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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My mother turned me into a cum slut (PT4)

group jnthn1 2018-02-16

Megan don't forget Danni is coming with us tonight. She was wearing a sheer top with just a couple of buttons done up over a dark bra, black thong, tiny pleated black skirt that half zips down the left side and has a ribbon around it tied in a bow, her skirt is so short you can see the curve of her ass at her thighs. Jill went into the room Danni was in. I could see Jill was really fucking Danni's ass with the strapon. The more she went back on my hand the more she fucked Danni. I did see you fucking Danni's ass. I saw my mom Diane and Danni coming towards me.

Camilla Ch. 046

group MawrGorshin 2018-02-16

Turning away from her laptop and admiring Camilla's nudity in the flesh, Candice said, "Speaking of pussy-licking, how about us doing a sort of rehearsal now, Camil?" Noticing Gray turn his head to look out the window of his classroom door, the two teachers quickly walked away. Looking up at Gray, whose chest was level with Camilla's eyes, she said, "You're so tall and I'm so short." Then she giggled like a little girl. When Dawson had pushed his cock two inches inside her asshole, she opened her mouth wide and groaned with pleasure; she turned her head so he could see her acquiescent reaction.

African Safari

group bamboomoon 2018-02-16

I invited Larry and William to spend the day with me at the pool while Vanessa and Thandi went to town. Two pair of hands spread the lotion on every part of my back and legs before I turned around to give them access to my tits and pussy. With every pump, William’s thick cock touched every sensitive nerve in my pussy while Larry saw to it that my outer pleasure nerves were been taken care off. I was standing on my hands and knees on the deckchair, sucking on William’s cock while Larry fucked me in the ass, when I heard Vanessa’s vehicle approaching. The rest of the two-week course was a blur of birds, cocks, trees and pussies, tracks and tits, walking and fucking.

Mile High Slut

group francesca69 2018-02-16

I pulled down your tray, put my hand on your hardening cock, leaned over (giving you a great view of my satin covered tits) and whispered to meet me in the disabled toilet in 5 minutes. You got on your knees and continued with your tongue where your fingers had just been, pushing it inside my pussy and swriling it around my clit and then slowly coming back up to probe on my asshole. It was a tight squeeze both in my ass and in the toilet but somehow we managed to get into a position where you could continue fucking my sexy ass whilst I started to suck hungrily on Mark's already hard cock which he was wanking in front of me.

I Was The Only One Naked

group Rabbit7543 2018-02-16

Tracy grabbed Ryan's hand and led him back to a bench that was behind where we were sitting, so they would have a little privacy, and proceeded to pull down his trunks and starting sucking his cock for the first time. In fact, Tracy was such a hot bundle of nerves from cumming multiple times on Ryan's cock, that I realized she needed to be fucked even MORE thoroughly at exactly this point, to reach that plateau of complete orgasmic frenzy that I love to get her in. Both guys had cum for their second time, and Sid was now laying on top of Cassie fucking her missionary style with his still-hard cock.

First Swing Goes Bi

group jeri_lickwet 2018-02-16

I just sighed, "Oh, yes, I've never seen such a thing and it really turns me on." Then as I watched the guy shoot cum all over this blond guys face, I moaned with excitement, "Oh god, David, he's shooting his load in the guy’s mouth. David replied with a passionate, "Yes, honey, only if you watch me, help me do it, make me hot for it." I then looked over at the guy with the leather jeans and smiled and then motioned for him to come over. As she noticed who was sucking him, she giggled, "Oh baby, I know you like blow jobs, but this is pretty kinky, oh yes, really kinky." Then she looked at me and gave me kind of a strange twisted smile as she knelt down on the mattress so she could watch David closely.

Camp Bare A While Ch. 02

group sex4u4647 2018-02-16

Ginny\Jim, Joan\Jack, Tom\Alice, Ron\Janet, Rob\Candy and a new couple that just checked in that morning, Lou/Lulu.. Jean and Candy had Jim in a corner and were both sucking on his large cock, one on each side taking turns trying to get the head of his monster in their mouths. Jean slowly lowered herself to meet Jim's cock, the head spread aside the lips of her pussy and easily slipped in about two inches, stopping for a few moments to give her cunt time to stretch Jean then took more, then a little more. After Jim came Jean pushed Candy to one side and went down on his still dripping cock, licking him dry of the mixed juices, then moving to Candy, she cleaned the cum from her sloppy, well used pussy.


group heyheymymy1984 2018-02-16

By now he had made his way to the top of the bed and, knelt alongside her, she sucked his semi hard cock as I fucked her pussy. She was moaning again now, in fact I could tell she was about to cum also, her groans muffled by the cock in her mouth. She let out a huge groan whilst still sucking his now hard cock - this sent both of us the same way and as I shot a second load into her pussy, Nigel shot another all over her face. Nigel then said he had to make a quick phone call so I made my way to his now vacant position and put my cock in Christine's mouth.

