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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

BBC Poker Party Wife

group SillentRunner 2018-02-15

Nate looked at me as he continued to thrust his big, black pipe in and out of my wife's needy white mouth, "What do you think about your wife sucking my big, black cock?" he asked, with a smirk, "I think she likes it." He pulled his rock hard pecker out of Liz's gulping mouth, "How about it?" he queried. "Do you like what you see baby?" she teased, "Do you see what that big black cock is doing to your sweet innocent wife's poor pussy!?" Liz was now bouncing her jiggling ass up and down on Nate's ebony club as fast as she could. I watched in fascination as my wife's anus opened up and Robert's huge black cock slid up inside of her married white ass.

Rescuing Two Damsels in Distress

group kingmickyb 2018-02-15

We approached the island late in the afternoon, our rented speed boat full of beer, a barbecue and a few burgers, four lads on holiday looking for a quiet beach to have a bit of a party. “That looks like a beach Daz,” said Stu, pointing away to our right. “But I don’t have any money!” protested Liz. “Show us your tits and you can have a beer,” said Daz, also taking a long swallow. Stu and Daz saw that I was finished and came over, presumably looking for a different mouth to use and I moved over to Tammy, getting down behind her and sticking two fingers right up her dripping snatch.

A Shared Experience

group penbeatsword 2018-02-15

You stop her before your bed and take her head into your hands for a deep, forced kiss while I stand behind her and blindfold her. At first she tries to avoid it but opens her mouth to gasp as I twist her nipple hard, and you shove her face to your breast. I'm not sure what Natalie's doing to you, but it must also be working because you start moaning and groaning, getting close. She drops her face in between your thighs and starts lapping at you, desperately seeking out your clit, to make you cum as quickly as possible. I shove one hand down under us, rubbing her soaking wet clit while the other slides under her chest to take her tit firmly in my grasp.

The Book of David Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-02-15

A moment later, the door swung open, and then my sister Danielle and her girlfriend Cherys waltzed through the doorway. Somehow, seeing them dressed like this took the natural lust I had for my girlfriend Ellie, added my longing for Cherys, and even piled on a submerged forbidden desire for Danielle. Cherys laughed and called out, "I told you it would work!" And then I heard my sister join in the giggling as I pulled Ellie into my bedroom and didn't even bother to shut the door. And since most prior eavesdropping on their lovemaking had been at night when our parents were home, I finally got to hear, with perfect clarity, that Cherys pretty much had just as filthy a mouth as her little sister.


Cruising Swingers

group jaxcreampie69 2018-02-15

I decided that I wanted to help Jan eat Sandra's delicious cream pie, so I got on my knees and forced my head between the crack of her ass and had the most erotic dual pussy eating episode Sandra and I have ever had. I came around to the front of my wife, and was amazed she could continue to devour Jan's sweet pussy, all the while she was getting the air forced out of her and dumming like a freight train with Steve big boner. My wife Sandra then placed her pussy over my mouth, which was dripping fresh sperm from an early fuck with Steve.

Two Plus One Equals Three

group Sgt_Hook 2018-02-15

William then suggested that if the dream was true, Tanya was looking to get down with both of them, she just didn't want to come out and say it directly. William and Tanya sat on the edge of the bed and Olivia stood with her back against the wall. She started to lick William's balls as Olivia fucked his dick. Between being ravaged by William's hooked dick and her clit attacked by Tanya's tongue, Olivia reached an earth shattering orgasm. As Olivia came out of her orgasmic stupor, all she heard was the loud smacking sound of William and Tanya's fucking. Olivia turned her head to see Tanya in so much pleasure from William's large dick, that she was clutching the bed sheets so tight, she thought they would rip.


My First Orgy

group jadeserenade 2018-02-15

Suddenly, her eyes and mouth gaped, as though startled, the huge dildo slipped inside her, stretching her vaginal opening obscenely. The one in restraints looks exhausted, too, so Dildo Guy helps Blonde into the papa san chair and starts trying to get that monstrous thing into her pussy, as she begins to wail. Finally, Silver Hair gives me a hug and kiss, the guys shake hands, and he goes off to watch the black chick getting fucked, bent over the other end of the leather sectional. People were shaking hands and hugging good-bye, Silver Hair gave me a wink, and soon we were home, heading up to bed, where we held each other and every now and then whispered some comment about the evening's activities, my first orgy.

Limousine Ride - Fuck Surprise

group MindFucker 2018-02-15

"Oh Mike honey, what a great gift you have given me; when can I open and fuck it." My mouth is getting wet, wanting to suck on those tits, and lick pussy very badly. You pull her ass off the seat slightly, enough for easy access for your rampant tongue, using your thumbs on either side; you start to lick her clit and pussy lips. Putting my hand down my silky smooth g- string, I spread my legs, sliding a finger down my pussy, over my clit, through my lips, into wetness; spreading my legs wider, finger fucking myself. I am getting wet, and juice is running down my thighs, as you are watching your woman tongue fucking Jill; with the luscious tits and sexy eyes.

