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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sorority Gangbang Sisters

group HeyAll 2018-02-13

There was a tense feeling in the room as Morgan looked deep into Emily's eyes. It felt like the night in which Emily would finally become a popular girl, and a 'real' woman, whatever that meant. She stood in front of Morgan while all of the sorority sisters and other pledges watched. Like Emily, the other pledge was also a book smart girl. Emily & Morgan where in the top floor of the fraternity house, where frat members were roaming around looking for new sexual encounters. When they entered, Emily was shocked to see her fellow sorority sister (one of the other new members) on her knees, sucking cock through a hole in the wall.


A Long Weekend Pt. 03

group bonnyg 2018-02-13

Jane, noticing Sarah's back was turned, quickly put her cup down and reached over to Steve's shoulder, snatching a couple of loose strands of her blonde hair from his t-shirt. Oh shit, sorry!" Sarah replied, "C'mon Ste, let's put some sun cream on and get walking." She rose from the table with a small grin, clasped Steve's hand and lightly squeezed Jane's shoulder. "C'mon" she said, reaching for his hand, wondering if she had just seen Frankie, the pool boy, on his way to visit Jane. "C,mon" she said, quickly pushing Steve backwards, pulling up her panties and shorts and raising her eyebrows at her boyfriend trying, with difficulty, to tuck his hard erection back into his pants.



group Dragonlipz 2018-02-13

Jamal, beer in hand, exits the kitchen, crosses the patio, and makes his way to the shaded end of the pool to join Scott. "Yeah, Wonder Woman started rubbing mine when she saw that woodie under your tights!" Scott laughed. "That's when she started kissing me and humpin' my leg, Da-yum!" Jamal shook his head, "Then she wiggled outa that top and danced over to invite that guy in the Yoda outfit to join in..." Next thing I know, Wonder Woman plants her tongue up Catwoman's ass right before Batman and Joker cum in her mouth!" Jamal took off his sunglasses and took a drink, rolling his eyes, "I couldn't believe that crazy bitch, Wonder Woman!



group joan658 2018-02-13

"Come on." I said to Gretchen and took her hand to lead her down a short corridor to another black door. We didn't get far when a gorgeous black guy took one look at us and apparently decided it was time to abandon the redhead whose clit he'd been diddling while the redhead sucked someone else's cock. When Mr. Huge-Black-Cock pulled out of Gretchen she jumped up and pushed me on my back and returned the favor by straddling my face and depositing her fresh load of cum in my mouth. Gretchen smiled when she saw that one of the stocks was occupied by a pretty brunette and that the dark haired girl was being fucked enthusiastically by a good looking guy.


Surprise Group Fun

group litwriting2011 2018-02-13

Claire's lips kissed their way down Jenny's body, eventually resting against her pussy. I began to stroke myself as Jenny moaned loudly, her body spasming in pleasure against Claire's tongue. I climbed onto the bed and lay beside Jenny, watching as Claire wrapped her lips around my cock. I lifted my head slightly to smile down at Claire, only then noticing she lay beside me, her fingers rubbing against her clit as she watched Paul, my cock deep in his mouth as he finished me off. I watched as Paul crawled along the bed, he was soon kneeling beside where I lay, his erect cock only centimeters from my mouth.

The Monster Ch. 05

group Happy Husband 2018-02-13

Me, Frank – WM, 6’, 210 lbs with a 6” dick – & my wife Bonnie – WF, 5’, 140 lbs with soft 38 D’S Roger & Shellie – he’s a WM, 6’ 4”, slim & tanned with a really big cock – she’s a WF, 5’ 8”, about 140 lbs with hard 42 DD’S Sharon – she’s 5’5”, 130 lbs with soft 40 C’s Craig & Kathy – he’s a WM, 6’, 185 lbs with an 8” dick – she’s a WF, 5’ 11”, about 140 lbs with full, hard 42 D’S Shawn & Donna – he’s a WM, 6’, 185 lbs with an 7” dick – she’s a WF, 5’, about 100 lbs with 32 B’s and big nipples Jorge and Peggy, he’s a WM, 5’ 8”, 180 lbs with an 5” dick – she’s a WF, 5’ 6”, about 140 lbs with 38 C’s John and Jen – he’s an WM, 5’ 10”, 190 lbs with a 6” dick – she’s a WF, 5’ 8”, about 120 lbs with 40 D’S Carlos and Betty; he’s a HM, 5’ 10”, 225 lbs with an 6” dick – she’s AF, 5’, 95 lbs with tiny titties


An Arvo on the Beach

group dacked 2018-02-13

I'm not being arrogant, but I look pretty good- early 40's with a bit of stubble and floppy brown hair, like to keep my body muscular and beefy, plus I've got a pretty big uncut schlong that was a bit plumped up just from the excitement of being there. Then the sounds changed- I looked up and saw Hubby was feeding Blondie his little five-inch cock, but she was slurping and swallowing like it was her last meal. We all separated as I rolled it on, but when I looked up again Blondie was on all fours, with Hubby on his knees in front of her thrusting in and out of that pretty little mouth.

