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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

True Story of a Dinner Party

group DavidSouthUK 2018-02-15

Mary, in particular, had been very blatant - on one occasion she was kneeling down sucking her husband's prick, with her cunt/arse turned towards us. All this time I knew that my wife and John were watching, and Mary and I had just started fucking without any acknowledgement that it was OK with anyone. The relationship went on a lot after several combinations and over three or four years....and eventually I got to experience Mary's arse as well, along with John and my wife getting their act together and fucking many times.

Evening Escapade

group tyzillz 2018-02-15

I grab my right breast and rub my nipple trough the fabric of my bra and slowly send my hand north over the soft skin of my tummy and slide my hand in my Lacey panties and massage my wet clit.           You pinch my nipple and and knead my ass at the same time making my already wet pussy gush all through my sexy lacy panties my body arches into yours and more precum drips from your tip and smears on my belly.  I tilt my head back and moan with pleasure excited to have you touch me and feel the night breeze on my wet pussy and my naked breast, making my nipples hard, and the thought that some may be watching makes my body burn. 

Fun at the Club

group JayTinMan 2018-02-15

They weren't hard to find, as there were only two men staring continuously in our direction: A young white guy with blond hair and the most electric blue eyes I've ever seen and a dashingly handsome, well-built black man. One was a redhead, shaved clean but for a stripe of fiery red hair above a dick so white you could see every bulging vein in it; the other was an olive-skinned Latino whose nine inch cock matched the redhead's in size, but it was smooth all the way down and his body was covered in a thin fuzz of dark hair that thickened at his chest and pubic mound.


My Girlfriend

group kandie 2018-02-15

Her best friend's name is Samantha, but her friends call her Sam. She is a petite woman, with black hair, blue eyes and a like Amanda has a luscious appetite for sex and she is also bisexual. Amanda sat down and said, "MMM delicious, I'll have a beer if you don't mind." Her mind then wandered to dessert, she could see her lips glued to Sam's pussy as there body slid together in ecstasy. Amanda sat up and replied, "Oh, my god, do you want help putting it on?" When Sam shook her head no, Amanda laid back down spread her legs wide and slide two fingers into her hot drenched hole. Amanda licked her lips and said, "It's fucking time," then guided the toy slowly into Sam's vagina.


Kelly's First Threesome

group LlamaFred42 2018-02-15

Things were starting to heat up a bit too much with Sean for a public dance floor so I pulled away to go get a drink and find Brad. I grabbed Brad's ass and looked up at him with the most innocent face possible and whispered "If you play your cards right and keep me having fun tonight, I'll finally succumb to my inner sluttiness and let you fuck the shit out of me tonight." After a while of being a Kelly sandwich, I felt Sean's cock going hard again so I stopped making out with Brad and turned around and started making out with Sean.



group nikki_2021 2018-02-15

"Whooooooeeee, look at them titties, they's mighty fine!" one of the boys exclaimed and Katie stopped sucking Billy Ray's cock as she Biff moved to take her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard on it, drawing it deep into his mouth. Katie opened as she was thrust forwards with the force of Billy Ray working his cock into her from behind and consequently felt Randy's cock slide deep within her mouth. Biff was happy with this for a little while, but it wasn't long before he was complaining that he'd yet to get to feel the lovely warmth of Katie's pussy on his cock, though of course, when he said it, it came out more like, "I needs that pussy on my man meat lady!"


Teaching the Teacher

group MaddieJCarter 2018-02-15

With ten minutes before school let out, Christian and Blake stood in the hallway outside Miss Anderson's door. if Blake takes his hand away from your mouth, are you going to keep quiet like a good girl?" He disappeared too quick for her to have a substantial orgasm and she let Christian's dick slip from her mouth and she looked back into Blake's face. "Please make me come," she begged as she wrapped her fingers over Christian's length and stroked him, jerking him off quickly and pouting, her lower lip pushing out a little more to toy with the young man's emotions. Blake groaned but she felt fingers grab her chin, turning her to look up into the other boy's eyes.

A Sultry Saturday Afternoon

group msdreamer 2018-02-15

Nimesha came and stood by my table and spoke in a whisper, "Dan, since Tiina is asleep, would you apply some suntan oil on my back?" Bringing her finger up in front of Nimesha's face, she said, "this belongs to me, and I don't appreciate you trying to take it without my permission." Julia then put the finger into her mouth, and withdrew it slowly and deliberately, with a loud smack at the end. Julia began to lick my come off the inside of Nimesha's upper thighs, moving up to her dripping pussy. Tiina gave me a surprised look, but quickly knelt in front of me and sucked my half-deflated cock into her mouth.As I stood there watching Tiina's lips move up and down the length of my shaft, I thought to myself, "Dan, this could turn out to be a very good day."

