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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fun In The Pool

group allancornwall 2018-02-12

I swam a couple of lengths and then looked at them Sue had pulled her wrap off revealing her firm pert breasts and neatly trimmed bush and Jill had superb long legs with ample breasts and large nipples which looked they were hardening as she looked at me. Jill eased herself off revealing my semi hard cock to Sue covered in cum and juices and Sue started to lick me clean. At the end of a couple of lengths they stopped at one end and kissed each other, not gently but quite passionately and their hands slid under the water and without any preamble were obviously fingering each others pussy and from the looks on their faces enjoying it.

A Getaway to Remember

group LuvsPreggers 2018-02-12

Once again, she felt herself aroused, and allowed her fingers to slide into her panties, feeling the dampness that had started as she watched Julie flirt and tease all the business men down in the bar. Julie's got the kind of body that every man wants -- and I don't think this is something that I should be part of." As she said it, she tried to pull away but the dark haired men held her tight. The two men exchanged a look, and before she knew what was happening, Gwen watch Julie get hoisted into the air and tossed on the bed next to her. Oh my God, I feel like such a woman right now!" Gwen couldn't believe the way that cock felt in her pussy.

Satisfying His Slut

group CreamyCupcake 2018-02-12

He doesn't disappoint me as I feel the head of his beautiful cock replace his tongue, sliding up and down my wet lips before pressing inside so incredibly slowly, we both groan in sweet agony. I am firmly ass impaled on his rock hard cock as he whispers in my ear that I am now his nigger cum bucket whore and that they will only leave once he feels each one shoot his load into my tight nasty white girl pussy. His dirty talk alone is enough to send me over the edge but I really start to moan as one of them climbs between my wide spread legs and guides his monstrous cock into my dripping cunt.

The Poker Game

group anotherandomauthor 2018-02-12

Nicole brought another round of drinks, and after handing them out, sat on John's lap, bit his ear, then giggled. "Holy fucking shit...." Kevin muttered again as he watched Nicole's gorgeous body make her way around the table, and sitting on Steve's lap. I don't know what you're doing to win this much Kevin, but I'm about to put a stop to it." John said, once again turning around and smiling at his beautiful wife. Steve looked at Mike, returning the look of bewilderment, and mouthed "Holy shit!" Nicole licked Kevin's bulge through the fabric of his pants, and then grabbed the zipper with her mouth as she ran her hands up his legs.


Hot Tub Threesome

group MI Mac 2018-02-12

The next thing I know Deana began stroking my cock with her left hand. She kept stoking my cock and I slid my hand underneath her and where Rob was working on her pussy, I began to play with her ass. I sat up on the tub and she began to suck my cock. Rob asked me if I’d like to fuck Deana, how could I refuse. She was fucking Rob and I thought my night was done as I began to move to the other side of the tub. Deana getting out of the tub sucked both of them off in a matter of minutes before going in and up to bed.

Post-Holiday Traditional Mashup!

group hesse1 2018-02-12

Behind the counter, a large woman, muscular and tall, in scrubs and a tag that said Janice, looked Jessica up and down as she listened to her issues. Jessica was lost in bliss as she turned her head and saw Christine and Roxy looking back at her with smiles of satisfaction. Earl slid his large hands down the front of Jessica's dress and began to massage her breasts. Seeing Jessica lay her head back against Earl's crotch, so he could have better access to her breast, gave Steve the signal he needed, and his tongue found its way into Christine's wanting mouth. Steve went to fill Roxy while enjoying the look on Jessica's face as Dave's monstrous cock entered her.

Weekend with Jarvis...2

group d4david 2018-02-12

I was barely standing on the very tips of my toes, as Carlos begin to lift me and drop me causing his huge cock to slide up and down in my ravage rectal canal. I balanced my left foot on the top of the bath tub and releasing Carlos head I bent forward and placed both hands on the shower wall. My foot slipped from the top of the tub and I found myself impaled upon Carlos huge piece of man meat. My inner anal sphincter muscle ring, which had held all through the sex session preventing further entrance, gave way and swallowed up the length of Carlos man meat that had not yet entered my anus.

Four into One

group rustysheriffsbadge 2018-02-12

Cock-tongue let go of her throat, still fucking her mouth, and his hands slid down over bare tummy and around her back and down to her ass. Then, cock-tongues hands moved, fingers were lurking, she could feel his palms opening her arse cheeks. At this point, cock-tongue pulled her arse open as wide as he dared and in an instant released vamps cock from his mouth. She turned her head to fat cock, mouth open, waiting for a moist tongue to be rammed inside; he did not need to be asked. Fat cock pulled her flat onto him, her legs astride his belly, her tits pointing to the ceiling, bouncing as him below was jamming his way into her backside, nipples threatening to burst open.


