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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Special and First Event on Mykonos

group pdrye 2018-02-18

My cock suddenly swelled inside her and then I felt the tell-tale burning sensation as my seed flew through the narrow pipe inside my cock and shot out like a bullet inside her fuck box and as another shot of my spunk shot out I heard Geo a split second later groan as he erupted deep inside her dark tunnel and about a second later Vicky had her biggest orgasm of the day and amazed us all as she squirted her juices, something I had only seen once before, she screamed in ecstasy as sheer pleasure washed over her and she began to cry but when I tried to console her she told me in between sobs that she had never experienced such an intense climax before and had never squirted like that ever.


Our First Threesome

group Psycop 2018-02-18

Connie sat up and started kissing her as I ran a couple fingers around Mary's clit. To my surprise, Mary started to pull Connie's shirt up so I unsnapped her bra and went to licking and sucking on her breast. Connie started to push her pants down while Mary kept sucking on her breast, so I pulled Connie's pants off and slipped a couple fingers inside of her. The next thing I knew, Connie pulled Mary's hand from between her legs and slowly sucked her fingers clean. Connie moved to the floor and started flicking her tongue across Mary's clit while she fingered her. Connie quickly leaned over and took me deep into her mouth while she kept a couple fingers inside Mary.

French Maid At Your Service

group Stusion 2018-02-18

"Thanks Trevor." Megan smiled back, "I'm at you're service tonight guys so feel free to fuck me and cover me with your cum or let me suck you dry." Megan instructed. Her brunette hair was shoulder length and look amazing as she fucked Trevor, Steve got up and moved to Megan and she grabbed his cock and continued to suck it. Megan moved to where ordered her to stand while we had our drinks, started talking and laughing while Megan just stood here looking straight ahead, it was good spot so we can see the damaged we did her body, she had fixed up her skirt and apron, and also the top of her dress with cum still all over her tits.

Hostel Travels

group principessa07 2018-02-18

Then, the woman took Kerri's face in her hands and pulled her down, landing a passionate kiss on her lips. Lucia took Kerri's right nipple in her mouth as Paolo reached a hand around and massaged her left breast. Kerri gave Lucia's chest a few soft kisses, feeling someone's hand run through her hair. Kerri re-traced every moment of the previous night as she played with herself; Paolo lifting her hips, running his fingers along her, Lucia's deep kiss and hands fondling her. Feeling slightly hurt that they had forgotten about her, and extremely embarrassed that the entire room had seen her hands where she had left them, Kerri climbed down the rickety stairs, off the top bunk, and onto the cold floor.

Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 03

group Bodington 2018-02-18

Once his cock was fully in her she lowered her body so that her breasts were within easy reach of Clarence's mouth, and he promptly started sucking on a boob. By the time Octavia had pumped once along Clarence's cock I was fully lubricated with the Vaseline and got on the bed. I realized Octavia was trying to calm herself down having two big cocks inside her but I also sensed she would soon be wanting some rough action. As Octavia was moving down to let Clarence's cock get fully into her cunt, I was simultaneously withdrawing my cock from her ass. Octavia was able to move so efficiently in this double penetration, that I almost did not have a thing to do but just enjoy my cock moving up and down her ass.

Wife Shared Again...

group 2018-02-18

After our first threesome with Andy (see other story), our sex life was transformed and every time we would fuck, we would talk dirty about what a slut Marie had been or she would tell me how much she had enjoyed another guys cock in her. Of course I came almost immediately hearing my slut wife say this and as we lay breathless and naked on the bed, my cum oozing from her swollen pussy, I told her I would love to do it again too and kissed her passionately on her mouth. I came for what felt like minutes but when I finally slid out of my wife’s pussy I noticed that Doug was still yet to cum and she was still working his cock in and out of her mouth.

The Neighbor's

group DevilishTexan 2018-02-18

I couldn't believe what Vanessa had asked me, but my pussy tingled at the idea of being serviced by this hot stud. I grabbed the bottle of tequila as we walked to their back yard, Vanessa leading, holding Devon's hand as he held mine. “Well then, why don't you watch how I suck Devon's big, beautiful cock and then you can decide what to do.” Vanessa didn’t waste any time wrapping her hands around Devon’s ass and stuffing his muscle into her mouth like a woman possessed. She took his cock in both her hands stroking him as she sucked one then both of his balls into her mouth gently, never taking her eyes from his. "Do you like watching Vanessa suck my cock, Cyndi?" Devon asked me as Vanessa licked his balls.


Repaying A Ticket

group Needschat 2018-02-18

"I do," Brian said as he walked over to Heather and grabbed her towel. As Michael leaned back and began to cum down Heather's throat, Maurice put his large head against her wet and hot pussy lips. Michael, his seed in her throat, fell to the side, allowing the now hard and ready Tim to slip his cock into her mouth. "She loves that," Brian said as he looked at the action, stroking his cock. "Oh God," Tim said as Heather's throat began to accept his cock. "And if you need any more tickets fix, please let us know," Lieutenant Maurice Roberts said as he smiled at Heather, who was now awake and laying under the covers.