Any Chance We Could Ch. 34

group Reindeer58 2018-02-15

When she awoke again there was bright sunlight shining in their window and she felt Emerson's hand caressing her nylon clad leg that was across his thighs, she said "I love you, Emerson and I'm going to live to please you and hope you want to please me as well. As Kim and Hazel kissed, Kim put her hands against her mother's breasts and said "I agree with Gwen, they're nice. As Dave and I stood up at the end of the table and began to move out to the deck Alyssa turned to look at Veronica, and said in a low voice," Until recently I've never been with a woman, but not because I wasn't interested."


Moving Day

group sherbear415 2018-02-15

My favorite dildo in hand, I slowly slide it into my wet pussy and start stroking as I'm playing with my titties. The boss grabs the dildo from my pussy and commands his crew to get to sucking and fucking because this lady needs her box stuff full. The fifth guy has just been hanging back and watching the other guys suck and fuck me as he was stroking his cock which is now rock hard. Just as the sensations of having my titties sucked, my pussy licked, my ass fucked and having a big cock fucking my mouth all at the same time are about to overcome me, I feel a hard cock enter my pussy with a hard thrust.

The California Trip Ch. 01

group Amy Part y Girl 2018-02-15

I know it's really short notice, but if you have a little time free this evening, I'd like to buy you dinner and discuss something I think you will find intriguing. "Mr. Davis, uh, Bob, "what you saw, uh, what Janie and I..., it was a new experience for me, I've never done anything like that before. A week later Janie called Bob and told him she and I had discussed a visit, and would be able to come to California around December 15. Don from the football team called Janie once about another upcoming theater-in-the-round party, but it was going to be while we were in L.A. so she simply said she would be away on vacation and was pretty sure I was going to be out of town too.


Pathfinders the Road to Bisexuality

group walterio 2018-02-15

As Sam and Jack fucked Cory's mouth and ass they talked to him. I looked away Cory before I was caught staring at his ass and when I did my eyes scanned Trevor's body. Sam and Jack were in one tent, Cory and Adam in another, Steven and Bruce were together as where Mitch and Ryan. Of all the naked asses though, Trevor had the nicest and it looked just like his sister's except that it seemed even curvier than Peggy's. I could already picture Cory on all fours with a Sam's and Jack's cocks in his ass and mouth. I quietly found a good position to observe the two boys and I watched as Adam took Trevor's cock in his mouth.


milf and the renaissance festival boy

group dusty48180 2018-02-15

My wife loves costuming and going to the renaissance festival was an opportunity to dress up. opposite us along the far wall was a young man who appeared to be 18-ish and he was staring at my wife's tits. His obvious bulge was obscene looking in those dark green tights he was wearing (part of the attire in the festival was guys wearing tights).He followed us out to the walkway, and he reached for her hand in the appropriate gesture of the day, she curtsied and gave her hand. They got the table and I went about gathering the food and ale. I loved eating her and then went to devouring his cock.

Interage Intimacy Pt. 04

group UncutPleasure 2018-02-15

Sean and Jennifer glanced at each other and blushed, giving Sarah all the answer she needed. "Sorry things got a little awkward." Sean kissed Jennifer's buttcheek before moving his lips up the length of her bare back. I know how he feels about you, and I shouldn't have encouraged him." Sarah gave Jennifer an apologetic look. "You don't think that beautiful body of yours is enough?" Sarah brushed her hand down Jennifer's arm, making her tremble. I don't know what she told you, but-" Sean tilted his head and looked past Sarah to see a half-naked Jennifer on the couch. "What's she..." Sean pointed at Jennifer before noticing Sarah's flustered look. "I told her I'm ok with it." Jennifer glanced over to Sarah, her head resting on Sean's shoulder.


3-Way for Him, 2-Way for Her

group BrettJ 2018-02-15

"Jill says surprise," the blonde one of the pair says as she walks in the room, followed by her companion, a pretty Asian girl I soon found out was Lori. My cock went in as asked and I was fucking her girlfriend doggy-style while petite Lori was going to town on Monique's beautiful cunt. I watched Jill comply and soon, her gorgeous trimmed, blonde pussy was over Jennifer's face and my wife was eating her avidly. "I'm glad you finally told me that you liked girls," Jill said to my wife as she swung her body around. I wouldn't mind fucking Jill myself and watching her with Jennifer again, only this time, with everything out in the open.

Riding Lessons

group Flying_low 2018-02-15

Tanya tried, but couldn't keep her eyes from returning to the sight of Lauren's lovely breasts softly brushing against her blouse. Tanya looked over and realized that Lauren was sitting back, eyes closed, her shallow breaths timed to the rhythmic bumps of the highway's uneven slabs that bounced Lauren's hard nipples against her silk blouse every few seconds. Lauren wrapped her arms around Tanya, pulling their bodies together, while their hot, wet lips devoured each other. "I don't know what came over me, but I certainly enjoyed it!" Tanya rested her head on Lauren's shoulder and kissed her one more time. "That looks delicious dear." Lauren pulled Max into her arms and gave him a long deep kiss.


