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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

One & Two Make Three Ch. 3

group KimberToo 2018-02-15

Jake sure knew how to make the rockets I had shoot high in the sky. "Your fun to be with." I told him after a few moments of talking about how we (he meant mankind) (I knew it would be us.) would soon be rocketing to the stars. "You sure are, like your legs are umm, well you know wow and you are real pretty too." He said. I felt him start to move down my body first giving some nice sucking time on my stiff and getting harder nipples and then kissing down my tummy to my pussy. I just Jake was eating your pussy when I heard those loud moans, can I come in and join the fun?"


group 26nights 2018-02-15

But on the other hand, I had never seen Montreal and Mr 26 had told me what a romantic city it was, so when out of the blue his parents said they wanted the kids for a few nights, and when those few nights happened to correspond to when he was going, we got me a ticket too and off we went. Mr 26 had packed me a lot of pretty sexy things to wear at night, and I had this image of a bunch of old fat engineering geeks slobbering over me. It looks good buttoned up to the neck, or you can unbutton it a fair amount and it still hangs pretty nicely (and shows as much as you want to show.).


group voluptuary_manque 2018-02-15

Victoria Smyth-Jefferson would lift her chin, raise one eyebrow and drive a lightning glance from her golden eyes into Deserea's dark brown ones and suck truth out of the girl. Her mother reached out and gently took Deserea's dark jaw in her caramel-colored hand and lifted the girl's eyes back to her own. The little Vietnamese masseuse then rolled the girl onto her back and worked her magic on the front side for a while until, when it seemed that she was finished, she casually reached down and gave Deserea's large, dark nipple a slow, twisting pull. Charles' obviously shared his wife's preferences, for he returned Ms. Oppenheimer's touch by running his hands slowly down her ribs to her waist and bare hips, lingering there until the hostess turned her attention to Victoria.


Jenn's New Job Ch. 02

group marquisdeslut 2018-02-15

"No, it's weird, I've been kind of like, job shadowing Mel. I've watched her fuck a lot. My balls slapped against Jenn's face and she laughed and started to lick my balls as my cock twitched, sunk deep into Mel's pussy. I pulled out of Jenn's throat and told her to move back on the bed, out of her 69 with Mel, so that she could prop herself up on my pillows and face me while Mel ate her pussy and I fucked Mel's ass. Jenn's eyes slid up to meet mine and we stared at each other while Mel sucked her pussy and I fucked Mel's ass for all I was worth.

Pool Boy Ch. 33

group BigZeke13 2018-02-15

As Dee and Jarrod walked into the Study, Alexis said, "We're going to take a nap. He smiled and said, "My Mother-in-Law is fucking awesome." I just nodded and leaned against the counter while Jarrod poured his coffee and then we both walked past Dee, who was still standing in the Foyer with her hand to her mouth gazing up the stairs. As I stepped back to the door to shut it, Emma had stretched forward in her sling and grabbed the guys cock and pulled it back toward her pussy. Dee turned away from the ceiling and said, "He could be hurting her." I walked out to the Foyer and pulled the Invoice off the table and handed it to Alexis.


In Search of Tamar Ch. 7

group miskeivitch 2018-02-15

The point I’m trying to make is, if I woke up from a coma in Israel, I could immediately tell if the hospital was in Haifa, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv just by looking at the nearest woman. Apparently Gideon Katan had never had his Hebrew tongue into Gyula’s pussy, something that Taliah was convinced that Canadians were best at. How Taliah gained this knowledge working behind the desk of a three-star Jerusalem hotel was a fact I probably didn’t need to know. If Taliah was tongue deep into oral sex, Gyula was equally reluctant to try a licking. After the two women made each other come, Taliah got off me and told Gyula to get off so she could get a bit of zain now.


The Swap

group StormHeart 2018-02-15

He looked into the mirror, and could see that Magda was growing bolder with her own body, stroking her hairy chest with one hand while the other encircled her penis, gently stroking and squeezing it to full arousal. He looked to Aiesha, who nodded at the silent question in his eyes, then he went to Magda and touched her lightly on the arm, a strong muscular arm that had been his only a short time ago. Conner looked up, surprised to see that Aiesha had moved silently closer, and was also caressing and squeezing at Magda's newfound sex. Aiesha opened her mouth more fully now, allowing the hard cock to slip between her lips, bringing a moan from Magda as she enjoyed the sensation of hot moisture engulfing her for the first time.


An Evening for Four

group Nault 2018-02-15

We played like that for a moment longer when I felt Laura's hand join Mandy's on my cock. Laura let Rob's cock pop out of her mouth and she gave Mandy a meaningful look... I took this opportunity to position myself under her legs so I could start eating her pussy in a sort of 69 position, except she was sucking Rob's cock with Laura. She used her hand to finger fuck her at the same time and it didn't take but a moment for a "wow" to come from Rob. We sat there and watched as Laura expertly worked Mandy's cunt.