Loving Lola

group lovepenguin 2018-02-16

As Caz hangs her head a little, Georgie reaches forward and undoes the top of her friend's jeans, and pulls them down a bit, edges a hand inside - "Shhhh Caz", Georgie sits up, pushes her friend back so she is lying flat out and then slides her jeans and knickers off, "shhhh", pushes her legs apart, a finger to her friends lips, "shhhhh, it's ok..". Caz closed her eyes as she got lost in the pleasure so Georgie replaced her tongue with her fingers in Caz's mouth and began moving down her friend's body, savouring her beautiful breasts, before pausing between her legs.

Cool Air

group venuslovebugs 2018-02-16

When Paul pulled the car outside of Nikki and Steve's house and honked, Sheila leaned over and placed her lips lightly onto his. Paul felt Sheila squeezing her body next to his, and looked across the room to where Nikki and Steve were sitting. Sweat dripped from Steve's brow and ran down the arch in Nikki's back, and Sheila soaked the sheets as Paul's cock brought forth regular flows of cum from her dripping pussy. With Nikki's pussy gripping firmly around his cock, he imagined what Steve was feeling as he fucked Sheila from behind, her soft ass pressing back against him, her supple tits spilling out of his hands.

The Swinger's Club

group DevlinOO11 2018-02-16

That night after we got home and we are retiring to the bedroom, Shelly asked me if I was going to have any reservations about having group sex with strangers? Once the initial excitement of getting invitation calm down, Shelly called Katie to see if it be okay for the kids to stay over at their place on Saturday. Katie asked her what was going on that day, Shelly said that we want to have a special day to ourselves. He then turned back towards us and said "welcome Shelly and Jim, pull up to the house and find a place to park.


A Weekend at Byron

group rosebud_6 2018-02-16

Both the women wanted to suck his dick at the same time and decided to alternate so that Freddy could feel Amanda's tongue on one side and Susan's on the other side on each stroke. Freddy laid on his side facing Amanda and started stroking and licking her erect nipples while Susan knelt between her legs and started kissing her thighs. Freddy was so turned on by the moans Amanda was letting out as Susan was sucking and licking her clit and arse that he got up and walked around the bed to the end where Susan's arse was sticking in the air and pushed his dick inside her and started pumping it in and out.


Lust Overrides Jealousy

group leftist 2018-02-16

It seemed my girlfriend Julie and I were at our friend Ben and his wife Laura's house nearly every night after work. "Whatever Ben, you can sleep on the air mattress and David will sleep upstairs with me and Julie," joked Laura. I remembered what Julie said earlier about shaving her pussy, and guessed that Ben noticed he could get a free show. Why doesn't Julie sleep upstairs with me in our bed and you and Laura can just pass out on the couch there?" Part of me grew insanely jealous at the prospect of my girlfriend sleeping with another man, but another part got a little turned on at the idea of them fooling around.

Dawn and Marie Ch. 04

group BogartsBoss 2018-02-16

Posting on my rod, and squeezing my cock, I felt her quiver through one, then two small orgasms before she froze in a deep groan, then half rose, and finally crashed down onto my lap with a full throated roar. Knowing he needed some encouragement, I maneuvered my clock closer to his face while at the same time I took a light tongue swipe of his cock head. Aggies hand was on my cock, but she held me back; "John, are you sure?" Dawn just smiled, saying; "That's why I'll always let Ron have my ass, he knows what it feels like, so he's considerate of me. While we sipped wine May was steadily caressed by Aggie and Marie, while Dawn made sure our cocks stayed up.


Beach Party Daze Ch. 01

group sandysummer 2018-02-16

I eventually cemented in Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and Jane worked the corresponding days. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock, her tongue in the eye of the storm as I blew into her mouth. The next half hour was spent with my face between her legs, my hands greedily groping her inside thighs as I pried them apart and my tongue went deep into her folds, my fingers rubbing her button until she screamed in orgasm. Nicky looked up and said "Maybe you should start by showing Jane some photos?" And then Bill asked me "Have you been sucked by a man before?" He ran his hand between Nicky's legs, collecting some of his oozing cum on his finger.


Camp Fun: Back At Home

group Tepin 2018-02-16

Between knowing that Linda was watching, sucking his hard cock and stroking myself with my fingers, I was so turned on that I thought I was going to cum before Frank did. I knew that seeing as Frank had already came once I had lots of time before he'd cum again – even knowing how turned on he was with someone other than me going down on him and fucking his ass with a dildo. I lay on the bed in front of Linda and as Frank slowly slid his cock in and out of her, she started licking and kissing her way up the inside of my legs to my smoothly shaved crotch.