The Bitch gets Take Out

group shep87 2018-02-15

The lady just nodded as Megan complained that they made it too spicy last time. The old lady then took off Megan's shoes and walked around behind the desk. As Megan looked ahead, she could see the old lady had a camera out. As he went for her bra and panties, the old lady was taking more pics until Megan was completely naked. He was lining up his cock to her pussy when another cook came in. Megan continued to suck that asian cock while getting fucked good an hard. She couldn't watch him fuck her as she kept sucking the other cook's cock. The two men walked to the doorway as the old lady took one last picture of Megan.

Diary of a Menage a Trois - Tuesday

group Tomcatfive 2018-02-15

I immediately start fucking her mouth, nice smooth steady strokes, and I can feel her lips pressing down on me, along with tightness of her throat. "If you want, I'll call right now, and tell her not to come," Nikki finally blurted out. "Wait here," Nikki tells Kat, and takes my hand, leading me to the bedroom. She sucks on me, and I open my eyes, to see Nikki watching us as Kat tries to push down further. I open my eyes and smile at Nikki, loving the sight of her beautiful mouth filled with my cock. Nikki leans forward a little and starts fucking me, long fast strokes, wasting no time.


Roll Over, Cindy

group DrMick 2018-02-15

"Sure, why not?" Ron shrugged and took the joint from Ken. He took a long, deep pull on it and then did this sexy come-hither motion with his index finger, meaning I should get close so he could place his lips on mine. "Yeah, that's it, Cindy," Ken congratulated me, enjoying my soft, moist lips as they began sucking his cock deeper and deeper into my warm, wet mouth. "God, she's incredible," I heard Ken say to Ron, "she's got those big, beautiful, cock-sucking lips and she knows how to use 'em." Reluctantly I let Ken's prick slip from my lips, and I rolled over to face Ron. Once again, instead of being greeted by a pair of lips, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice, big, raging hard-on, ready to be pleasured by my dick-sucking lips.


My Bi Adventure

group iabcpae 2018-02-15

As she went, she said, "What are you waiting for slut." I got the message, poured a small amount of oil in my hand and started at the base of Robert's neck. Robert's left arm and hand got the same treatment as the right and as I sucked hia fingers I saw Erica glide her hand over the tops of her breasts gently squeezing the left one. "Good little slut," she said, "we wouldn't want you to loose yourself before I gave you permission, would we?" My cock was now semi-flaccid but she continued to squeeze my balls and stretch my sack until I thought it would rip off.


A Gang of Memories

group ElleandGlen 2018-02-15

Hands hold your head as the cock in your mouth pumps in and out with abandon, the cock in your cunt is pumping away as best it can from an awkward angle, and the one in your ass continues to drive deeper, but thankfully it's owner seems to be getting most of his stimulation from your heaves in reaction to the others on you. One of the mouths on your nipples leaves and is replaced by a pair of hands that rub your entire breast, kneading it like dough. Corine was already hot from fingering you beneath the table at dinner and had started running her hand along my thigh as soon as we sat down.

Los Cinco Hermanos Ch. 06

group eidetic 2018-02-15

"Maybe it isn't such a good idea to screen the film with my boss present?" I wasn't sure which way I wanted this to go. I had a strange feeling that screening the video with Sandra would be like going for a walk with a werewolf under a full moon. I felt Sandra squirming a little, next to me, when Ginger and Molly started suckling my tits, on-screen. When, on the screen, Ginger went down on me and Molly started kissing me, I definitely felt a squirming next to me. Off-screen, Sandra was slowing down a little as Ginger and I eased up, but she still had that wild-woman look. "What do you need, Sandy?" Ginger asked, licking the side of Sandra's face.


Swing Chronicles Ch. 08: Jay and Jenna

group LuckyGuy96 2018-02-15

"Josh and Sharon are great people, and I'm hoping that everything will work out," Jay said. It was cozy and well-furnished, and I felt sad that Josh, Sharon, and I wouldn't be able to spend quality time lounging on the couch, sitting on the deck, or maybe having fun on the furry rug that was in front of the huge fireplace. No sooner had Jay said this, Jenna came through the back door of the cottage. There's nothing really interesting here except for those pictures, even though there is something more to Jay and Jenna," I said to myself as I began a neurotic dialog in my head. "It's probably that he didn't prime the pump a second time before," Jay said, before Jenna interrupted him.


At Long Last

group HottieTom 2018-02-15

Her beautiful face, her tongue licking up the long, hard, smooth shaft of her boyfriend's cock. Our eyes locked, that slight smile on her face even as her tongue ran down the length of his shaft, I grabbed the zipper of my shorts and so painfully slowly, still not entirely sure this was a good idea, I pulled it down. They attached each other with gusto, him pulling her ass down to rub her pussy all over his face, while she took his cock deep in her throat. After a few minutes of this, as Chris continued to fuck her young pussy and I got entirely too close to cumming, she took my entire cock in her mouth.