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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group KittyOH 2018-12-02

I immediately am overcome by the mere sight of the beautiful cock and feel a thick drip of juice fall from my pussy and land on my leg. "Looks like she needs a little help" she says as she kneels next to me and we begin working that cock together. The feeling of being so physically dominated is intoxicating, and I can only imagine what the past two hours have been like for Liz, I later find out that the three friends of Will were passing her around, "Like the fucking slut I am" she says. He then proceeds to fill me up with hot cum, for what seemed like a full minute, his cock pulses and releases streams of black seed into my pussy.

The Mystery Woman

group Sicarium 2018-12-02

With two hands, I pull your lips to my cock and slide into your mouth until I'm pressing into your throat and you suck hard. With my hands on your hips, I slowly pull my dick from your pussy, enjoying the sensation of feeling every inch of you. Finally, after an agonizingly slow moment, my dick completely fills your ass and my balls come to rest against your wet pussy. My hands on your hips, her lips on your nipples, my dick slowly pulling out of your ass. The mystery woman finds your pussy with her hand as I begin to slowly force my way back into your ass.

The Cruise - Day Three

group ChuckEPoo 2018-12-02

As we had passed by the group of young men that I noticed earlier, they didn't even try to hide the fact that they were staring at Linda and Ann. They both seemed to be enjoying the attention. Ann and Linda were sitting on the hood of the Jeep, giggling and flirting with the young Hawaiian men. Making our way back to shore, Linda looked to me and said, "Mike, we need to talk." I know we both feel a special connection, but for me it’s so much more," Linda paused, and looked deep into my eyes "I think I love you…" "It was fun, boys, but it's time we get going," Ann interjected nervously as she pulled away from the guy that was holding her.

Loves of Ramu Ch. 2

group sahebji 2018-12-02

My cock came to attention and I started to press it with my hands thinking how lovely it would be to fuck this fresh piece of virgin flesh. I said, 'Kanchi tu tau ab bardi hogayi hai aur chodene ke liye tayyar hai (Kanchi you are grown up now and ready to be fucked)' she again started to struggle again and shouted, 'NAHIN, NAHIN (NO, NO)' but I held her tightly. I stopped sucking her tits and looking straight in her agitated eyes I said, 'Chordoonga tau sahi per pahele tujhe chod tau loon (I will let you go but after I have fucked you first)'.


Alone on the Couch: My first foursome

group WesD 2018-12-02

It‘s my turn and Jasmine dares me to strip down naked and pose for 5 minutes like I’m a playgirl model. I am closest to the shower head right behind me is Keri, then Jasmine and Shawn is in the very back. Shawn figures this is his only chance to get it in with Jasmine so he runs over to the couch where I’m blowing her brains out and sticks his dick in her mouth. Shawn stops fucking Jasmine and gives Keri a puzzled look. I started out calling a fat bitch over, canceling plans with her, driving 40 miles to help construct a bed which subsequently led to me banging two girls via a game of truth or dare.

OHGIRL: My Triumphant Return Home from Vegas

group ohgirl1 2018-12-02

He may not have been so quick to lick my pussy and fuck me if he’d have known that I had been with nearly 30 different men and had taken one cum shot after another in all of my holes, while I was providing my professional services in Las Vegas. I wasn’t fighting or struggling with him, because he was really big, but he was being rather brusque as he plunged his huge cock into my pussy and just started to roughly fuck me. I couldn’t really do anything, but it’s not like his cock didn’t feel good fucking me, it was his manner. He was talking dirty and telling me to take his big, white cock and how he was going to “Fuck the shit out of me.” and how he liked to fuck little black girls.

Sharing Kate

group DamonX 2018-12-02

  “I know it will be hard to resist...but this ass is all mine.” I nodded although Ryan hardly noticed as he was now too enamoured with Kate, kissing her neck as his hands roamed her tight, slender body.   “I want your ass,” Ryan stated as he pulled his glistening dick from Kate’s pussy and placed it against her wet little asshole.   Kate moaned with approval and even went so far as to reach back and pull one of her pert little cheeks aside as her boyfriend began to laboriously work his thick cock into her tightly closed hole.   “Stick your finger up my ass.” As her twitching hole began to swallow my finger, she increased the pace of her hand, stroking Ryan’s dick faster with her lips wrapped around his swollen head.

Santa's Little Helper

group GabrielSweet 2018-12-02

She walks over and slides her hands across Sam's ass, I can't get over how sexy her tiny body is, I pull her close and suck her nipples as I can see her fingers starting to tease Sam's already wet pussy. The girls keep kissing and licking each other as I fuck one and finger the other, I pull out of Sam after several deep hard thrusts and move over to push my cock deep and fast into Ricci's tight little pussy. This back and forth continues for a short while and I pull out of the last box and have the girls roll so Ricci is now on top of Sam, they keep the kissing and nipple sucking going but now I have one pussy right over the other and can just move up and down to reach each one without moving from my stance.