Helping Hands

group RejectReality 2018-02-13

Engrossed in watching them and touching herself, Liz barely had time to duck back from the archway between the shower entrances when Kyle bent down to pick up the bucket and the pair turned to walk her way. I shouldn't be doing this, Liz thought, but her feet were already moving as soon as the pair turned into the men's shower enclosure. A quick twist of her wrist a moment later turned off the water, and she saw the two young men dart away from the window above in her peripheral vision. Liz licked her lips and turned around, pulling her tank top over her head as she walked, Steve and Kyle hot on her heels.


A Mother and Son Tale

group chchboy 2018-02-13

"She's not going to make it," Carla was saying to me in the kitchen when Mom walked in, shuffling in her stocking feet, hair a mess, still in her black dress. Turning slightly I watched Carla mimic Moms action with her own dress. It was hard, not looking to see what Carla was up to but, Mom had a tight pussy, further proof that Dad hadn't serviced his wife in a long time. She bent a little and kissed Carla on the top of her head then, as my sweet s****r turned and lifted her head, Mom kissed her lips. "Just like you said Mom, Mark's cock entered my womb and he still doesn't get it."

The young Stud

group MrsCanyon 2018-02-13

It wasn't long before Ron came over to the bed, got between her legs, pulled her panties to the side and started licking her shaved pussy. I moved to the edge of the bed, with my feet on the floor and my ass hanging over, and Tracy got on top facing away from me. Then he and I put Tracy on her back at the edge of the bed, with her legs up, and took turns fucking her while she sucked whichever of our cocks wasn't in her pussy. Tracy looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said in a slutty tone, "Do you like seeing me fuck his cock, honey?"

Room for Two Pt. 05

group Drmaxc 2018-02-13

Alan or Cory might be already up and would not blink an eyelid at my tumescence, indeed more than likely would see it as amusing to join me and see if both or, even, all three of us could walk to the sea erect, would be unfazed at the idea of communal masturbation and talk of past sexual encounters or fantasies to keep us all hard. Lovely just to walk up to Gina as if it was nothing strange to be approaching girls with one's penis at full stretch, pleasant just to converse like that before walking on to the sea. Slowly Gina pulled my penis downwards with her mouth and just as slowly her face came into view with her generous lips all around my erection.


Our Method Works

group conanthe 2018-02-13

"Yes. I don't want to smoke another cigarette, but I am suffering from incredibly strong cravings!" Marilyn was getting desperate already. We are going to search and destroy all the cigarettes you may have stashed away there, and then let you make yourself some lunch and then stay there until you return for you 9PM session." At her house, they found hidden packages of cigarettes that Marilyn had completely forgotten, in drawers and boxes and purses and coat pockets, in her car, in her suitcases, all over the place, plus they removed things from her refrigerator that the doctor said would interfere with her uptake of the 'good vitamins' from here treatments.


Dinner Guest

group TheMadWriter 2018-02-13

Greg was enjoying the site of her getting fucked and listened to the sound of her wet pussy every time her husbands cock rammed into her. ohhhhh...." she took gregs cock out of her mouth so she could look up and watch as her husband unloaded all of his cum inside her pussy. god Greg your cock feels great in my pussy and I know you like when I give it a good squeeze." She put her head down and took all of her husbands penis in her mouth and she refused to let it out until it was nice and hard again.


The Yellow Wallpaper

group rhoggard 2018-02-13

images of mustard yellow walls and filtered light floating on pipe smoke in time to the knocking of my pounding heart. Some people will be surprised to know that I came like that every time. As I walked in the building, I could smell the acrid odor of cigar smoke coming from the open apartment next door. But I felt safe and protected in this little apartment on the soft couch. I let the kaleidoscope of yellow and paprika and camel roll over my eyes, heightening the last bits of pleasure. The pipe smoke and the warm light and the soft bed lulling me slowly into darkness. The bed thudded against the plaster walls in time to our urgent movements.


Dark Side of Hema Ch. 06

group sajit 2018-02-13

Manjit got up from her navel and started gaping at her, Hema left Ananth's cock and swayed up to the 45yr old tilting her face to his and started unbuckling his trousers and slipped her hand into his crotch, fondling his thick prick. take it!" Manjit was shouting deliriously, he buggered her peacefully for several minutes, with Ananth and Dayal fondling and sucking her breasts while her own hands were busy dilating and playing with the cunt and clitoris, Manjit gripped her buttocks to move her ass up and down the length of his penis, her anus convulsed helplessly on his throbbing erection bringing her to verge of an orgasm when suddenly Hema stopped and moved the cock out of the ass to put it back into her cunt again.

Long Weekend Away

group Party Hostess 2018-02-13

Julie made a series of long licks up the underside of his cock and when she thought he was ready pushed her lips over the end and swallowed him whole. By the time the evening was over all of the servants had been required to perform a 'service' for the 'masters', two of them had been commanded to perform as 'entertainment' during the coffee and I must say were very impressive, perhaps I'll write up what they did as a future story. To continue the theme of masters and servants we decided that each of the guests at the table would set a challenge. Pausing his thrusting for a moment he reached forward and grabbed my breasts with his large hands, still holding his cock deep inside me.

