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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Anniversary Surprise

group CindyMoon 2018-02-16

"Looks to me like we got us a couple of rich kids Dave," Scott says smiling at the much younger couple on the ground. He grabs Cindy's wrists and yanks her off the floor, tossing her shaking body to the bed. Scott laughs as he looks at Dave then down at Cindy's pale face. Grabbing a hold of her teddy Scott easily rips it off, revealing Cindy's naked body as he tosses it to the floor. Cindy's startled as Dave's fingers play with her, somehow turning her on, getting her wet. Dave eagerly dives his finger into her freshly wet pussy as she works harder on the blowjob she's giving Scott.

The Games We Play

group swingster 2018-02-16

Sam thought for a second and said "OK." Scott and I looked at each other happily as Liz moved over to Sam and gently pushed her back. Sam then started to say things to Liz that surprised me coming out of Sams mouth like "Eat my cunt bitch," and "Suck on my clit." Sam grabbed my wife's head and pushed it into her crotch, holding it there while my wife pleasured her expertly. "Well since I took my husbands turn, and just performed orally on your wife so I think we should upgrade that tile to sex," Liz said to Scott and Sam. Sam looked surprised but then said that she was okay with it.

The Day He Walked Back Into My Life

group Mndom 2018-02-16

Jen then walked over to him, dropped to the ground and said, "Well, lets see what Melissa has been dreaming about for years." Jen gasped as she pulled out Phillip's cock and watched it grow in her hand. At this point Phillip had also stripped down as had Jen. She kissed me and started licking my nipples. As I lay in the bed and recovered, I saw Phillip fingering Jen's ass. He then grabbed Jen's head and told her, "You will be licking Melissa's ass until I make her come. Maybe one day I will move to his area, but for now, I am content with the image of Phillip's huge dick pummeling Jen's ass raw as she screams and begs for mercy.

Ashley's Adventure Down Under Ch. 01

group redking99 2018-02-16

Kinky thoughts floats through Ashley's mind as she reaches down to grab a hold of John's already stiff cock, rubbing it through his swim trunks. Ashley felt a familiar wetness between her legs and a moment later, John's finger found her clit and rubbed hard through her tiny thongs. She gasps even louder and closes her eyes, letting John's fingers administer pure pleasure onto her already stiff and stimulated love nub. The man behind her grabs her hips firmly and begins fucking her in long, smooth strokes, prolonging her orgasmic bliss as his rod reaches deep into her while massaging all the right spots in her sensitive, well-stretched pussy.


group Wo0od 2018-02-16

To my complete amazement and as my mouth dropped open, Ann looked directly at me and said, "I think it sounds like it would be a blast." It got very quiet for a long moment and although I had not heard the furnace kick on, the room was suddenly quite hot. The quick kiss, which was intended to silence me least I might awaken the sleeping children, quickly turned into a very hot and passionate one, lips that had made that first touch in a tender exploring way, were now pressing hard, and tongues were dueling, slipping from one open mouth to the other.

Got S.M.I.L.F.? Ch. 02

group Evil Alpaca 2018-02-16

Much like Trixie, Paul realized after reading her message that they hadn't really been a couple for a long time. Then she got a call from Dennis and Brandy, two of the young people who had helped awaken her sexual passions, which in turn led to her leaving her husband. As she caressed the older woman's mound with her toes, she said, "Well, we were hoping you might come back to the hotel room tonight." She thrust her big toe into the camel-toe formed in Trixie's panties. After a while, that puckered rosebud started loosening up a small bit, so Trixie began using her fingers like little pistons, going in and out with great speed.


Teaching Lovely Lisa Ch. 04

group rafters11 2018-02-16

Lisa told me she loved sucking my cock, she enjoyed deepthroating me even if she wasn't real good at it, and cleaning me up after I cun was like desert to her. I whispered in her ear, "Get the lube so I can fuck you in the ass again." She jumped and said lets meet on the big bed. When I got all of me in her I pumped a couple of times and asked if she was ready for Hal. She nodded yes, but said I want to suck him a little first. Lisa tried to take control of the movements, but with me in her ass and Hal in her pussy she was impaled on 2 hard cocks and really couldn't move.


By the Pool

group Violalee3 2018-02-16

My lover slid his two fingers inside of her as my tongue lifted her clit from below and circled over the top of it. I could feel her soft breast on my belly as I spread her pussy open and began to taste her sweetness. I took it in my hand and rubbed it through the folds of her wet lips as I sucked her large clit into my mouth. As he pushed deeper, she slid two fingers inside of me while her thumb and tongue rolled over my clit. With a loud voice she began saying, "oh yes, give me your cock, oh god, suck on my clit." I began to shutter, I pushed her fingers harder against my clit.


