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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Photo Session

group billstew 2018-02-17

It's about my wife and I and another couple who visited us. We talked over and arranged to meet just for getting to know each other; I told wife that they would come to visit us just to meet and to know each other for a dinner and all was OK. So they came, we met them at their hotel, had a great seafood dinner at a place we also tried first, we really got fond of each other. We got the cameras, and after a while, we were taking turns of photoshooting each other while having sex.

All in... Ch. 07

group jaismith 2018-02-17

"Hi, I'm Mavis," Ms. Cutie-pie said, "and this is my husband, Tony," her hand sweeping to the attractive, darker-toned Afro-American man of thirty-five, it would turn out. "Oooooh, love this song," Mavis said, "C'mon Jack, let's go polish that belt-buckle of yours," leading Jack back to the dance floor by the hand. We returned to the table and told the guys of the change in plans and Mavis suggested that Jack and Tony should make a stop for some liquor and mixers before joining us, "That liquor store, across the street, should still be open," Mavis added. "Lean back, baby, let Mavis taste some of that fine looking puss," declared Ms. Cutie Pie as she moved into position between my legs and lowered her head.

Roman Double

group th43 2018-02-17

The tongue kissing, tit massage and clit rubbing had lasted for over 20 minutes, so that by the time Claudio had said in his sweet Italian accent "Your pussy is so wet and inviting" Jillian needed a cock in her cunt, any cock. Jillian said that she'd expected Claudio to cum inside her pussy – but after her orgasm he had withdrawn his cock and just lay next to her, stroking her face and whispering to her in Italian. Roberto's grasp of the English language seemed to be returning and he said "I love you fucking bitches with your tight cunts." Just after that, Jillian felt his jolts as he spurted deep inside her.

If I Were the Third

group tonyd1509 2018-02-17

You sit on the edge of the bed, and with my back to your husband I kneel in front of you and kiss your breasts again, then kiss my way down your stomach to your hips, the inside of your thighs, and finally I flick my tongue across your pussy. Your husband gets up and sits on the bed next to you for a better view – but when he reaches for your breast, you push his hand away and tell him he only wanted to watch, and you send him back to the chair. Then suddenly, firmly, one hand squeezes a breast and pulls you back to me while the other reaches between your legs from behind, fingers flicking, rubbing, probing, and sliding inside you as my mouth devours your shoulder and neck.

The Triple X cocktail - Wife Shares Shemale With H

group Copious 2018-02-17

I bent down to kiss Tara as I felt i would be coming any moment and just as I bent I felt Eric's huge cock head tickle my ass. and then it relaxed and I fell down on Tara, my body shuddering in a huge orgasm and my legs shivering my eyes rolled up and semi closed me screaming in weak voice as my balls squirted and gushed loads of cum all over inside Tara's rectum splashing her ass walls with creamy cum.It felt as if that orgasm lasted for more than a minute as the waves of pleasure swept me all over one after the other.

A Really Great Day

group JaxsonCurry 2018-02-17

Without another word, Cindy reached down and gave my cock a squeeze. thought, Cindy bent over and ran her tongue around the head of my dick in Letting the length of my dick slide deeper into her hot mouth. cupped her ass cheeks with each hand and pulled her pussy to my face. Cindy had resumed sucking my cock as I tongued my s****r's juicy cunt. I could feel Cindy's tongue flick at my ass so I opened my stance a bit to I slid my cock out of her cunt and dipped into Cindy's waiting surprise, Maria kneeled right between my legs and began to suck Cindy's I grabbed her hips and started to slam fuck her ass until she came

Shiraz Girl and Room Service Girl

group Scarlet24 2018-02-17

You've had to sit watching two girls driving you crazy and now you want your money's worth, you lower her legs, hold her wrists down on the bed and fuck her hard and fast, she is in what feels like a constant orgasm, you can feel her gripping you tightly, you remember her licking and fucking the other girl, you remember how hot it looked when you watched the juice seeping out of her onto the toy, you can feel how your cock is sliding in and out of her, covered in that juice, you can't hold back any longer, you pump your cum into her.

FKK-Urlaub 7.Teil

group bavariatom 2018-02-17

Ihre Augen veränderten sich leicht als sie mich auf den Mund küsste und ich hatte das Gefühl sie las all meine Gedanken in nur eben dieser einen Sekunde. Wasame stockte kurz bis meine Hand bis zum Gelenk in ihr verschwunden war und begann dann, begleitet mit heftigem Keuchen, sich auf und ab zu bewegen. Ich sah Tante Doris, die aus den Schwänzen von Onkel Willi und Karl die letzten Tropfen herausholen wollte und dann gab ich mich völlig den vier Mädchen hin, die in mir ein willig wehrloses Opfer hatten. Dann drehte sie sich um, ohne dabei meinen Prinzen aus ihrem Mund zu nehmen und reckte mir ihr wundervollen Arsch vors Gesicht.

