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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Socorro Islands Live Aboard Ch. 02

group NPH786 2018-02-13

Cindy said she thought Tammy was feeling a little sea sick, but that the toast for breakfast seemed to make her feel better. Jenny and I smiled at each other as Teresa asked up what we'd like for breakfast running down our options. Jenny grabbed my hand and we swam to the rocks to get a closer look. Carlos asked who wanted to join in the night divers, then scanned the room for a show of hands. I encouraged Lisa as we made our way to the back of the boat and explained a little about night diving. The large fish turned at us, looked into our lights, then darted off like a extraterrestrial space ship hitting warp speed.


After the Movie

group Stories4Her 2018-02-13

But this sexy woman has said that she and her roommate want to leave the movie so we could be alone and we could all cum. My roommate shifts to face me slightly, while still having a good view of the movie, and begins to rub my nipple. She grabs your cock, completely lubricated by my tongue, and begins to stroke you. Having gotten so close to cumming in the theater, this feels like a new kind of torture. I want to open my eyes to watch the movie but, really, no further inspiration is needed beyond the incredible sensations I'm feeling. On top of the incredible, mind blowing feelings I'm getting from having your hard cock dive deeper and deeper into me.

Climbing Twin Peaks

group sexideas 2018-02-13

We calmed down a bit and slowly detached ourselves from the rope and got down to the ledge, exhausted from the frantic love making and trying to maintain our balance in the rock. Slightly disappointed, I decided that it made sense to reach the top before nightfall and both of us, fixing ourselves to two ropes started the easy climb. Deciding that it could be dangerous if she came right there on the cliff, I pushed hard into her with my dick and forced her to climb faster. And I HAVE fucked on a cliff, but definitely now suspended on a rope, but on a nice, very wide ledge, about a thousand feet above ground, on a sleeping mat, with a nice campfire raging near us, while watching the stars winking at us naughtily.


group ratlady 2018-02-13

"Come on, bitch - " panted the stocky guy, "swallow it - " He pressed his cock deeper into my mouth so that I almost choked. "She likes it," said Mike, picking up a steady rhythm in my mouth, the head of his swollen cock grazing the back of my throat. Steve pulled out of my pussy and Phil took his place, raising my hips up and suddenly plunging his hot cock into my arse. Phil took his cock out of my arse, moved round and made me suck it. He came in my mouth as I sucked his cock clean, and as one of the other two took his place in my raw arse, grinding deep into me.

Mark Has a Threesome

group fotisampini 2018-02-13

Tina thrusts against his cock with each movement in Leah, the tip of his swollen head pushes against her hole harder with each thrust that she makes and as she comes back with one hard push, he feels his head slip through and into her ass. He watches Tina hesitate slightly, she glances at him, then pulls the dildo from Leah's ass and lowers her head to her s****r's pussy to lick the swollen nub. His hand works faster at his cock, he feels it hardening while he watches Tina suck her s****r's clit and flick her tongue inside her hungry cunt. Tina instantly moves her head lower and laps up her s****r's cum, her tongue flicks back and forth, she pushes her face deeper into her s****r's pussy and groans quietly.

Sunmission: A Sultan's Slave Tale

group Aelfwyn 2018-02-13

- then my eyes adjust and I see the flame is a firebrand and it is in the gloved hand of a black-robed raider, silk covering the lower part of his face. And a hand – glove removed – pushes my fingers away from my cunt and replaces them, a thumb flickers over my clit in a way that makes me shiver, makes me whimper around the cock that thrusts, now faster, harder, into my mouth. I meet their eyes, one after other, but only for a moment – I love watching those hard, fervent cocks, blood pulsing under the hot skin, balls tightening below. Looking up at the raider leader, I run one middle finger through the mask of hot wetness and suck come from its tip.


Amanda's Trip to the City

group Canbe4fun 2018-02-13

Amanda still riding James's thigh, took her time facing the other way to greet Ben. Paul looked down and was admiring little peeks of those soft knickers as she turned. As Ben leaned in for his kiss, he placed his hands on her thighs, opening her mouth with his tongue he began his kiss. Ben is sitting between her legs sucking her sweet wet clit, with a finger inside her pussy moving in and out of her. James and Paul decided to keep her hands and mouth busy while Ben worked. Paul had climbed between the lovers legs and began kissing Amanda's bum. Jenn finally broke a smile and looked at James's cock and said, "I'm pleased to meet you as well."

Pilots Get Lucky Ch. 02

group sssofftee 2018-02-13

No way would any women invite a guy in her room when she looked as bad as Kristi did right then. Unlike Kristi, she was tall, with long, straight arms, and of course, legs that went on and on and on. "Yeah," she said, stopping us and turning to me, "I definitely agree." She paused for a second, looking up into my eyes. "Oh god, Kristi, I want to make love to you all night long.....and all day too." We'd admitted some very huge things between us in a short walk, and I felt much closer to Kristi now, then ever before, but in a very very good way.


