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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

SCREW The Neighbors!

group Little Dreamerman 2018-02-14

After Jennifer explained how Frank stormed out last night after being denied oral sex the picture was becoming clearer to Jane and myself. Jane looked down seeing the traces of dark pussy hair hanging from the sides of our neighbor's tight crotched panties as Jennifer's legs were sprawled even farther apart now. Somehow I think the mentioning of Frank's big cock played a big part but Jane winked at Jennifer telling her she had things to do in the kitchen and it'd take awhile. Jennifer eased to the chair where Jane and I had sat while my lovely wife felt my hard cock still wanting her. Frank's wife begin squeezing my crotch feeling what was left from Jane and mine's unfinished fuck.

Brother Fills In For Absent Sister Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-02-14

Linda felt Janie's fingers stroke her wet mound locating her puffy pussy and then trying to find their way inside her. Janie moved herself slowly up Linda's body as she continued to finger fuck her pussy she kissed and licked her way to her tits. Janie worked her fingers in and out slowly at first and then with more intensity as her tongue firmly, methodically pressed again and again against Linda's erect clit, which was now totally exposed from its hood. Soon the intensity in Linda's ass, pussy and clit built up to a boiling point and she came noisily her juices spilt from her and into Janie's awaiting mouth.


Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 03c

group DocCIS 2018-02-14

In shock Annie's head snapped backwards as Brian grabbed her hair, pulling her face towards his whispering harshly, "Look slut, when we ask you a question we do NOT expect anything but an answer in return. Her mind too preoccupied with shame to do or say anything, she stood silently facing the counter, her back to the crowd wishing they would disappear as her body became aroused at the continued touches. Leaning further into the counter trying to keep her balance, her body instinctively pushed back her hips as the stranger squeeze her ass, aware of the feeling of his finger slowly sliding towards the crack of her rear exciting her more.


Bi-curious Ch. 12

group KY ridgerunner 2018-02-14

We came to a mossy clearing and Tina turned in my arms and looked up at me asking, "Have you ever fucked in the woods in the open before?" I just shook my head and she came closer and asked, "Would you like to, right now?" She was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. The last thing she said to me before we kissed and fell asleep was, "I know I'll be with Tom this weekend and you'll spend time with Sandy but I want you to know I'll always be thinking of you.


Tammy's Prom Date

group slimyone 2018-02-14

I told him when he brings Tammy home to walk her to the door and ask for a goodnight kiss, I told that I knew that she would refuse because she was kind of a prim and proper woman, I then told him to ask for a kiss on the cheek and she would more that likely agree to that and when she did to wrap his arms around her and pull her close against him so she could feel his cock against her and start kissing her neck and ears, then he would have her because that really turns her on, he thought that was a great plan and couldn't wait to breed my beautiful wife. I decided that I was exhausted from watching my beautiful prim and proper farm girl wife getting bred by six big black cocks that I went to the barn and jacked off some more, I have no idea how many times Tammy came, and how much cum I had left on the side of our house!

First Day of the Rest of My Life

group PamperedLinny 2018-02-14

I look at myself in the mirror before leaving my apartment for the day and wonder when I'll actually believe that today is the first day of the rest of my life. You had put this number on my coffee this morning." I sounded more uncertain than I'd planned but thought maybe I could use that to my advantage. "This other guy I work with bet me $50 that I couldn't get a date within a 24 hour period without bribing the woman, especially since I've been talking about you coming in each morning for a while. As I came I felt him let go and only a moment later I felt the hot cum from Randy splay over my face and chest.


The Team

group spaldan 2018-02-14

"I know it's kind of late, and you're probably going to bed soon, so you totally don't have to say yes," Katie began, peaking my interest, "But do you mind if I hang out in your room for a little while." As I handed Katie one of the complimentary water bottles that came with the room, I said, "I hope they were at least a little worried when you disappeared from the balcony last night." The throat fucking on the screen went on for some time, the construction worker really thrusting his long, thick dick into the blonde woman's mouth, and Katie said, "I've only seen one other porn movie but I don't know how those girls can get their mouths fucked like that."


Swing Chronicles Ch. 07: Josh and Sharon

group LuckyGuy96 2018-02-14

He gave me a grin and handing me a bottle of water and some pills, said, "We're basically like a couple of monks at home, totally straight-edge, so when we head out on our summer adventures, well... Josh and Sharon settled the bill and we made our way through a set of glass doors and down a long corridor into a large, dark room with flashing strobe lighting, well stocked bars on either side, and a dance floor in the middle that was slowly filling up with couples grinding to the beat. As much as I would have loved Sharon's tongue in my mouth all night, we hadn't discussed any ground rules and I wanted to make sure this was cool with Josh.