Ella's Temptation

group Gauze 2018-02-16

Ella had been cooped up for months in the mansion with her five coworkers, Ross, Diana, Heather, Andrew and Doug. Ella felt Doug slide under her, and he began sucking and gently biting her nipples while Andrew continued to ravish her. Ella's embarrassment and Doug's urgent need, coupled with the feel of Diana's tongue inside her brought Ella close to the edge once more. As Ella watched, Heather straddled Diana's face and began enthusiastically to lick her clit and probe her pussy with one finger. Ella watched Diana and Heather lick each other and explore each other's bodies with their fingers, as Ross slowly entered her. Ross gained speed, and Ella grabbed at different areas of Diana and Heather with the hand she could barely think to control.

Horned God Rises

group praetorian13 2018-02-16

She is horny too, and we have kissed couple times after Thea has left and she let me tweak her nipples and I swear she came but got embarrassed by it. I swear Vixen was trying NOT to look, and Thea had her eyes closed and was swaying slightly like she was already starting to get in the mood. Thea and I swayed like a girl dancing with her mirror and her lips were so sweet that I reached my hands up and cupped her face then went forward and kissed her. I sat up and leaned over and pulled Thea's index finger into my mouth, sucking Vixen's wetness off of it like I was sucking a miniature cock.


First Bi Threesome

group Nunnzie 2018-02-16

I took the head of my cock and rubbed it around the opening of her pussy as Steve was watching and I asked if he was ready and he said "Hell yes" and I then let my head slip into her hot slit and held it there a few seconds before sliding the rest of my cock all the way to the base. I placed my tongue and open mouth at the base of Steve's cock and he slowly slid out of her pussy and once he was out all the way a nice thick drop of hot cum dripped right into my waiting mouth. I then placed my mouth in the opening of Michelle's hot cunt and started to lick and suck all of Steve's cum out of her pussy.

Darlene's Story Ch. 2

group Greg Lee Hunt 2018-02-16

He stepped back and stood next to Greg while Darlene pulled at the dress, letting it drop from her shoulders to the floor. The sensation of her nipple and jolt in her pussy and the sensuous feel of his smooth pouch brought Darlene's feelings of lust to a level that matched that of Greg and Brian's. Brian took that wink as an assault on his status as her husband, on his manhood, and as a dare to continue the activity with Greg. Finally, Darlene shoved her dripping wet cunt onto Greg's face and wriggled enthusiastically with undulations that matched the action of his tongue as her long awaited orgasm surged through her body in search of an outlet.


The Birthday Present

group ilovegill 2018-02-16

My blindfold was pulled off , and hardly believing my eyes, I saw, in front of me, my three office ladies,-Helen dressed in black lace bra and knickers, suspender belt and black stockings, Jane in peach silk bra and panties, and Sam dressed as a schoolgirl, with open blouse,no bra,loosely tied school tie,white knee-length socks, and a very short grey pleated skirt.. She climbed up onto the sofa and sat down, her flaming arse pressed against the cool smooth leather.I walked on hands and knees to Helen and spanked her once more before leaning over her so that my cock poked between her thighs, resting between her swollen lips.

Surprise Gangbang

group MrsCanyon 2018-02-16

The men working her legs moved higher and higher and soon began stroking the exposed areas of the cheeks of her ass. She looked back over her shoulder and tried to reach back to pull her suit out of her crack but her arms were gently restrained by the men working her upper body. The men working her upper body slowly pulled aside the straps of her suit so they could have unimpeded access to her shoulders. This only caused her to loosen the pressure against her body and the bathing suit and allowed the men to pull it down clear to her waist, exposing her breasts against the patio. The men working her arms and upper chest became also more daring and reached more and more under her bathing suit top toward her breasts.


Summer Housing

group NicoleSix 2018-02-16

My evenings were always free and Susan, David, Ben and I would often spend the nights in long winded bull sessions sitting on a dilapidated sofa on our balcony drinking cheap wine. Both Ben and David were in strict agreement that most men like to watch two girls, but straight men do not want to see two guys. Ben and David had knelt behind Susan, pulled off her pants and started to finger her pussy as she licked mine. Ben pulled Susan against him and I knew he was cumming inside her hot pussy. "Fuck me David" I told him as I started to lick Susan steadily. I stopped licking Susan and concentrated on David's cock inside me.

Does He Trust Me?

group A_Jerotica6969 2018-02-16

I add a little more lube to your ass, then stroke my "cock" with still more. "Now, Bitch, I want you to start sucking Drew's cock. Drew was moaning and I know he was enjoying the excellent cock sucking you were giving him. I rub the tip of my "cock" between your ass cheeks, letting you feel me for the first time. You stopped sucking that beautiful cock long enough to nod your head, telling me you were ready for more. But this time, you looked back at me and said, "Now, Mistress, now I am ready, please fuck my ass!" The little nubs inside my harness where doing a good job on my clit, and I knew I would cum again, soon.