The Girl and Her Box

group InUtopia 2018-12-02

The girl pulled away and looked at Dan. He was watching them with a pleased expression. The girl addressed Jane again, pushing their lips together and pressing into her. The girl’s hand traveled beneath Jane’s baggy shirt and up to her small breasts, pinching a nipple. The girl was fixated on her exposed middle, Jane’s slender arms showing beneath the shirt, armpits and collarbone glistening with sweat. Finally Jane found the clasp in front and slid the garment over the girl’s hips, down her long tan legs and off her feet. Jane brought her hands to the girl’s hips and pulled her downward. The girl pulled one of his hands to her breast and then fingered her own clit.

Santa and the Mayan Calendar

group frogprince 2018-12-02

Lemon grabbed Rose by the hair and yanked her off Santa hard. With that she squirted all over Santa and came so hard that her pussy clamped down on Santa’s cock. Santa was running among the elves, sticking his cock into every willing hole and spraying them all. He looked down at his erect cock, got up and went in search of the fine little female elves, Lemon and Rose, who had been fighting over him since the start. It was approaching midnight and Santa wanted to go out with his cock inside a woman elf most of all. He lay on the fur blanket that was on the floor and Rose sat down right on his hard cock, driving it deeply into her pussy.

My Mother

group jena121 2018-12-02

I arrived home early a couple of days later and could hear Mom’s voice coming from her room.  I crept up very quietly to her door which was half open and heard a female voice saying, “Take this cock deep in your cunt, slut.  You know how you love it.” My cock had become a lance by that time, and I quickly walked away before I was caught by either Mom or Jane.   I went to my bedroom and closed the door, and took my cock out of my jeans and thought about what I had seen.  It didn’t take long for me to shoot a large load of cum, and I felt it would never stop.   I cleaned up and left the house without them realizing that I had been home.

The Ledger - part one

group pandsal 2018-12-02

The first pair to respond - a married couple in their late twenties, call them Mr and Mrs A - simply said they had problems we might be able to help them with, which we took to be a coded indication that they were of a similar outlook. He couldn't bring himself to take his eyes from Anna's tits until, sensing that his wife was waiting for him to provide a lead, he licked his lips and said, "Well, I suppose we could try, couldn't we?" The same could be said for Mrs A as she shed her panties, led me to the bed, pressed me on to my back, brushed a loose strand of dark hair away from her forehead, and went to work with hand and mouth on my cock.

What you wanted, but not what you expected

group London17 2018-12-02

The feeling of having two cocks inside you pushes you over the edge, and as you get close to coming  you start grinding back again on the strangers cock as his hands grip hard on your shoulder blades and fucks you faster, pausing only to spank your tight arse cheeks. Its too much of a good thing for me, and I soon can't take your tight hole any longer, I stop, pull out all the way, slap your ass hard before pushing down deep inside you one last time before I let go, filling your arsehole full with my cum.

A Weekend With Janet & Patti

group kimberlykitten 2018-12-02

They're so soft and heavy and very round," Janet moaned, now bouncing the huge tits in her hands, watching them move up and down inside her shirt, smacking together making thunderous slaps. I want to make this night and weekend memorable for the both of us and my boyfriend," Janet said, giving her sister a huge hug, feeling her medium size tits get totally smashed by Patti's bigger ones. Scott let go of Patti's monstrous hooters to hold onto Janet's head and help her bob her mouth faster on his now gooey and saliva covered cock. Janet sat on the ground, watching Scott's dick pound Patti's pussy and his big balls smacking violently against her ass.


One Great Halloween Chapter 2

group NIGHTOWL6261A 2018-12-02

J-Nine said, “It is not a joke, and I think your wife needs a cock inside her now, by the way, I am jealous you get to lick this sweet twat any time you like." As she lowered my shorts she looked up at M and said, “Holy shit, this thing is going to split me open.” M replied back, “I know, it splits me open three times a week and I love it!” M laid down on her back, and as I spread her legs to enter her, she grabbed J-Nine and said, “Get above me, I want to taste that pussy and get it ready for that fat cock.” I slid into the saddle and slowly sank as deep as I could into M's pussy. 

At the Johnson house

group SeanR83 2018-12-02

I watched as Marco pulled the sheets off his cock and started to stroke himself back to full hardness. I felt his tongue slide over my clit, making me feel a world of pleasure right away. I felt Marco push the tip of his cock into my tight teen hole. Sara groaned loudly and Marco pulled her close. Marco pulled his cock from her pussy and kissed her passionately. As I sucked and slurped on Sara’s pussy I felt Marco slide his massive cock back inside me from behind. Marco started to breathe funny and I could tell that Sara was going to cum too. I felt Marco pull his cock from my pussy, making a loud popping noise.

