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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Well... Ch. 11

group Pegleg 2018-02-17

‘I want you to come on my tits’ Ann groaned eventually and after several more thrusts Brian and Steve withdrew and, with Mary and Tanya helping them, sprayed what seemed like pints of cum all over her. A white river began to flow all over her chest and as the girls milked the boys pricks to get every little bit of cum from them Ann was contently rubbing it all into her stomach, tits and crutch with a dreamy look on her face that said how much she had enjoyed it. Brian, James and I were also stroking our rapidly hardening pricks as the two in the shower built to a climax and as Ann and Mary knelt before all three of us with their mouths open Steve gave a roar of pure lust that sent us all over the edge.


Coed Naked Backpacking

group m_storyman_x 2018-02-17

I looked down and saw Christa's fingers deep in Mary's wet pussy, sliding in and out slowly, each stroke teasing her clit. I was pretty much in heaven as Mary rode up and down my shaft and my face was filled with Christa's wet pussy, and I wondered how long I could last under this bombardment of incredible sensations. "Well, I suspect we will have him hard real soon." Christa said as she rolled to her knees and turned herself around so her face was hovering over my dick. I sat up and watched Christa lay on the ground, Mary moving over her body and pressing against her, their legs tangled and spread so that I had easy access to both pussies.


The Four Nights Ch. 02

group KINKYCanada 2018-02-17

I looked on as Michelle grabbed Jeff's ass cheeks and pulled his cock deeper into her mouth. I couldn't believe we were here already; it seemed like just five minutes ago we were having a glass of wine and now Michelle was getting face fucked. Her pussy was right there under me but I was finding it hard to actually move from the position I was in; my hands braced against the leather cushions of their couch, Jeff sitting on me, Michelle under me and Marilyn fucking me. "Michelle, you start riding Cole while I fuck Jeff; then we will choose a new position," Marilyn said as she and Jeff got into a position they liked.


Camp Bare A While

group sex4u4647 2018-02-17

Candy stayed down on Rob, keeping it hard, working her tongue around the cock-head and fucking him with her mouth She was good and was enjoying his cock, till he came again, this time even stronger than before, swallowing all again. As they moved Candy noticed that both men had hard cocks, "It looked as if we had interrupted something." She said. Rob could tell by the smile on Candy's face that Jack's cock was fitting nice and snug into her sweet cunt. Joan may have just gotten married but she was not new to fucking, she took his hard prick easily in and rocked back and forth on him using her cunt muscles to milk his cock.


A Trip to the club

group 2018-02-17

I was stunned at what happened next, the guy standing, held open his towel and I could only guess that she was kissing his dick. My face was covered with spunk and I had licked most of it out of her sweet cunt when I was grabbed by the shoulder and pulled out of the way, as I heard a man’s voice say. I looked around and realised that I had forgotten to close the door, a group of men had been watching me drinking the spunk from her cunt and so they figured I wouldn't mind if they filled her up again. I, like any dutiful lover came to her assistance and sucked her cunt clean once again and in the process, gave her lots more shaking orgasms.

Lets Go Skinny Dipping

group candytales 2018-02-17

We chatted for a while and then Darren gave Lucy a hug and suggested, " Why don't we finish our drinks and go back to my place, it's not far and I've got a great pool which, on a day like today should be real fun." I completely understood Darren's urge to give his luscious Lucy another helping but he wasn't getting out of me that easily so I gave him a look of mock disappointment and said, He then ambled slowly towards Lucy slowly stroking himself as he went and, although it was no substitute for Darren's throbbing cock inside me, the two fingers I shoved into my pussy at least kept my juices flowing.


A Day At The Office

group hippiesexkitten17 2018-02-17

He straddled her stomach, his back to her and moaned as she hungrily took his large hard cock into her hands and began to stroke it as she licked the head with her tongue. Once again he shoved his face between his legs and sucked her clit hard as he shook his head a bit. The fingers probing inside of her felt wonderful and suddenly there were two tongues, moving in unison all over her pussy. Gently he stroked her clit and the lips of her pussy with the head of his throbbing cock. Tom bent his head to her breast and sucked her nipples as Pedro eased his huge cock far into her ass, making her almost scream with passion and pain.

Recollections Ch. 03

group Kaadorix 2018-02-17

Friday ushered in clear skies and bright sunshine; a perfect day for a trip to the Kansas City Zoo, made even more perfect by the fact that Merissa and our 22-month-old daughter, Madison, were with me. "I made some breakfast earlier, and then I went to get Cooper and Madi up because it was time, and it's like, it's right here, on this side." Merissa palmed and rubbed the right side of her swollen abdomen, under her ribcage, near her kidney area. "Yeah, we went to go see Ollie on Monday," Merissa nodded, making reference to the two-year-old son of my business partner and best friend, Mike.