Teens Today

group Koozi 2018-02-15

"I was making sure John was keen," then she walked to the sofa, kissed Anna and ran her hand over her tits and pulled her nipples causing her to moan with pleasure. Anna lay down on the floor, I managed to get to her pussy first and tasted her, she was like the nectar of the gods, as I teased her clit, I felt Beth slide between my legs stroking my cock then pulling it into her warm mouth. I pulled my pussy juice drenched cock from her pussy and jerked off till I erupted over her body, as I knelt there basking in my pleasure, Anna licked my cum up and kissed Beth so they could share my cum.

Island Fever 5: Family Ch. 12

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-15

"One night, I guess, several of the girls got together and agreed to bark at me - bark like a dog - every single time I walked by them." Kristanna's eyes went wide in a mixture of shock and horror, as did mine, as Pamela continued, "Every time I went to the back to get ready for a stage show, all I heard was barking. You never even noticed - and still haven't - that each of them put on some extra pounds." Kristanna shook her head and implored at Pamela, "What makes you think that any of us looked ANY differently at you after Piper was born?"


Mother of the Bride Ch. 02

group Scot1234 2018-02-15

She could never have imagined that her daughter's wedding day would turn out like this; lying naked on her hotel bed, the father of her new son in law sitting on her chest, her hand wrapped around his throbbing cock and her tongue tasting the remnants of her earlier sins. As Donny finally stopped cumming and climbed off her, Caroline took his place and began to lick up her husband's cum from the other woman's body. The two women had now found their rhythm together and with Caroline's hands roaming all over her naked body and her hips thrusting up to meet Mary's downward pushing, she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave and she could do nothing but lie there and enjoy it.

The third dogging experience

group cer_mal 2018-02-15

We got there early and when Bret and Fred pulled up my husband went to talk to them for at least 15 minutes until when Debbie and Kyle showed up they all wandered over close to the Van. Kyle said you will not need this for their initiation and removed my blue dress ( I spent a hour getting all prettied up and nobody even said anything) Kyle started playing with my tits then sucking them, showing off for the guys spreading my legs apart and slipping his fingers into my wet pussy. My husband told Bret and Fred they could get ready for the “Best Cock Sucker in Texas” telling them they could play with my tits and pussy while I was sucking cock and they wasted no time dropping there pants.

A Friendly Neighborhood Threesome

group WerewolfatNight 2018-02-15

Suzy grabbed my hand and pulled it onto her tit- she wasn't wearing a bra over her little half T-shirt, and my paw covered her smallish, pointy tit. Dan's eyes almost fluttered with the thought, and he took a short step forward. When she finally stopped trembling,, she pushed his head a little further down, and then I felt his tongue swipe against my shaft, which was still mostly buried deep inside her. She did that squeezing thing again with her cunt, and I groaned out loud, she turned her head to look at me. When his mouth finally popped off the head of my cock, he looked up at my sheepishly.

Lust in the Wilderness

group imhapless 2018-02-15

In addition to Andrew and Roz there were: Arabella, a fairly well known 18 year old 6' tall fashion model who was succumbing to the stress inherent in her profession; Cole, a 35 year old hedge fund manager who had the same problem as Arabella; Alistair, a 20 year old Cambridge drop-out from a noble and wealthy family who was told by his father to "get his act together" or get disinherited; Darcy, a 28 year old professional tennis player who was trying to recover mentally from physical injuries he had dealt with for the last few years; and Rowan, a 29 year old solicitor who had been wrongly accused of murdering his girl friend, and now that he was fully exonerated when someone else confessed just as his well-publicized trial was starting, needed to clear his head.


The Hunting Trip

group craigool 2018-02-15

She took off her apron, as she pushed us around, getting Ted & Peter up so she could set up the table, kissing Henry awake. I pulled out of Lynn's hot mouth, sliding out the side as Lynn collapsed, tits buried in the bed, ass in the air, as Henry pounded into her deeply, bashing her buns with his hips, holding her hips as she moaned. Lynn got really loose, and pulled Ted and Peter over to the bed. I went off to clean myself off, and came back to find Henry already asleep in the top bunk, Peter asleep next to Ted, and Lynn, lewdly spread, arms wide open, snoring at the top of her lungs.


A Swing and a...

group Wicked_Ray 2018-02-15

Neither Ray nor Debra knew Rick or Sharon very well and had only gotten to talking to the couple at their daughters softball games. "Oh Deb you lucky girl you picked Rick you're going to be so happy you did." Sharon said leading the very drunk Debra by the arm to the Den. After several seconds without a response he added "Anything you and Ray have agreed is off limits?" Rick asked her seeing his wife Sharon lean in to hear Debra's answer. "Great guys she's good with it give us half an hour or so." He called back to the men in the room while leading Debra out of the den and then scooping her up in his arms carrying her up the stairs.