My First DP

group Mahalo70 2018-02-16

After a minute I told him I wanted to suck his cock and slid back on the bench seat for him to get in the truck with me. Will pulled his feet free of his shoes and pants, and gripping my arms, pulling me up he said "Let's move this to the bed." I turned and walked toward the bed, gripping Zach's cock and bringing him with us. I started licking up his cock slowly, flicking my tongue up and down his shaft and then around the head of it before I took him in my mouth. I moaned and pulled my mouth away from Zach's cock but continued to stroke it with my hand.


Naughty Neighbors

group Many Feathers 2018-02-16

Though Bec wasn't nearly as large breasted as Cindy was, which is perhaps why she felt more comfortable just wearing the tank top without a bra, once again my eyes were drawn to the twin marble-sized nipples pressing against the thinly stretched material. I watched with interest as Cindy stood there, tilting her head back slightly, allowing Bec to let the Jell-O merely slide slowly off the spoon into her open waiting mouth. "In that case, I guess it's my turn!" Becky sat there looking at me, and then suddenly I saw a little light bulb appear over her head. "Well, I guess that makes it Rick's turn to ask you to do something now isn't it?" Becky stated, though she continued to sit there frigging herself with no real intention of stopping by the looks of things.


The Round Up

group Dusty Farkworth 2018-02-16

The other hands and I have been up since four AM getting the horses saddled, and gear stowed in the two wagons we'll use at our base camp. I never dreamed I would ever see such a wonderful sight as three women splashing around in a pool of water, reaching, touching, washing, and playing with each other. I finish my bath and soak in the water thinking about the ladies back at camp, wondering what all the moaning and muffled giggles were about. Damn, wet cloths, run away horse, three very aroused women, and me standing naked in the moon light trying to decide which needs my attention the worst.

The Third Wheel Pt. 01

group ThomasXXWilliam 2018-02-16

His large hands moved like pythons as they wrapped around the front of Cassie and held her close, causing her to grind her plump apple bottom ass slowly and sensually into Jason's crotch. "Cassie's a really cool girl, Jay. I hope you're ready for tonight...because I am going to ruin her," whispered Alison as she danced her way back into the living room without giving any other explanation. Alison grabbed Jason and started moving her hand rhythmically as she watched the couple kiss over and over again. It had been years since Jason felt Alison's pretty little mouth, and he felt slightly awkward because he didn't know how much he should enjoy it without upsetting Cassie.

Foursome Amongst Friends

group iggyspear 2018-02-16

While at a party that Melanie was attending, I tried to coerce her into coming home with me, but she resisted, saying, "Look, you've got a nice cock, and you were a great fuck, but I'm just not that kind of girl. The back and forth went on a bit longer, but eventually I got the girls to agree to my plan, with Lauren even saying, "I just hope you know how to eat pussy." Rather than continue to stand around like a jackass, I walked up behind Melanie and reached my arms around both girls, resting my hands on top of Lauren's skanky thong. As Melanie engulfed my manhood, Lauren pressed her tongue up against my tight balls, and licked them like a dirty little slut.


My First Threesome

group Bruce Swain 2018-02-16

Then I felt two weeks' worth of jism start to rush towards the tip of my cock, and, feeling my cock begin to throb in her oral grasp, Lynne clamped her lips tightly around the bottom of my shaft, imprisoning my knob tightly in her throat. I hadn't realised I'd been holding my breath until I let it out with a long "Phew!" I was still trembling slightly all over from the intensity of the orgasm, and my cock gave a couple more twitches in Lynne's mouth as she rolled her tongue around the now highly-sensitive knob for the last time before eventually letting it slip from her slips.


Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 03

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-16

As was customary for the past several days, every time Devon and I stepped out of Eileen's hospital room to leave, I brought my wife into my arms and she sobbed upon my chest. And though Michael went to his room with his plate, Kaden and Ariel were in the dining room with us, and Kristanna caught Devon and I up on the latest happenings back on the island. I stood just outside the door of Eileen's hospital room early the following morning, along with Kristanna, Kaden and Ariel. Yet, Kristanna told us that she felt reaffirmed that everything was worth it when she saw the astonished look on Devon's face, as well as mine, when we returned from the hospital yesterday and saw her in the kitchen.


Peggy and Stacey, part 1

group blsbls123 2018-02-16

I went back and forth from Staceys ass and Peggys mouth a few times, thinking it was funny. I fucked her pussy with Stacey now sitting next to her, arm over her back, squeezing her ass cheeks and playing with her asshole. I fucked her ass , while Stacey slid her arm down and was now playing with Peggys pussy. I pulled out of Peggys ass and tried to ATM Stacey, but she shook her head no, and jerked me off. I had to come in someones mouth, to avoid having to clean up, so we flipped Peggy back over and I went back to fucking Stacey in her ass.