Closing the Deal

group eroslit 2018-02-18

"Traci, this is my lovely wife Angela," Tony said. "We're extremely interested in Melody's property," Angela said in a flawless voice. Angela pulled down the other strap and let the dress lay open down to my waist. I was sure I felt Angela's eyes on my ass when I strode towards Tony. As I began to bob up and down on Tony's cock, Angela removed her panties. Never had I felt anything like Angela's tongue stabbing at my clit and plunging into my pussy. Then I felt lips on my right tit while the vibrator continued to press against my clit. Joe's mouth came off my tit and he said, "Tell us you want to cum, Traci.


Ultra Class

group seth_perm 2018-02-18

Wherever he looked there was a beautiful smiling young woman in an elegant blue blouse, a short navy skirt and a classic dainty air-hostess hat wearing tights or, Dan dared to hope, stockings with surprisingly high heels. He looked down into Wendy's big green eyes peeping out from under her sweet blue hat as she smiled up at him around her mouthful of cock, her tight pursed pink lips gliding up and down his shaft deliciously, before reaching out once more for Ella. Dan couldn't believe his luck as with one hand he fondled Ella's lovely bottom and with the other squeezed Helena's full, firm and formidable tits with their big dark hard nipples.


Massage with a Happy Ending

group teacherlady123 2018-02-18

He tells you to move because he needs to fuck my face, so you climb on top of me on the table and push your hard cock into my wet pussy. He tells you that he wants to cum in my pussy, so you need to move. He moves back over me on the table and begins fucking me, filling my pussy with his dick. You empty your load into my pussy very quickly, and he tells you that you now you have made another mess and you need to clean your own creampie out of me because he can't send me out of a massage without being totally satisfied.

Debauchery of Vijaylakshmi Ch. 10

group shanti2010 2018-02-18

When the cab pulled up in front of John Pandian' house, Vijayalakshmi felt herself getting even more nervous and it was a beautiful home, and it looked like it was worth millions as it was the kind of house a very rich would live in a butler came out and opened the door and paid off the taxi driver and he didn't say anything to Vijayalakshmi and she meekly followed him through the big double doors and into a luxurious hallway. Vijayalakshmi had been scared before, but it was nothing to the fright she was feeling now as she realized that John Pandian was talking about firing Sridhar, Shanti's husband, mistaken to be her brother in law and she couldn't let that happen.



group redhatter 2018-02-18

The brown-haired one took his breakfast to a large flat rock off the small beach, and the small fish nibbled at his body. When the brown haired one came back around the island and saw them, he first seemed hesitant, but his penis grew and he compulsively brushed the head with his fingers. She left the tall one gasping on the ground, his own hardened penis uncomfortably pressed against hard rock, moss and tree roots. On her knees, she gave the brown one treatment from porn video: one finger slid up his anus, the index and thumb of other hand slid up and down the shaft, her mouth took the rest in, saliva flowing freely. The brown-haired man lead with the highest trump card, and it was clear suddenly that he was actually trying to win.

A Day At The Salon Gets Wild

group Oasis690 2018-02-18

Just as she lifted the big hot cock to her mouth another warm stiff rod brushed up against her right breast. Eat that pussy, I want to cum so bad!" She went back to sucking on the hard cock to her left, while stroking the hard cock to her right. She kept stroking, and felt the big dick to her left, Harrison's cock, tighten. She looked up to her right and saw Dane, and as she took his cock in her mouth, feeling his next blast of cum, she looked down to see a beautiful brunette between her legs eating her pussy.

Another Porn Shop

group Santemuerte 2018-02-18

She had one hand on the strangers dick and one on mine before she licked her lips and slipped the head of my cock into her mouth. She pulled back off my cock paused and turned her head and started sucking the hard-on in her other hand. After about 15 minutes of taking turns going back in forth; my cock buried down her throat; the strangers dick suddenly convulsed and erupted shooting two ropes of semen into the back of my girls head. I grabbed two hand fulls of her ass and pulled her cheeks apart so I could watch my cock penetrate her. "Mmm, baby, lay down next to the wall, I want to fuck you while I suck him." Charlotte said to me.

Our First Threesome

group trumptight85 2018-02-18

I watched in what seemed like slow motion as Teresa sat on the settee in nothing but her g-string, her legs spread and Mark's cock in her hand, pulling it towards her open mouth. I slid two fingers into her hot pussy, my thumb massaging her swolen clit as I looked up and watched as half of Mark's cock had disappeared into my wife's mouth which she was sucking on like there was no tomorrow. I took my two fingers out of Teresa's sopping cunt and slowly pushed three fingers back in while the fingers and thumb of my other hand gently squeezed and massaged her clit making her moan loudly, well as loudly as you can with a mouth full of balls.

