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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Crazy Party

group HoserOmega 2018-02-16

She moaned sucked tightly on Fred's head she lay on her side one hand pulling her ass apart so he could get in deeper. She bounced vigorously on his cock filling her ass while she sucked on Fred's dick. I was so huge just watching her, eyes wide sucking my cock, staring at me moaning in incredible pleasure. We fucked her for what seemed like an amazing eternity when she began to suck on Fred's cock real strong then jacking him off and making him fill her mouth with cum. She then began to grind on our cocks harder, stronger and faster, and finally as though in unison she and the two of us came at once filling her ass and pussy.

Mel stands for Melissa

group kiario 2018-02-16

There was some small talk on the way the Gary's trailer - but each time I shifted low - Melissa would move my hand against her pussy, looking at me with this erie grin. "Cool man, cool." He said, tapping me on the shoulder as Gary handed us two beers, pausing a moment and looking at the girl. "I can't believe this shit." Gary simply said, Bill setting his beer down and smiling. "Not even for that ass?" I said, watching Melissa turning on her side - licking her finger tips as Bill stumbled over, also fixing his pants. "Uh, we didn't notice the time Leslie, sorry." I reasoned with her as Bill set his beer on the stairs near the front door - probably not wanting her to hear what was going on inside.

Art and Orgies and Che

group OnnaDare 2018-02-16

Plans were made, cell numbers exchanged, and after a short cab ride, which Ashley demanded to pay for, Lara got to her room, and after finding her suite-mates were out, laid down on her futon, grabbed a quilt, and snuggled in, thinking about her new, mysterious friend, with her dark, sexy eyes and seductive smiles. "This is my roommate, Jenni, I'm sure you've seen her before..." Ash waved toward the pretty, petite auburn-haired girl curled up on the couch and smiling slyly, "Oh, and Richard's here somewhere...Hey, Richard, come out and greet our guest!" Ash smoothed Lara's hair off her face, smiling slyly, looking deeply, playfully, into her eyes, "Hey, at least you can say you've been to a proper orgy...


Halloween Gangbang

group Erocus 2018-02-16

Feeling a hand slowly tracing spirals up her back Maria shuddered and explained that she was stuck, the laughter behind her was that of the underwear model from the night before as he reached her genie top she felt an odd sensation on her back which she quickly realized was the cold metal of a knife. Shudders running through her body she had never felt before Maria was more curious than afraid at this point, the strange underwear model didn’t seem dangerous and maybe if she did what he wanted he would let her go. Waiting for her to adjust to his size the man slowly thrust in and out, feeling both dicks move within her with ever increasing speed Maria felt a crashing orgasm rake through her body.

Teaching Adele a Lesson

group adele.darkstar 2018-02-16

When my mother began going to his place early I suspected she had some sort of plan and I simply had to know what she was up to. I turned to face him and sort of wiggled my hips a bit before explaining: "Mom called me and told me she had forgotten to change your bed. I was bobbing my head up and down like a woodpecker and trying to get as much of his cock down my throat without gagging when he slid his hands over my hips and his palms clutched my ass firmly. When Craig had finished opening the clasps on my wrists he led me to the Sex swing mom had opened on the floor and they both helped me lay face up on the web of straps.


Caribbean Holiday Ch. 04

group B. Beattie 2018-02-16

She looked and me and smiled and began to stroke my hard cock and watching Irina rub her pussy and clit. I told Irina that Penny now had a beautiful pussy and reached over and felt it, letting my fingers move slowly along her wet slit and over her clit telling her it also felt nice. Irina started caressing Penny's swollen nipples and asked if she like the way her pussy looked now. I moved over between Penny's legs and started rubbing my hard cock along her wet pussy and over her clit. This time, Irina said, Penny walked around for a long time, letting them have a good look at her pussy.

Dogging Comes To America Ch. 02

group quutoo 2018-02-16

Jan reached and took his hard cock in her hand, "Do you like a woman doing this to you or do you prefer men only." The man finally got his voice and it crackled when he tried to speak. "Oh god honey I really love fucking this strangers cock...just if we hadn't come out looking for sex we never would have met him." The guy had found his voice quite well by now and he told us that he didn't know about a strange woman coming up and sucking his cock but he was sure glad she did. " Here's your other cock," Jan said to her, " I'd really like to see him fuck you." The couple stopped what they were doing and the woman started to get up but her husband made her stay still.


Hobson's Choice

group Alan D 2018-02-16

Besides, you girls look like you could take me one-on-one, let alone four of you." That got the first giggle out of them, I suspect is was the comment about lovely ladies, since that wasn't exactly the appearance they gave just then. "We'd better have a look at that cut on your forehead," I said to the blonde, "and clean up that scrape on your arm" - this time to the black girl. "I saw you looking up Sandy's pants," said Alya suddenly out loud. "Sit here in this chair," said Sandy, "and we'll get up one at a time so you can have a good look." I let myself be led to the easy chair and the show began.


