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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Belated Halloween

group heaterlee2020 2018-02-14

Brushing Amanda’s hand away, I stroked her upturned ass, tugged, and pushed on her tail fucking her tight little ring with the wide section of the plug. Pulling off of him, she turned around and sucked her pussy juices off of his rubber clad 9 inch cock; pushing him onto his back she crawled on top of him her hands on his legs and ass towards his face. As she pushed into me my clit was rolled along the top of the thrusting shaft causing my pussy to cream my juices adding to the lube, I felt them dripping down my upturned ass pooling on the leather couch. Leaning over me she pushed my legs up and back changing the angle of her fucking, the head of her cock hit my spot with each thrust and opened my pussy more.


Shop Assistant

group seniorservicetwo 2018-02-14

I longed to squeeze his butt and whisper into his ear but his wife was six paces behind him. His wife placed some clothing on the counter as she started looking for her credit card. I jumped up and quickly walked to the rear of the store, keeping my back to the customers as I waited for my cock to soften. A text message told me that my wife had run into a friend and that they were going to have coffee. I knew that an hour after closing I would at the beach feeding cock to my fuck buddy. "I want to feel your cock." She whispered as her hands undid the zip in my bulging pants.



group KinkyEmilyG 2018-02-13

Cupping her ass, I lifted her hips slightly so her legs fell all the way open. Fingers, tongue, over her clit, her lips, her little pink asshole. My tongue feathered her clit, her hips rocked faster... a little more pressure from my tongue and she went over the falls, shivering and panting and squeezing my thumbs. My high bed put your face at just the right height - with my ass at the edge of the mattress and my legs over your shoulders, you could lean forward and pleasure me with your tongue. Your fingers dug into my hips as you thrust deeper, faster, feeling those warm patches on my ass against your stomach.

The Travel Agent

group sjgnamtar 2018-02-13

With the wall pulled away, the room would be open to the outside like the dining area, but still covered by a glass ceiling. I suppose I should have put on the lotion before I came down to the beach, because, as I rubbed it onto my breasts, my nipples became a bit stimulated and hard, and that with the sight of me caressing myself proved to be a bit of a distraction to a few guys as they discretely watched. Her head bobbed up and down a few times in sync with her hand striking the shaft then she removed her mouth away and stroked the cock with only her hand.


New Friends

group toffy 2018-02-13

My lovely wife started my cock in top gear when she said, "I'd like to change the names of our fantasy couple to Mike and Stella!" She then grabbed my cock and began to devour it. Stella pulled slowly away, looked Carol straight in the eyes and said, "I want to watch you fuck and suck Mike, Carol please... It quickly disappeared when Stella looked me right in the eyes, popped Mike's cock out of mouth and licked it like an ice cream, gave me a sexy smile then took the whole thing into her mouth.


Annie Babysits the Kids Ch. 01

group DocCIS 2018-02-13

We sat on the porch swing chatting about her school and my work at the auto body shop, but my eyes kept straying to her legs and the fleshy glimpses from her shirt opening as she turned to talk to me. Their older son Brian had a friend of his named William over for the night and although the boys were both 18, the woman told Annie she did not trust them to be attentive enough to watch the baby. Brian broke the silence telling Annie how hot she looked, William joining in saying they appreciated her dressing so sexy just for them.


2nd part of fucking mom

group goodguysam 2018-02-13

We made plan that girls should blind fold mom as they lick mom's pussy. After chit chat one of the girl started to tease mom by touching here and there. One of the girl started to tease mom's pussy with dildo. I want to know who is fucking me and making me cum many times. Mom said to s*s and other daughters that all of you are bad girs who got my son to fuck me. That week end I fucked mom many times also fucked girls too. Mom said yes now I can get fucked any time I want. Mom said I am sure you must have been fucked many timed by my son. Mom said son your are better fuck then your dad.

First Orgy

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-02-13

Her being the RA and already friends with Leigh and Lisa, coupled with the fact that she was a lot of fun and a braless big-boobed cutie wearing nothing but an oversize football jersey and maybe panties, had me inviting Pat back to my GF's dorm room. Pat carried out the tasks, pulled her beautiful long brown hair back into a ponytail with a rubber band, apparently doing so to keep the baby oil out of her hair--a good sign--then waded across the beads, sat down beside us Indian style, and said, "Well, hello," handing the bong to Lisa. Merely talking about what we recalled from the night before while naked in the same room with Leigh and Lisa that morning got us all turned on, and, inevitably, led to Orgy Number Two.

The Fishing Tour

group RiskyGirl 2018-02-13

We sat on deck talking to the guys as Udin continued towards the wrecks, the area we were going to fish. I was putting the table away when Tim held out a hand to cup my ass just like I had done to Tiara. I stood in the galley doorway looking out when Udin asked when they wanted to start fishing again. Tiara came out laughing and watched as I began to swim around the boat. Tiara had her back to the galley door and decided to run between Robert and Tim on her way to the sea and I quickly followed. I stepped out into the central deck as Tiara began swimming to the back of the boat.


