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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Poker in the Rear

group CheriSM 2018-02-14

Hank told me he was ready to cum and he wanted me to swallow just like I did to Jerry. He told me that he was so turned on watching me be so full of cock that he wanted to see if I could take his cock in my ass while I had Randy in my pussy and Barry in my mouth. Not wanting to be left out, Hank and Taz inched closer and told me that they wanted me to jerk them off so that I could have every one of their cocks at one time. While they were playing each guy was talking about his sex life and they told Jerry that they wanted to fuck me and that I had a mouth that had to be made for blow jobs.

Spin the Bottle Ch. 03

group a_wilson29 2018-02-14

As he sat on the shower floor, the water still pouring down on his head, and Alice positioned herself with her legs clamped tightly around his waist preparing to take his dick inside of her, Alex watched water rivulets slide down the voluptuous curves of her breasts, shoulders and legs. Alex could hear Johanna and Erin moaning and gasping to each other and pulled his head out of Ashleigh's neck to have a look. Alex felt Erin kiss her way down his ass and over his legs, sliding hands up and down and under his waist, her fingers darting over his dick and into Ashleigh's pussy, making her gasp and moan.


Road Trip

group Clohi 2018-02-14

The four of them, Sue, Karen, Paula and Jen, were headed across country in Sue’s Durango on their way to their first year in college. Karen, the hell raiser of the bunch, didn’t miss the looks they were giving Sue. Smiling at Paula and Jen, she walked over just behind the guys. As Karen leaned back, Paula took one of Karen’s big nipples in her mouth and sucked hard. His eyes scanned the interior, watching as Paula’s fingers and mouth were all over Karen’s pussy, licking and fucking her. He stepped inside, close the door and said, “My buddies call me Shaft.” Then he grabbed Jen, pulled her over the bed where Paula was laying and quickly pulled his clothes off.

The Degradation of Anne Morrow

group Willailla 2018-02-14

She raised her eyebrow, then smiled to let him know she liked his company but thought he'd better think twice before quitting his day job to become a comedian. "I'll do whatever you want, daddy," Anne said, picking up the cue. She had already cummed once, and, when he said that, she came again, her thighs trembling uncontrollably. "All right, Anne," David said, a little bolder than his buddy Phil. After David came, he pulled his cock out; cum dripped on her belly. All the time, she was conscious of Phil smacking his fat belly against her ass and of his cock sliding in and out. David's cock felt huge entering her after Phil.

Hoping for the Best Part 3 (last)

group 2018-02-14

She asked me if I was enjoying married life, and I answered with a lie, “Yeah, I feel secure and I still love him as the day we met. I held her hand tighter, and leaned forward to kiss the tear away. She began to moan slightly, and I could feel her wet, bare pussy slowly sliding up and down my hip. We started kissing again, and she began to slowly move her hips up and down, pressing firmly against mine. Moaning, kissing, loving each other for what we missed and wished was ours forever. Juli began to kiss me again, my eyes closed and I held her tighter.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 31

group SteveWallace 2018-02-14

She'd come back and sit beside me, but report in some way to all of us; something like, "Brita has James in her mouth and Carter in her pussy," "Margo is being DPed by Deke and Tom," or "KC has both Ryan and Mike's cocks in her cunt - double vaginal. Sheila went off to tend to a week's worth of accumulated mail, email, and action items coming to my office that had been collected and hopefully organized by the temporary staff that HR had provided for the time we were away. "Elsa, we hate to do this to you right after you come back from vacation, but we need you to go with Sean out to Las Vegas and play the role of his assistant.


A Crazy Night Ch. 02

group never_again 2018-02-14

I made my way inside Amanda's apartment with Gina and Michelle in tow. "Want some?", Michelle asked, reaching over Gina to hand me the bottle of Alize. And Sarah, the short-haired brunette with a hot tan, was now finger-fucking Michelle. A few moments later, Allison took the dildo from her guy, and laid it to Sarah...soft at first, but soon I could hear the sound of sliding in and out. Next, the girls split into pairs...Gina with Michelle and Sarah with Allison. Gina turned around and started kissing Michelle as she bobbed up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her moist pussy. Sarah slid her hand down to Gina's clit and began to flick and rub it softly.



group 2018-02-14

The two other girls were working away as well - Karen and Suzanne had changed positions, with Suzanne licking away at my dick, her fingers buried deep in her pussy, and Karen kissing Leanne’s open mouth, stifling her cries as she did so. I stood up and lifted her bodily off the couch - she felt light as anything - and I gestured to Karen to take her place.” I took Suzanne’s hand and knelt her next to Leanne, both girls poised to lick Karen’s crack, and then I f***ed my swollen cock all the way into Leannes pussy.