Spanish Seduction

group Julia K 2018-02-16

She was also extremely endowed in the more typical sense of the word: her ample-sized bras supported a magnificent pair of firm, buoyant breasts that were difficult to disguise at the best of times, let alone in a bikini swimsuit top. Perhaps it was the sangria, or a day amongst sand, suntan lotion, and scantily-clad bodies, or a combination of everything, but the two married couples became quite openly amorous with each other, and Natalie and Rachel decided to enjoy a moonlight swim in the ocean together and leave the lovers alone to their libidos. Luis indulged himself – albeit discreetly – as well; eyeing Natalie's large, luscious breasts, narrow waist, and the arc of her womanly hips; admiring the natural blond strip of pubic hair that marked the entrance to Rachel's sex.


Sharing Is Caring

group FunLuvr247 2018-02-16

As you hungrily spread her open and skillfully tease her folds and her moist and hardened nub with your lips and tongue, he touches the swollen head of his cock to your slick petals and jiggles it fitfully over your clit before sliding the top of the entire length against your glistening flow so you can feel him slipping along the folds on the outside of your tender slit from top to bottom. Her pussy is hot and wet, and as you feel her opening out inside as her passion builds, you reach deeper into her with your first and middle fingers and press upward into her sweetspot as you flick the tip of your tongue loose, soft and fast on her clit.

VijayaLakshmi- A Legion of Sex Ch. 02

group shanti2010 2018-02-16

Just like I want to touch you." Her dark eyes growing dreamy, the naked young woman reached down to cup her lathered hand over the curly mass of pubic hair between Vijaya's outstretched legs. While Rama fingered her throbbing cunt, Ashok reached from behind to enclose Vijaya's mammoth tits in his hands, kneading them vigorously, making her breath come in hot little gasps. Encouraged, the lovely dusky beauty flicked her forefinger back and forth across the fiery nub until Vijaya arched her back and cried out in orgasm, her hands still kneading Rama's breasts just as Ashok was squeezing her big tits.


Friends On Holiday

group frandessop 2018-02-16

He had a huge smile on his face and said that he was loving every second of it, and offered Mary some encouragement to suck my cock harder. I looked over at Joe and suggested that if he was going to come, I wanted to see it all over Sarah's pert little tits. Now that Sarah's pussy was free from Mary's mouth she turned around into the same doggy position to offer herself to Joe. He started riding her hard and fast, pumping deep slamming every inch of his cock right up inside her greedy little cunt. and felt that satisfying rush flood out of my thick cock, again twitching and jerking uncontrollably squirting my spunk deep into Mary's welcoming greedy little cunt.

Well That Was Unexpected

group juanwildone 2018-02-16

Tracey asked what that was and Kim described the first time she had experienced a G-spot orgasm and that she and Tom had ended up fucking that night. Tom kept tonguing Tracey as he watched his wife open her mouth and slowly begin to suck George's cock. Shocked that she had just finished blowing George and swallowed his come which was something she rarely did with Tom. Shocked that she had watched her husband plunge his cock into another woman and was at his very moment fucking her for all he was worth. George looked at his wife's messy cunt, then at Tom. The sight of Kim's fucked cunt was strangely arousing to him.

A Fuck Toy Graduation Episode 03

group Contrasting 2018-02-16

She thought of learning to suck cock, the taste of the cum, the warm, thick liquid slathered on her face like frosting, the slick, gooey feel of the love syrup on her lips, on her tongue and in her mouth. You know, teachers...adults who aren't students." Taylor looked over at Ky, so she saw the idea blossom in her eyes. "You need to stick to your own age, don't you think, and fucking leave my father alone." Taylor wanted to fight back but if she fought too hard...her pussy vetoed the idea. That sounded just like Ky. It wasn't enough to get Taylor fucked but she'd put in a clause she thought sure these three would never be able to fulfill.


Christmas Eve

group leannaharrow 2018-02-16

"Hold these, I've got this" Ellen said as she handed Chris the drinks she had poured for them, walked past him and followed Eve out the front door and onto the porch. Ellen headed to where Marion and Donna were standing and Eve told her she'd be right there as she walked over to Chris. Marion reached around behind Ellen and slipped two of her fingers deep inside of her while Donna stroked her clit. Marion got up onto her hands and knees and Ellen took the huge black dildo and went to work fucking Marion hard and deep. As Eve continued to stroke Donnas' clit with her tongue, Ellen helped Marion on with the big black appendage.

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 10

group SpotInTheSand 2018-02-16

I also made pretty excellent time on I-70, but due to my late start, I got to the hotel maybe 30 minutes before the gates opened for Brooks & Dunn. "Going to a concert like this all by yourself?" The girl with the tattoos had joined the other two right in front of me. I turned to look, and I saw a guy and a girl standing next to one of those large prize wheels. The girl's mouth was open as if she was going to answer, but the guy cut her off. "Yeah, we just walked by the prize wheel, and I figured, hey, maybe we'll get a free beer or burger or something," he said without me asking.