It's A Man's World Ch. 05

group sahebji 2018-12-02

'That must be Tulsi bringing our tea,' Madhu didi said, 'Adi, open the door.' 'A week after we returned home from your wedding, I noticed that Abhi's eyes followed Kanchi whenever she was in the room,' Rashmi didi started to narrate her story. I followed her and hugging her said, 'Kanchi let me taste your sweet lips again,' and kissed her tenderly. 'No, I won't let you fuck me,' she said, staring at my erect cock, 'I am scared of becoming pregnant.' 'Shaab, as luck may have it, two months later she became pregnant,' Kanchi said, continuing with her story, 'I asked Shama, how did this happen? Shama also said the same,' Kanchi replied, 'Believe me, I also want to give you pleasure but I am scared.


The School Part Six

group 1941aaa 2018-12-02

I saw Carol talking to Penny before she came bouncing into the bar, well Carol’s tits were actually doing the bouncing as she went and sat down next to Ann and start whispering to her. I sat on the end of my bed and watched as they all took off their sarongs and saw them naked for the last time as they put on clothing that I guessed felt strange to them after three weeks practically nude. Of course the old todger rose up and was clearly to be seen poking out of the front of my sarong and she couldn’t help but see it, and gave a little laugh as she took my hand and led me straight to a table in the dining room.


group Lauradj 2018-12-02

She walked over to the pair and got down on her knees beside her best friend, who pulled herself off Steve’s cock, a large thread of saliva coming with her, and smiled at Ursula. It was then, as she was swirling her tongue over Nia’s clit, that she remembered the first time they’d ever slept together: Ursula’s first lesbian experience, and Nia, drunk on Tia Maria and Ursula’s juices, had started giggling uncontrollably, Ursula joining in until their belly’s ached. Steve tried to resist the urge to come, wanting this moment to last forever as his wife deep throated him, gagging and choking on his cock, her best friend playing with balls.

Black Men are Gods Ch. 05

group Samuelx 2018-12-01

I'm a six-foot-tall, lean and muscular yet deliciously big-bottomed Black woman of Haitian descent attending Hampton University in the city of Hampton, Virginia. Recently, I got engaged to this tall, dark and handsome young man named Anthony Jefferson. I like sexy black women, especially if they're older than me. Well, my man Anthony is bisexual too. Anthony has a thing for tall, big-booty girls like me. Anthony gently ran his hands through my soft and silky, naturally long hair. Anthony gripped my hips and began fucking my ass with gusto. She's a chubby, dark-haired, filthy rich white chick with a thing for bossy black women. I like to tell her that I'm her black goddess and she's my white female slave.


And Along Came A Spider

group Southern_Sass 2018-12-01

Ben had been out to the house before, helping out and Meg knew Matt from the team. Matt walked and grabbed a towel, ready to wrap her up, but as he stepped behind her his pelvis kissed her ass, eliciting a moan from Meg. She arched her back and thrust her ass towards him. Meg reached one arm behind her and pulled Matt closer, his cock now along her ass crack. Meg looked up into Bens eyes, biting her lower lip, released her other arm from around his neck and leaned back into Matt. Beads of sweat trickled down his chest as one of his hands gripped her shoulder, pushing her down further on Bens cock, holding her in place as he pushed into her ass.

The Basement, part II (Chapter 13)

group Vacheron58 2018-12-01

That horse came with all kinds of straps and attachments so that “fuckers” could be creative in ways to attach and hold the “fuckee” so that more sexual pleasure could come to the “fuckee”. This station may have the “fuckee” without wearing blindfolds so that he could see better the pleasure that the “fucker” would be developing right in front of his eyes. Oh by the way, all stations would have a “fuckee” available for many “fuckers” to use the “fuckees” attached on the stations. Now, I want to be sure that all stations have my intended use for sexual pleasures. So I will try all stations and will have my girls fucking me with all kinds of cocks and they would tie me to make sure that they work as intended.

My three girl - one guy sex party

group DanielleX 2018-12-01

Megan and Mathilde might have preferred girls, but like me, they wanted to sample a nice stiff dick once in a while. Mathilde looked at Andy and then licked the clear fluid away and then gave me a lingering kiss, allowing me to share a little of his salty juice. I lifted myself off and Mathilde and Megan massaged his balls gently as I took his cock between finger and thumb and wanked him sharply with my mouth clenched around the end. Mathilde smiled the dirtiest smile I’ve seen and her naughty French mind was no doubt imagining how good his cock was going to feel inside her wet pussy. Andy was one fit stud and we didn’t think he was going to cum but Mathilde let him finish over her face.

Dinner at Shelly and John's

group LadyWriter 2018-12-01

“Well, well, well, look who lives.” John smiled and laughed as she walked into the kitchen. Shelly led the way, Diane was wrapped in John’s arm and he leaning over kissing her deeply as they walked. Shelly turned and looked at Diane, “You can’t imagine how many times we have thought about this.” Meanwhile Shelly, wearing only a blouse had positioned herself between Diane legs and was licking and kissing her way up her inner thigh. She caught her breath and moved away from Shelly rolling onto her knees so she could suck John’s cock while he kneeled on the bed. Diane pulled John’s cock from her mouth and began to masturbate him with her hand.