Office Fuck

group Alainn 2018-02-17

Brian usually prided himself on his iron clad work ethics, but when Nadia Meyers was transferred to his office, he had to constantly remind himself that ripping off his executive assistant's clothes, stretching her naked over her tiny desk so that he could pound all his desires into her tight little cunt, probably wasn't the smartest idea in the world. Brian admired wicked scene before him: the sex goddess lying on the floor lapping away at Nadia while she pinched and twisted her own nipples; sweet, angelic Nadia straddling the darker woman, her tongue thrust deep in the prone woman's cunt, and her ass filled with the dildo.

Ch 4 plans and cages

group tryme69u 2018-02-17

I began slow enough to settle into a nice rhythm but before long my thirst caught up me and I wanted more so I began bouncing high and hard on that fat cock until I cam all over her chest and still kept going until my legs gave and out and fell flat on her cheat gasping for breath. She guided me off the couch and onto the floor and laid my chest down on the couch where i was still fighting for breath when she slammed the big cock home in my ass and began pounding away faster and harder than I had ever be fucked before I cam a third time and a fourth before she finally pulled out and collapsed on the floor and laid back panting for breath and I rolled over on my though lyrics used ass fighting for breath myself.

The Kings Banquet

group cascade42 2018-02-17

You darted in and out of me and I started to squirm on my chair, moving my hips slightly forwards to meet your mouth as you feasted on me....I groaned inwardly when you pushed your finger inside me and massaged back and forth, as your tongue continued to flick my bud Faster and faster you teased me; I was climbing to my release, my body stiffening, the familiar waves started to wash over me and with a loud scream I came, the juices gushing out of me and drenching your face. The woman who gazed at me earlier is now pouring oil over the shaft of a guard and is pumping him hard and fast, and beside you another elegant lady falls back onto the table, naked, head thrown back over the table edge and starts to receive a man in her mouth.

Take It

group whatabt 2018-02-17

We started to strip and soon were standing beside the bed with hands on cocks and kissing all at once. Matt was quick on his back and while I stayed on my side he replaced Jerry and pushed his ass quickly onto my cock. Soon they returned and Jerry laid back into his original fuck position with his legs spread and his hole near my cock. Finally Matt looked at me with those horned eyes and looked at my cock near Jerry’s hole and said “Take it.” I looked at that pink hole with lube all over it and lightly haired placed my head on it and slowly made my way into his very warm and willing hole.

Stranger Danger : Gangbanged by strangers Pt. 2

group Fuckmebad27 2018-02-17

As of part 1, you can tell i have not liked any of this happening! An hour was gone, and I was having my plan to run away, but they held me till they stopped. I was about to run away, and then they put me down. "Please, let me leave!" "Oh we'll let you leave; with us!" they said. They manhandled me across the car and strapped me up. They held me until they got to their house. I bit off all the tape, and ran to their car. I wasn't locked, so i got in and drove home. Little did i know, they followed me! I ran in the bathroom and locked it. And i realized, they followed me.

Hot Tubbing

group blklthrjkt 2018-02-17

"God, I love guys with nice round butts" Janet pulled her feet up under her on the couch and leaned forwar "Sure is." I said as I felt Matt stroking my cock in the bubbling water. Looking over at Janet he winked and asked, "So I suppose it would turn you on to watch me suck a big stiff cock?" As Matt continued to suck my cock, I felt a hand running over the curve of my ass. Matt looked up at me and dove down on my cock until his nose was buried in my pubic hair, at the same time; Janet began tickling the rim of my ass with her fingers.

Party at Hydro Bob's Ch. 02

group Liquor69 2018-02-17

The guy behind Jan started to drive his tongue into her tight hot asshole and she started shaking and screaming into Connie's pussy, "Oh Gawd, That is so good, I want more, more, more." Bob's cock was fully hard and huge and she couldn't do her fantastic tongue because there was no room inside her mouth so she did what every great cocksucker would do, she pulled out and went back down on it. She loved what was happening and she wanted this to be just as memorable for Bob. She took his cock out of her mouth and looked at him and told him to fuck her face, fuck it hard and to give her everything he had.


Circle of Love Pt. 04

group Romantic1 2018-02-17

June and Jim came over and joined Trish, Jan and I as we stood. Trish looked down at me as I was thrusting my tongue into her and said, "I didn't know I could be bisexual until today; I wasn't sure." She panted and then went on, "Oh. I understood it in theory. Jim bent down from his missionary thrusts into June and kissed Trish's hand and then joined in sucking on one of June's nipples. Jan looked at me and asked, "Did you cum?" I shook my head No. She then said with a big grin, "Well get your cock busy!" and with that she pulled June off me and replaced her atop my prone body.



group sddcfreak 2018-02-17

The sound of the bed squeaking, bodies slapping together, heavy breathing and words blurted out during enthusiastic intercourse. As I sat there listening, my mind's eye took me back to the night that created this situation, a night when the proverbial shoe was on the other foot, or in this case when the condom was on my dick. I had Nicole bent over her own balcony railing, her breasts exposed for anyone in the adjacent buildings to see, pumping her from behind and looking out over the city. As one of the guys entered the shower, I heard the other having a conversation with Tina. I could hear Tina slowly climbing the stairs as if she were walking to the gallows.