Floating Day Care

group KY ridgerunner 2018-02-12

Jean was one of the women Karen and I use in our other woman fantasies so she knows I have a thing for her and here she stood stark naked asking me if I want to join her. Jean, Kathy and Sue started stripping me out of my suit and I just stood there looking in Karen's eyes and let them. I pulled out of Karen and looked around and found Kathy with her ass in the air eating Sue. I walked right over and before she knew it I was balls deep in Kathy's pussy. Jean kissed me and said, "I want you to be doing that to me before very long" and started stroking my cock as we watched our partners fucking.


A Dream Cum True

group PapiMark 2018-02-12

One guy pulled out your ball gag and shoved his cock down your throat causing you go gag a little. We began dripping hot wax on your tits and nipples - both at the same time. You finally let out a little wisp of air as if you were going to be able to breathe, however, we had other plans and another cock was shoved right back down your fucking throat. I grabbed a 9 inch dildo and began inserting it into your pussy, while still using my mouth and tongue to increase your level of excitement. Your tits and nipples were being punished with the paddle while your ass, the back of your thighs and clit were receiving similar punishment with the whip.

More Men

group NicoleHeat 2018-02-12

The huge cock heads looking even larger due to being so close to me hit my face, my lips, as if being about to slide into my mouth but... My anus and pussy are getting drilled by two guys, the other three are taking turns to fuck my mouth and my hands. The guy doesn't make me wait – the very next second I feel the tip of his cock start pushing my lubed anus and then pop inside quickly. I wince and relax, moan and gasp and that other dude keeps on fucking my ass shooting what feels like pints of cum with every thrust of his dick. The guys like it – one of the cocks in front of me starts oozing precum and gets my face wet.


Kelsey's World Ch. 19

group riverboy 2018-02-12

With Kelsey's help Barbara made it happen again, with her arm and gravity working together, opening a sexy view into the lacy little bra. "Look at Richie, all hard for you!" Kelsey said. Kelsey looked at the lace covered ass, pushed Barbara's back into more of an arch, and ran her hand over Barb's sexy little panties. They gazed into each others eyes as the cameras started clicking, transitioning to a hot, steamy kiss as Richie and Erin worked the pose. Richie zeroed in on the action out back — Kelsey's loving mouth on Barb's wet, glistening pussy. "Holy shit, Honey!" Kelsey said, watching Richie's furious fucking from down underneath.


Why I Liked School Ch. 5

group freedom666 2018-02-12

I felt Holly try to pull away so I wouldn't cum in her mouth, but Ms Jones shouted at her: "I'm cumming!" I said again, but Jenny needed no prompting from Ms Jones and just continued sucking. "Now girls, she said, I know you've both never had a man inside you before, but as you can see this boy is not satisfied with oral stimulation, so as the next part of your lesson, I want you to fuck him one after the other. It must have been less than a 5 minutes later when Jenny walked in the room not surprised to see us naked, and demanded that Ms Jones wanted to see Holly and that it was her turn.

Finding Luna

group MandL 2018-02-12

I motion to Luna to sit in a chair at the foot of the bed, feeling shy that I'm now the center of attention, but comforted by the knowledge that once husband's hard-on is in my mouth and hands all the focus will be on his glistening cock. She's rubbing her cunt with one hand and twisting her nipples with the other, her eyes moving from my fresh fucked blushing face and back to the rigid cock that slides through my fingers. I grunt in frustration at the delay - hubby is doing it to tease me - but I groan in pleasure as Luna guides Mike's cock head over my cunt lips, then over and around my clit.


Out for a run part 15

group 2018-02-12

I was jogging along not really paying much attention to anything, when I came to the opening in the trail were all the trails meet – and without thinking started through the area – the group of young guys from earlier had set up their camp in this clearing and before I new it I was running through the middle on their camp area – dripping wet now from the rain, breast swinging wildly, and much to my surprise (I found out when I got home – cum in my hair and all over my face and dried down my legs) these boys didn’t say a word to me, but they sure did look at me hard.

Bennie, James and I...

group d4david 2018-02-12

I was like a piece of meat between two rock hard bodies, Bennie whispered to James 'put the pussy on the bed and fuck him right, I want to see you fucking that ass cunt while he suck my dick.' I laid on the bed and took hold of Bennie's penis and started to passionately suck on his rigid shaft. James crawled up till his knees were at my shoulders and commanded suck this dick David.' I started to suck his cum smeared penis, Bennie got up and moved behind James and pushed his penis into James bung hole as I sucked on James semi rigid penis.