Just a Weekend

group Emmie8111 2018-02-13

Derrick grabbed both bags from my hands, the taxi backed out of his long drive and I watched Derrick type in a code on a small keypad on one of the garage stalls. His hand worked his dick faster, he stood and I watched as globs of cum shot to the floor, Derrick groaned, then gasped for breath. So, if you have a guy in your pussy you'd most likely get another in your ass, one in your mouth and in your hands too." He kissed me, as I wanted, his hands pushed up my shirt. I pulled an interesting looking book off the bookshelf in his office, I was sitting on the couch in the living room when he came home.


The Scent of Sandalwood

group golden smog 2018-02-13

Still slightly cautious at the beginning, I turned on to my right side toward Brian first, and began kissing him while J continued to run his slow hands down my back and side. I ran the fingers of my right hand through it while with my left, I reached for J and pulled him closer, inhaling the faint scent of sandalwood as I began kissing him. I'll never know whether it is from long associations of pleasure, whether one's body becomes shaped to that of one's lover over time, or whether Brian really does have a remarkable penis, but he can reach me, please me in a way almost entirely unique.

Stacked Shelley's Subway Ride Ch. 3

group Sexy Shelley 2018-02-13

I put my legs apart and stood like I'd been on the train, hands behind my head, melons pushed out. He grabbed the back of my head with his big hands and started fucking my face, long powerful strokes, up and down, in and out. I took him between my huge soft tits and began working his wet cock in my cleavage, pumping him up and down, making him thrust hard against me like he was fucking my pussy. I let him fall out in time to catch the second blast in my open mouth, and the third, fourth, and fifth all over my big full tits. I pumped him with both hands like a crazed milkmaid, sucking every bit of cop-juice out of his huge salami.

My French Revolution Ch. 02

group sexyminxlola 2018-02-13

When we returned to the villa, I went upstairs, stashed my money away, got naked and went down to the pool with a bottle of Dom. I decided to stay in that night and put my outfit for Saturday night together, I felt so incredibly sexy and ended up fucking myself hard with my new glass dildo, falling asleep on the carpet in the wardrobe room. My nipples were already as hard as they got and I smiled thinking about how hot I'd look stepping onto Pieters yacht. "Mistress Lola, I'm getting so wet just looking at you." Anya said coming up from below deck with a glass in her hand. "Cum again my little slut." Pieter whispered and I tortured my nipples tugging and pulling until I started to feel sweet release.

Daniel's Birthday Gift...

group d4david 2018-02-13

My lips were gripping his face as Daniel grind his penis deep into my bung hole. As soon as he was off of me Bruce knelt between my legs and said '...keep them legs up bitch, I like the way Daniel fucked this ass pussy...' I Whimpered and Bruce made entry with his normal size but rock hard phallus. Bruce exclaimed '...look at that ass pussy coming from our fucking...' Charlie poised his huge penile glans over my anal opening and told me '... Daniel poised his enormously large penile head at the entrance to my bung hole and with my thighs trembling uncontrollably, he powerfully lunged the entire length of his penis balls deep into my well sperm lube anus.

Coffee Shop Couple

group CafeExtreme 2018-02-13

"Lie down and let me sit on your face while Jacob fucks you, then I will lick his cum out of your cunt," said Christina authoritatively. "Lick my cum out of her," said Jacob to Christina, his cock pleasingly hard again. "Fuck yeah, smother her," said Jacob who moved to between Christina's legs and simply plunged his cock into her, causing her to buck her face vigorously against my palpating cunt. As my climax subsided I lifted myself off Christina whose whole body started sliding back and forth along the bed as Jacob maniacally fucked her cunt. The ever erect Jacob had slid his cock between my boobs, titty fucking me and as promised at the start of the little encounter, he sprayed my tits with cum.

One More Night in Vegas

group SPEN STERLING 2018-02-13

My mouth was watering as I watched the scene in front of me, and then I felt Jen's hand slip behind her and lightly touch my upper thigh with the tips of her fingers, moving slowly up and down a few times, coming achingly close to my hard cock. Then we hit a stage where the girls were getting really flirty with each other, and the guys were egging them on, and next thing we knew Jen had Erica down at the side of the pool and was going down on her, ravishing her pussy as Mike and I watched with our hands on our cocks.

Lottery Price Pt. 04

group Worldandmore 2018-02-13

Left pocket is your Jane and the right one is your Rosie!" I said and showed them small remotes with switch and slide control. From faces that girls made it was clear that feeling is o.k. It was Rosie's turn to drive a car and when she set on a driver seat and looked me in the rear seat she knew that will not be just ordinary driving. She was in front of me and every time when she was back faced she pushed her ass against my hard dick that was suffering in pants. I felt pressure on dick's head and slowly it slipped into her hot, fuck needed ass. Rosie kept pushing her ass back to me and I saw she finger fuck Jane's ass.