84% ihre

Company Party

group Atomix81 2018-02-17

With the kiss on the hand and my reply she turned around to face Jason, who hadn't even covered himself, he just took that brief moment to light the cigar he had been holding. Amid mild slurping noises and a few low grunts from Jason, I started to kiss and rub Claire's ass, moving my hands slowly down her legs, and then slowly up the insides. Braced on feet and left arm, she used her right hand to guide Jason's cock under her, aiming it at that oh so perfect ass. I slowly wedged the head of my cock in her pussy, and as I started to push into her, I moved my hands to the back of the chair to stabilize myself.


My Friend's Mom-closet pervert

group 2018-02-17

Well, it wasn't long and she came outside, wearing a one piece bathing suit and proceeded to lay on a reclining chair and work on getting a tan. It was an incredible sight watching her suck me, her big tits jiggling and her mouth salivating over my cock as she rubbed my prostate area and ass hole with her wet finger. I held on to her tits, nipples, her ass and played with her sexy, big body as she fucked me. I started to suck his penis head, licked his cock, tried going down on it and actually in all the excitement loved the feeling of a hard warm dick in my mouth.

Richard's Rules Ch. 03

group highclassic 2018-02-17

Richard is spending the weekend with 3 sorority girls (Margaret, Betty and Doris), and two soon-to-be-graduated high school seniors (Lisa and Emily) as their 'love slave', to test his 'Rules'. The rest of them headed for the back door, bottles or glasses in hand, but Doris, still naked, and the three new arrivals came in to the living room to face Richard. At the end of the discussion they all put their hands together, palms down, one on top of another and chanted "GAMMA ZETA!" When they turned to face Richard, Barbara stepped toward him. Most guys want to grab at my tits and pussy as soon as my clothes are off." Richard was still amazed at the words that came out of some girl's mouths.


A Wild Bachelor Party

group Mysteria27 2018-02-17

Eventually, I told my parents that I didn't want to attend college. Once they had arranged the sushi, Mr. Davis came back and took several pictures of me. I knew it was a bachelor party and was pretty sure after they ate the sushi, I would be entertaining them with my body. The groom-to-be took a California roll and pushed it into my pussy and ate it out with his tongue. The guy got very excited and blasted his cum down my throat. The groom-to-be pushed his cock slowly into my asshole. The groom-to-be pulled out and I got off of the one guy. I was moving and rocking on the one cock, while the other guy entered my asshole and fucked me hard.

Mrs Jizm Ch. 04

group geronimo_appleby 2018-02-17

Panting, breathless, but wild-eyed and searching, Mrs Jizm saw Peter, with his cock in his fist and a slack-jawed stare stapled to his face. I had no formal claim to monogamy with her alter-ego, Robyn, even less so with this latex clad wildcat, and so Peter hurried, with an expression of delight on his face, to kneel behind Mrs Jizm and her proffered derriere. In spite of my latent jealousy I could only watch in morbid fascination as, after he'd lifted the weight of his length in his fist, Peter aimed his cock-head at Mrs Jizm's oozing sex. And so, while Mrs Jizm's cunt squelched and farted around Peter's girth, and while he groaned and spluttered a lewd description of how it felt to have her body clenching around him, I kissed the woman.


My Second Affair Part II

group korpus1957 2018-02-17

My hubby insisted that I go out with Stan that night to celebrate my birthday by dancing my tail off and having a good time. Stan led me over to the couch and sat me in between him and Ken. They handed me the wine and drank a toast to me, saying they hoped this would be a birthday I would never forget. Moving up I felt the head of his cock rubbing around my pussy, separating the lips and easing inside. Together their cocks began to slide in and out of my mouth and pussy as my body tensed up and the feeling of complete satisfaction was about to occur.

A Baby - Family and His Brother

group Nicole48606 2018-02-17

As the morning went on, at the restaurant where we were having breakfast and getting to know each other, Nick stated that he had to go to the store and get the days receipts out of the vault and asked if I wanted to come, which I did. As he was sucking on my nipples his hand moved down my stomach slowly and then to the button on my skirt, he unbutton it so it was loose around my waist and then moved his hand down under the waist ban and gently massage my stomach with his finger tips just touching the hairs on my body, tickling me but making me wanting more.

Dani's Den

group cotton03 2018-02-17

Gwen looks at Dani and mouths that she is leaving, not wanting to be in the same room as Michael, let alone having sex with him again. If she doesn't want to participate, that's fine, but Dani knows that she could never get enough of Michael's cock. Dani tells Michael that he will be the center of attention for the evening and that he can do whatever to whomever he wants but can only remove the blindfold after all seven have been made to come in one way or the other. Matt gets between Michaels thighs and begins to tongue his balls and stroke his cock. Just as Dani suspected, Michael raises his head and takes the tip of Matt's cock into his mouth.

