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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Coming of Age Part 1

group trindriver121 2018-02-17

As I lay on my bed thinking of the events of the day, going topless for the first time, the elderly couple, Bill and Jenny, the loud woman by the pool, a man getting a blowjob in full view of everyone, the size of his cock, I realised I was really turned on. As the two men collapsed on the couch, she got up and came over to me, she bent forward, and her mouth closed over mine, as her tongue gently pushed it way between my lips, I felt a wad of hot cum pass from her mouth into mine, as I swallowed form the surprise, I felt her hands on my breasts, her soft fingers gently pinching my nipples.

Who Is That

group Loansum 2018-02-17

With your arms in this position, your breasts were pulled up higher and my mouth dropped to one nipple and began to suck and lick it. My mouth sucked and licked the hard nipple and my hand worked deeply into you. Your tits were being licked and pulled as you felt my hand inside you as you sucked me. I looked down and said, "He is going to eat you while you suck me." I moved my cock back to your mouth as the man positioned himself between your opened legs and began to lick you. Your head rested on his chest and his hands were holding your big tits from behind and pulling at your nipples.

Bobbie Learns More

group dreamyer 2018-02-17

She kept her hand on his dick working it while I sucked it in and out of my mouth running my tongue over his head every time I pulled it out. "I want you to sit on my face while Vic fucks me." I nibbled her bottom lip and kissed her neck and shoulders, running my tongue over her little stone like nipples. Vic looked from Bobbie, licking every bit of my juices from his cock, to me laying, dreamily toying with my swollen pussy lips. "Yes, but I want her to eat my pussy while you do it." Vic gently turned her around so that her tight little ass stuck up in the air right in front of his huge piece.

Ethan's Plane Ride

group pornaholic63 2018-02-17

Tricia climbed up on top of Debbie, laying between her spread legs like a guy with his cock in her cunt, and squeezed her big tits. Ethan liked the young, innocent impression she made with her big eyes turned to the side, showing so much white, which contrasted with fact that her lips were wrapped tightly around the shaft of his cock. Tricia pulled his cock out of Debbie's mouth and his cum spewed out like an garden hose, splattering huge drops of thick, white sperm all over Debbie's face and in her hair and on her tits. Tricia finally slipped the head of Ethan's cock between the lips of her cunt, and Debbie's eyes lit up.

Canal Day

group dna27fog 2018-02-17

Rob was standing next to Dan, and of course they had been talking about Heather and Rick and probably Christina, and I saw their face when she kissed me before heading to them. Robs body began to stiffen, and Heather put her arms around his legs, pulling him closer to her and kept his cock buried deep in her throat while Dan continued relentlessly pounding her pussy. Rick skated again, but I know he was standing there with his fiancé thinking about his cock i Heathers mouth because he couldn't take his eyes off of her as she stood on the bow of the boat massaging her beautiful tits for every boat in eye shot, every dingy going by and everyone on the docks.


Byron Bay Foursome

group daveevans 2018-02-17

While in the kitchen I had managed to mention to my guy that I'd love for all three of us to fuck Alex and the English guy said that he had read my post about Alex's Bucket List and they would be happy to comply. That was two guys Alex had been fucked by, now it was time for his third in about 5 minutes and this was the guy that Alex had thought was pretty hot. I barely got my cock out of Alex and the 2nd English guy was on the couch with his cock out the leg of his speedos guiding his cock into Alex's now used arse hole....

Fun in St. Martens

group dakotacoup 2018-02-17

Steve pulled out of his girl friend and said "feel how wet she is." I slid my hand over Dana's butt and placed two fingers into a very wet and slick pussy, obviously Dana was as turned on as much as Jean. Dana and I got up and walked to the bathroom where the door was open and as I looked in Jean was seated on the counter top with her pelvis slid forward and Steve was standing between her wide open legs sliding a very shinny wet cock into my petite wife. As I looked over at Dana I noticed her hands rubbing her clit and her eyes watching Jeans cunt stretched wide by Steve's thick cock.

Linda's Half Term Holiday

group uklil 2018-02-17

Kevin gratefully switched off the engine of his overheated and strained Mini of 1971 vintage; crammed full of their camping gear, with scarcely a square inch of space for two long legged teenagers to move during their five hour journey to Cornwall, not to say Tony's surfboard on top, he had pushed it to the limit to make the campsite before darkness fell. They had passed one with a very glum looking girl telling her kid brother how bored she was, and why did Mum and Dad make her come – but she had spotted Tony, and suddenly started smiling, and had sat up very straight which pushed out a chest with quite passable boobs.


group 2018-02-17

They never gave me much time or warning, and I felt the first stroke of the whip on my back...Ian always said a hit with a whip was like a kiss, but they were more like little bites... They actually pushed inside me at the same time, I swear I saw was so hot...they soon found a rhythm to fuck me and I was grateful for the restraints around my wrist since my legs didn't reach the ground anymore...I do not know how long they both fucked me, but I had an almost continuous orgasm....I felt two mouths on either side of my neck and a sharp pain of teeth sinking into my skin, and then a huge wave of pleasure as they found their release inside me, their cum trickling down my thighs, and then I knew no more....