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 02

group SusanJillParker 2018-02-17

Then, as if watching a porn film, the five men stared at Crystal leaning into Susan to French kiss her while reaching beneath the sheet to cup her big breast in her hand and to finger her erect nipple. With both women now helplessly naked, a sexual fantasy come true for five, older men who always wanted to experience the sexual pleasure of being with a younger woman, they all just stared from Susan's to Crystal's naked bodies. If you make me cum, I'll suck your cock," she said with another laugh, "but before you do, best you warn your friends about Crystal." "Susan told me that Crystal may have violent issues if she's left sexually frustrated," said Randy.


So Much Fun In Goa

group altaff143 2018-02-17

Aur puchha “tumhen maza aya”I said “main to excitement main pagal hi ho gaya tha, agar who public place nahin hoti to main tumhen wahin fuck kar deta”Yeh kehkar maine apni wife ka top utar diya aur boobs suck karne laga. Anita said “ main samajhti hoon, bahut ganda bachcha hai Aditya theek se nahin karta sara bed par pani pani kar diya hai” and started laughing. But I could hear their conversation.Raj said “Anita tum wahan beach par topless kyun ho gayi thi, Aur tumne Aditya ko dekha who apni wife ki jagah tumhare boobs ko kaise ghoor raha tha.”

Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 05

group BoundariesBroken 2018-02-17

I didn't know if we could get Katie to orgasm with our fingers alone, but Melinda left no doubt as to her readiness to come again as she began panting at the onset of her third climax of the night. In the next few minutes, Craig told me about how after getting home last night, Melinda had been a ball of energy and they ended staying up for a few more hours talking. After she finished explaining what she needed to share with me, well, she was nearly on top of me and clearly ready for more sex, and I was too, but..." Craig paused one more time, "she told me I was NOT to make love to her, I was to fuck her".


Geek Sex Ch. 08

group tessawolf 2018-02-17

Nick was already in the tub, when Renee sat on my knee and said, "Ya ever have a lap dance?" Renee's hand was no longer on my ass, I couldn't see her hand beneath the water, I knew from the way her arm was moving that she was stroking Nick's dick. Nick got out of the tub and crawled on his hands and knees across to Renee, until his lips met her ass cheek. Nick began tonguing her clit from behind, Renee had the happiest look on her face. "Here, put a pillow under your head so you'll be comfortable...Now arch your back and get your ass in the air, I'm going to spread your cheeks so Nick can lick your anus." I trusted her and did what she said.


first bisexual experience

group 2018-02-17

At this point in my life I had experimented much with many guys, I enjoyed seducing them and having them try to seduce me, the feel of there hands touching my large tits, them sucking on my nipples and my stroking and sucking their cocks. I loved to feel their cocks in my pussy and in my mouth and the wetness I felt all over their balls after I came on them. She sucked and licked my tight belly moving her way to my pussy as she unfastened my pants. He pushed my thighs apart and positioned the head of his cock with the hole in my pussy, and slowly began to push his way in and out of my pussy penetrating a little deeper with each stroke.

Sharing the MILF List Ch. 03

group Contrasting 2018-02-17

When I sat watching you take Laura, Mrs. Wills, I was enthralled by the scene of my son fucking a woman right before my eyes and though I thought about joining in, I did not want to change what was happening. Mom got to her knees, pulled Sammy's sweat pants down to reveal his stiffening cock. "Your mom is not the only woman who likes to be spanked but I think Mrs. Wills wants to be punished, not hurt. Come on, I want you to watch this." I went back to the bedroom and found Laura standing at the door staring up the body of my mother lying on the bed.


A Foursome with My First Woman

group JayKaye69 2018-02-17

As soon as he could, hubby would thrust his cock into my pussy, begin fucking me and cum before I reached a climax. Hubby immediately pulled Rhonda's panties down and began to kiss her tits, and slide his finger into her pussy. I could see the shaft of hubby's cock going in and out of Rhonda with fast thrusts, then he gave a groan and I knew he had cum too quickly. Her hand slid down to my crotch, her finger finding my clit sending waves of erotic pleasure through me while Jake's cock was still thrusting into me. "She likes it," Rhonda said, "do it to her, give her a good fucking." Now Jake started thrusting in and out of me fast and hard, bringing me towards but not quite to an orgasm.