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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jahaliya Ch. 06

group AmethystMare 2018-02-14

Jasmine kept her eyes downcast behind her royal blue veil, however, keeping her place on Ryoga's other side; the others had tried to persuade her to wear a lighter veil that day but to no avail. Pushing his wives aside (Jasmine stumbled and Robin tried to protect him), Ryoga braced himself and raised his sword in a futile, too late defence. John cleared his throat and looked meaningfully at Jasmine, allowing Ryoga to storm from the room without a word as the designer gathered up his materials and flounced from the room, his assistant hurrying at his tail. "All we know so far is that it was a professional and organised assassination attempt; this wasn't some crazy fur on the street deciding that Ryoga had lived for long enough.



group purice 2018-02-14

Then I feel one of Nina's fingers joining my cock in her overstuffed couch catty corner to the Ottoman where I sit beside Sue. Nina is wearing a silk wrap around gown that barely reaches to the I watch as Nina slowly works the top of Sue's leotard down. Nina lifts her head from Sue's stomach and kneels on the floor. Nina pulls at the leotard bunched at Sue's waist, and I watch Sue's tight, sucking cunt but Nina whispers; No, not yet, and shakes Sue's eyes are closed, her cute little mouth open and panting. left hand joins Nina's rubbing the outer reaches of our daughter's found Nina and I giving Sue a little `bon voyage' fuck right there on

Party of Four Plus Two More

group sethp 2018-02-14

My sexy little brunette being out of reach, I immediately turned my attention to my two new lovers, and as I looked into Jen's beautiful green eyes staring up at me with a mouth full of cock, I felt Bonnie reach out and turn my head into a sloppy kiss. Jen screamed out as she started fucking harder and faster up and down on my cock and Bonnie kept pace with her working her clit. I noticed that he was paying particular attention to Bonnie, and I have to admit I actually felt myself getting a little jealous over it, but my feelings were soon put to rest as a bare black foot found it's way into my lap and slowly stroked the length of my hardening cock.

House Sitting Ch. 03

group cuninglinguist61 2018-02-14

They looked at each other, and after a couple of seconds, Liz asked me, "Do you think that Alex is pretty?" When we heard the door shut behind Liz, Alex looked at me and asked, "Do you really think that I'm beautiful, or were you just being nice?" "Because you probably know more about pleasing a woman than any guy my age," Alex said softly as she looked into my eyes. Liz smiled as she walked across the floor, and Alex leaned in to me, slowly stuck out her tongue, and dragged it up the length of my stiff shaft, starting at my balls, and ending up at the head of my cock.


Carl Surprises Us All

group CoyoteGirl69 2018-02-14

The boys just stood there with their mouths open as Robin pulled me close and kissed me deeply, sliding her tongue into my mouth, allowing me to suck on it as she flicked it in and out as if fucking me with it. Eddy began pistoning a little faster into Robin's gaping hole and I knew was going to lose it soon. Eddy pulled back away from robin and saw Carl laying there, a big grin on his face. Robin and I sat back and watched as Eddy knelt in front of Carl while Carl jacked him off into his mouth. Carl pulled back a little and cum shot out of Eddy's dick and into Carl's mouth, bypassing his outstretched tongue completely.

The Third Wheel

group copperkris 2018-02-14

On this particular night Ted and Jen came in hours later than usual and stayed until closing time. Jen stood up on the foot rest of the bar, leaned across with her mouth open and kissed me. Jen turned and planted an equally aggressive kiss on her loving hubby and his hands continued to massage her chest and tug at her nipples. When I turned around Ted was kissing her neck and his hand was up her shirt. As we kissed and tongued each other's mouths I could hear the cork pop out of the bottle and Ted refilled the 3 shot glasses. I gently patted my hand on the bar surface as if to suggest that Jen perch herself up there between Ted and I.

Jill's Party

group knightzero 2018-02-14

Many were the times that she had lain back on her bed at night, after 'striking-out' at a party, thinking of the guy she wished she was with, and, gently biting her luscious lower lip, she would lie naked in her room, running her fingertips over her clitoris in small circles, sliding a dildo in and feeling its shape fill her, and the sweet, satisfying feeling as she pulled it back and pushed it back in, all the time getting deeper and deeper, until finally, clamping down tightly on it, her body would shudder and she would imagine her man thrusting deep into her as they came together.