The Story Of My Girlfriend

group Goo 2018-02-16

She proceeded to tell me that Mark the masseuse started on her cute little feet and began working his way up her long tanned legs. Mark now started with the fronts of her legs and while working his way up she said the sheet was pulled up to expose the bottom of her pussy and it was pulled down enough to expose her lovely tits. She said that never before has she thought about fucking a complete stranger, but know she wanted Mark's cock inside of her. Still without opening her eyes she felt Mark's tongue move to her dripping wet pussy and he began to fuck her with his face, she then without warning felt his huge cock slid right into her cunt.

Unfinished Business Ch. 02

group enkidusfolly 2018-02-16

Dave let out this ultra satisfied sigh as Theresa and I took turning bathing his cock with our saliva and kissing each other with his cock between our mouths. Two girls sucking his cock and kissing in front of him was soon going to get the best of him and I wanted Theresa to taste his cum. Dave's eyes were locked on me as I moved my mouth to Theresa's curved backside and as I kissed my way down her cheeks I pushed my finger inside her for the first time. I watched as Dave took a position above and behind Theresa and I watched her eyes as he moved her body to accommodate his cock.


The Poker Party

group LadyMargaret 2018-02-16

Quickly the five men settled themselves around the game table as Sandy with her "ticket book" in hand took their orders and then disappeared into the kitchen just off the den. As George's eyes closed in total enjoyment, Sandy, looking directly at Sam, her husband, announced in a voice husky with desire..."Gentlemen, there is one more hand tonight. As the final card was dealt face down, Sandy sat in Sam's lap to watch the fateful round. Rick, looking at his last card and seeing a four, scooped his hand together and turned it face down with a fatalistic smile and sat sipping his beer as he watched the round unfold.

Let The Games Begin! Ch. 02

group antonia363636 2018-02-16

"Don't worry boys, dessert is definitely on, courtesy of us girls," Linda soothed the mood and, looking around at Shirley and Julie, she got the two nods that she was expecting. Before Bert had managed a couple of thrusts inside of Julie, Tom and Paul were already poised to enter into Shirley and Linda respectively and they wasted no time as they began their assault on the welcoming pussies. When Linda heard his voice she looked over at Shirley, "Christ!" she exclaimed, "I've got your Paul's cock inside of me!" Linda grabbed Bert, Shirley opted for Paul and Tom waited for Julie to start the CD. This time Shirley chose Tom, Julie went for Bert, and Paul waited for Linda to begin the music.


A Winter Gang Bang

group Blondieaphrodite 2018-02-16

One of them stood out from the start, he was tall with piercing blue eyes and giant hands, his look on me made my underwear wet... I happily oblige and I start sucking his dick, deep and fast, while the tall one slap my ass and I feel hands fuddling my pussy, my boobs and my ass crack. My crush is about to explode, his body is shaking already he comes on my face, covering me in his sperm. I want more, I feel someone sliding their dick in my wet pussy, I move around and moan, we fuck harder and harder as another man presents his dick in front of my mouth, I grab two others and start to give them a hand job.

Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 02

group Mrs. Canyon 2018-02-16

When I picked my mouth off the floor, I said, "you are going to work at the strip club dancing butt naked and having sex with other men, no doubt, in the private rooms to pay for the trip." The next day while at work, Tracy called and told me that she had gone out shopping like Steve had said and that I should come home as fast as possible to look at the outfits. To make a long story short, Tracy, the costumer, and the store owner, got so worked up with her modeling several outfits, that the two guys doubled up on my wife.

For the Stranger in 6B Ch. 04

group peachesmelba 2018-02-16

Standing well away from the bed I watch as you reach out one finger and softly stroke the head of Ivan's prick, gathering his pre-cum and then licking your finger. The sight of you passionately engrossed in licking and sucking Ivan's cock, knowing how it would excite my husband if he only knew, proves more intensely erotic than I'd ever dreamed and I come hard, grinding my cunt against Ivan's face and drenching him with the flow of my juices. Licking one finger yourself, you presented the remaining cum wet finger to Ivan's lips and he suckled it eagerly, moaning at the taste of you as well as the pleasure pain of your cock finally filling his ass.

The Yacht

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-02-16

Dario is still tasting my hard cock and I don't want to stop fucking his mouth or stop watching the scenerio unfolding in front of me. I start to spurt wetness into Dario's mouth with a pulsing wild motion, while watching Alexia lean over and pour salt between Narcessa's soft tits and hard nipples. Narcessa starts to tell her how full and satisfying my cock feels when suddenly Alexia kisses her deep and hard. She rides my orgasm and I play with Narcessa's tits while watching her suck Dario's fat cock. All of sudden I feel Alexia's gorgeous mouth sucking Narcessa's pussy juice off my cock and with great expertise I might add.