Neighbors, Family and Friends

group NYBoss 2018-02-15

My mom told me that one of her best friends; Sally and Mike Post needed help in painting their house and left a message for me to call them to discuss the job. About four weeks from the first time I was at the Post's house, and after many more individual sessions with Sally or the threesomes with her husband, I was told that after I completed the days work that I should plan to stay the night as they had something special planned. While being fucked by Mike, Sally took what appeared to be a small plastic item, which turned out to be an anal vibrator, and slowly pushed it into my mother's anus. After my mom's tongue worked its magic causing Sally to cry out with her orgasm, she turned her attention to Mike.


Bisexual Camping Adventures Ch. 04

group christian_hm 2018-02-15

Since the weather was warm, the forecast was good, and both guys enjoyed hiking, swimming and relaxing (and using each other to get off) it looked like it would be a pretty good couple of weeks. As Christian and Zach put down their towels and took off their shirts and shoes, Penny took a few minutes to tidy up her things and pack some stuff away. Christian made eye contact with Zach and jerked his head away from Penny, indicating he wanted him to swim out further with him. "Christian, my simple friend: cold water makes a woman's nipples erect and it make a man's penis smaller. "So you weren't looking at or touching your cold water erection?" Penny asked.


Big Surprise for Denise Ch. 03

group HungProfessor 2018-02-15

Without looking to see if Rod and Kim were watching, I pulled the smock down from my neck and with my right hand reached up to cup her massive left breast through her sweater. We both looked over to Kim's station to find Kim still standing behind Rod, but with one hand wrapped around feeling his chest, and the other inside her leather top pulling at one of her nipples. As Kim let out a quiet moan, her left hand gripped the base of Rod's cock and slowly pulled outward. In fact, Denise was paying little attention to me as she stared at Kim and Rod. I slowly eased my rock-hard cock through the hole in her tights and my flared head returned to the pussy I'd been dreaming about for the past few weeks.


My Wife's First Gangbang

group HANDYMANATHOME 2018-02-15

She started to talk to them, then from her closed hand dropped her tiny knickers onto the table, Dave quickly picked them up and sniffed them, Debra bent over the table, I think she was feeling Vince's cock, god I wanted to go over and fuck her. Both Dave and Vince started to feel her tits, but she stood up and opened her legs before Vince, he ran his hand under her dress, Debra's ass jerked as I assumed that Vince was now playing with her pussy, this lasted for about 30 seconds before Debra pulled away and headed for the lift.


In a Hurry

group Edge23 2018-02-15

Ashley licked by from belly up the top of my shaft while Becca started at my balls and moved up, both tongues swirling around the head of my dick and I thought I was going to pass out. Ashley took the head in her mouth and sucked, bobbing up and down just a little as Becca licked back down to my balls and sucked on one and then the other. From where I was sitting, I had a great view of Ashley opening her mouth and letting my cum drip from her tongue onto Becca's, the two of them finally coming together and moving my cum back and forth as they kissed, each eventually swallowing half of my load. I got dressed quickly, grabbed my gaming bag and headed for the door, stopping long enough to kiss Ashley and Becca again.

Moni slutwife

group 2018-02-15

Do not look at the men at the bar, just ignore them and look straight ahead BUT DO NOT COVER YOUR BREAST.S WITH YOUR HANDS.” Moni bent her head down, but did as I commanded. Moni was being fucked in the mouth, in her pussy, had a cock in each hand and the other man was waiting his turn as she was moaning loudly. I turned her ass toward the other men and bent her down to me and told her: “They are each going to fuck you until each cums in your pussy. “Baby, you are now my cumslut aren’t you?” She still had her eyes averted, but she replied: “Yes, Richard.” I leaned her back on the seat, pulled up her dress, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock.

A Slut Named Carrie

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-02-15

You forget all about who looks good with swaying breasts and hung cocks when you have water threatening to kill you if you don't concentrate on the raft." He took her hand in his and they walked toward the Porch Dining Room, where regular breakfast was still being served. I saw where your hand went after Lexi grabbed you," Carrie said. Her thought process registered all she'd seen and then added it to the wonderful sensations that Justin was giving her and she fell back on her arms, lifted her ass high in the air, wrapped her legs around his head and rode his face until she was gushing her fluids all over his features.


First Seduction

group Pete_R 2018-02-15

Standing Naked in front of Lisa, Sarah asked "So what happens if I miss another shot?" Lisa replied with a grin "Well then it's 2 spanks for you and 2 shots to me, House Rules!" Lisa bent to the table to take her 2 shots Sarah walked behind Lisa placed her hand on Lisa's bum and said "So does Pete really spank you if you get it wrong?" being completely distracted Lisa put the white ball straight into the corner pocket, Sarah from her advantaged position grabbed the waist band of Lisa's thong and pulled them down swiftly before Lisa could even stand up.