Fondest Wish Ch. 06

group velvetpie 2018-02-12

She felt so good as Donovan put his arms around her from behind and Amalie stood and embraced her from the front, her lips finding hers in a soft kiss. We can do that." Donovan leaned over the rail and asked the guys to wait about 20 minutes before coming up and he and Amalie went back up the stairs with Kara, closing the door behind them. Amalie went for Kara's mouth, passionately kissing the woman while both fought to remove the other's shirt and immediately moved to suck the nipple of the breast she was cupping. Kara moaned, finding her mouth filled with Donovan's insistent tongue and shivered at the roughness and hissed when Amalie ran the edges of her teeth along the ridge of her nipple.


Pleasing Gloria

group tarkatony 2018-02-12

An entirely naked woman stood between me and my wife so I did what any man would do, I started tearing at my clothes and I had them off by the time the two women crawled onto the bed but when I moved to join them a voice, dry with anticipation, said, "Later," and I had no choice but to retreat to the lonely chair in the corner. Then you'll understand why I came almost immediately but when I collapsed on Wendy's back I felt her pushing at me with her bum so I took a hand from her tit and caressed the lips of her wet pussy and that helped me to recover and in seconds I was deep within her again and she was pumping and moaning as loud as Gloria.


The Houseboat Show Ch. 1

group Lee Stam 2018-02-12

Her hands ran up and down her body as Sheila and Kevin took seats on each side of her and Lee sat at the end of the bed. It wasn’t long before her climax built and both Sheila and Kevin sat back, watching as Lee continued to lick and suck as her orgasm reached it’s pinnacle and began to subside. She took Lilly’s place on the bed, Kevin assumed Lee’s seat at the end and Lilly and Lee surrounded her, gently kissing her cheeks, neck and chest. Sheila’s hands began to play their own little symphony as Lee and Lilly kissed each other deeply and sat back to enjoy the show.

My Life Behind Paul's Back Ch. 01

group barbie78 2018-02-12

I just want to express to your wife how thankful her mom chose this motel for you both to spend your two week honeymoon." The good looking six-two, blond muscular desk clerk, in his early twenties, greeted. My new staff are all eighteen and nineteen as well so much taller and muscular than the boys scouts." The hot tall blond said smiling looking down at his wide open sleeveless shirt and extra tight black dress pants. They wear very much like the hot blond was wearing, tight black dress pants revealing more than their muscular legs but also their big cock and balls bulges. NO sooner than Tim's cock was down mom's throat the kitchen door opened behind her and over half dozen more teenage muscular volunteers walk in.


Katie Surprises Herself

group nakedjohn 2018-02-12

"These guys are all hot, and totally behaving themselves, plus I'm starting to like this." She smiled as she pulled hard on the blouse, and the 2 buttons that were fastened popped off, and her breasts, clad in their pink lace bra, bounced free. A wave of confidence hit her, and she sat on his lap, and said "For $20 you can kiss them." As he handed her a $20, she leaned forward so that her tits were right in his face, he lapped and suckled at her nipple, and she felt a burning start inside her. After that it was as if the floodgates opened, cocks started cumming everywhere she looked, hitting her in the eye, on her hair, her nick, her tits, her stomach, and lots of it in her mouth.

Hotel Africa

group sexylilthing 2018-02-12

Matt was a little dejected that he hadn't had the chance to fuck Sylvie, especially as he knew she still had the love eggs embedded deep inside her. Matt didn't have to say anything as the girls continued their passionate kiss, hands roaming over each other's bodies and gasps of pleasure could be heard from both. Braids started playing with Scarface's tits again, sucking and rubbing them and it wasn't long before the groans turned into heavy pants and then quiet screams as she came. Scarface had recovered and took great pleasure in enhancing Braids orgasm, sucking on her tits and fingering her clit.


Little Sister Ch. 02

group kinbote 2018-02-12

Looking at Leah, I slipped the head of my cock up and down her slit and slowly slid in. I watched Leah's fingers and looked up to see her hard nipples and flushed chest and wondered who'd come first. I slid my cock down over Leah's clit and then a little further until the tip was at her opening. She moved under me, her body reacting to the pleasure she felt, and as I looked down at her, I saw the wobble of the hard nipples as her breasts moved on her chest and suddenly I felt the electric tension in my back move between my legs and into my cock.

Sharon Ch. 4

group Puffer 2018-02-12

During the early summer evenings in our pool Sharon would go skinny dipping and Sally would join in and the entire situation would culminate in my screwing both of them starting with Sally, who always seemed to be the most aggressive. I am on the pill and won't get knocked up." Sally put her arms around the pumping pair and wrapped her legs around George from behind and George finished his release into Sharon and the girls giggles with the pumping of his orgasm and squirting of his cum. The three stayed hugging for about 1 or 2 minutes after George and Sharon were completed and Sally said to George, "I hope you enjoy that I loved watching and hugging you both while you came."