Purple Drank.

group 2018-02-13

Nancy and my mother with their wisdon decided it would be best to move us on to the couch - as we passed out literally sitting on the floor. My mother looked down and laughed, and said, "Nancy, I knew that five minutes ago when your nipples started to show through your blouse." The two women sharing a laugh as they finished their wine. Nancy comes back two minutes later with some fresh clean wipes, and bends down with my mother. "oh hell, I will do it" My mother says as she grabs Tye's cock to wipe it clean with his testicles next and then pubic region.

Katie's Cabin Gang Bang

group msprettypink 2018-02-13

The Jeep that Phil was driving had already left , with Ted, James and Mick, and though I had picked up Will and Katie, I still had to get Jim. Mick and Phil decided to collect firewood, Will, James and Ted went directly for their fishing rods while Tom and I figured we'd take a quick dip. And I thought we caught a big fish!" The others laughed while Katie, taking my dick out of her mouth, turned to them, looking like a schoolgirl caught stealing candy. The guys laughed as I gently took Katie by the head and brought her mouth back to my cock. "Well," Katie said, blushing as she took her mouth off Will's member, "I thought I didn't like it, until Phil made me one night.


Exposing and enjoying-- lady- boy ....

group vanita 2018-02-13

It looked so hot.Again Aunty held Bobby, tight in her arms and kissed her deep on mouth.We could clearly see their tongues entering each other's mouths. Booby has lovely boobs and she has a nice stiff cock too and all this fro me to play with..." Aunty was telling. I found Rahul too sucking Bobby's nipples and at the same time, fondling her boobs. Aunty's hands now were now playing with my boobs and Rahul's cock. She held Rahul's cock, admired it for some time and slowly pulled it to the entrance of my pussy and asked him to slowly give a push. Aunty's mouth and her hands and Rahul's cock had all made me tremble in a towering climax and I had never experienced anything like this in my past......

Looking for Something to do...

group zimabean 2018-02-13

One guy came over to me and started to lick my pussy, the same was going on for Mel. Another guy stuck his dick in my mouth. The guy licking my pussy stuck his dick in me and started to fuck me, which I liked. A third guy slid in and banged away for a minute and then removed his dick and jizzed all over my bush!! Another guy got in my pussy and started pounding away as the guy in my mouth finished and removed his pecker. I must have had ten guys fuck me, I am going guess about six blew their nut me, three came on my bush and two blew it in my mouth.


A Tale of Two Tales

group WereIT 2018-02-13

One night while Brittney and I were having a marathon sex session she started trying to get me to cum and started going through her list of friends asking which ones I wanted to fuck, and my cock apparently got harder when she mentioned Brittney’s name. He then looked to Jon and asked, “do you know of any other batter that has an easier time getting to third base at his first at bat?” Jon smiled and simply said, “it depends on who’s pitching.” Sarah started laughing and slapping the table.

Desert Heat - Part 11

group jdwhitings 2018-02-13

Ginger and Pepper look so much alike except for their hair color that I couldn’t tell which breast was begging to be suckled and I wasn’t going to take the time to find out. As the breast pulled away and the other one moved into place, I whispered good morning to Pepper and told Ginger that I really liked her method of waking me. Pepper then got off the floor and told Ginger it was her turn and helped Ginger off my cock and she climbed on, looked down, smiled and told me to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Ginger smiled at her and the Rosemary turned to Jerry, kissed him and said she hopes to be able to do it again sometime soon and he readily agreed.

The Eagle Has Landed

group ColonelC4 2018-02-13

Veronica alternately squeezed his hard cock and rubbed her clit with her other hand as Corbin pulled her panties aside and slipped a finger into her shaved dripping pussy. They looked questioningly at Corbin who pulled Veronica's head up by her long brown hair to watch the two men stroke their long, thick cocks. Brian laughed and slapped Jimmy on the back of the head as Veronica took his cock in her mouth all the way down till his balls were pressed firmly against her chin. Brian shook his head as reality sank in, "You two are Doctors Rollins aren't you, the team from the university?" "Yes, I'm Corbin and this is my wife Veronica, it was a pleasure." He shot a quick grin at his wife who was beginning to get dressed.