Foursome Coach

group MacSwain612 2018-02-13

My nervousness at touching Alexis soon evaporated as I saw Scott's hands moving over the outside of my Jennifer's robe opposite and knew her nipples were probably hard underneath. Over her shoulder I could see Jennifer do likewise with Scott and, although I couldn't actually see her hands on his cock, I knew it was happening and she looked provocatively at me and Alexis as she did so, showing her pleasure and excitement at stroking him. Alexis licked Jennifer's fingertips and then squeezed me to produce some pre-cum which she likewise tasted and then offered to Jennifer who, having sampled me on another woman, reached forward to kiss a very willing Alexis on the mouth so they could share their men's essences.

The Match

group Sienna 2018-02-13

Katrina looked at him, beckoning him toward her with her hypnotic eyes, to which he slowly and cautiously responded, whilst Darren led Louise to his pulsing cock with his hand, compelling her onto her knees between himself and his lover. Her fingers still pulling on the extended nubs of Katrina's breasts watching her reach her intense orgasm as Simon continued to thrust into her as deep as he could for maximum pleasure. Darren looked into Louise's eyes once more their lips met in another passionate kiss as his fingers became drenched with her warm release. Darren and Katrina watched on as Louise and Simon returned themselves back to the crowd.

Sex Slave Ch. 02

group MsErotica1950 2018-02-13

Jill didn’t waste any time, she was so turned on that she didn’t want to miss one minute of exploring this new intimacy she was sharing with May. She told her to lay on her back with her legs spread while she got into her toy drawer getting out her big 9 inch dildo. “I’ve always wanted to use a dildo on another woman,” she told her as she slowly inserted it into May. She went slowly at first, feeling the wet between her own legs growing. “Oh shit May I’m going to come again,” she told her pressing her ass back against the dildo fucking her. May increased her speed, just as Jill’s orgasm began May stopped with the dildo deep inside her but increased her finger fucking of her ass.


The Circle Ch. 11

group SteveWallace 2018-02-13

Later, Jim, Zoey, and Sheila were curled up together watching TV when Tracy came in the front door with Kyle right behind her. Tracy explained, "Let's see, besides Zoey, there's Sheila of course, Monica, Alice, Ellie - who you know, and sometimes Michelle - Monica's mother." Sheila broke away from Jim, and in her blond splendor came over to the bed that Kyle, Zoey, and Tracy were on. As we'd done when Nathan and Alex joined our circle, Kyle had individual meetings with each member of The Circle to talk about our lifestyle, the need for confidentiality about our goings on, the economics of living in the house, and anything anybody wanted to bring up.


My Brother and His Girlfriend

group IncestWincest 2018-02-13

My brother, Tom, is 19, 5'8 and has short, straight blondish brown hair. Tom wore a long sleeved pink shirt, blue jeans and a pair of smart brown shoes. I sat in the middle with Jess to my left and Tom to my right. We then took turns feeling her whole body (still dressed), groping her big tits, stroking her thighs, grabbing her amazing ass and feeling her flat stomach and smooth back. Tom slept with his dick buried between my ass cheeks and his hand wrapped around my cock which in turn was buried between Jess' big sexy ass cheeks. I fell asleep with my hands on her big sexy naked breasts, feeling her nipples between my fingers.

Living Like a Bull

group voyeurexy 2018-02-13

Either ways you endup spending your load.well i digress, coming back to the story i go from one site 2 another browsing porn from simple girl on girl action to 3sum and then the next thing i know i see this video called please fuck my wife.after seeing the video i did masturbate to it thinking of how i would have fucked his wife, needless to say the fap session was fantastic, my load of cum splurged on the screen of my laptop and my keys.Well cleaning that mess story will take another blogpost so lets not get into that... Well this was not enough either so i went to have a bath and masturbated again.The video just made me so horny and turned on that i wanted to try that in real life. The video was about a hubby who takes his wife to a black guy to fuck her.

A Long Weekend Pt. 01

group bonnyg 2018-02-13

Steve pursed his lips, put his hand up in apology and Dave nodded slowly, not wanting to meet her searching glare. She bent down to pick a pair of Steve's pants from the floor, flung them back onto the pile of clothes and then realised that they were both looking at her body intently with open mouths. "I thought you'd like it" she smiled seductively, slowly making her way, running her hands sensually down her body and over her hips, to stand in front of him. Sarah groaned deeply, while looking lustfully into his eyes, feeling his fingers begin to part her smooth lips. Sarah turned, on her heels, to flounce, frustrated out of the kitchen but Steve darted forward and caught hold of her hand.