A Craving for Cock Ch. 06

group Erlikkhan 2018-02-17

Toni stood up and traded places with Mr. Ross who sat down in the chair, his large cock poking up from his lap. There was something terribly erotic about the mixture of pain from Mr. Beasley's bare hand slapping her ass and the feel of Mr. Ross' cock deep in her mouth. Mr. Ross was pounding her from behind at the same time Mr. Beasley's cock was pushing into her throat. Toni clamped her mouth back over Mr. Beasley's cock and took him into her throat. Mr. Beasley grabbed the back of her head and fucked his big cock up into her mouth like it was a pussy. Toni didn't think she had any more energy left in her when Mr. Ross finally pulled his cock from her ass.

Janie in Alaska Ch. 02

group divergirlxoxo 2018-02-17

I watched with growing interest as Neil lumbered down to where Janie sat upon her colorful towel, like a butterfly posing on a flower. I couldn't see it because her face was blocking the view, but the way she moved her head at his groin told me that she was sucking him off. Janie's mouth stretched around Neil's cock as she hollowed her cheeks to suck him. Janie clasped her hands tightly on either side of her breasts and made a deep furrow for Neil to enjoy. Every time he thrust into her chest, she lowered her pretty pink tongue to coat the head of his cock.


Payment in Kind

group blueeyeandy 2018-02-17

"Right, actually while you here, ehhh Karen asked me to talk to you about the rent; to be honest we're getting concerned about it" John told Peter, at the same time one his hands moved and started caressing his cock. John placed hands behind Peter's head, and then pushed his cock into Peter's mouth; and began to pump it back and forth, slowly and shallow at first, almost like jerks. A thought came into his head and he reached up with is hand, Karen's cheeks were spread exposing her own anal rosebud, and Peter began to push and probe it with finger, while licking her pussy, which was quite an achievement considering the position he was in.


جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's X-Rated Live TV

group 2018-02-17

I've always had a weakness for black men and their huge, thick, long, hard cocks so imagine my excitement when the guest turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous big black stud! There I was, stroking and pumping two beautiful hard cocks under the desk. I didn't want to waste any of their precious seed by letting it squirt all over the underside of a news desk so I hitched up my skirt, pointed their throbbing cocks at my long golden legs and let them both unload all over them. The commercial break was over, our lovely guest had left and I spent the whole of the next section reading more news while, under the desk, I was massaging their beautiful, thick,creamy cum into my legs and pussy, making sure to not waste a single drop.

Ron Ch. 03: The Party Concludes

group Susie_O 2018-02-17

Only a week ago he had been a virgin and now, here he was, sitting naked on the couch in his cousin David's home as naked women and naked guys sat around or came in, by pairs from the family room. Ron told her abut how he and David were sort of house sitting while their parents were on a cruise and how David had called Sally to show him how to fuck. Kate knew what she wanted and moved off David, "Here take this one." She nudged Jerry into a small space on the Mattress between David and Jennifer who was being fiercely fucked by Sidney.


Fucking the two hottest Indian T.V stars pt.2- Kav

group sidhorny22 2018-02-17

Suddenly Shweta grabbed my hand and took it out of her pussy kissed my fingers and licked off any juice sticking to it and then walked to the edge of the bed where I was fucking Ragini. She stopped the tit fuck and started jerking my cock with one hand and in 5 minutes I came shooting thread after thread of thick white cum all over Ragini's face. She was moaning hard but did not cum and I kept fucking her for an hour straight during which she came just twice and was  about to reach her orgasm again but then Shweta and Kavita picked her up and started rubbing her pussy and in 10 seconds she squirted her load all over my body.

Jake's Kitchen Fantasy

group Centurian 2018-02-17

While this was happening Jake was moving round the other side of the table he got round behind Carly and pulled down her skirt and grabbed her knickers and lobbed them on the floor then he put his hand under Carly and slipped 2 fingers in to her Carly was now sucking Lucy in rhythm with Jake s fingers going in and out of her after a while Jake put in 3 then 4 fingers and Carly was on the point of climaxing Jake them actually pushed his hole fist in to Carly she had neither had this much in her before and she was basically screaming so Lucy got of the table and picked up Carly's knickers and shoved them in Carly's mouth then came round by the side of Jake while he was still moving his fist in and out of Carly, Lucy unzipped his jeans and got his 9" long 2" round cock out and started to suck it with in 5 minutes of sucking mat said he was about to come not wanting his cum in her mouth and in her cunt.

Melanie's First Group Sex

group BarbraNovac 2018-02-17

She was stroking Melanie, her huge breasts laying forward so that they hung over the younger woman's thighs, as she pulled her hand back to reveal great strands of clear liquid sitting so thick and heavy over her hand it made her fingers looked webbed. Just at that point, Veronica screamed and came all over Melanie's face, and at the same time the men noticed large globs of clear fluid gathering around the entrance to the cues. Anderson stood and turning Veronica around, stuck his huge cock into her pussy over the top of Melanie's face. Melanie, already exhausted from several orgasms, found herself with one last one in her, so she wrapped her legs around Veronica's head and thrust her cunt into her face before the captivated, thrilled eyes of the three men watching.