Surprise Party Surprise

group cumandplay 2018-02-13

Shari looked at me with those black eyes and sweet smile and said I thought you needed to have a treat, and I was not sure you would come if I just told you that it was a swinger's party. I told Laura to slow down she was going to suck the cum out of me too soon, she just smiled, still with my cock in her mouth and said that's the idea so give it to me, My body was now out of control I could feel the sperm moving up from my balls and my cock was getting harder than I thought possible. Norma smiled and dropped to the floor and started licking Maria's hot swollen pussy making Maria quake with little tremors that ran up my cock.



group ccat99 2018-02-13

James initially described wanting to watch while I let my pussy take a BIG cock. His fingers slid in and out of my pussy occasionally gliding down to my asshole as he asked me if I wanted to watch him 'suck a cock'. Hmmm, I couldn't deny my pussy seemed to like it so I just went along enjoying the great fuck that followed each nasty little story. He would ask me if I wanted to fuck....Dean or his Dad. We'd sometimes talk about James sucking the hard cock of the guy we'd seen earlier that day. As I sat watching two guys nearby I took a mental picture of their tight asses already imagining my legs spread wide while each of them took turns licking and fucking my pussy.

used wife

group 2018-02-13

passing a booth full of construction workers a guy I said to Polly, as she sat down, 'I'll get the Polly to be sitting on the end, or at least one seat in I sat down directly opposite Polly and as I passed her if Polly was OK that I noticed that the seating I began taking notice of the coming and goings and where taking turns sitting next to Polly. next guys knee and they passed me along like that but go on your own,' she said coyly, looking up at me like As I entered I couldn't see Polly in the booth. guys were there but where my wife had been sitting I went over to them and asked where Polly

Meet the Pornstars

group Ruchnids 2018-02-13

suck it..." Sierra said as she used her hands to push her right breast into his mouth, as his lips wrapped around her nipple. Janet had wrapped her entire hand around his balls while Sierra's massive breast was in his mouth, as he continued to suck on it, moaning around it, causing his lips to vibrate against it. and hard..." Sierra whispered as she moved her left breast across his cheek into her own mouth, sucking on it and licking around her areola, then playing with her own nipple as Joey watched. "Mmmmm..." Joey sucked and moaned hard on Miosotis's nipple, the latter grasping his hair with her free hand and pushing him toward her huge breast, stroking and tugging his hair.

7 To Bee or Not to Bee

group Cactus34 2018-02-13

Dr. Stephanie "Stevie" Wald and Dr. Rachel Hakalski moved in between Christmas and New Year's to start "eight months of science in five months time" (quote/unquote). Let me go grab some for myself." I came out the chair, using both hands to try and keep the towel in place, cock bouncing underneath like a puppy. The bee!" Rachel gasped and skipped to my apartment door, bouncing like she was smuggling water balloons. Like Rachel, Stevie had only been a sharply defined face above layers of fleece all winter. There was no hiding the flaming red colouring of Rachel's face, but her voice came out steady as she straightened her back and thrust her breasts out.


Old Home Town - Old Lover Ch. 03

group tantricjim 2018-02-13

Marg's pussy clenched Marc's fingers as Ilsa reached back and took firm hold of Leo's big cock. Marc reached across Marg and joined Leo's fingers working in Ilsa's pussy. Leo pulled Marg to her feet in a not too gentle fashion, turned her around to assume the same doggy style position as his wife and quickly slid his big cock between her legs. Beside them, Marc had pulled his cock out of Ilsa, still oozing cum; both of them frozen still while watching Leo plunder Marg's pussy. "Cool off time," cried Marc, taking Marg's hand and leading her outside to jump into the lake, soon followed by Ilsa and Leo. They stood in chest high water, exclaiming about the change in body temperature, but all a little too embarrassed to talk much about what had just happened.

Snowboards & Hot Tubs Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2018-02-13

Okay, this night was getting a little too close to rated-X for me, and I knew I had to reel Reiko in before the guy tried to drag her off to a bathroom. Stephanie tried to pull Reiko away and I reached up, tapping the guy's shoulder to get his attention. Reiko splashed into the water, slipping her slender body between myself and Derrick, nudging the both of us to the sides with her feet and wiggling her hips to create some extra room. Ben smiled, "Fate is with me tonight." He leaned over, cradling Stephanie's head in his hands, pulling her to him in the passionate kiss of newfound love. Stephanie opened her mouth to protest, but then Reiko was already sliding across the hot tub, just keeping her head above the water.


Group Therapy Ch. 02

group Pattie1007 2018-02-13

I now felt Rachel move behind me and jumped as she slid her hands along my naked shoulders and down to flick the clasp to open my Bra, and releasing my heavy breasts. "Is she ready, ladies?" Paul asked, as his eyes moved quickly over my naked body, taking in my flushed cheeks and damp thighs. I looked over to Azeem, tears running down my face, and watched as he wound my lovely red hair around his hand.. I remembered holding on to 2 cocks either side of me, taking it in turns to suck them whilst a 3rd man was fucking my mouth and a 4th was splitting my cunt open with his rock hard cock.