June's Essay

group Heironymous 2018-02-14

Pretty soon Donnie grabs my head and starts pushing my mouth against his cock then shoots a big load telling me "June you are the best cocksucker." So I step back from Kenny and take off my top and jeans and then I go over by the fire by Billy with only my panties on, and start pulling my panties off like I'm working a pole downtown and I'm saying, "Kenny, I'm going to let you see my cunt now if you want to, come over and have a look." Kenny, he comes over and pulls my panties the rest of the way off down over my feet, then puts them up to his face and takes a big whiff and says, "June you got a nice smelling pussy if I ever smelled one.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

group Vayporh 2018-02-14

I Cathy come up near my head just as she grabbed both sides of my head, "Fuck his mouth Tom. He's a slut, a cum slut! Cathy quickly put her hands around his cock and my lips to hold all the cum in and force me to swallow it! Then I felt fingers begin to spread cold lubricant around my ass and my cock began to dance in my excitement. Cathy began pumping the thing in and out of my ass, giving me inch after inch, I noticed that as it got deeper it got wider, and I settled in to wait for the plug to be pushed in all the way and left to stretch me out.

The XXXMas Present

group Cybotic 2018-02-14

It was kind of cute watching him swagger into the room on our first time, doing his best to seem the macho stud, but I knew from the fear in his eyes and the slight tremble in the fingers that touched me that I was his first girl. Then she gave me a wicked smile and said that the one thing that every guy wants is to do two girls at once and to watch them do each other. She had said that she wanted to wait until Christmas was just a few hours away so her pussy would be nice and soft with no regrowth. At first, Karen wanted to put adhesive Christmas ribbons on her breasts and pussy and lie under the tree, but that turned out to be unsafe.


slutty wife gets tits stuck 3

group 2018-02-14

Please read parts 1 & 2 and comment if you want more stories and pictures. When i got home and no one was there i called out and the guys next door said my wife was over at there place. I whent over to find her topless and covered in cum knowing what a slut she had become this was no shock and i was only interested in the story of how it happened. This was all explained to me which got us all turned on and my slutty wife spent the next few hours still on her knees topless sucking all three of us and swallowing more cum while we drank beer and watched tv. Again please comment if you want more.

The Payphone

group Polo 2018-02-14

"Well, we'd just like to have you come back to the hotel, hang out for a while, drink with us, and then - when you want to leave, we'll hail you a cab". I listen as you tell me how one of the boys is on his knees. I hear them tell you to tilt your head back and open your mouth wide - to stick out your tongue. The two guys on the couch sit close together and tell you to suck their dicks. I sit in the darkness of my room and listen to you taking these boys deep and hard. I hear you tell me how you're rubbing the white cum into your skin.

Three Families Join In Love

group Tidewater323 2018-02-14

Wouldn't you Dear?" Betty noticed a hostile look in Patty's eye and with a thigh lipped stare back at her husband she calmly said, " Hell yes , why not?" Turning she smiled widely at Allen and said, "Well Allen if you got it, show it now." Patty had her hand in Allen's lap feeling for that as yet unseen cock. Ann looked up at her Daddy and Burt said, "Honey Betty and I already saw you sucking Allen in the barn so you may as well show the Pastor how a good church girl does it." Ann needed no more prodding at all she was excited watching Patty taking most of Allen's wonderful hard cock down her throat.

Jason and Friends

group A_Member 2018-02-14

The next day I was at the meeting place by the creek when Jason and Tommy came across the little rope bridge. Looking back and watching Tommy walk toward us I slid my right hand onto Jason's naked thigh. "Thanks, Tommy," I said, and still looking at him, I continued, "I know they're ...well, small, but..." Laughing, he said, "She has great little nipples, too to play with!" I smiled at Jason and slid my right hand down and grasped his cock. I couldn't see Tommy because of Jason's head, but I felt his hand on my thigh and moving upward! As Jason kissed me and played with my nipples, I felt Tommy's hand on my cunt.


Exploration Of Desire

group Limbhugger 2018-02-14

I notice Stacy lightly slap you’re thigh, her hand lingering for a moment, “Tessa…you’re bad!” as you tell a story of a prank you once pulled. I can see Stacy’s fingers easing in and out of your drenched lips as her mouth works your rock hard clit. Stacy softly kissing your pussy lips and your now wet inner thighs. You lick and suck and kiss at her pussy, wanting to taste every bit of it. You moan deep against Stacy’s clit as you feel the cool rubber vibrator sliding into your wet pussy. All at once tasting and eating another woman’s pussy while a man is behind you filling your own with a wonderful vibrator and rubbing another against your now throbbing clit.


