch around him. Watching her hips roll and grind against Eddie’s length, Nathan slowly stoked his cock. He’d kept Laura at arm’s length with text messages as Amy sucked and fucked them both into a stupor.

Washing Day Procrastination - Part 5 (Finale)

group TigersBlood 2018-11-10

So Paul commandeered him by putting his hand on Mike's cock and slapping it (gently at first) against my ass cheeks - and tugging on the nipple clamps as he did so, making me wince. "And this time Ruby, you are going to take it ALL, right the way down until your mouth is stuffed FULL".  My mouth filled with liquid in anticipation and I held my breath, opening my lips wide and allowing Paul's cock to bump into the back of my throat, gagging me and making me grunt. "Let me help you relax Ruby" Mike offered, as he put his hands low on my ass cheeks and spread my lips (his cock still embedded in my ass), He slipped both thumbs into my pussy and twirled them around, eliciting a loud "Yes!!" from my mouth.

Haitian Pride Chronicles Ch. 02

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Paula is a five-foot-nine, chubby and big-bottomed, red-haired white chick who's been my neighbor for ages. I licked the skinny white chick's pussy like my life depended on it. Paula grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked on it while fucking my pussy with the strap-on dildo. And just like that, the skinny white chick began fucking this big Black woman in the ass. The skinny white chick told me she'd dreamed of fucking me with a strap-on dildo for ages. To be honest, although it hurt a bit, I kind of liked the way Deanna's dildo slid in and out of my asshole. The combination of Paula's big toe digging up my pussy and Deanna's thick dildo filling my ass practically kicked me into orbit.


A Strong Black Woman's Submission

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Alexander is a big and tall Black ( six-foot-three by 270 pounds ) man with a penchant for domination. Alexander spreads my plump ass cheeks wide open and shoves his dick deep into my asshole. Alexander spanks my big Black butt while thrusting his cock deep into my asshole. I like fuck white chicks and white guys in the ass with my strap-on dildo. We had a lot of fun together until the day Michelle Stone got thrown out of Northeastern for having sex with another student, some Asian chick named Miko Chang. I willed my ass cheeks to squeeze Alexander's cock until he couldn't take it anymore and came, shooting his load deep inside my asshole.

Janice's First Multiple Partner Experience

group Lonelypole 2018-11-10

As we sucked her tits, Tom moved onto the floor, pulled her panties aside and started licking her pussy. She was sucking me hard and fast, in time to the fucking she was getting from Tom. With a grunt and groan, he came, filling his condom. I pulled out and took the camera from Tom. I think he was finally hard again and he may have put a condom on and taken her ass for a spin. Janice did too, squirting for the first time while getting fucked by a cock. He pulled the condom off and started working his hand, up and down his thick shaft, while Janice looked on and fingered herself, cumming and squirting again.

First Foursome

group Pegasus4 2018-11-10

A woman dancing next to us kissed Jay full on the mouth and I could feel her hand over mine, her fingers searching out the wetness between Jay’s legs. I could see that Jay had Paul’s cock in her hand and whilst we both kissed and licked Chloe’s pussy, Chloe had me in her mouth, sucking and licking my hard cock. Paul had his fingers in Jay’s pussy whilst Jay worked her hand back and forth on his stiff cock. Paul had the same idea and we both stood at the end of the bed and watched both women in a lustful embrace, kissing passionately, hands exploring each others bodies and Jay’s hot, wet pussy thrusting against Chloe’s.

A Black Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-11-10

Stuart told me that he was bisexual and very much interested in a sexy young black man like myself. Dildos aren't usually my thing but this sexy, forty-something black woman looked hot with it! While I fucked Stuart from behind, drilling my cock into his tight ass, Maureen came and pressed the strap on dildo against his mouth. Stuart sucked on my cock while Maureen fucked him from behind with the strap on dildo. Besides, Stuart sucked my cock while Maureen drilled the dildo into my ass, which was really cool. Maureen said she wanted to get fucked by a sexy black stud, and I volunteered, since Stuart felt more like watching at this point.