Seal the Deal

group deliciouslyfungal 2018-02-14

I noticed our client eyeing me throughout the meal (as he could easily see my hard, rosy-tipped nipples through the material of my blouse) while we all talked about the deal that was close to being agreed on and signed. "Are you ready to celebrate the closing of this deal?" I asked as I slowly rubbed my hand over his hard and growing cock. "Let me take a better look," he said, while turning me to face my boss and pushing me to my hands and knees, displaying my ass and pussy. Our client grabbed me by my hair, spanked me really hard once again and then shoved his cock deep into my wet pussy.

Alicia's Cheating Ways

group 2018-02-14

"Asha was laughing like mad and asked, 'Are we going to leave these around for the guys to see?' and then Jane said 'No, I've got a better idea', and she grabbed all of the copies and ran out into the main office. I guess that everything she said was just about plausible, and it was true that I was really turned on by the thought of other men looking at her body and touching her, but whether she had remained faithful sex-wise, I really didn't know for sure. Every so often I would look out the window onto the Sales floor, idly waiting for the party to start so I could get Steve to tell me what had really happened with Alicia.

Alternate Plan

group patdown 2018-02-14

Holding his hips with both hands I slowly pushed forward and Kevin was easily and enjoyably taking inch by inch of my stiff cock in his tight little ass. I guess Mandy and I were ready at about the same time because she released my cock and said, "Kevin, be a dear and help Steve with a condom, I've just got to fuck this nice big dick." This pushed our weight down onto Mandy who even without a dick in her snatch got off on it, "Oh fuck hammer it in there Kevin, push Steve into me, damn it's awesome to have two of you nailing my ass into the mattress.



group mavrick1999 2018-02-14

I sucked him like this for some time and then he tapped me on the shoulder and told me to lay back as it was his turn now and he began sucking my balls into his mouth and running his tongue over them at the same time which made my cock jerk in heat and drove the audience wild. That triggered his orgasm and to my intense joy, his cock began shooting ropes of delicious juice down my throat while I was pumping the last of mine down his and both of us kept sucking each other to get the last drops of our cum before we rested our heads on each other's thighs to wild applause by all the gals.

Night out at the Black Rook

group Redrosewitch 2018-02-14

The very pretty, slender young man with black curls, huge, long lashed dark brown eyes and a soft, full mouth; was wearing black leather trousers, Doc Marten boots and a black 'Nine Inch Nails' t shirt. Ben loved being bound and blindfolded by his older lover, so that he was totally at his mercy, and when the right person came along they indulged in threesomes, sometimes with another man, and sometimes with a woman. Gareth made a soft moan of approval, as Ben coaxed my mouth open and his tongue met mine, taking the kiss to warm, velvety depths. Gareth took my hand from Ben's shoulder and guided it to the growing bulge in his lover's leather clad crotch.


Sex in the Office Ch. 01

group zmatez98 2018-02-14

John starts unbuttoning his pants while Kelly is reaching her hand up to her breasts and caressing them slowly. Kelly takes her hand out of the skirt and off her tits and begins to pull John closer. Slowly Kelly starts moving up and down over john's big hard cock. John hesitated then reached out with his free hand and started rubbing the outside of Jessica's panties. John kept thrusting into Jessica while Kelly masturbated and called James. James had already covered her tits with his cum and Kelly had came all over his cock and the floor. And every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, John, Jessica, James and Kelly have a foursome at the office and they still fall asleep with their cocks inside their girls.

Join the Queue

group 2018-02-14

So we were in this place dancing round our handbags and grabbing all the young single looking fellas to dance and flirt with when I met Terry. So, on my knees in an alley with another guys dick in my hand inches from my face he pleaded for me to suck him. After he'd cum in my mouth, and I'd choked again, he pulled away then the third guy stood in front of me and I did the same with him. After a few minutes he got me to stand up and pulled my tights down and fucked me against the wall while his two friends smoked cigarettes and watched. We hadn't got a few yards and there was birthday girl against the wall with another of Terry's friends fucking her.

Her Naked Brother Uncovers Desires Ch. 04

group suzie3w 2018-02-14

She was more like a rag doll having little control over her movements, just being used for a fuck toy as Tyler pulled her down onto him while his shaft plunged inside one more time before she literally fell off him. Then I felt Tyler's hand in my pussy and saw his other one in Hannah's, an easy thing to do as she was lying mostly on top of me. Tyler paused a bit as I exploded, shaking and writhing all over, but his hand did not withdraw a bit from my pussy, and Hannah's mouth hung onto my tit the entire time. "Where did you have your mouth a few minutes ago?" I felt my pussy leak a little at the thought, and Tyler's cock twitched.