An Evening Swim

group 2Amuse 2018-02-14

Look, if it makes you feel better, why not jump in the water now before she gets back?" Carlos nodded, smiling. Carlos slowly made his way up the steps, and Paul felt a stirring as he saw that Linda was watching closely. Paul could feel the heat from between his wife's legs as she looked up at her, slowly stroking her thigh. He looked up as he licked her, watching their mouths together, seeing Carlos' hands on her, fondling her breasts. As he saw Carlos lean over and start to kiss Linda's breast, he opened his mouth wide and wrapped his lips around the head. I love seeing him suck you" She took hold of Carlos' cock again, stroking it while Paul slowly slid his lips up and down.

Four Bi Four

group ifitsfundoit 2018-02-14

I probably wouldn’t be sat here writing a story about it, and we would most likely have never met Steve and Sash. I should point out at this time that my judgment as to the suitability of Steve and Sash was in no way affected by the monstrous appendage being brandished toward the camera when Steve’s picture was taken. We still hadn’t seen faces at this point, so we only had a vague idea what they looked like, and it would be an interesting experience if we picked the wrong couple. Sash was standing next to me, eyes wide as she watched Al’s tongue slide over the fabric, and she began to rub her hands over my backside.


Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I - Part 1

group WaMan2010 2018-02-14

Steve was the type that didn't want his wife working and thought her place was at home and every time Becky would mention getting a job to help out, he would go off and throw a tantrum. If you were to get sick, would Steve take care of you or get mad about it?" That wasn't really a question and Kelly just wanted to give her something to think about but Becky said she did get pretty sick a few years earlier and Steve went to his moms for two weeks because he had to work and she was keeping him up at night.

Cum In Me (Kim's Birthday)

group PepperTed 2018-02-14

My cock was rubbing on the material of Kim’s little undies, fuck I was really loving this root. Somewhere around this time, the Landlord, old Tom, came through and made some changes to the party arrangements… Suddenly the people in the room who were not part of our group were being shuffled out to the other bars, and this snooker room was closed off as a private function… Oh they do spoil Kim and Michelle. One of the blokes on the other side of the table positioned himself in between Kim’s thighs, and thrust his cock into her soaking pussy. To cap our little conga off was Ronnie, still leaning across the table and smacking Kim’s sweet arse.

Wild Asian Adventure Ch. 04

group SubBiLover 2018-02-14

As we walked to the main street to get a taxi Karin kept giving my hand little squeezes I was sure it was from the pleasure her nipples were feeling from the chain swinging with each step she took. Our conversation continued as she walked the few feet that separated our doors, when she stopped in mid-sentence with a gasp, noticing Karin's lack of shirt and gave a second slightly louder gasp when she noticed the clamps hanging from her nipples. Karin cupped her left breast in the palm of her hand and pulled on clamped nipple twisting it slightly and moaning slightly, offering it to Mary.



group PegSyren 2018-02-14

He was a bellhop who had finished for the day with his concierge service and retired to the bar, waiting for his friend (the bartender) to complete his shift. Turning my head to the right I opened my mouth to take in the dick that wasn't already inside my wet pussy. The bellhop was already inside when I opened the door for the bartender. I turned back to enter the room and the bellhop was in front of me, the bartender still behind. I felt a cock slide inside my pussy as another tapped against my face begging for attention. I opened my mouth to take in the dick that wasn't already inside my wet pussy.

Double glazing salesman & BBC

group maturemancock 2018-02-14

I pulled Donna onto the floor, she got onto all fours, as I sat back on the sofa she grabbed hold of my cock and fed me into her mouth. I shagged her only for a few more minutes, when pulling out and moving round to her face, she grabbed me and hungrily fed my cock into her mouth, as soon as she did I shot my load down her throat. As Donna and I got dressed and she had a shower, as we talked she said "I didn't like the look of a circumsized cock so I couldn't suck it", I said "What about the size and feeling" she replied "He was TOO big to enjoy it properly".

Double Dipping

group R.T.McCants 2018-02-14

Todd sat up, and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and slipped his hard hot cock inside of me. He thrusted a few times and then stopped and threw his head back and moaned out loud as Kevin entered him from behind; slow and steady, tender and sweet as I watched Kevin's eyes lock on mine and then felt Todd's cock stiffen even more and his thrusts became a little harder and deeper matching the thrusts that Kevin was putting into him. Todd's cock remained rock hard as Kevin increased his pace, and all I could hear was Kevin's balls slapping on Todd's in between the moans of pleasure that were escaping both men.