Masquerade Ch. 02

group JonnyD1 2018-02-14

His hand ran up and down the full length of his shaft as he began to moan and his hips moved back and forth just lightly touching Claire's pussy as he gyrated. Claire's pussy juices ran freely over the face of her paramour, and she began to feel that electric sensation deep down in the pit of her stomach. As the orgasmic rush began to sweep over her, Claire instinctively grabbed at the man's head and pulled him into her pussy as deep as he would go. She could feel his hand between her legs as he gathered the wetness from her dripping pussy and began to lubricate the tight space between her ass cheeks.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 07

group danzinman 2018-02-14

You wiggled loose from three male bodies that has just fucked you and crawled over to the guy saying, “Sweetie, let me help you take a piss and then you can fuck me in any hole you want, OK?” He pointed his semi-hard cock at you, which you immediately began to lick. I need cock meat inside me right now.” The guy was not about to refuse a request like that and when you returned to sucking the black cock that was dangling in your face, the scrawny guy got down behind you, rubbed his cock along your crack and when he felt your juicy cunt, shoved his dick in you and began to fuck your cunt with deep hard thrusts.

The Addition of Lillian Ch. 4

group Gojenngo 2018-02-14

James sat in the chair across the room and watched as Liz slid delicate silk stockings up her legs, securing them against her thighs with a pair of matching black garter belts. Minutes later Liz and James were seated comfortably upon the couch while Lillian and Lon sat in chairs across the coffee table from them. Turning his attention back to Lillian and Lon, James wasn't surprised to feel a pair of large, strong hands brushing up against his chest. Any concerns Lon may have had at being the last one left dressed were quickly laid to rest as James and Lillian slid his shirt from his body and helped him out of his slacks.


Mindy's Moving Day - CFNM Ch. 01

group bi_hengst 2018-02-14

"Steal my clothes and fuck me running," Mindy groaned, red-faced, laughing and pushing back her long brown hair the same way she had while the movers were filling her apartment with boxes. Calling me a "sissy" was an open joke between us that sometimes slipped out in public, like earlier when she had referred to me as her "little kitchen bitch." Debbie enjoyed teasing and humiliating me before fucking my tiny, tight ass. Show Mindy how much you love that fake cock!" Debbie pushed hard and her friend's fatter, longer toy hit the back of my mouth. "Show Mindy your little clitty," Debbie said, back to standing in front of me and caressing the long, fat toy she wore.

Road Show 06a

group tawriter 2018-02-14

After passing her audition which ended up as an anal DP, Mickie models extraordinarily revealing club dresses, strips naked, demonstrates a dildo and is auctioned off for her first paid and public sex. "Mickie will need some club dresses for dancing with the truckers at Road Show tonight." He told the store clerk Joe. "I wonder if Randy is behind one of those one-way glasses" Mickie speculated as she positioned Jacks cock at the entrance to her backside and slowly sank down taking him in. Jill pressed the glass phallus up against Mickie's waiting vagina and pushed the tip past the new whore's vaginal lips.


The Viewing Room

group SecretHowl 2018-02-14

I made my way back to the front room, where I found the same guy still stroking himself under the cover of his jacket, then decided on the more out of the way viewing space just down the hall on the right. But by the time I returned to viewing space, I was pleasantly surprised to see another guy sitting on the sofa on the right wall, turned facing the screen. I sat on the faux leather couch facing the screen and slipped off my jacket knowing that the guy on the other sofa would get a good side boob view whenever he turned to look at me.

A Job Well Done Ch. 03

group WhatIKnow 2018-02-14

I really wanted to get to know her better and taking her on this vacation would be a good way to do that. And I definitely want to spend the time with you, but I have to wonder if it's going to be two weeks of sex or the beginning of something much better. "Got it." Soon she was riding me hard and I let her do what she wanted. The shorts tightly fit her ass and she was wearing sandals I was pretty sure she could make burlap look sexy. I thought about bringing you into the dressing room at that dress store, but thought we'd get into trouble." I started slow, but she didn't want slow.


Fantasy - FMF

group mockel 2018-02-14

You start to touch their legs in return slowly moving your hand up to their crotches. You can’t help but place your head in his lap and take his cock in your mouth, while he plays with your tits. He starts slowly, but gets faster and harder, the woman places her hand on your stomach and can feel her husband’s cock pushing back from inside you. While you sit on her, you take hold of the man’s cock again, now soft and covered in your cum and you start to make him hard again. You help his cock into her cunt, and while she fingers and licks you, you watch as her husband’s cock slides in and out of her all the time you are playing with her clit.

Meeting the Master Ch. 02

group StryWrter7 2018-02-14

The whole time -- you tell me that I am your little girl -- that my mouth is nothing but a pussy for your big cock. Keeping my hands behind my back --- I look into your eyes and say "Master -- Thank you for punishing your Pet. May Susan satisfy you huge cock by licking and sucking on it? May Susan please be allowed to kiss and lick your balls?" You agree by pointing to your crotch and I begin to reverently adore your manhood, all the while rubbing my sore pink butt with my hands. I am allowed to clean up, change my shirt – but this time, I have to leave the clit collar tightly around my balls, and full shaft.