Desperate Housewives II Ch. 03

group twoup 2018-02-17

With Pam still recovery from her massive fucking and having her tits truly fucked for the first time and Eve now recovering from her pounding not to mention Emma who was still plastered in cum there remained only one out of the eight ladies present who had not had the pleasure of feeling my massive cock and that was Beth's friend from England the beautiful, the gorgeous, the sexy Trudy. "Don't worry about that Trudy trust me we all thought before we took Brad on but let me tell you its worth taking the risk as there is nothing like the feeling of a 14 inch cock pounding your pussy going places you have only ever dreamed of, taking you to places you have never imagined, isn't that right girls?" replied Beth.


At the Finish Line

group BrettJ 2018-02-17

Simone worked hard all of her life, had a part-time job in high school and in university so that her parents wouldn't have to pay her way and she astounded her professors with the clarity with which she wrote. Once Stefano had said the woman's name, Simone recognized her -- she was Sofia Gamba, the Brazilian model, this year's "it" girl and possibly the next La Vie En Rose cover model. Sofia looked at Simone as if she knew exactly what the young reporter was thinking. Stefano will give you an exclusive interview and I will make sure that he is a perfect gentleman the entire time," Sofia smiled, taking Simone's hand. "I see your point," Simone smiled as they walked towards the nearby hotel where Stefano and Sofia were staying.


Big Bra Shop Is Visited By Police

group twoup 2018-02-17

Cathy told me that she couldn't help but think back to the first time when Chloe took on my massive cock she screamed and wailed like you wouldn't believe but hey a 13 inch cock stuffing a young tight pussy will do that to a girl! Ben and Mike could hardly believe their eyes, here was a young lady with massive tits masturbating his baton in front of the two other girls and his partner. Chloe excited announced that it was the same size as the biggest cock she had ever taken which by the way she told Ben and Mike belonged to Cathy's husband. What a sight was, two hugely hung police officers fucking two massively endowed young ladies in the back of a bra shop!

Cathy & Jason

group Houstonrn 2018-02-17

Through out the time Robin worked at the hole Cathy began to cum, and cum, and cum until she was almost continually arched upward off the couch. After bringing her down for the last time Robin moved to stand behind Tom as he took Cathy’s ankles in preparation for the next phase. It may sting, but afterwards you will feel even better than you feel right now.” Having said those words Tom positioned his cock at her entrance, carefully pushed it inward until he met resistance, and then shoved with all his might ending Cathy’s time as a virgin. Tom continued to stroke into Cathy’s body, but he spread his legs to allow Robin access to the girl’s asshole.


Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Ch. 02

group MindFucker 2018-02-17

Well then, I am on my hands and knees on the floor with Mike behind me, firstly licking my throbbing pussy to full wetness while I devour Tony's cock, who is pushing it into my throat as I grab his shaft and then his balls and swallow him down. He then inserts a butt plug into my arse after lubing me thoroughly, so it slips in easily and then he starts to finger fuck my dripping wet snatch. He grips the handle of the butt plug and pulls it out slowly, to the point of maximum stretch so my arse is beautifully penetrated; it looks so horny as he continues to slide his cock deep inside my molten pussy.

Stood Up

group Justsexnotlove 2018-02-17

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the hard cock in her hands. It felt good to have the hard cock in her mouth and her fingers rubbing her clit as she imaged fucking that cock. Suddenly she could feel the uncontrollable spasms of the cock as it began to squirt cum in to her mouth. Tasting his tangy cum on one finger while she looked him squarely in the eyes she thought she saw him wink at her. She just wanted to feel a hard cock fucking it! Before she was done cumming someone shoved a hard cock in her wet pussy. I want to feel this hard cock deep inside my asshole.

Ron's Journal 04

group Hypoxia 2018-02-17

I reached down and rubbed Mir's dark pussy, then Lori's lighter bush, then my cock. I reached a finger into Mir's pussy, pulled it out, put it in my mouth, tasted it. "Lori, help me here," I said as I resumed kissing Mir's left breast. On cue, Lori leaned in and took Mir's right breast into her mouth. Mir quickly moved to Lori's left breast and suckled and licked for half a minute, then sat back up. I worked my tongue onto and into Mir's pussy and kneaded her left breast, twirling the nipple, thumbing around her aureole. Mir straddled Lori's head, facing me, leaning forward a bit, her great breasts hanging down and swinging gently, then straightened up and looked me in the eye.