The Adventures of Miss Jones Ch. 04

group cheddar_cheese 2018-02-18

She already had one cock in her pussy, surely she wasn't going to have another one at the same time? It squeezed the thick cock inside her which felt nice, but she wasn't going to have it up the arse. Fat cock guy underneath her managed to slip a hand down and began playing with her pussy. And the pleasure of having a cock inside her pussy while another one rubbed a different part of her was something she was getting to like. I tried so hard to stop them, I really did, but I couldn't stop them but they did it to me as much as they wanted they just kept fucking me more and more and they said they wouldn't stop until I told them I loved it and begged them not to stop.



group LORDLONE 2018-02-18

I had no real desire to get fucked by anyone at that point but I decided that girls were better than the guys who I can only assume had even bigger dicks, so I started doing my best to suck off Cherry before she could shove her big ass cock into my ass. "OK, I'm almost ready to go again," said Cherry, "but I think his ass is way to stretched out to make me feel good so we're gonna have to try something new!" She brought me over to a chair where the tranny who had cum in my ass first lay stroking her still hard cock.

Bi Big Cock Fantasy Ch. 03

group Oppswalla 2018-02-18

As they shuffled through the store, Tiffany looked across the island of bras and panties at Grace, "ooo, I bet these would look good one you," she said as she held up a pair of white panties and bra with a small amount of see-through lace. Shortly after Tiffany picked up a set, "Oooo" showed them to Grace, grabbed her hand, and pulled her back into a dressing room again. Imagine they just stripped down and starting slurping at each other's dicks, or that blonde their was laid back with legs above his head being drilled.i think it's the sense of them being so vulnerable that turns me on." Tiffany said glancing across the room at two guys at the bar. If Grace was too concerned she would cut the drinks and called her husband or a cab, Tiffany reasoned in her mind.


Photo Session or Memorable Sexfest

group kvijaya508 2018-02-18

Asif instructed Priya to suck Kazi's cock while she fingered her pussy. I knew that Vijaya was turned on because she was fingering her pussy when Priya was writhing in orgasm from the huge dildo in her cunt. With only a panty and a bra on, Vijaya was baring the insides of her cunt for Asif's camera while Priya and Asif's two assistants stood watching. Kazi and Abdul (Asif's other assistant) moved over to Vijaya, and Kazi put his cock in her mouth and Abdul removed the dildo from Vijayas cunt and replaced with his cock. Asif kept photographing her, one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, asking Vijaya if she liked being a slut.

South of France Slut

group johncorwin 2018-02-17

My firm young breasts swaying only slightly as I knelt down across from her, and started to suck the cock offered to me. I could feel his hand on the back of my head as my lips moved back and forth on his cock. And as I did so, I could feel her tongue move across mine, her fingers probing my ass and my pussy. My hands on the bar as if I were serving, my pussy filled with his cock, his fingers finding their way into my ass. Her sitting back in the changing rooms, as I knelt before her, eating her out, feeling Sara’s fingers enter me, pushing into and stretching my ass as I wiggled it for her.

Open Wide

group StackedAction 2018-02-17

"Welcome, welcome" the dentist says, smiling widely "Have a seat in the exam chair please!" I raise an eyebrow and walk around to the front of the chair and sit down, realizing that this skirt might not be the appropriate attire for a dental exam. The Dentist begins to run his finger along my lips as he looks in my mouth, slowly, suggestively. He begins to fuck my mouth in slow, easy pumps and I spread my legs wide for the assistant, my skirt now bunched up at my waist. The dentist continues pumping her for a good couple of minutes after she is done and soon he is pulling his cock out of her and she and I move down as he shoots in our mouths and on our chins and cheeks.

The Boys' Locker Room

group head_slut 2018-02-17

Evan, a short, muscled blond, slid her skirt down and then slid his hands back up her thighs, his thumbs slipping inside her pussy lips and brushing her clit, while Rick, who was large and black and had a cock to match, untied her halter top, palmed her full breasts and rubbed his thumbs in circles over her nipples. She pulled her mouth off Brett's cock and gasped, "Fuck, I'm gonna-Oh, God!" she screamed, her pussy clenching and releasing around Evan's fingers and her juices spilling onto his eagerly waiting tongue. Kellen immediately dropped to his knees and pushed his cock into her pussy, filling it up so that Brett's cum ran out and down, dripping onto Rick's balls as he continued to thrust his cock into her ass.

Tree-Trimming Threesome

group pumpkin44 2018-02-17

"I hope they're nice and cold," Nell said, leaning over and setting the beers on the table, giving the guys a nice look at her plump hard nipples. Jeff was gentle, just moving his hand lightly over her nipple, letting his fingers play with it a little, keeping quiet. Jeff said, "Time to get that tight little pussy fucked." He stood up, quickly removed his shorts, and lifted Nell to her knees between them. All Nell could do was moan and grind, pushing herself back toward Jeff with gusto, wanting to feel his cock all the way deep inside. Nell's full breasts jiggled fiercely from the motion of one hard cock hammering her pussy and another fucking her pretty mouth.