Educating Ellie Ch. 02

group Eosphorus 2018-02-14

Ellie inserted her finger into Linda and began fucking her with it as she licked her clit. Ellie and Linda felt each other's bare tits, exaggerating their caresses for Garret's benefit as they made their way to the bed. Garret moved up and kissed Ellie on the mouth, still clutching her tit as Ellie reached down and started stroking his cock. Linda started to squeal right away but kept licking and fingering Ellie's pussy. Ellie reached down and caressed Linda's shoulders as Garret started fucking her harder. Linda felt encircled by them both, Garret's hands still on her ass as he drilled her pussy. Garret lifted his head and began licking it while Ellie rode his hard cock.


On the Road

group jeri_lickwet 2018-02-14

Gina began to thrust her tongue deep up into me and with my mouth wrapped around Mark's glistening shaft; I came again as I watched David still pumping in and out of Gina. I realized as I looked down, that Gina's lovely face was staring up watching her own husband pumping his cock in and out of David's mouth. I shuddered as my climax reached a fever pitch as I watched spurt after spurt of Mark's semen land in and around David's mouth and as he swirled his tongue around the throbbing spurting tip, Gina let out a soft scream of ecstasy.

My Prize

group Ontasi 2018-02-14

"Enough of a show, time to pay up." Colin put his arms back around Allison, a cage around all that interested me here, and I was brought back to reality, as Jacob stripped to his beer belly and white boxers, while Freddy took off his jeans and jersey to reveal that he was commando. At this moment, while Colin watched, while Freddy came back from his leak in the bushes, and while Jacob returned to consciousness to the sight of two women making love, I was doing whatever I could to make Allison feel better, and she, an incredibly fast learner, was doing everything she could to make sure the same thing happened to me.


Grocery Store Girl Ch. 02

group BradGarrettStories 2018-02-14

I quickly sat up and moved to help her, but as I did, she looked back at me and said, "I think you're going to have to help me stand in the shower." "No, I can make it there," she said as a smile crossed her beautiful lips, "but once we are in the shower, you are probably going to have to hold on to me the entire time." She began to crawl towards the bathroom with me standing behind her. "However," I began, placing my fruit aside, "that doesn't mean I can't continue to raise the bar for them." I then leaned in, kissed her and we fucked and played till late in the morning when, regretfully, I had to let her leave.


Sully Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2018-02-14

I turned the shower on and a hot, pulsing stream of water splashed across our bodies, enveloping us in billows of steam, I kissed her, really for the first time and Shelly responded, her tongue gently dueling with mine. With Sully firmly embedded in her mouth, she reached behind her to pull my ass cheeks into her hands, tugging them to her while her own hips gyrated back against me. After another beer, I lay back on the bed and watched as an aroused Sully screwed Shelly from behind, both of them obviously deriving great pleasure as he drove his prick into her with jackhammer-like strokes. "But you love 'em like they are, don't you honey?" Shelly asked Sully pensively, her finger trilling its way around my ear.


Decadent Castle

group Eroviking 2018-02-14

As you imagine how much he wants to put his face and tongue between your legs or press his huge erection inside of your pussy you feel yourself become wet. With one hand on his balls, the other stroking his erection and your mouth sliding back and forth little faster while you suck harder. You watch the performers start their show again and you let your hand slide up and down on the owner's big erection. You place your hand back on the owner's hard erection, and you slide your hand down to his balls and feel how heavy they are. He moans and starts to take off his jacket and shirt while moving his hips back and forth so he can slide his erection further into your wet mouth.


Hot for Teacher

group sadistic_strutta 2018-02-14

"So how do you like Mr. Dick's class Shane?" His friend Lori asked with a giggle. Shane locked the door tight behind him, stroking his member as he walked back to Brandon who had his thick, fat member hanging out his pants, half erect. Slowly she walked over to the desk where Brandon still continued to fuck Shane but he was jerking himself off in the same rhythm. "All right, sit on my lap Lori and Shane you get top spot," Brandon decided. Lori eagerly sat on Brandon's prick while opening her legs wide for Shane to enter her pussy. Together Shane and Brandon began pumping her holes full of dick with hands roaming over breasts, chests, and balls.

Michael Ch. 02

group HotLouisa 2018-02-14

After the actual fuck there is a knock at the door - it is Michael's friend Rob whom Louisa has met. "She's got the best tits ever." Michael grunted his agreement as he squeezed my boobs roughly, pushing them as tightly as they would go around Rob's pulsing penis. A feeling connected with the sensations that both Rob and Michael were producing in my tits was pulsing through to my vagina. I still wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen other than, as Michael said, I was going to come hard. "Well darling," Michael continued, "If you're going to scream like you're being murdered when you come, you're gonna attract attention.