Confessions of a Cum Slut Pt. 09

group CandiNyse 2018-02-14

Alex put her book down, peeled the sheet back off my naked body, and looked me slowly up and down—feasting on me with her eyes, lingering on my small breasts with their big pink nipples, and my darker pink, pouty pussy lips—then laid down beside me with her head facing the other way. During my long, succulent explorations I managed to secure a pair of elusive Alex-gasms; the first one was shy, hiding at the base of her clitoris, and she helped squeeze it out into my mouth, guiding my hand to her nipple, and showing me how hard I needed to pinch.


Vision of a Fantasy

group NTYLDY 2018-02-14

She puts her fingers in her hair as she guides her face in deeper and she licks harder, flicking her clit with her tongue as she goes in and out, moaning into her wet pussy, sending vibrations all the way through. As he hardens in her mouth he pulls her up to him, face to face and slides his cock back inside her wanting pussy, it tightens up around him as they roll over on their hands and knees and he takes her from behind again as the other one slides under her, kissing her and playing with her clit with her fingers.

Sex Party Ch. 01

group jasliz 2018-02-14

I was confident he had three or more big breasted woman pleasuring him and if I knew Brandon he was probably taking turns fucking them all in the ass. They changed places several times and never once tried to fuck me with their cocks, but just continued with hands, mouths and many many toys. He was already down there and seconds later I felt his hard cock spread my pussy and slide effortlessly into me over the plug in my ass. The blonde fed me his cock as soon as I had one in my pussy so I sucked and stroked him while being fucked hard. I screamed and clawed at the sofa as both cocks worked like rhythmic pistons inside my body.

Wayward Widow

group Vinner1234 2018-02-14

I had on a satin robe and nothing underneath, I felt naughty and ran my hand inside my robe and messaged my nipples, I imagined his big young cock in my small mature hand. I got him a coke from my refrigerator, I bent more then needed and allowed my robe to rise up in the back, I stood to the side of him and leaned down to sit his soda upon the table, I made sure that my robe was lose so it would swing open slightly , so he would have a good glimpse of my chest and my freckled breasts. Soon he pulled out, I firmly held my breasts together and he fucked them with all the fury that he had with in him, I love my big boobs fucked, expectational by a young man.

The Spark

group Cndrlla69 2018-02-14

I snuck in only to find my best friend Liza with her legs in the air over her head and my fiancé Steve with his cock buried in her pussy thrusting away. Two days ago I'd packed up the saddlebags and trunk on my sweet little glossy white Harley Softail, strapped on my suitcase, geared up and pulled out. "No stripper, but he got me a mermaid!" He reached for my arm and pulled me from the covering branches. His fingers threaded through my hair pulling my head back as he moved down to kiss my neck. As our lips met once again, I felt Shorter's hand spreading my ass cheeks and the tip of his cock at my backdoor.



group rogtom_69 2018-02-14

"Well, I must admit you certainly look very fuckable like that, on the bed." He walked towards me until I was within reach and then he gently placed a hand between my wide-spread legs, inserting a thick finger into my twat. Gina let his pulsing organ slip from her mouth, hanging on to it in her slender fingers as she turned around so her face was near mine, and she whispered in my ear; "I've never been fucked by a woman before...and I like it!" With that, she slid down, raising her pussy high in the air, and began licking at my cunt with her long, smooth tongue, sending tingles of pleasure trilling through my body.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 20

group SteveWallace 2018-02-14

Pam wanted to stop by her house to pick up some clothes for the next day, so we took the long way to Jane's. Pam and I were sitting in Jane's living room having a glass of wine when René got home. She'd been up a couple of times before, but I thought she'd like to talk to her future roommates (Fran, Sheila, and Ally), and see some of the details about Emerson Hospital. Fifteen minutes later, René came back into the living room and passed me her cellphone so I could talk to Jane. René's departure left three men - Sean, Aidan, and me, and three women - Fran, Sheila, and Ally.


Changing Santa's Suit

group sirhugs 2018-02-14

Roxie slid into a flat position; one leg trailing off the couch, Val crouched between her thighs, her head resting on the stuffed stomach of the Santa suit, a few inches above where Cin was sucking my cock. Val and I continued working on Roxie as Cin licked my cock like a lollipop. Roxie growled and grunted, and grabbed Cinnamon's kinky mane , dragging Cin's head away from my cock, the two elves still in the remnants of their costumes, kissing deeply, as Roxie rode the wave of her pleasure, her body quaking. Val and I just sat for a moment, admiring Cin's experienced approach to lapping up the soggy mess between Roxie's legs, exciting the younger woman so much that she was panting, and her own tongue literally hanging out of her mouth.