Sophie & Simon's Christmas Night In

group manchesterkate123 2018-02-15

On the day itself, I took time to get ready: a long bath, ensuring my pussy was smooth as that is how my boss likes it; I made sure my hair was shiny and wore it down; and my nails were painted red, with matching red lips and a classy amount of eye make up to complete the look. "I don't think this one minds anything," Adam said, as he stood on my left side and ran his hand up my leg, firstly following the slit and then under my skirt. "I think you should get down on your knees for my friends here," Simon said, "starting with Adam, to thank him for what he has just done to you."


Amigos Comparthilam (Friends Share)

group C Love 2018-02-15

Paula looked like a rejected woman until I reassured her that if Sean didn't want to spend the night with her, Natascha and I would love to have her join us. With Paula sitting on the bed and Sean standing at the foot of it, she leaned back, unzipped his jeans, pulled out his growing tool, and began to suck it. After watching for a couple of minutes, I made my way to the bed, got down to my knees, and began licking the inside of Paula's thigh's slowly moving towards her shaved vagina. I would thrust into Natascha and hear her grunt, followed by a whimper by Paula and finally a moan by Sean.

First Bisexual Threesome (Complete)

group adm19842 2018-02-15

I heard the bathroom door open and a cute Asian guy with a close haircut walked out. He has the cutest boy ass ever: a tight bubble butt, clean shaven all over,toned abs, a nice cut cock that wasn't too big and perfectly round balls. I got up, and removed sofias bra...her breasts were rounded, well shaped and had cute little pink nipples. I moved down to her pussy and begin licking her out.I ran my tongue up and down her clit she moaned.Then i pushed my tongue into her clit to taste her nectar. His cute little balls and ass moving to and fro as he went in and out of her mouth. sofia slowly moved my cock near his little hole..

Happy Anniverary

group lilgool 2018-02-15

Another set of hands joined my husband's; this set began by sliding up my legs. "Remember that little fantasy you told me about?" he asked, beginning to tug my dress down my shoulders. I found and grasped my husband's hard cock and stroked the familiar territory. I didn't have much time to think as my husband had me kneel and begin sucking on his throbbing cock. "So you've got that nice Jacuzzi in there," my second lover for the night commented, running a hand over my hip, "Maybe we should make use of it?" I turned back to hug my husband tightly, "I love you so much," I whispered in his ear, "Thank you for my anniversary present!"

A Night Out to Remember

group me885 2018-02-15

Tiff pulled Jess's shirt up and over her head as Rob shimmied her out of her skirt, leaning over to allow his tongue to slowly slide down between her ass cheeks. I had never felt a hairless pussy before, and was intrigued, wanting nothing more than to jump in and take a lick, but I decided to simply enjoy the show, allow the women their time together, and simply enjoy the sight of two beautiful women, the contrast of Jess's golden tan against Tiff's mahogany skin, those long dark legs wrapped around Jess's head, her own ass up in the air begging to be touched.


Birthday Present

group giveandreceive8 2018-02-15

"So"--she ground her pubis and clit down on the base of his cock-- "Do you like"--slowly she pulled back, her labia exposed among thick black hairs as they dragged along his length--"your birthday present?" Again she pushed back down as she leaned forward, her tits extending toward him, her tiny, bushy cunt somehow swallowing something much, much bigger. She threw her arms up and back to grasp Sandy's head; the effect was to push her chest and breasts out against Sandy's warm sliding hands, which now began roving over Ming's nipples, pinching them with increasing force between her fingers. There the three kissed and hugged one another, their lips and tongues tasting the salt water mixing with saliva, their hands and fingers probing, pinching, and stroking breasts, pussies, and Arthur's rising cock through the fabric of their swimsuits.


One Last Hurrah!

group scottstories 2018-02-15

The girls came to the table when they were thirsty, ordered drinks, increased their levels of intoxication, and quickly returned to the grinding on the floor. Smiling and a little knocked off his senses, JT reached into Allison's hands and pulled away with a small slip of paper. Feeling Allison would wear her out unless she gave a good answer, Robin said, "We kissed each other. On the other hand, I was not at all surprised that Jacob and Allison shared a good kiss. I got that sense from Allison too as she took my arm and pulled me past another curtain and into the main living area of the house.


Swinging Square Ch. 04

group simaddict 2018-02-15

* The characters are: Ashley, 19; Robert, 22; Kelsey 28; Michael, 30; Tracy, 20; Paul 29; Willis, 50; Sylvia, 45; Cindy, 20; Jason, 21; Roy, 30; Heather, 35. We had decided to take a rest today and spend the day together, putting the swinging on hold temporarily, but I woke up this morning wondering what new adventure or different cock I would have come my way. I looked over at Tracy who was watching and smiling because Paul's other hand was between her legs. I spread my legs a little more and delighted in the feeling of his hand against my panty gusset, making me squirm as he churned up a creamy wetness within my pussy.