The Downfall of Donna Reed Ch. 11

group captivate 2018-02-13

Sven discreetly stood at the window, looking out at the lobby as I disrobed and Michael helped me climb onto the table and covered my nakedness with a sheet. My first reaction was to cover myself, but suddenly Sven's warm hands were over my breasts, massaging more oil into them, making my nipples reach for him. Sven continued to suck on my hard nipples while reaching down between my legs and massaging my clit. I could also see, in my mind, that Sven's hand on my clit had to be touching Michael's cock and that excited me even more. I looked up to see Michael and Sven busily rubbing my shaved pussy, my hard and aching clit.

Slutty Holiday

group slut master 2018-02-13

Another lad takes my face up again and I’m quickly indulged in his cock, when I feel another man take my cunt again, just after he takes a little lick of my ass. The main person in the group (the one who’s cock came first) Feels between my legs and licks his fingers, “Looks like she enjoyed it lads.” This sets them all off, I’m used throughout the day, each hole is filled constantly and my ass and face are always being pounded.

Can't Lose Football Bet Pt. 03

group P3Driver 2018-02-13

I could hardly wait either and all through the day, I fantasized about Avery's giant cock filling my pussy, James' thick cock sliding past my lips to the back of my throat and Mike's firm hands pinching my nipples until I couldn't stand it. Avery was coming out of his daze and James had given me a big hug and wasn't shy about sliding his hand through the slit in the harem pants to grab my ass and with his other hand cup my breast and flick my nipple with his thumb.


Don't Fight the Feeling

group wet_special 2018-02-13

When Lewis arrived at the restaurant bar, he saw no sign of either Leonora or Cassie. It felt wonderful to feel Leonora's pink tongue pressing into his mouth while Cassie's soapy fingers stroked his shaft. His eyes flew open when he felt Cassie's mouth envelop his cock, taking it to the back of her throat. She looked up at Lewis, whose eyes lit up at the sight of her face and hair soaking wet, her cleavage a visual backdrop for his cock. Lewis was in heaven, his flagging cock was entirely inside of Leonora's mouth and she was sucking it like mad. "Should we really be surprised?" Cassie replied, looking at the sexy little tart kneeling in front of Lewis.


Jail Bait Fantasy

group Shyla Moon 2018-02-13

“Well, it’s just that I came here to get laid, but that’s not going to happen.” It took Kristen a few seconds to realize that she had said that out loud. As they reached Tammy’s car, Tammy turned to face Kristen and without saying a word leaned down and kissed Kristen’s lips. “Kristen’s not thirteen she’s nineteen and a virgin and she didn’t want to be one any more and I thought you’d like to screw her and I thought she was hot and I hadn’t been with a girl in years and I thought it would be fun if we could share her and don’t be mad at me.



group CanisMajor 2018-02-13

Sandy didn't give me much opportunity to get more than a couple licks at her cherry pie before she pulled her pussy away from me, allowing me to become conscious of the fact that Christina was no longer sucking on my dick but was instead wanting me to move further back onto the bed. When an intermission came, Sandy's lips came down to my level and, with what felt like a magic touch upon my lips, albeit brief, brought me into the next act as time seemed to regain its normal pace and Christina started again in moving her pussy up and down, back and forth along my cock.


Massage Mat Ch. 06

group KatieAnnBB 2018-02-13

She looked across the table at Beth and asked simply, "Beth, honey, would you mind coming to the ladies' room with me, please?" When Beth nodded, Lori gave John a quick kiss and said softly, "We'll just be a minute, then we can go, ok? "Oh God yes," John replied earnestly, as Beth began caressing Lori's breasts though her coat. "I think we should make John come first," Beth suggested, "That way he can recover while he watches us and he'll last longer for you the second time Lori." She ran her hands over his body, then, as Lori began to blow him, Beth kissed his chest softly, fluttering her tongue over his nipples.


Doris Takes Cock

group CKit 2018-02-13

I replied in a low murmur, "Yes, Doris really loves wearing stockings...and it's so nice when you get to see that little bit of white thigh..." I saw the gleam in his eye brighten as he leaned closer to me to whisper, "My wife likes her too, if you know what I mean..." I glanced across at his wife Eve, who was standing a few yards away talking to someone, but at that moment just happened to be looking straight towards Doris. I was then treated to the sight of the men eagerly pulling Doris back, forcing her to take two cocks in her mouth, turn about, curling her tiny fingers round their cocks and holding her wrists to make her wank both of them at the same time, while Eve thrust the dildo harder and faster into her pussy.


Angel Baby

group MsMorrigan 2018-02-13

Laying in her bed one spring night, she was awakened by another prisoner and led into the head guards office. He told her she was needed for a conjugal visit at the men's prison just across the way. Soon the door opened and six male prisoners were led into the room, and as the door closed the guard said "you have one hour make it count." Soon the poor guy came so hard he could hardly control the spray of jizz as it covered her back and even went some into her hair. The door opened and after they walked out the one head guard tossed Angel a towel told her to get dressed.