Office Sluts Ch. 02

group sandymonroe 2018-02-16

It's a shame since she's got a real..." he showed me some round lines like he would grab Helen's ass. She let the cock out of her mouth once in a while, smiled, patted it playfully, like a little stick, then grabbed the ass of the guy and pulled him back between her beautiful lips. I watched for a while how Helen sucked a guy then like the others, I zipped out my trousers, and got my dick out. It was really good to be in her hot little mouth, especially when she turned her tongue around my cock head. I would instinctively grab her hair to take her onto my cock, but I recalled what Carl had said before - no touchie!

Four to Tango Ch. 02

group unwritten 2018-02-16

I looked at the hand holding them, followed up the arm and caught my breath when I saw the most brilliant blue eyes I've ever seen. When a slow song came on, I looked over at my husband and saw him pulling Lisa in close. Ed pulled back a little, put his hand under my chin, tilted my head up and looked me straight in the eyes. Ed's lips were soft and hot as he left a trail of kisses around my ear, gently biting my earlobe before moving to my neck. My husband and Lisa walked up and he told me that he'd never seen me look sexier than on that dance floor with my head thrown back and Ed's mouth at the base of my neck.

Earning Her Money

group English Bob 2018-02-16

Slowly and with a wicked sort of grin on her face, Gina pulled the wad of cash out of her bra and pressed it to her lips kissing it. "I hope you don't think that a tit-flash is enough to earn you all that cash?" Dave said with a grin as he let his wife's wet and erect nipple slip from between his lips. As Gina's head bobbed wonderfully up and down in my lap I looked over her shoulder and could see Dave pulling at her panties. "I know you like it in your ass, bitch!" Dave's voice was a low growl and I realised that he was slowly feeding his rigid tool deep into his wife's back passage.

Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 07

group hotmann 2018-02-16

I had told Jane 5:00 sharp, so when Amanda and I pulled up at 5:15 and found her standing at the curb with her suitcase and workbag, looking pissed, I wasn't surprised. Jane and I both looked over to see my wife propped up at the head of the bed, lying on her back, legs spread, with a vibrator on her pussy. Amanda had told me about Jane's propensity to 'yip' when she came, so when I felt my wife's black friend getting close, I pulled the vibe away. I was ready for another round, even though my wife was getting sleepy and Jane wasn't going to be allowed to cum. Amanda bit her hand as she came, but held Jane's head against her, squeezing out the last bit of pleasure all over her friend.


Drinks and Coffee

group Vayene 2018-02-16

She smiles, a slow, lazy grin that started in her eyes and filled them, spilling into her face, until I could almost feel heat coming off her like a stove. That night would have been disaster, but Race had walked in, taken me away from my date, and together we’d laughed and danced and watched Anna be beautiful. I didn’t know why I wasn’t scared now, but I felt good in Race’s arms, safe and wanted. “I’d really rather you lived with us, Daisy-darling, but if you need your own place, that’s something we’ll just live with.” Race smiled at me as he stroked Anna’s hair. “Yes,” I told Anna and then Race, said it twice so there could be no mistake.

Girlfriend, her mom and me

group medicdave 2018-02-16

One night after Wendy had been sucking my cock, she asked me to cum on her face. I pulled Judy into the living room and sat on the couch and told her I saw her last night in the hallway and if she didn't do what I told her that I would have to tell Wendy. I pushed Judy onto the bed next to Wendy and as I moved on top of her my cock slid into her juicy pussy. After I had fucked Judy to a couple orgasms, I pulled out and moved up so I could shoot my load all over Wendys face. As they were kissing I was rubbing Wendys pussy and she was wetter than she was earlier when I had fucked her.

Triple Sexcitation

group Honey2Bunny 2018-02-16

Mary, on the other hand, looked demure in a floral halter-necked summer dress, though I knew from her jiggle that she wasn't wearing a bra either. give lonely Jim a kiss," he said and drew us closer to him, our boobs squashed against his hard chest as his hands slid down and gripped my ass -- and hers. and suddenly I was locked in a kiss with Mary while Jim was licking around our lips. Mary and I faced each other, our nipples nearly touching, and Jim's cock twitching against the sides of our thighs. We ground against his hand, and Jim began sucking our breasts, burying his face between them, nipping them, biting them, even as he manipulated our clits with his fingers.

Fairy Tales Ch. 01

group peaches07 2018-02-16

Suddenly Zach lifted her off of him and turned her around, Jimmy's cock popping out of her mouth as Samuel and Rob were tending to their own needs with their hands. Samuel rode her pussy hard, every thrust causing delightful pressure against Zach's cock, and Snow found herself on the verge of yet another orgasm. Her clenching pussy was too much for Samuel, and he blew his load inside her as she screamed her pleasure around Cody's cock and came the hardest she'd ever come, her asshole squeezing Zach's dick like it never wanted to let it go. "Oh yea!" Jimmy came hard, slamming his cock into her pussy so hard that Snow's body started to slip further up Zach's body, the seeping fluids lubricating her way.