Campfire Night

group Texas Boy 2018-02-17

It was only seconds after I started to play with her pussy that she moved her hand to my dick, it seemed like hours while I waited for her to do that. That got us into some tight embraces, I was loving pulling Angie close to me and feeling her tits mash up against me. I quickly planned my next moves, I was going to move my hands down to her pussy and feel how wet and hot she got. I wasn't able to look long, I was already having to pinch the head of my dick, I felt like one of the young campers who waited too long to piss.

Used for Pleasure Ch. 01

group Pixxx88 2018-02-17

Suddenly she felt Tyler's hand on her hair as it pulled her head back, forcing her to arch her back which pushed her pussy down harder onto Karen's face. Nicole screamed first in surprised pain but it quickly became a scream of pure pleasure as her ass tightened its grip on Tyler's cock and her pussy twitched and covered Karen's face in her delicious cum. Suddenly Karen was pushed forward at the waist and before she could turn her head around she felt Tyler's re-erect dick pushing into her tight pussy while Nicole's lips wrapped around her clit. Then all three of them felt the electricity between them crescendo and as Tyler's dick began to fill Karen's pussy with cum Her cunt contracted and she came hard riding Nicole's face the whole time.

The Twelve Tables Ch. 23

group xelliebabex 2018-02-17

I think taking some time to get to know each other better and find the best way forward is a good idea," Finola said quietly. "This is such a great way to spend Christmas, especially for all of the children and I would be happy to work with Rosanna to keep it a tradition if Antonia and Peri would let us take on some of the responsibility." Antonia knew from her time taking over the organisation of such a large family that Peri needed to find her own way and that she was intelligent and well equipped to lead if she could just believe in her abilities. "Look, Blaze, there's your cousin Timo," Peri said as the baby in her arms turned his head at the movement and noise of the women entering.


Serving our Troops Ch. 03

group SLICKHEAD 2018-02-17

I had cum dribbling off my chin as the other boys took a hole to fill and all I could do is lay there and take the fucking I was getting, These nine guys fucked my ass, pussy and mouth for hours before they untied me to rest awhile, Then they keep taking turns trying to stick two cocks at a time in my pussy and also shoved two cocks in my mouth, I felt like I was going to bust open from all this action around me happening, They then circled me with me on my knees as I sucked each cock while using my hands to stroke the other ones till I got to them and before long I was told to open my mouth as one after another shot there thick white cum in my mouth on my face and tits, After all had of them had shoot off my face looked like it had a cum mask over it.

First time MMM

group sixjoker9 2018-02-16

I just stood there for a minute, and then said, "Ok, look, I wasn't going to say anything, but I have messed around with a couple of guys since my divorce. Mike hesitated and said "Yea, I understand, I can't say I haven't checked out a dude online a couple of times. For a minute there was a tense silence and Mike said, "You know, I am not saying I want to try anything, but I have been checking out a lot of guys online, and have even done some cam 2 cam a couple of times. I started stroking right in front of them, and both Will and Mike took turns licking my cock until I started shooting my load.

How to Stop Smoking Ch. 12

group Jim McKay 2018-02-16

Mai Ling secured the chair and climbed in, placing her moist pussy just barely onto the head of my cock. Tai Soo loosened the ropes a little and lowered the chair until Mai Ling's pussy was firmly seated on my 12" cock. Mai Ling's pussy began rotating it's way down the length of my cock as the chair began to lower. When my balls were emptied, Tai Soo stopped the chair's rotation and helped Mai Ling out. Tai Soo climbed into the chair, taking Mai Ling's place. Mai Ling worked her finger in and out of Tai Soo's ass hole. She then moved my chair until my cock was real close to Tai Soo's pussy.

Ms. Marca Ch. 35

group Ms. Marca 2018-02-16

Marca's jeans and panties soon came flying over the front seat, and Carlos looked back to see her straddling Jesse's lap again, this time, totally naked. It took me a few minutes to get my breath and let Jesse’s cock slip out of my ass and I turned to Jesse and said, why don’t you two exchange places and that way Carlos want have to do all the driving. Carlos came for a long time, and when he did pull his cock out of my pussy, I could feel his cum leaking out of it, dripping onto the seat.

Camp Stories

group alharris8818 2018-02-16

Kate and Jessica begin to play with each other while John and jack watch. Jessica starts moaning louder and louder, as Kate's tongue goes deeper into her vagina. She goes and gets Kate's husband jack, who is masturbating with Jessica's husband john. Then Jessica gets her husband john and stands him right next to jack. Then jack and john start fucking Jessica. Kate dripping with cum from John, Jack, Jessica, and of course herself. Jack was cumming the same moments Kate was, and John was cumming at the same time as Jessica. For John, Kate, Jack, and Jessica there sex lives were changed forever. John and Kate feel closer then they ever thought possible, the same goes for Jack and Jessica.