Leah's Super Bowl Lovers

group LeahSands 2018-02-15

He pulled a wrapped box out from under the bed, smiling and saying, "This is what I want you to be wearing when you open the door for the guys." Inside the box was a Hooters' girl outfit: the white T-shirt, a skimpy pair of orange shorts, even the shiny pantyhose and the white tennis shoes. Each time I opened the door, the guy's eyes went immediately to my nipples, and every one of them said something to Brian like, "you sure weren't kidding when you said Leah was hot!" Soon they were all sitting on the sectional sofa, drinking beers and eating the food I had prepared, filling out the squares sheet.


Stacy's First Swing Pt. 04

group Boondocker42 2018-02-15

Betty pressed her hand against Jared's shaft, moving it against Stacy's slit and stroking it gently. Betty stroked Jared's cock and let the buzzing vibrator trace a line down the center of Stacy's subtly soft stomach. As her mouth claimed more of Jared's hard cock, Betty pushed the vibrating toy deep into Stacy's pussy. Betty's eyes bugged out a little bit as Jared's massively flared head popped past the back of her mouth and into her throat. Frank and Betty watched as Stacy's pussy lips flowered open and the dark base of the toy appeared. Her husband's paler and slightly thinner shaft was wedged at the bottom and Stacy knew it must be pressed tightly against Betty's engorged clit.


Julia's Paris Adventure Ch. 03

group fannyanny 2018-02-14

Next time Andre looked round from behind his easel she half closed her eyes and licked her lips teasingly. He looked up and saw Julia kissing his brother while Albert's hands continued to squeeze her plump breasts. Andre reached for her hips and drew her body up his so he could feel her hard nipples rubbing against his chest and he felt her shudder from the intense pleasure she was feeling from her sensitive breasts. His hand ran over Julia's buttocks and into the clef and down and under to her wet slit where he felt Andre's cock moving in and out. Every time Julia moved on Andre she felt Albert's cock burying itself within her.

Sex Lesson Ch. 01

group jgrdnrls24 2018-02-14

As I continued to suck on her nipples and slowly ran my hand down to her crotch and began rubbing her pussy through her panties, which were starting to get wet. As Heather talked I felt a hand grab my now soft cock and start slowly stroking it, bringing it back to life. I began to tongue fuck her pussy when the other girl pulled my cock out of her mouth and leaned up to talk to Heather. Once she was done talking she went back to deep throating my cock and I heard Heather say that the other girl wanted me to cum in her mouth.

Sophomore Year

group PrincessErin 2018-02-14

They're already half way there." Brad and Cat glanced over and saw that Daniella and Chad were grinding hard against each other. "As long as I get to fuck her pussy first, I'd love to." Chad was sucking on Daniella's neck, smiling lustily at his girlfriend. Brad's cock was in a permanent state of arousal, partially because he knew he would get to fuck Cat again, partly because his best friend was fingering his girlfriend as they walked up the stairs. Brad desperately needed a good fuck and thus didn't care about Cat. He unzipped his jeans and slid them down his muscular thighs. I think Cat needs to get a good fucking now." Daniella slid off Chad and pulled Cat onto his cock.

Three Friends in Vegas

group SPEN STERLING 2018-02-14

As Dan watched the two girls laughing and pouring champagne, he suddenly became aware that he was in a hot tub in Vegas with two beautiful women, and despite the fact that he had always looked at Maria as nothing more than a great friend, there was an unavoidable sexual tension in the air. She also couldn't stop herself from taking a long look at his beautiful hard cock, and when he leaned back and closed his eyes and Teri got on her knees and took him in her mouth, Maria suddenly realized that one of her fingers had found its way into her mouth.


Three's Company

group Rtrishk2 2018-02-14

"Good." John's deep whisper cut through the silent tension that had ensued following Megan's question, as he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Julie's forehead. "Yes," was the only word Julie could muster, and it came out as little more than a breathless whisper, followed by a sharp intake of breath as John's mouth found her nipple. Her friend was driving her absolutely wild; her fingers were sliding over her clit, while her hot tongue darted in and out of her mouth, across her lips. Julie was trying to meet Megan's mouth and John's cock with each thrust of her hips. As she continued to suck on Julie, Megan felt Julie's hands grasp her hips, pulling her pussy toward her mouth.

At the Rest Stop

group jakkinmd 2018-02-14

The trucker reached down and played grab ass with her as we walked over to the picnic table. One stuck his dick in her pussy, another in her mouth, and two others got creative and put their cocks in her hands. As the last few got their rocks off in her pussy, I took all my clothes off and went over to Myra's mouth, sticking my hard cock in. He stood there watching and playing with his limp dick as I humped Myra's big tits. The caretaker looked up at us this time and his eyes grew wide as he saw a cum-covered naked beauty walk in. Seeing this, Myra knelt down, took it in her mouth and gave this guy the blowjob of his life.